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Are You Going to Be Fired? Watch Out For These 5 Signs - On Careers (

Are You Going to Be Fired? Watch Out For These 5 Signs - On Careers (

Big winners share lessons, risks of Powerball win - Yahoo! News

Big winners share lessons, risks of Powerball win - Yahoo! News


National Museum of African American History and Culture

Did you know about this?

"The National Museum of African American History and Culture will be a place where all Americans can learn about the richness and diversity of the African American experience, what it means to their lives and how it helped us shape this nation. A place that transcends the boundaries of race and culture that divide us, and becomes a lens into a story that unites us all." -- National Museum of African American History and Culture

How to Qualify for a Common Law Marriage - YouTube

How to Qualify for a Common Law Marriage - YouTube

The Latest in Natural Black & African American Hairstyles

Black & African American Hairstyles

My Black Is Beautiful Toys

Some dolls you won't see in mainstream toy stores, enjoy!

My Black Is Beautiful Toys


African American Education - It's Important

I can’t tell you how many times I have discussed something offline with people about things related to education from African American history to African American inventors and my words are met with, “Oh, huh. That’s nice. Now about that song that just came out …Did you watch TV last night?  Did you see when…”  Can I just say, what is it with some of our people when it comes to conversations that are outside the box—more specifically the radio and TV boxes?

I couldn’t help, but think about myself and others when I sat back and viewed some things on the Internet created by fellow African Americans.  Many are trying to educate the masses.  But the question still remains, "Does the masses really want to be educated?"   Education is important.  Black education is something worth talking about.   

Why do some of our people get so excited about things like a reality show, but when you start talking about something that challenges them to think, they want you to shut up, because “I got things to do.  I don’t know about all that—don’t want to hear it.”  There are a lot of things that don’t interest me either, but when it comes down to what someone or a group is trying to teach myself and children, I have to be aware.  It is a must that I stay awake!

When talking to people about things like education, watch their expressions.  If you find you are doing all the talking, you might want to consider that a sign not to "cast your pearls to swine," like the Bible says. 

Sites that offer some insightful information on African American educators, education, government, etc.  Whether you are in the field or just interested in learning more, check out these sites to get you started.

The White House Blog

Black Educator
Articles worth mentioning:

Will the White House African American Education Initiative Make History?

Higher Education Blogger Fired For Criticizing African-American Students

Now when it comes to educating our children, we ought to purchase educational products to keep them interested  and most importantly be involved in showing and teaching the children on how to get the most enjoyment out of them.  Consider buying things like, workbooks, flashcards, educational electronic games, and toys that look like us to help with self-esteem.


You know how we can be sometimes...Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Let's be honest, sometimes we are ready "to go there" when we shop! 
"I know she didn't step on the back of my heel and I know that he didn't just bump me!" Sisters who haven't ate, feet hurt, and overall don't feel good, have no business out and about on Black Friday!  Wait for Cyber Monday.

Most places will not look like what the TV media shows us.  However, there will be some that will have higher traffic than normal spread out throughout the day.  Therefore, it's during those times, that your patience will be tested.  So what you will want to do is pray, eat, fast, and do whatever else you can to prepare for that one or two people that might be out there to work that last nerve!  I personally don't recommend bringing the kids, because sometimes they just don't know how to act when they feel excitement in the air and unfortunately little Ray-Ray is going to be in some big trouble messing with mama while she has to put someone in check for stepping on her toe.

Take your time viewing the ads online first before you go out.  Make a list and check your account before you leave.  Keep track while you shop, because you know how it can be for some of us when we realize at the check-out that the money is gone!!  You might want to take someone with you who will let you hold a $50 or two until next pay--lol!  Enjoy your shopping experience!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Tips


Women in Media: The media's manipulative influence over your morals. - YouTube

This is the biggest problem with black folks -- TV, INTERNET, MATERIALISM!!  Does the majority in our community know more besides making a dollar then using free time to spend it on things seen on television and elsewhere.

Do we know more than just "looking clean" or "dressing cute"?

