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The Push to Change Your World - How You See Things, Who You Date, and If You Should Procreate

The media propaganda is out there!  Pushing you to change your mindset on a simplistic world where you thought it was going to be you dating someone that looked like you and you making something of yourself on your terms, and you walking on a righteous path, and you raising babies that will be blessings to humanity, and you...  But it really isn't about you!  It hasn't been for centuries.  Slaves preach, "What I'm going to do..."  But slaves rarely do what they say they are going to do, because along comes yet another distraction to keep a slave bound.  He or she is programmed to do for his or her master, the slave isn't paid to think independently--you know apart from his or her master.

You don't really learn just how much you have been influenced by others to change your little corner of the world until you have given yourself some real time to think.  You don't realize just how much has been taken from you, how much time and money you have wasted, and how loyal you have been to everywhere but yourself, until your distractions have been far removed!  No job, time to think.  No place to stay, time to think.  No children, time to think.  No partner, TIME TO THINK!  

A world where everything you thought was morally right, "it is what is" so to speak, begins to look wrong when you have been awaken to the truth about many things.  We live in an age where technological devices are far more powerful than the humans that created them!  They are modern day idols that go so far as to control when to procreate and when not to.  But in case you slip, as if making a family is a grievous error, you need not worry over being a major influence in your children's lives--that's what we have government funded teachers for (primarily white and female).  There isn't any push for blacks teaching blacks.  Mom and dad's role is left up to others.  This is the greatest push in recent decades above all else.  Push a black daddy out of his job, put a black momma in a job, and send the children off to daycare, grandma care, while no one cares!

Awhile back I told you that we have people in our communities that have programmed their offspring to believe that everything that isn't white, ain't alright.  From the couples disputing in the bedroom to groups arguing in the boardroom, many blacks (and others) will still permit anyone but black to mediate their fights.  Black people are still seen in come communities as untrustworthy, unreliable, angry, and ignorant.  It doesn't matter how many intelligent blacks are paraded before the ignorant black, white and others, their mindsets will remain the same.  However, when one knows that this sort of thing is going on, why would a black person not want to enlighten a few about our world and how we are viewed and why it is very necessary to stay positive, do what's right, and work hard to win people's trust?  Because they don't see themselves as needing to do anything, but collect a paycheck like the rest.  They don't believe they are responsible for changing the world's perception about anything even if they are being brainwashed to accept everything.

This distrust among our people (home or elsewhere) that starts with an argument about skin tone and ends with a fight about character attributes has been at times strategically planned long before it reached the dinner table.  We have grown accustomed to seeing the world the way our media presents it to us, rather than opening eyes real wide and looking at the world the way we truly see it daily.  Most often the world we see isn't as bad, good or otherwise as we see it in media.  But if I were to paint a picture to get a rise in you, I would control your mindset in such a way so that you could see the negative and only the negative in a way that only I would want you to.  Why?  Because my effort would be to please a master or two that is in control of my paycheck.  Although this is an invented scenario,  this is what happens when we aren't carefully examining our media or thinking deeply about those who permeate our ear drums.  Your world is changed when your mind becomes rearranged.  This rearranging  process has been around forever, but it doesn't stop one from standing up for what he or she believes is righteous and true even if it isn't popular belief.  Have the warriors been scared away by threats of jail, rape, blood shed, torture, and disease?  One's fate is not determined by the one with blood on hands, but by the one whose spirit cries out, "It is finished!"  What honest work are you called to do to push a world that is ever-changing in a direction that won't keep you up at night with worry? 

Consider the many commercials, Internet videos, radio ads, and anywhere else where some will continue to promote a "white is right" philosophy.  No matter how well you decorate a black man, urge a black woman to articulate this statement and that one while exercising her facial muscles in media propaganda, between the lines of text and standing around them is someone or something that is telling you who is really in control.  Although we may not know the "why," we know that the reality that we live in daily is typically not depicted fairly or accurately on the big screen.  But if a money hungry entity can convince you that you are alright, while in the background saying, "We know it's not true, but we need your cash!"  They are going to do it!  So what Reggie, Jim, Ricky and Joe in the neighborhood aren't really doctors, lawyers, and teachers, but they will be at least for two minutes in a commercial so that the powers that be can persuade you to buy their over-priced cars, live in unwelcoming neighborhoods, and date their so-called high class hookers, I mean, ladies.  The only color money-makers see is green!  But the ignorant non-blacks who often complain about this black person and that one on their screens don't know any better.

