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African Americans Don't All Serve the Same God

Let’s get something understood when we meet fellow blacks and connect with relatives that we haven’t seen in a long time and start talking about, “My God…I love my God…God bless you,” we don’t all serve the same God!  There are many blacks who may attend a church service for a wedding or some other special event, but that man or woman who is standing before them preaching at the pulpit all decked with crosses screaming, “Jesus, Jesus…” may be talking in one ear and out the other to a growing number of Anti-Christ followers.  “I don’t serve no white Jesus!” a visitor mumbles.

One day I decided to get bold with my faith.  I wanted to know who was this God that I believed in (I tell more later.)  You see, I was familiar with grandma’s “Money God,” he would help her win the lottery, but he would also expect her to pay him back by moving her to say and do things that would shake people emotionally.  In other words, souls weren’t being won to Christ.  But she had another God, one who seemed to be genuine and did the typical: provide healing, meet needs, minister, and speak wisdom.

Then there was other relatives' “god.”  It seemed that it was okay with this one to just be yourself—“Do what thou wilt.”   They refused to fellowship with people who called themselves, “Christians.”  One relative would say, “Those people have a lot of nerve calling themselves Christians…”  Well who are you? I would think.  As if reading my mind, “Oh, that’s not me.  I love the Lord though.”  Huh!?

I eventually was introduced to a Jesus in the Holy Bible by those teachers who taught me during my early years of private school.  But this school also catered to those of Catholic faith.  Not a good mix.  Praying to saints and Jesus—what!?  It was then, that grandma said, “Read me the Bible.”  I was only five years old at the time.  I also entertained grandma with songs like, “Jesus Loves Me” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Over the years, I met black folks who were proud of all sorts of gods that had been contrived out of groups that they belonged to.  So I decided to list some of the websites that celebrate these gods not to promote serving or worshiping these gods, but to prove a single point, all blacks don’t follow Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit. 

Other websites providing commentary regarding various gods.

So when I finally got serious and asked the Lord to come into my life (due to Christian influence,) I also asked him to reveal himself considering that I heard from many people who claimed, “God, god…” in my life.  He said he was, “Yahweh” and he referred to other names popular today such as: Jesus, Holy Spirit and God.  But in my quiet time with him, I call him “Lord.” Life has been interesting ever since I decided to walk a spiritual path.  I might add, I never had any prayers turned down from my Lord. 
I have also seen with my own eyes that Yahweh-God is still doing what he did in the Old Testament bible when it comes to avenging his children.  I have also noticed that he is merciful and a righteous judge like in the New Testament.  In addition, there is no need for me to conceptualize his skin color, because despite the Jewish name there is nothing to envision with my Lord who also functions with both Spirit and Son.    His power is enough. 
I know why he would share Yahweh with me, because I wanted to know the God of the Bible—a book that is centuries old, I needed to know who kept this book alive, who inspired it, etc.    This holy name I heard in the spiritual realm, doesn’t cause me to look the other way, because all I am concerned about is staying under the blood of Christ until death—nothing else matters.  

Despite all of man’s edits to his Holy Bible, somehow the Holy Spirit shows those who are serious about reading his word hard-truths—the kind that can’t be easily explained away or debated.   The God I serve also has shared with me there is no other God like him.  So when I meet people having trouble with this issue and that one, while lacking “the peace that surpasses all understanding,” I have to ask, “Where is your god?” 

Other gods that people serve, (also known as demons, idols…) include the following:
Sports gods
Money gods
Sex god/goddesses
Science gods
Religion gods
God of self
Music gods
Talk show hosts
Materialism gods

So even if a person isn’t into spirituality, they are susceptible to plenty of other gods who come in the form of entertainment.   Look these gods up and be enlightened by the commentaries.  It isn’t any wonder that one’s atmosphere is plagued with all sorts of drama.  There are those that should ponder one’s spiritual destiny then go on a spiritual fast.   Try removing idols from homes, and who knows, the one true God just might show up if one truly accepts Him.

Commentary by
Nicholl McGuire
Writer, Blogger & Author of When Mothers Cry

Minority Scholarships

Sometimes when high school students talk about college and what they plan to study while there, you can't help but wonder if the profession they choose will be outdated or meaningless by the time they graduate from college.  After reviewing some minority scholarships, I thought that if a parent didn't have money to pay for college and knew this well in advance, then why not tailor a child's career path based on what scholarships are available, rather than having them choose something that they can't get any money to support them.  It might seem odd to do this considering that you don't want to step on your child's toes when it comes to their career choice, but seriously if there is a company out there willing to give free money if a student chooses to study in a certain field, then why not?  Besides, beggars can't be choosey!  One's son or daughter can always return back to college, take classes, and even make their career choice a hobby or a business on the side one day.  Research minority scholarships.


