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Why Blacks are not as Wealthy as Whites?

In Capitalist America, owning a business is the main ingredient in the recipe for creating wealth. Although the number of self-employed Black Americans doubled from 1984 to 2003, the Black American self-employment rate is less than half the national average and still lags behind Latino, Asian and White Americans.

According to the Small Business Administration, only 4.5 percent of blacks own their own business, compared with 7 percent of Latinos and 11 percent of white and Asian Americans. Black-owned businesses generate dramatically lower annual sales than firms owned by white and Asian Americans, and they are more likely to fail.

For years, University of California Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) Economist Robert Fairlie, has analyzed data to understand these disparities and along with Alicia Robb of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, has uncovered the main factors that account for the lack of black owned businesses compared to other races:

• Insufficient amounts of startup capital

• Lack of self-employed work experience

• Lack of educational attainment

"Half of all Asian Americans in the labor market have a college education or higher," said Fairlie, emphasizing the importance of education.

"Business ownership is an alternative to unemployment and discrimination in the labor market, and political influence comes with success in small business," he said. "Historically in this country, we've seen rapid growth of business ownership among immigrants, including Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Italians, Greeks, and, most recently, Koreans."

Yet business ownership rates have been stagnant among Black Americans, said Fairlie, who presented his research during a conference titled "Race, Families, and Business Success: A Comparison of African American-, Asian- and White-Owned Businesses." His presentation was sponsored by the UCSC Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office as part of its diversity lecture series.

In his analysis, Black-owned businesses average annual sales of about $60,000, compared with $167,000 for Latino-owned businesses, $219,000 for white-owned businesses, and $245,000 for Asian-owned businesses.

Only 14 percent of black-owned businesses generated annual profits of $10,000 or more, compared with 30 percent of white-owned businesses. Business failure rates during the first four years are 27 percent for black-owned businesses compared with 22.5 percent for white-owned businesses.

Sufficient startup capital, prior work experience in a family-owned business, and education emerged as the biggest differences in the success and survival of black, white and Asian-owned businesses. Having sufficient start-up capital accounted for 43 percent, self-employed work experience - 11 percent, and educational level about 6 percent of the difference in business ownership success.

Businesses launched with $100,000 or more of startup capital were twice as likely to prosper, but only 1.7 percent of black-owned businesses start out with more than $100,000, compared with 4.9 percent of white-owned firms, said Fairlie. Furthermore, only 6.5 percent of black-owned businesses start a business with more than $25,000 in capital, compared with 11.1 percent of white-owned firms and 12 percent of business owned by Asian Americans.

Why the large differences in start-up capital? Not surprisingly: Wealth! The net worth of blacks and whites accounts for the disparity in startup capital, said Fairlie. Defined as total assets, including home equity, automobiles, and savings, net worth for average Black Americans is about $6,000; Latino net worth averages $7,000; and White and Asian Americans net worth is about $70,000.

"Wealth inequality leads to these low levels of capital, which is a huge factor in determining the outcome of a business," said Fairlie, adding that, "Economists tend to focus on wage and income inequality, but there really needs to be more attention paid to wealth inequality in this country."

The alternative source for start-up capital are Bank and Government (SBA) loans. Not surprisingly, Asian Americans have been the leaders in snagging SBA business loans. Over the past ten years, Asians obtained 12.2% of the $85 billion in loans guaranteed by the SBA, while Latinos received 5.6% and Blacks 2.8%.

The USA Today also reported earlier this year how self-employed Asian Americans assist each other in business with alternative financing:

"Many Asian immigrants finance start-ups through informal loan associations. How they work: Twelve established Asian U.S. business owners will contribute $1,000 each to a fund. That $12,000 is loaned to a new immigrant entrepreneur. Loans are often interest-free, and agreements are sealed with a handshake," says Greg Fairchild, a professor at the University of Virginia. "It's a new version of what people have negatively called the good old boys' network," he says."

These types of business associations are dated back to the early 20th century in the United States when Asians were the primary foreign immigrant group. Unfortunately, there are no direct equivalents in other minority communities. Harry Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, hopes one day there will be. Asians don't form loan pools "because they love each other," he says. "They see it as a necessity for business growth. We African-Americans have a natural dependency on waiting for the government to do something."

After reflecting on their discoveries, Fairlie and Robb point out several issues for government review, including improving bank lending laws to further protect Black Americans from financial discrimination, addressing wealth inequality, and developing internships that would help narrow the gap for the lack of work experience in family-owned businesses available to Black Americans.

