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Male Sexual Abuse


Throwback: Brutha - She's Gone

Black Shopper Refuses to Show Receipt for Black Friday Purchase. Screams...


Shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Be Smart About It

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Nicholl McGuire
A.A. Blog Owner


Music Witch Language - Aleister Crowley

Now you see why the music has changed over decades?  By removing the holy power and replacing it with an ungodly one, a spiritual attack can be launched via permeating your ear gate, and moving you into a reckless mindset over a bass drum and other instruments.  Therefore, making you powerless in time.  You are being cursed and don't even know it!  This is one of many strategies used over the years in spiritual warfare which has slowed progress and disempowered blacks in so many ways.  Blacks love their music and devil followers know this.  And you were worried about white supremacy affecting your education and material assets.  Your spirit without a covering is being infiltrated on daily basis.  Keep listening to those cursed gods (billboard top-charting artists and others) then measure your progress within a year or two--what goes up, comes down sooner or later.  Drugs and alcohol, money, power or fame can't save you.

Another View - Are We Too Casual?


5 Things We Forget When It Comes to Teaching Our Youth

As adults we tend to forget about our weaknesses when teaching children.  We don't always get it right when we make life decisions.  People get angry with us too and expect us to "stay focused," "do a good job," and "don't get into any trouble."  With so many marriages ending in divorce, children born out of wedlock, job terminations, alcohol and drug use impairing good judgment, sexual diseases, and despicable media negatively impacting our communities, we can't always get it right no matter how hard we try at times.  So keep this in mind before you come down hard on children.

One.  Some relatives who we admired were not always wise and may have had personality disorders.

You may not want to tell your children about your "business," or someone else's, but there were some things about favorite relatives that just wasn't right whether you know it or not.  Some family members had (or still have) personality disorders and sometimes those mental issues get in the way of sound judgment.  For instance, consider how angry some were when it came to relationships and parenting children, how they treated others outside the home, the time they spent doing wicked things, or controlling behaviors they exhibited.  Sometimes disturbing personality traits are carried over into the next generation.

Two.  You didn't always tell the truth or practice what you preach.

As much as we would like to believe we are perfect, we are not.  Oftentimes, your children and other individuals see where you don't always do what you say.  Some parents get mad when their offspring call them out on their foolishness, but why get mad?  You did it, so speak truth--don't make excuses, and work not to do it again.

Three.  You most likely are the reason why your children and others don't respond positively to you.

Sometimes what we believe are the children's faults are really our issues.  We tend to project what we are going through on to others and think that there are no consequences.  So take a moment and ask yourself, "How am I contributing to this problem (whatever it might be) when it comes to my children or does it really have anything to do with them?"

Four.  You aren't respectful of others' time and energy every now and then.

You may have heard, "You have to give respect in order to receive it."  So if you are often tardy to events, do a lot of excuse-making, and do other things that make people feel uneasy when they have spent their time and energy for you, is it any wonder why your children have little regard for what you do for them?

Five.  Sometimes you make mistakes and don't learn from them.

We all expect children to learn from their mistakes, but are we?  How many people do you have to sleep with before you come to the conclusion you need time alone?  How much debt must you accumulate before you realize you need to stop spending so much money?  How many lies do you have to tell, before you think, "I should stop lying."

Teach children by not only talking about all the successful things you have done, but what about those failures?  Explain to them why it is so important to avoid as many bad decisions as you can and hopefully they just might do better as a result.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and provides spiritual insight here.



How to be a Good Single Parent || The REAL Way My Mother Adopted & Raise...

Why is a Troubled Black Man Sitting Down When He Should Be Standing Up?

"Not bothered, don't too much to do. Ain't my business..." some stable-minded black men say when the truth is presented before them.  "I wasn't there. I don't know what you are talking about.  It wasn't me!"  Well do you have a little time to take off the sunglasses, wipe the sleep out the corner of your eyes (both eyes) and wake up?

As we know not every one is innocent in our families or any other family.  But for purposes of this blog entry, the focus is on the black man who knows that his family is falling apart, job is coming to an end, kids are acting up, and other personal and professional challenges, and all this brotha can say is, "What do you want me to do about it?"  Say what!?  Someone teach this man to fight!