What a righteous momma or daddy once told you is irrelevant nowadays in media, but it is up to you to make wise words relevant!  Much of what is in media is meaningless and unwise. No matter how stupid, if people put a dollar to it/he/she, it's relevant!  When you were instructed to use common sense by elders, society told you, "It's okay, live a little!" and so you did just that and as a result some of us wear scars on our hearts, minds, and bodies as a result.  A little brainwashing here and there goes along way.  There is the kind of persuasion that moves you to do what's right and the kind that moves you to do some things that breaks hearts, shatters minds, and eventually sends many brothers and sisters six feet deep on a path straight to hell!  Who was really in control all along?  The defiant brother or sister without a cause, but to pad his or her pockets or the corporate entity that they sold their soul to?

Black love is being manipulated, folks!  You are told who to date in so many ways!  Those that already had it in them to go white, "...because it's alright"--they were an easy sell this day in age.  They couldn't get along with black, because in their minds they believe their own people are wrong.  The shortage on available black men, so the media reports go, is what supposedly is causing black women to run to the arms of white men.  But is this really true?  There is more going on behind the scenes--a very mixed up world is where we are to date, and so the pot continues to be stirred more and more every day.

For decades, blacks were convinced that they were making their own decisions when it came to things like: attending college, joining the military, selecting a mate, raising a family, buying a home, a car, caring or not caring for elderly loved ones, helping one another, and so on.  However, the sad reality is that ignorant blacks with little finances were being used like pawns in a game and still are to date.  Government makes decisions for blacks! 

African Americans are manipulated into choosing a suitable mate (ie. look at the elite in the entertainment world, notice exotic looking women are often being promoted).  They wear wedding rings, while poor black women may not ever marry their children's father.  Money is used everywhere, but back at home.  Why?  Because government entities don't want a black powerful figure who has a love for his people to finance a movement--he is a threat!   Silly rich black men don't see the light except for what is white that is.  The rich men are snatched up, the poor men are overlooked. 

Blacks have been told when is baby-making in season and when it is not (for quite a long time it has been not) by so-called concerned doctors, family and friends.  Therefore, many babies have been aborted as a result.  They have been told when to pursue higher education and when to steer into other directions and focus on less paying jobs.  From top 10 lists broadcasted on the front of websites to suggestions made by high school guidance counselors, the career counseling scripts have long been prepared and you thought it was all your idea how your world would look! 

We have watched our elders buy homes and become slaves to them while living the so called American dream, yet having no money to help offspring live an equal, if not, better life.  These same baby boomers were convinced to buy this brand and that one in cars, fashion, and more while having very little left to save, invest or donate.  These days one must wise up and motivate his or herself to do what's right for him or her and family and not what society, government, and others brainwash him or her into doing or not doing (ie. reaching back in an effort to teach others how to be independent, strong, and ever ready to defend one's right to create his or her own dream and not some over hyped American dream that changes when the wizard says, "Today the color shall be green!"  Remember the movie, The Wiz -- think black elitism answering to a higher power structure that created everything from the yellow brick road to a ghetto the next time you watch that movie.

Is it time for you to see things the way you truly want to see them?  If not, you have your rights to see truth for what it is in all its forms and build your world the way you see fit when you are ready.  But I must ask, do you view your current existance and the world around you with the eyes of your ancestors, those of your parents, the media, or your own set?  Does your soul connect with the person or people around you or has someone pushed you in a direction that you really don't want to go in? 

Question yourself, examine your motives, make necessary changes, and you, my friend, will control your destiny (even your Heavenly Creator gave you free will, therefore use it!)

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself


Angela Davis and Assata Shakur's Lawyer Denounce FBI's Adding of Exiled ...

Eye of the Rainbow - A documentary film with Assata Shakur

Hope for Freedom - A Domestic Political Prisoner's Mother Cries for Help

The joy of visiting! Billie Bottom-Brown visits her son, Anthony Bottom, aka Jalil Muntaqim in prison. Jalil Muntaqim (Bottom), 77A-4283, Attica Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 149, Attica NY 14011. To learn more about political prisoners, visit and sign the Jericho COINTELPRO petition. Jericho can be reached at

According to the San Francisco Bay View Black Newspaper, "Jalil has been to the parole board seven times since 2002, when he first became eligible for parole. The parole board denied him release each time, stating, “To grant your release at this time would so deprecate the seriousness of your crime as to undermine respect for the law, and your release to supervision is not compatible with the welfare of society.” While imprisoned, Jalil has earned bachelor’s degrees in sociology and psychology and is legendary as a teacher, peacemaker and jailhouse lawyer."

Read a story that is all-too-common when it comes to black people being held in prison for crimes they didn't do.  Click here to read about a domestic political prisoner: A mother’s cry


Poem: Holy Ghost is for Me

Is it because my skin is tan
and I don't have a man?