What about acting like and dressing like celebrities?

How about talking about athletes and how your child is going to be the next...?

What about this talk on how something taste good, look good..all the time.?

Look beyond your five senses. When they are old, tired, broke, busted, then what?

Let us teach our children to think and look beyond the natural.

It's time to re-evaluate what is really important in your life.  A prideful people never comes up higher.  They will keep taking food from master's table in the hopes that they too will one day become master, but for many, that day never comes.Why?  Because they can't see beyond what sits, stands, walks, runs, climbs, jumps, and lays down before them. -- Nicholl McGuire 
The media's manipulative influence over your morals. - YouTube

Wilkinsburg Students Hold Protest In Favor Of Better Education - YouTube

My old high school has been reduced down to students protesting about education--what the!?  Now back in the day, when I went there, we were actually considered a little more challenging than the city schools.  So this breaks my heart to see such foolishness!  Electronic devices used in classrooms? Saggy pants?  I shared information with others and asked people to rally up some support.  I also video taped football camp being held in high school last year.  Maybe it's time to pick up and move the school to greener pastures.  Lots of promises have been made over the years regarding the Wilkinsburg community, but what are people doing about it who still live there?

Wilkinsburg Students Hold Protest In Favor Of Better Education - YouTube

Black Spotlight: Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T. - YouTube

Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T. - YouTube


August Wilson Center for African American Culture

Definitely want to show some love on this blog to a very interesting, informative and artistic tourist spot worth noting in Pittsburgh PA.  When you are visiting relatives and friends, check out the:

August Wilson Center for African American Culture


Poem - Daddy Issues, Mama Drama

Daddy Issues, Mama Drama

For years, sat back
wondered why a brotha didn't have my back.
Son angry with his mom.
What did she do wrong?

Did she not value her self--
put morals on the shelf?
Slept with his dad.
Then he left her sad?

Baby came to be
with eyes like he.

So what does young boy do?,
A dream he wants to pursue.
Wishes for his dad,
but grows up and becomes mad.

So he take it out on me
as far as I can see.
I got tired of that same song,
keep treating me wrong.

Look, I know you wish for dad,
but brotha you don't want to make me mad!

For I know what it feels like
when you want him in your life.

For dads busy, greedy, watching TV.
That's how they be!
For dads do what they want to do WITHOUT YOU!

But check your stress,
don't bring me into your mess!

I got a lot to do for myself,
learn to put daddy on a shelf.

Be the man that you were destined to be,
be so much better than he!!

Make peace with the first lady,
Make peace with the mother of your baby.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

 Check out video by Youtuber below, a black man talking about real men issues.

Feminized Young Boys - YouTube

Negroes: Twisted Up by Prosperity Preachers & Democrats - YouTube

Negroes: Twisted Up by Prosperity Preachers & Democrats - YouTube


Ancestors Biggest Wish for All: Love of Family

I don’t know what your family heritage might be, the traditions your people practiced, or the original language you spoke, but let’s be frank, neither you or I are related.  Sure, I might look like someone in your family and you might remind me of someone.   But the fact of the matter is, we are strangers.  Yet, out of courtesy, respect, or what someone might have taught us, we welcome one another like one might pay tribute to a brother, sister or friend.  This connectedness that we have might be due to the fact that in our bloodline there may have been some intermixing of tribes.  Our ancestors may have all danced to the same beat of the drum a time or two in centuries past.  They might have worshiped a similar God or ate from the same circle. 

Just imagine, for a moment, the love that families, friends, allies, and others may have had for one another during much simpler times.  No email, phone, text, TV, just good food, shelter and light-hearted entertainment.  To reflect on moments like this, is fascinating, but also sad.  Somehow the love for brother and sister got lost between slave beatings and relationship cheating, we can see evidence of this when we view the many photos of African Americans without smiles on their faces.  Our loved ones, community or even the world put us in a circle to dance, be free, play a game, enjoy life only to later hurt us with unkind words, manipulative tactics, and outright evil ways.  Is this not what our ancestors underwent that separated them from families they had only wish they could be with?  (If only we promoted love of one another like we do voting for this one and that one--didn't you know, master don't love us--too busy caring for his own family?!)