Black or African American? What do you call yourself?

A poll was taken back in 2007 on the topic of blacks calling themselves black or African American.  It turns out that more people prefer African American rather than black.  Read more here.


Atlanta Civil Rights Legacy

Having been to Atlanta throughout my life and now living in Georgia, I can tell you that there is a warm feeling I experience when I walk freely on streets and visit areas that had once been considered off limits to blacks.  It's as if I hear my ancestors rejoicing.  I can't really explain it, but I just know that to return here is a sweet justice!  So I wanted to share a website that you might be interested in if you want to get the most out of your next trip to Atlanta besides visit relatives and do business.

The Atlanta Civil Rights Legacy is a website related to the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.  The site is well-organized and you can search based on what your needs are prior to coming.  Do you need to know where to eat, stay, play, etc.?  The site will help you answer those questions.  I don't get any payment or freebies for suggesting this site.  I just thought it would be helpful to my fellow readers and bloggers who might be interested in organizing an itinerary the next time you visit Atlanta.  Enjoy.  Visit here.


Black-Jewish Relations

Have you ever wondered why some of the same African American celebrities keep showing up in various industries and seen at many parties that are comprised of non-blacks that seem to have little or no connection with certain Blacks.  But then later, we see a photo taken of a noted celebrity shaking hands with someone we wouldn't dream he or she would be connected to.  Could it be that there is a bloodline or possibly some hand-holding between some favored Black families and Jewish ones that date as far back as slavery?

To answer this question, I found this From Swastika to Jim Crow

Hip Hop is a Religion: A Way of Life for Many Young Entertainers

If you thought that many young blacks were going to keep Christianity, Islam and other religions of mommy and daddy, think again! 

Due to KRS ONE and many other entertainers spreading their thoughts around regarding African Americans' roles in government, business, music, and more as it relates to their religion/music called, Hip Hop, there are many young people joining the movement. 

With a recent move by Hip Hop Mogul Sean Comb announcing plans to unveil a music cable channel, there will be further programming on how to live, speak, walk and more being broadcasted to many fatherless black sons and daughters amongst millions.   

If you thought Christian television stations with fake, backsliding ministers wasn't enough, try watching more hyped up shows on a music cable channel glorifying men and women as self-proclaimed gods with money, cars, fame, hoes, I suppose or maybe if we look at it from a positive perspective...uh hmm!?

Now some Hip Hop followers/fans will argue, "You see blacks can't have anything!  Someone always having something negative to say."  I would have to say, "No, someone uses common sense.  Someone sees what is going to happen on down the line, because if you lived long enough you see more of the same ole' same ole."  We know the impact that BET and MTV (both owned by Viacom) has made on our society, and we already see what Hip Hop satanic influenced music is doing especially when you watch some of the music videos.  Nobody is stupid except those who are brainwashed by the people who are behind the agenda to once again keep black folks in their place, "shucking and jiving," says the old folks.

Here are some websites you might want to check out that further get into the subject of Sean Combs new business venture and the lifestyle and music of Hip Hop.

New Music Cable Channel

KRS ONE Blue Print

Jay-Z's Book Decoded

Professor uses Jay-Z book for college course

Temple of Hip Hop

Now Pastor G. Craige Lewis who is not a mainstream media pastor (who isn't paid to keep his mouth shut like many television evangelists from exposing the music industry) reveals much about the Hip Hop Industry and what this all means to our youth today.  He uses his platform to reveal signs, symbols, and more as it relates to the Hip Hop Movement and why black Americans should be concerned.  Search YouTube videos of Pastor G. Craige Lewis and blog.

Affirmative Action Once Again a Hot Topic This Year

I thought you might want to read this writing on News One for Black America by Dr. Boyce Watkins titled, "Why You Black People No Longer Need Affirmative Action."  Basically he lists four of the most popular reasons some non-blacks (as well as some blacks) argue about this issue. 

Read here.


Not-So Popular African American Celebrity Deaths

There are many African American celebrities that have passed and their deaths received very little if any fanfare.  Sometimes we get so caught up in a single celebrity that we forget about the rest.  This is why these days I don't spend a great deal of time talking or writing about celebrities.  However, I did share my thoughts concerning Whitney on this site.   I am trying hard not to pollute this site with celebrity news stories and gossip, since I rather share thought-provoking information and commentary about African American lifestyle and other related topics.