Create Wealth, Enjoy Life!

Written by James Bird Guess

President & Founder The Black

James "Bird" Guess graduated college with dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a prominent financial executive. But after only working a year in "Corporate America", James grew bitter of the politics and bureaucracy associated and decided to venture out on his own to become a full-time entrepreneur.

With a repossession and other unpaid debts on his credit, James had a negative net worth. Starting with only $1,000 saved from college, he single-handedly built a quarter million dollar apparel business from the trunk of his car. Shortly thereafter, his business model would transition from retailer to wholesaler of apparel, which generated $750,000 dollars in revenue.

James could now take one step closer toward financial freedom. As an entrepreneur, he has bought and sold over $1.5 million of apparel. He now uses his financial acumen to help individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors create wealth in their lives! James is now the President & Founder of BlacBird Investments LLC. &, Create Wealth! & Enjoy Life!

The Illuminati

At the heart of practically every conspiracy theory which involves the New World Order, there is the shadowy group known only as the Illuminati. Today, there is no one group that claims this title, so it is assumed that everything they do is done in secret so it is impossible to know the identity of any of the members.

However, certain international think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission are often seen as branch organizations of the group. This article will cover a brief history of the group and a few of the plans they have in store for the world's population.

In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit Adam Weishaupt created the original Illuminati organization which consisted of major freethinkers of the Enlightenment era. The group had very close ties with another secret society, namely the Freemasons. During their time they were accused of planning to overthrow the government and some believe they were even involved with bringing about the French Revolution. Their organization was deeply at odds with the Catholic Church which condemned them wholeheartedly. Their short lived group was eventually banned in 1784 when Karl Theodor, the ruler of Bavaria, made all secret societies illegal.

There are many conspiracy theorists today which believe that the Illuminati survived, most likely by hiding itself in the Freemasons. Proponents of these theories believe that major world events are being caused or exploited by this group with the end goal of creating a New World Order. This plan entails a one world, government, currency, religion, and language in many cases. These ideals will be shared with the public as a good thing and a final solution to all the wars, famine, bigotry, and other problems in the world, but the true plan involves a small ruling elite with complete control over large number of serfs.

Some of the better known proponents of these conspiracy theories include radio host Alex Jones, author David Icke, and political activist Mark Dice. While each of these persons expresses belief in the New World Order and the secret societies that are out to bring it about, they all have fundamental differences when it comes to the details. Major world figures who these theorists claim to be in the Illuminati include Winston Churchill, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, among many others. Likewise, there are many different groups accused with being affiliated with the group besides the Freemasons including Skull and Bones, The Bohemian Society, and the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Written by Reece Woodstock

The Antichrist Identity is an international group of political researchers, analysts and media group with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level. Visit to learn more.

Illuminati - Fact Or Fiction?

The concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order is nothing new. The fact that believers claim these secret elites have been around since Ancient Babylon goes to show how long people have worried about secret societies and corrupt governments. However with the rise of the internet, increase of terrorism and economic meltdown, many people are doing away with traditional political ideologies in return for the idea that all Governments are corrupt and part of the same secret order .

The basic concept is that throughout the ages 13 or more secret families have held the reigns over society by controlling the banking system, media empires, word government, sciences and health industry, as well as hording ancient information and religions. It is claimed that these elites were the inventors of modern religion as a means to close their victims minds to other possibilities, to the hidden truth.

When somebody is offered such information it's a lot to digest and a hell of a lot to prove, but this mysterious idea has taken on a new life of its own ad re-established itself as a fact based political ideology against the current left/right regime. Instead of getting in to ancient orders, and occult undertones, today's activists focus on what they can prove. Leading the way in the "info war" are the likes of Austin radio host Alex Jones that is anti-corporate media, and all out anti-establishment.

It is a fact that all the major news channels are owned by corporate interests, it is fact that most president's have more "wall street" staff than true politicians, it is a fact that major currencies are printed and issued by private banks and not the governments, and it is fact that certain interests get profits from war. Dig a little deeper and the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world just happen to have interests in all these things and are interconnected in some fashion. Some find it humorous, but it is also a fact that 25 US Presidents are related to each other and can be traced back to various royal families and aristocracy.

When you get past the more accepted "here and now" political debate of a corrupt New World Order, it takes you back to this ancient bloodline Illuminati dynasty and is extremely interesting, whether fact or fiction.