Oh what joy could we all have in this realm if we could just connect with our Creator without requests for anything—no money, no house, no car, and no marriage partner—just love, love, love!  Okay, so I am asking too much from some, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.
So what moves me to write this piece, well the same character in the vision that spear-headed the last piece I wrote about not “teasing the white people”—lol.  It seems that before, during and after the election, some supernatural portal was opened up, maybe some runaway spirits seem to be in touch with us all in some way or another.  Whether you recently dreamt of a deceased relative or had similar visions of what might have been your ancestors trying to speak to you from the other side or worse demonic entities (I shudder at the thought), something happened.  I don’t know about you, but the atmosphere seems different like something big or a shock of some sort is about to take place like none we have ever seen. 
I guess with all the energy to re-elect President Barak Obama, some gateways in another dimension might have been opened up through prayer, hope, fasting, chanting, or whatever other spiritual thing one does when he or she wants to draw near to his or her Creator, ancestors, angels, or something else in order to influence someone or a desired outcome.   Anyway, the slave who appeared in my last vision wanted me to see a vision of love between African descendants.  As soon as I stopped what I was doing, I saw the beautiful lean and trim black men and women with dark hues and black, short hair laughing, smiling and dancing in a circle while encouraging a small child to dance in the middle.  Soon after, the vision vanished and another vision showed up of black men covered up in football attire playing on football fields.  The slave pointed out, as if telepathically, “the farm field slave is now on the sports field.”  It was as if he reaffirmed what I saw some time back.  The position of slave hasn’t changed much, but the main difference, one gets more for his work while the other doesn’t.  The sad part about receiving more is more has suffocated the love, respect, and appreciation for family.  Rather than truly enjoying the company of family and friends, one thinks, “When will this gathering be over, I got somewhere to be…”

Sometimes I think that we all must go back to our roots, a time in our lives where we were sincerely happy without all the stuff.  Once again, another vision to provoke thought, change and move one to slow down a bit, if not for self, then for family. 
Maybe we don’t know how far back our bloodlines go, but what we do know is that there are a few family and friends here and there that love us dearly.  Embrace them just a little bit longer the next time you see them, because you never know if that moment with them will be your last.


Watch Your Back Team Black

I'm taking this opportunity to write about something that affects African-Americans as well as those who are non-blacks.  Simply put, we must not act like children dangling candy in front of those who have none.  To be more specific, watch talking about President Obama before jealous, angry eyes who are unhappy with the fact that white wasn’t right this time or the last one.

Since moving from California to Georgia I have experienced some supernatural things, and I will tell you that some of the supernatural entities are actually spirits that were left behind from past injustices made against blacks. In Georgia, many residents are huge supporters of Republican candidates for more reasons than one, but the main one is because there’s a long history of old white men running government and non-whites aren’t well-received.  When I first moved down here, I felt an unwelcoming presence and also a deep sadness and in some areas I couldn’t look at the trees because of what I had learned about Georgia’s dark Jim Crow past.  To date, many of those people who lived back then still live today and not everyone is open to non-whites.  I attend a church that is gradually becoming more and more multi-cultural, but it is a challenge sometimes just sitting next to someone, much less talking to them, when you can see from eyes and mannerisms they don’t like you.  Hugging and talking to your neighbor is rarely encouraged in this church.

The day after the elections, I saw a vision of an older, dark skin, black man with large eyes appear before me while teaching.  He looked like he could've been from the 1800s because he was wearing clothing from that time period like something worn by male field slaves in the movie, Roots.  His attire was well worn and dirty.  He had his hat off standing before me while it hung down beside him in his hand.  I almost immediately assumed he was a slave from past photos I saw over the years of slaves.  Anyway, this individual stared at me with wild eyes from my doorway as I was recording one of my messages.  He observed from a distance as if he had something to say.  I wanted him to go away and asked the Lord.  The image flashed before my eyes and then left.  I felt nervous during the experience but didn’t stop recording my audio.