We must all keep in mind that celebrities are just people like you and me.  They may have a bigger platform and more money, but they are simply people who cry, scream, laugh, and smile just like us.  We must not fall into the temptation of idol worship.  No matter what the hype, don't fall for mainstream media programming, for it just might kill you mentally, physically and/or spiritually if you watch or read enough of it on a daily basis.

I am including the following link, because I was surprised to see the sheer number of black males in the entertainment industry that have died due to AIDS related deaths over the years.  I am sure there are many more who died due to some sexually related disease that isn't AIDS.  As we all know, there isn't just one out there.  As much as we don't like to think about it, many of our people just haven't learned that the more one participates in risky sexual activities, the more likely he or she will contract something that will cause much sickness on and off throughout one's life.  Even worse, someone just might die.  Here is an article about Why Blacks Should Be Homophobic.  Also, here is the site of black celebrities who died with no fanfare and many of the black males that died of AIDS.  See here. (link no longer active)

Nicholl McGuire

Modern Day and Historical African American Inventors

What does the super soaker water gun, caller id, Black History Month, Electret Microphone, surgical tools and much more have in common?  They were all created by African Americans.  If you want to feel inspired, moved to make a difference in society, visit a site that lists many modern day as well as past black inventors.


African American Women Groups: the Few, the Proud & the Prominent

You may have know a few African American women in your own family belonging to a prominent social group.  These women who belong to such groups are usually considered the educated and wealthy of our society.   You don't see these women making news headlines for rump shaking.  Nor, would you witness them eye-rolling or fighting a member on a television reality show.   For the sake of Black History month, I have to mention these prominent groups and if you are interested in learning more, take the time to visit their websites.

1.  Continental Societies, Inc.

2.  The Drifters, Inc.

3.  The Carats Inc.

4.  The Moles, Inc.

5.  The Pierians

6.  The Carousels

7.  Top Ladies of Distinction (TLOD)

8.  The National Smart Set

9.  The National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women's Club

10.  The Northeasterners

11.  The Order of the Eastern Star (both men and women join this)

Now I must add that I do not subscribe nor do I belong to any of these groups, so I don't get paid for mentioning any of them.  I only provide information about topics like this and others to inform the public about what is out there that have "African American" attached to it.  I question all groups irregardless of how nice, great, wonderful or uplifting they claim to be.  I have learned over the years that many people create groups for one thing only and that is the money.  With that said, you have to view all organizations with some degree of skepticism.  Not only that, conduct further study on the origins of the group.  There are those that are connected with witchcraft, divination, and idols.  Given the long history of war, abuse, and death surrounding certain philosophies, you have to think about protecting one's mind, soul and family when connecting yourself to people, places and things.

Nicholl McGuire


Black Greek Organizations

I had my share of fun times stomping with the greeks at various social events.  I was a reporter at one of the colleges that I attended and then an editor back in the 90s, so I got my share of personal invites to come to events.  The greeks knew that they would be guaranteed some media coverage, so I was often welcome. 

I can tell you that some of the greeks I met over the years are some of the hardest working people.  Sure, they know how to have a good time, but they also know how to network, event plan, and influence a community to get some things done.  This is why it is no surprise when I find out that some blacks can't be trusted with information about us, because behind them are usually non-blacks looking to make a dollar!  They don't mind using blacks from all sorts of organizations, including greek ones, to get in touch with the black community.  Rather than, take one's findings and try to uplift a community, blacks will take ideas out of the community then run them to someone or a group with money for them to make money.  The runner gets his cut and the man gets everything else!

I wanted to take this time to list those greek organizations that some of you may or may not be familiar with because chances are one day someone you might know will want to join.  Many of these groups have been around since the 1900s!  That's right, they are just that old!  I can understand why they would exist at that time considering all of the racial prejudice toward blacks back then.  What makes these groups considered popular and noteworthy is their association with other elite groups, their many circles of influence, and their social and political activism.  Non-blacks who seek "to get in touch" with the black community go to groups like this while never setting foot in a black ghetto and interviewing the people.

1.  Sigma Pi Phi Boule -- is the first black Greek-letter society and is also considered "the head" over the rest of the greek organizations, according to researchers.