It is alleged that in Ancient Babylon the rulers at the time (who claimed they descended from Gods) sent offspring to all corners of the globe to set up the royal families and religious figures. These then controlled their given society under strict regimes and under false religion. Secret societies were then created to hide true information about the origins of man and the elites, and here citizens that would carry out the ruler's agenda were groomed and pushed in to positions of power, so any freedom fighter would never make it to the top of the power structure. They created the money system that enslaves humanity today, and have had there hands in both sides of every major war.

It's an astounding concept that has led rise to many movies, music albums, TV shows and video games. Whether fact or fiction, and interesting guide to New World Order Fiction, can be found on Alternative News website, But as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

By Andrew Cuningham

Freemasonry Secrets - Are Freemasons Part of a Sinister Cult?

Often when the topic of Freemasons comes up some people are under the impression that they are some type of religious cult. This perhaps has become a way of thinking because of the reputation they have of being a secret fraternity. Some would say they almost seem to have mysticism about them.

When confronted about their being a cult most of the Freemasons will take offense to this and feel they are being treated unjustly. So what is it that is leading some to believe that this organization is a cover-up for some evasive cult?

To begin with, they refer to the craft of masonry. Individuals are wary of the word craft. This word is used constantly to describe some types of works of art, so it would seem unfair to attach it as a label of being a cult because it is being used by an organization such as the Freemasons. It is being perceived by anti Freemasons as referring to witchcraft.

Then the next argument raised is why they perform rituals and what are they and for what purpose? The general response from those who are members give the explanation that these rituals are a way of telling a story. They are done to get a meaning across such as love and goodness overpowering evil for example. These rituals play a vital role in the Freemasonry and specific ones are only carried out by those that have attained specific degrees. Degrees in the Freemasonry are like promotion up the ranks.

Then there comes the concerns that they are a highly secretive organization. The Freemasons promote that their records are open to the public. They do however admit that their rituals are a secret meant only for the members.

So when you look at the words craft, rituals and secrecy all on their own accord they really are innocent sounding words and one would question as to why they would be linked to the thought of a cult. It's when you put all these words together as a whole entity that disturbs people because this link is often the foundation for many cults.

Another argument raised by pro Freemasons is the good they do in their community, but in many cases even, that seems somewhat secret. The ideals that they speak of and what they say their fraternity is based on would make them a quite noble organization if they are to be taken at their word.

Much of the anti Freemason arguments could quite easily be put to rest by removing some of the secrecy shrouding the Freemasonry. This could be done by way of opening up the ritual to a public audience. It would stand to reason that if these rituals were for the betterment of all humanity, then shouldn't the story they say it portrays be shared with all. If humanity were, the key issue one would think they would want to spread the word. Why should the high morals that the Freemasons stand on be restricted to their organization only.

Written by Simon L. Gray
Now, you can discover the ancient secrets of freemasonry

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Who Are the Freemasons and the Knights Templar? Secrets of Masons Exposed

The Freemasons will often boast of past historic members such as George Washington and Paul Revere just to name a few, that they were proud Freemasons. This boasting is as if because prominent men of society were members then the entire organization should be above question.

Some Freemasons will tell you in simplified terms that they are a group of closely-knit men that get together for fellowship both spiritually and intellectually. Now the real anti Freemasons view them in a much more devious light determined that they are out to take over the world.

It would seem that their beginnings are somewhat of a mystery in itself. Even the members themselves are often unclear as to the beginning, some will tell you different stories. Here are some of the explanations as to their roots that you may hear…

- they descended from the Druids of ancient times.
- they are affiliated with the Isis-Osiris cult that prevailed in ancient Egypt
- they were the Essenes, which was a group of Jewish Monks who bonded together around the 2nd century.
- then there are those that believe they go back as far as King Solomon’s temple built in Jerusalem 967BC. This is based on the Bible’s account of the temple being built by the stonemasons whose bond has carried on through the years to the now Freemasons.

This latter belief has a legend. It is said that an individual by the name of Hiram Abiff who had worked on King Solomon’s temple knew of the secret of the temple but refused to tell others. When he refused to disclose this secret, three other co-workers murdered him. It is said that King Solomon ordered his men to find Hiram’s body so the secret of the temple would be brought back. They were unable to find the body so the King established a new Masonic secret. It is believed that this secret was “Mahabone” meaning the Grand Lodge door opened. Now this is the password that those members of the third degree Masonry must use to gain entrance to the Lodge.