Later, that evening, I felt an urge to go to the computer and write. And the headline that I started to write was, “Don't tease the white people.” Prior to that moment, I had thoughts that came to mind of white people who were upset, short tempered and bitter about the recent election results. The thought came back to me again, "Don't tease the white people." I would not consider this a racist statement, but a warning. 

I would say that my perception of people tends to be accurate when it comes to racial issues and sometimes I get irritated when I see or hear about some event taking place that was racially motivated not by those who are oppressed but by those who consider themselves the oppressor.  The plan is usually to divide the people and conquer; however, plans were foiled by the racists this time.  So to have a vision of a slave come and somehow motivate me to write this piece in a state who houses many who voted for a candidate, not because they really liked him or his religion, but because he was simply a white man is for me phenomenal!  Many of our people voted for the black man for the same reasons.  They didn’t like him, his policies, or agreed with his so-called Christian religion either, but they too voted because he was simply black.  I saw evidence of this race-based behavior almost instantaneously on the night of the elections.   I watched television reporters and so-called experts, who had been very excited early in the night mention nothing about race, culture, minorities, etc.  Yet, as the night wore on, they gradually became increasingly irritated, frustrated and very unhappy when they knew their favorite candidate was not winning.  Soon after it was confirmed that their man had not won, the commenting started turning sour and many references related to race came out such as: “old white men,” “blacks” “latinos” and “minorities.”  

So this vision I had of this slave, I felt as if he was warning me to warn the people to watch what they say and to remember we have a blood thirsty enemy. I felt as if the slave was telling us that master was upset, so to speak, and that if we did too much bragging about a black man winning in that loud and cocky way we do before the wrong crowds, we were going to cause unnecessary problems for ourselves. 

Now I know some people are turned off by anything that looks like or sounds like Uncle Tom and I know some people would love to bury the memories of slavery and cannot fathom that any uneducated slave could in fact hold wisdom, but the reality is, the more things change the more they stay the same. As we can clearly see, even though blacks are doing much better than our ancestors, we must not sleep when it comes to a very real enemy who has never liked us, has a long history of being jealous of our spirituality, and never wanted us to be successes in life unless he (or she) could benefit.  So why give him an excuse to use his select minions to further attack us over braggadocios behaviors?

Watch your back, my friend, and don't be so quick to talk loudly or smile widely when it comes to discussing Obama with non-blacks.  Also keep in mind, those of you who are believers, our President has actually demonstrated before naive eyes of men and women and the Most High that he doesn’t mind being an abomination in front of millions in support of an Obama nation. Would have Romney been the better choice?  Absolutely not, he would have done nothing more than helped to further oppress those who didn't act, look like or have what he had.  

To God be the glory for his signs, miracles and awesome wonders!

He Black

That’s all we know!

“He black!
He spent stacks!”
Talking about “Lord, Lord.”
You put down your sword.
No strong men among the weak.
Too busy looking for a treat.
Got their eyes on anything that move,
looking for a behind to soothe.

“He black.”
Have you got no tack?
Are you ready for attack?
Already complaining about lack.
Do you even know one fact?
Look at the price on the rack!
Can’t afford this or that!!
Want people to have your back.
Walking around like a Mack.

Be happy?
For what?
Oh that’s right, you just got butt.
So do you even care,
when all you like to do is stare.

I heard about him,
most days in front of a TV screen,
looking all lean.
Come out when they tell him,
looking clean.

Why should I be happy?
I was told to do for myself
four years ago,
he said so.
or don’t you remember?
Oh yeah, you’re a black and white member!

Change what, change who,
I didn’t abandon blue.
But blue changed into red
had me double-checking what he said.
Then red changed into blue and I knew what I wasn’t going to do.

If I didn’t make a stand,
then I would be shaking a liar’s hand.

So I closed my ears,
looked beyond my fears,
and avoided those back in the day tears.

And watched like you,
except this time,
supported my own view—
now who’s who?

Nicholl McGuire author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic and other books.

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