Why are some black men often on the go but with no sense of direction when it comes to exactly where they are going to do about lingering problems?  Does the angry black man read without being paid to do it?  Conduct research for himself and family about whatever their struggles might be?  Interview those who know more than he?  Build connections with good people who will sincerely come through for him and his family?  Does he!?  Plenty of our men get into over-priced cars and drive, and drive, and drive some more.  Some end up at their mistresses' homes, others at bars and clubs near and far, and still other men end up "chillin" with no-good relatives and friends either on the phone or in-person. 

When does the troubled black man make time to work on family related issues, professional dilemmas and similar things, or does he leave that up to his woman/mother/grandmother?  Why is he often running behind women to hide from the demons within or having sex with the same sex and hiding texts?  Why is he using a lot of words to describe simple matters or no words at all, or stealing someone else's wisdom while acting like the Mad Hatter?  Why is he lost in a movie recreating another man or woman's script while hoping/wishing/waiting for a promised ship by handlers that don't bother to tip?  Tell me?

Most of us, who are still waking up from years of being asleep to deception, realize that minds are being attacked, families divided, public education, and correction systems systematically separating the weak from the strong, religious manipulation, entertainment distractions, evil political agendas, and other enemy tactics.  When one is hit on every side, he can't help but "sit down and relax," so he says.  But there is evidence of conscious defeat when he sits in front of a screen for hours and hours and hours.  How long does a man pray, talk or make love to his partner, teach (not preach at) children, seek a job he might like, maintain his environment, or fix something around his residence or in the garage? 

What are the results of collective conscious media programming on the black man and his kin?  Another generation that talks the same talk like their programmed fathers about things they don't bother to question, investigate, protest, or present new and improved plans.  More poster children who still haven't come to the realization that they are being misled in every area of their life from health to wealth.  The man might be one of the "lucky" ones who owns something, but it won't be long before the owners who own him will want creative control and then will want to one day buy the whole thing from him while continuing to use his name.  It's coming sooner or later for our beloved Tyler Perry and others like him.

Start your awakening today!
On Voting

While everything else has changed in government, why hasn't the two party system changed much over the years?  Why keep saying "yes" to things staying the same (although you were deceived into believing change was a coming) by continuing to support groups, systems and individuals you don't like or know very little about? 

Why aren't people who honestly want change given the opportunity to be seen in front of the masses rather than puppets especially when it comes to representing this country?

On Entertainment

Why do you continue to listen to music you know isn't the least bit beneficial to your spiritual self and then allow children and grandchildren to listen to "the garbage" around you?  Have you noticed that only a certain group is "allowed" to be on billboard charts, become award-winning, receive an Emmy, be presented on television shows, etc.?  What about those people in your community who can sing, write, act, dance, create art...?  Let's drop the zeros and support our neighborhood heroes!  They aren't in the secret clubs with the one-eye connections.  I might add, why do so many "idol-worshipping" blacks mimic folks on TV and in film?  Can we say mind control?

On Health

What about what you eat or the legal and illegal drugs, supplements and more you or someone you know take, do you know what the side effects are from prolong use?  Do you know anything about population control?

On Spirituality

Do you know why black people are hated so much from a spiritual perspective?  Do you know your own family roots and why you can't seem to get ahead?  Have you heard anything about generational curses?

On Shopping

Why is media always distracting you with yet something else you need to buy?  Some of you take "Black" Friday literally when you should be saving your money!  How might they be using entertainers to deceive you, control your wallet, and take control over your mind and ultimately your lifestyle? 

We can go on and on. 

Ask why.

Nicholl McGuire



The Solution to the Problem Is?

Name any challenge you are going through from past issues to workplace dilemmas and most likely you have but one or two ideas for solving those obstacles.  You probably didn't put nearly enough time sitting down working a plan to solve as you did watching television or listening to your jams.  So what are some things within your power you can do to problem solve? 

1.  Communicate with those who are also impacted by the issue(s).  Talking with others about problems can help sometimes, but the focus on solving the issue ultimately comes from you.  Think of how many people had to contend with corporations, family members and others alone, because support systems backed out at the last minute.  Be sure your back up is strong and your case is stronger for why something has got to change!