2.  Alpha Phi Alpha

3.  Alpha Kappa Alpha

4.  Kappa Alpha Psi

5. Omega Psi Phi

6.  Delta Sigma Theta

7.  Phi Beta Sigma

8.  Zeta Phi Beta

9.  Sigma Gamma Rho

10.  Iota Phi Theta

A wise counselor will tell the truth about his or her experiences with a social organization.  He or she would remain un-bias and attempt to educate someone who may want to belong to a group.  There is more than meets the eye when it comes to any social group especially a black Greek one on the college level.  What I have noticed in the past, were the insults hurled at a Greek brother or sister belonging to another group usually made by someone who thought his or her group was "the best."  I saw certain skin tones hang together.  I saw certain weight classes hang together.  I heard about promiscuous men and women "being passed around" within certain groups.   I also noticed many folks badly hurt, drunk and more behind questionable pledging practices.  One chapter was closed down at a college I attended for their outrageous pledging. 

Sometimes members will sway someone (who may not be interested in a fraternal group) toward their direction just because they don't like someone or heard something bad about another group that isn't fraternal.  I personally never got involved with such groups, because I learned young that some groups are nothing more than a name, without the right connections and/or background, you simply will not go far in certain circles. 

You have to be willing to give your soul to some of these groups to really make a name for yourself.  If one should call his or herself a Christian, then he or she should know better to avoid any organization that has any occult ties, negative influences, or compromises biblical precepts.  But many, pastors, deacons and church members are tied to many of these groups and unfortunately choose to overlook the things that are not of God when attending meetings, taking oaths, viewing photos, and researching the history of these groups.  I put them all in God's hands.

Researcher Lenon Honor did an eye-opening presentation about Greek organizations.  You can view some of his material on YouTube.  You can also purchase some of his material at his website.  I was personally blown away by the history of how "gay," if you will, some of the ties to these fraternal groups are.

As you do more study about black Greek organizations, you can't help but ask yourself, "Now what is the purpose again, I'm lost?  Sure, I know that many help people, but couldn't I just do that on my own or create my own group free of the foolishness and cliques?"

Nicholl McGuire


Brainwashing for War...

Don't you just feel it?  Something strange happening in the near future.  With the recent movies of war surfacing our television screen and movie theaters again, it feels like a white, republican president and a major war ahead.  "Let's start recruiting young African American soldiers," I can hear someone say.  While we're at it, "How about destroying a black president's image to usher in a white president?"  Yeah, sounds like and looks like war and rumors of war ahead.  We have seen this movie play out for years now, right? 

If you lived long enough, you know that whenever the media wants us to think one way or another, they start with all their brainwashing.  They create a buzz around certain movies.  They start playing certain music.  Then they get a lot of so-called "experts" to talk about the "what ifs."

I don't know about you, but I really don't want to see any more wars especially at the expense of more bloodshed.  Does the military have those robots ready yet?  You know the kind that will replace humans in future wars?  There have been many years of programming about robots being capable to do human things, so why not send them?

I seriously wish that black folks from everywhere who have a long history of being broke and disgusted would just come up higher, if they would, maybe someone or some group would consider us equal.  Young black folks seriously need to stop with all the TV watching, video game playing, Internet surfing, eating poorly and calling it "soul food," and bumping and grinding and get real!  I can't tell you how many conversations I  have had with an older as well as younger generation of fools!  They just don't see anything beyond getting a paycheck or getting sexed.  You start on that trip about truth seeking and they look at you like, "Huh?  What?  I didn't know that..."  then back to business as usual.  More brainwashing through the TV and radio.  Black blood in war means nothing considering that many young black men have spilled their brothers' blood on American soil then got locked up for it, but then again, in many cases didn't!

When black mamas and daddies start considering their babies important, maybe just maybe the rest of society would at least show some respect.  These days I'm not seeing that!  I am seeing black, ignorant people being exploited in just about every industry.  Whether it is for ideas and talents or body and mannerisms, the money is not coming back home, it is being spent elsewhere!

What will it take for us to stop fighting in wars that don't matter to us?  What will it take for us to start having more compassion and respect for ourselves?  What will it take for a God who has forsaken us, because our parents forsaken him to uplift his curse off a dying nation?

Nicholl McGuire

African American Elite Groups

When you think of the many abolitionists, teachers, doctors, business men and women of yesteryear, when it comes to African American heritage, you have to know that many of these people may have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been for some elite group putting their money toward an event, class, book, group, protest, or something else to educate the public.