There have been factors to show that the Freemason have some type of connection with another group called the Knights Templar. Their history purports they armed themselves in 1118 Ad to protect Christians than were leaving Jaffa enroute to Jerusalem. As legend as it this Knights Templar discovered the most precious treasure ever know to humanity amongst the ruins of King Solomon’s temple. The Knights were now one very rich entity. King Philip IV of France in 1307 have all the Knights Templar arrested so he could take their treasure. Or so rumor has it.

No one knows for sure what happened to the Knights after this but some said they went into hiding and continued their meetings in secret. Eventually they came out of hiding with a new name reportedly to be the Freemasons. There is some speculation that this group had a hand in instigating the French Revolution as a means of revenge for what the French King did to them. This is a most intriguing story but there are other Masons who will paint a much more subtle picture concerning the rough masons of the 1700’s.

As the story goes, there were two types of mason the rough masons who did average work on ordinary stone, then the free masons who did intricate works of art on the softer stone. The Freemasons wanted to keep themselves segregated as an elite group from the rough masons so they devised a code amongst themselves using code words, handshakes and other secret forms of addressing one another.

The Freemasons have not always been a membership of all men. Actually, there were women members back in the 1700’s but they were tossed out because the men feared the women would take their attention. In addition, they didn’t think the women could keep their secrets.

Written by Simon Gray
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Spotting Black Celebrity Masons & Illuminati Connections

Do you ever question why some of the same people tend to keep getting parts in movies, keep making the New York Times bestseller lists, etc. its more than just talent!

Do you ever wonder why some of the most vocal independent thinker types in Hollywood end up being called "crazy" or worse dead ie. Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and "crazy" Dave Chapelle?

Do you ever notice symbolism and dark metaphors in movies that seem confusing or have nothing to do with the movie's plot such as the popular eye on top of the pyramid that we see on the back of the dollar bill?

Pay attention to our president's handshakes and hugs there is more to it.

Look at the way certain televangelists and local preachers will move their hands during interviews or greet their brothers or sisters on stage. Many of them do not believe everything they preach especially when money is involved.

Start looking closely at those hand signs rappers and singers throw up in front of cameras in videos and when accepting awards.

Notice patterns in everything! For example, music videos many tend to have fancy cars, alcohol, innuendos to (weed) smoking, half naked, dancing women, etc. what do you think the creators behind the madness want you to think, do?

Consider cutting off television programs and movies that make you feel weird, insecure, strange or violent. When you are nodding your head to a beat or thinking how great a vocalist's voice is (gospel, r&b, hip-hop, rock, pop) think about what it is doing to your subconscious mind and the children you know. As Michael Jackson said in one of his songs, "They don't really care about us." He started running his mouth a bit much in his latter days and some didn't like it.

Conduct your own search on You Tube: Illuminati, Black celebrity masons, Boule, Skull and Bones and you will find that even so-called followers of Jesus are also apart of this mess! You will be very, very surprise at what you will find! Prayer warriors, be discerning, open your eyes! What is in darkness will come to light. Saints remember to double up on worship, praise, and pleading the blood of Jesus Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 those are days that Satan's worshippers will be praying extra hard for some bad things to happen to believers.



African American Entrepreneurs Why Some of Us Won't Do Business With Us

Over the past 15 years I have given both my money and service on and off to both african american men and women entrepreneurs and the results are in...I understand why a black woman I once knew said, "I'm sorry but I don't do business with our people." When she told me this, I had to catch myself from acting ghetto, "What?! You are a black person you know the struggle. Why would you even put your mouth to say that! Its because of people like you know you wouldn't even be walking down the street with a white man if it wasn't for black people demanding equality! That's what's wrong with our people we don't support one another!" That was then, but this is now, I understand my sister why you said what you did.