2.  Do your research.  Why some people burn out on solving problems before they truly get started is because they have not bothered to do through research about the subject matter and how others came up with solutions.

3.  Manage money and time well. Timing is everything and if one chooses to deal with an issue, he or she has to have some idea what day, time, season, etc. will work best.  Spiritually minded men and women pray and fast about when they should contend and when to wait.  There is a season for all things.  So if your timing is off, you might find yourself wasting money too.  Get financing from businesses and others only when you need it and be sure your plan is transparent and comprehensible.

4.  Seek professional counselors and assistants when you are confused, lack motivation, ignorant, tired, and too busy doing other things.  Why create more problems for yourself by not stepping outside the box?  So many people never resolve issues because they don't bother to seek help.

It is unfortunate but many of us have far too many negative, critical individuals around us who we just can't trust to bounce some ideas off of and who sincerely don't have our best interests in mind.  Most of "our people" are more interested in talking about folks than doing something to solve problems about folks.  What is really standing in between you and solving an issue but more people?

So when I thought of problem solving on any issue--great or small for myself, I had to come back to the question of whether or not I truly wanted to reach a solution or come to some sort of peaceful conclusion.  Sometimes people hold on to their personal woes like collectible items with no intention of giving them up until they grow in value (or increase in size).  As long as nothing is blowing up, breaking, or causing World War III, some people will just reason, "I'm okay...that thing is alright.  I don't need to do anything with it right now.  We will just wait and see..." until what?  Meanwhile, for some they know that is not what they really want to do.  I don't know about you, but I don't like to wait around and watch something grow if it can be solved right now.

Nicholl McGuire has been sharing spiritual insight on a number of issues since 2008 on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


Manipulative Older Black Women Lying, Dominating and Expecting Honor

She yells, curses, bad mouths, pretends to love her man and children, an angry older, black woman with an axe to grind can look beautiful while she destroys anyone who might dare to confront her about her ugly ways.  "Don't even try it children and grandchildren," she says in her best, threatening voice with nasty attitude to match. 

Don't be deceived into taking the controlling woman's side even when she is wrong.  Her children don't come around for good reason.  Husbands/boyfriends aren't much on challenging her because of their own insecurities, secrets, offenses, etc.  She doesn't mind telling you how old she is, how much knowledge she has obtained, her life experiences, and more while talking over you, under you, and at you.  Then she wonders why she isn't liked much by members of her own family, co-workers, brothers and sisters at the church, and elsewhere.

"She sure looks pretty for her age, but she has a nasty mouth.  No wonder her kids and grand-kids don't bother with her...I love her, but I can't spend too much time with her...I use to like being around her, but that woman has issues," people who know her well say.  You might have said this about someone you know.

When I wrote, "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry," my intent was to bring awareness to issues that some daughters and sons are too fearful of their aging, argumentative mamas and grandmothers that they just can't express.  Those sassy mouths get in the way of progress and so one has to speak truth in any way possible and so truth for me came in the form of a book after spending decades listening and observing all women (black, brown, white, yellow, red...) in my own family and elsewhere and examining my own feelings. 

Mothers, stepmothers, mother-in-laws, divorced mothers, and any other kind of mother with a history of manipulating people is a force to be reckoned with and until you know the game, she will play you and those connected to you.  Before long, you are sitting there thinking, "What just happened, I thought we were cool?"  You can't be "cool" with someone who will never see you as nothing more than a pawn in her game.  A manipulative woman will lie, dominate, cheat, and more while expecting you to honor her whether she is a believer in God or not.  People who help her with the mind games and compliment her on "how good she is" are oftentimes being played too, but because it doesn't feel painful to these flying monkeys and enablers, they think it is okay to approve their aging relative's dysfunction.

When you have arrived to that point in a relationship where you can truly see a deceptive, older black woman (or any person for that matter who loves lying more than speaking real truth) for who they really are, pat yourself on the back and start protecting your heart, mind and back account.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books. She provides spiritual wisdom about various subjects on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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