Over the years, I have read my share of books and spoke to people familiar with the black upper class.  If you were like me many years back, you would have never thought about blacks having any "old money" per se, because in the mainstream media this isn't what makes the news.  However, there are many African American societies who are comprised of the wealthy.  You will find that some African American intellectuals (those in law, business and medicine) aren't impressed with all the glitz and glamour of star athletes, actors, and others in the entertainment industry like one might think.  It is assumed that money celebrates money irregardless of where it might come from by those not so successful.  But that kind of thinking is contrary to what really goes on behind the scenes.  A book entitled, "Our Kind of People" by Lawrence Otis Graham will open up your eyes and mind when it comes to the black upper class.   Sports athletes and entertainers are considered "unclassy" by many African American intellectuals and aren't always welcome into certain elitist circles. 

Here is a list of African American prominent social groups.  Some of these groups cater specifically to African American men or women.

1. Sigma Pi Phi Boule
2. Links
3. Jack and Jill
4. Girl Friends
5. Continental Societies Inc.
6. 100 Black Men of America

Looking for more black organizations?  Go here.

Nicholl McGuire

A Look Back on Black History Event Organizing & Money Woes

For a decade I sat in cultural diversity and minority groups, attended classes, and participated in events for Black History Month.  I recall the excitement I experienced in the past while preparing to add my two cents worth of service during a time of learning and growing when it comes to African American pride and achievement.  However, there were those moments where my celebrating was short-lived.  Back in the day, money was short so some Black History related events would either be delayed or cancelled.  Other times a few black organizers just couldn't get it together so an event could run smoothly.  People would show up late, have less than appealing attire, or tried to make-do with whatever for whenever.  I was reminded the other day when I saw a friend's profile of the marches and the town hall meetings demonstrating social injustice, and the more things change, the more things stay the same!  There are still the big photos of black men badly beaten by officers, angry eyes with signage that protest the system, the man, or whatever the latest issue maybe, and our people yelling a chant or marching where the upsetting circumstance took place.  

So here we are in 2012, I have a birdseye view of the African American events in my old hometown and other places I have lived.  The purpose of Black History month will always be about educating the public first and then any organizer who stands to gain a little "sumethin, sumethin" will have an agenda of some sort as a close second.  The last event I attended, I saw many small black businesses tempting me with things like African art, costume jewelry, clothing, DVDs, CDs, and literature.  The first time in history, I walked away without buying something this time.  I just wanted to observe for once.  There was plenty of music, of course.  Theatrical plays were also ongoing.  I also got an opportunity to network with black women as well without being interrupted by people bumping one another and acting loud and obnoxious (you know there are always a few.)  I had a good time.

I think one of the problems about Black History Month events, besides the lack of money for some, is the lack of planning.  Some organizers feel they can just throw something together and as long as the people come, "We got something."  Now if you want a cheap looking, unorganized, subpar event, then sure throw it together.  But, if you want something that will make a lasting memory, then plan that thing at least a year in advance.  I remember attending one event that had all the following and I walked away with some nice things too--I mean nice things not some dollar store looking stuff either!

Here's what I noticed about one successful Black History Event:

1.  It was held at a venue that was near a major mall and close to highway entrances.
2.  It was well-advertised for many weeks on radio, billboards, newspaper ads, and even commercials!
3.  The news media reported about it via press releases that were sent to the major news stations in the area.
4.  The Internet was also used to help spread news about the event.
5.  Donations to help fund the event came from everywhere!  Any individual or group who wanted to be seen didn' mind paying top dollar for a booth.
6.  People had to pay a small fee to get in.
7.  Local personalities were in attendance. 
8.  There were also a couple of A-List actors expected to come. (However, they were no shows.  You found out once you were already at the event.  I had to wonder if they ever really planned on coming to begin with, hmm.  But their names did draw people!)
9.  Church support was in abundance, because they too got an opportunity to pass out information about their churches.
10.  Local schools, colleges and military besides black businesses were also in attendance.  A big draw of young people with extra money attended.
11.  Musical performances and speaking engagements were held throughout the day which kept people coming.
12.  Activities for the children were plentiful. 

Being a black person attending a black event, there is so much pressure to support your own especially when you know that there are so many small black groups and businesses that just don't have enough money.  You honestly want to help everyone, that is if you are the caring and generous type, but seriously your money is most likely already stretched.  From children's school events that require a donation just about every month to churches that often remind you about giving your tithes and offerings, it isn't any wonder that there is any money left over to "bling" as they say on the street.

Nicholl McGuire

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Dating Advice, Relationship Problems?
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