Disappointment after disappointment, some NOT All of our people just don't have it together. I wanted to believe in these black entrepreneurs I dealt with in the past, honestly that's why I went to them in the first place. But there is always some fine print somewhere when dealing with some of these black entrepreneurs that lasks professionalism. Here's one example, "I can't pay any of my employees until next month." It was bad enough we were already getting paid once a month. Another black entrepreneur I worked for, "You m*therf*ckers better get it together or I am going to get rid of all of you," this was said to two men who the boss made his friends rather than his co-workers and he wondered why they slacked off. A childhood friend connection, "I'm sorry I forgot to send you what you asked for oh by the way don't do this...oh and don't do that..." If I would have known all the don't dos and the absentmindness before I spent far too much money, I would have never bought the product from this person in the first place! But when I dealt with the white business people they spelled everything out in advance and their prices were actually more affordable. A person who I didn't personally know makes an announcement one day on a social networking site, "I am planning a reunion event and I need everyone to send money," Uh, who are you? Do I know you? Who, what, when, where, why...that's what I was thinking when I dealt with this organizer. Then when I asked her questions she jumped out of her professional suit and became the angry black woman, "I am going to do this event and you are just jealous and blah, blah, blah!" Jealousy has nothing to do with asking you who you are, where is my money going and do I get a receipt! Here's one more situation involving an old mentor of mine, "I have been waiting for hours for you, when are you going to get my project done...I can't look bad, I am a professional." The sad part to this example I was the guilty one some years ago because I learned from the best laid back, "I don't care, take all day to do anything" type of black folks. Luckily, I matured and got mentors who dare I say it wasn't black and learned under them for a number of years only to come back to our people to get what I described previously. Needless to say, if I detect my brother or sister doesn't have their "stuff" together, I am taking my business elsewhere.


Pittsburgh African American Home Owners Bring out the Best in their Landscaping

Consider sending your neighbors a message by what you plant in your yard next season! In the book, Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street, you will see the stunning floral landscaping of two African American gardeners in a suburban neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With the city’s torrential rains and bad snow storms who would have thought flowers could survive much less be so gorgeous! Nick and Erlene McGuire have worked in their yard for over 30 years planting a variety of flowers and vegetables. When asked why do they spend so much time in their yard (from sun up sometimes to sun down,) they both respond, “Because we love being out in the yard. It is good for us.”

I have made personal contributions to their book in the form of poetry. I decided to make the wonderful flowers that they spend so much time nurturing talk. If beauty like the flowers in this book could speak, "What would they say?" I often asked myself while putting Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street together for them. The results are in this book. I use inspirational words to paint a picture of what we look like to them. I provide wisdom as if God commanded the flowers to speak. I use the flowers to remind you of your purpose in life.

Please order Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street which is in my hometown Pittsburgh at Be prepared to be inspired to plant beauty wherever you may go whether it is through landscaping work like the McGuires, writing like me, singing, dancing, acting, organizing, or even spinning – help yourself and help someone else just smile!

This book is created with quality materials, a treasure that is designed to last a lifetime definitely a product you would be proud to collect: Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street


An Angry Black Woman is a Depressed Black Woman

All this talk in black women's circles about "I am a strong woman...I don't get depressed..." Can I just tell a few of these so-called "strong women" to "Be quiet!" I have to keep myself from laughing at what some women call strength behind an attitude and an angry eyebrow raise. How does that make a black woman strong? Wow, she can tell someone off before he or she can bat an eye?! No wonder statistics are through the roof for black women in just about every health category from cancer to obesity, sisters are leading the way! I don't see any strength in some of my sisters' circles, what I see is ignorance and downright foolishness!

I decided to conduct some research on depression because I was thinking of a statement a cousin made about some of the women in my own family being "a little off." He wasn't lying, there are some that aren't wrapped too tight especially when they go off on people for the littlest of things. They have to negatively comment on everything that is being said or happening around them while following up with, "I will beat her a**. She is lucky, because if that would have been me...Oh no he didn't, I will come over there and..." Do what? Let's be real for a moment, big mouth will most likely run her mouth and if she acts like she wants to hurt someone then she might as well get ready to go to jail especially if she lives in a community that don't like her kind anyway.

I am seeing more and more women in my own family and in others die before their partners because of all their stress. They don't know how to put a cap on it or fix it. For instance, if a man hurts them emotionally or physically, these "sister girls" are taking their anger out on others never bothering to get any professional help; instead they are either holding it in or listening to Pookie and 'em. Money problems, health issues, workplace drama are all put on the backburner and complained about until they get into so much trouble that someone escorts them outdoors. "It's obvious Ms. Johnson you are not willing to listen to me and make changes, there is nothing more we can do. Goodbye."

It's unfortunate but the writing was on the wall prior to the deaths of those women in my family. Early signs of stress and depression started their mental and physical collapse. It turns out that they weren't "every woman" like Chaka Khan bragged about in her song after all.

You may have the same drama happening with the women in your own family and if so, feel free to conduct some research on any health concern affecting you or they like I did, here are two places to start:

Menopause and Perimenopause


Written by Nicholl McGuire
Author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate
and When Mothers Cry

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Dating Advice, Relationship Problems?
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