Is it because I'm oh so special and sweet--
can prepare a tasty, tender size piece of meat?

Or is it because I sparkle like a ring,
and have a voice that can sing?

When I show up at your table,
Oh yes, I'm able!

My spirit is alive,
under pressure I survive!

When my brother struck me down,
while another looked at women all over town,
I use to wear The Black Woman's Frown.

But I grew up and out of that mess,
took my sins to God, and had to confess.

Looking forward to new possibilities,
demonstrating my unique abilities.

See I saw so much, done so much,
just to try to get love's touch.

But when you came along,
and sang your song,
I knew that you weren't a Mr. Wrong.

Now that I know, how love goes,
I have opened up my heart
to experience new flows.

Created to be more than what I see,
motivated to be more than just me.

Funny how a Holy Ghost move can set you FREE!

Nicholl McGuire


Dick Gregory (Full Length) 2013 "Too Few Know"

Black Elite Showings for The Haves, Examples for the Have-Nots

There are The Haves and The Have-nots so we have been told by the OWN network with the release of the Tyler Perry production awhile back.  But long before shows like this and others such as, The Game and Being Mary Jane on BET, there were whites parading around their wealth on television screens all across the world and only they appeared in their shows unless you were a black person in a subordinate role.  This still goes on to date with many production companies. 

For centuries, the black wealthy were the untold story.  Presently, there are some elite organizations (that are not open to the general public without meeting specific criteria), including the Boule, that represent the black elite in our land.  However, these days millionaire African Americans don't mind telling the not-so wealthy, "Step back."  The issue of color between blacks, like dark and light, isn't as prevalent like the issue of social class here in America.  If you don't make a specified amount of money, don't have the right connections, and you don't come from a certain pedigree, you and your family are irrelevant in mainstream media.  It doesn't matter what black and white colors you wear, what you put on your license plate, on your finger or on your neck, how you shake hands, or where you go once or twice a year to win favor, you are still irrelevant, "...but thank you for your annual donation," some of these groups tell you.  You will work hard and keep working hard while you continue to brag about, "I did this on my own...I didn't need anyone's help."  So what.  The elite doesn't care until you are competition for them, now they have an offer for you that they don't believe you will refuse.

These elitists parade around on television shows, big off-screen productions, sit in audiences with plush seating, stand before the masses repeating what they learned in college textbooks, and they embrace extended family members about once or twice a year at events while taking great care not to say too much of anything about who or what they are connected to.  The African American elite isn't nearly concerned about the little man as much as they care about the white rich man.  They will roll out the carpets for him, entertain his children, offer services at a discount or even free, and go so far as to sell-out their own people for silver and gold.

African American elitists know who pays the bills and so they know how to speak in a way that wins them rich friends.  The wealthy dress up according to the latest trends and dress down when they want to clown.  They toss back hair that cost more than a poor man's wardrobe and decorate necks, wrists and ears with gems that cost as much as a brand new automobile.  After mastering their acts, they know how to ask for The Deal from their employers.  So what might that be?  Anything that will help them be in front of the masses a little while longer.

Power hungry, attention starved, greedy for cash, these so-called caring rich black folks aren't the least bit concerned about how their messages might be conveyed to a dying a world.  They defend their actions, place blame on others, and ignore feedback while the money keeps rolling in!

The African American eltists' accomplishments (ie. award shows) aren't on display for all (even though it appears that way), but are strategically and specifically made public for wealthy international partners.  Their articulate speaking is not meant to be understood by all, but for some, who know how to translate the meaning behind the meaning.  Their hand codes aren't meant for everyone to throw up, but their conversation is reserved for a few.  Symbols might look nice for the public to wear, but not all were originally designed for the little people to help spread their brand.  Their is a target market who knows when to take their cues.  The elitists' black history isn't for all, but for those who are blood-related. 

For decades, poor blacks are told to educate themselves about the upper classes' ancestors--people who received much tender loving care for doing deeds that most blacks wouldn't dare do behind closed doors.  Those not in "the group" are instructed to learn about strangers in media so that they can come up higher, but what the African American elitist intellectual is not saying is the truly successful, that have gone on before us, was BORN INTO WEALTH  or lived on the plantation when master/father/mother was dividing up the acres/assets.  Sure, there are those who worked hard to be seen in front of the masses (rather than stay in the kitchen or on the field), but once they arrived, twisted truth is revealed to them by their private connections that go far beyond the general public's understanding of what truth is regarding many things including:  economic and social classes, Democratic and Republican, black and white, Satan and God, etc.

Facebook, Linked In, and other places that link people aren't here just for your enjoyment, elitists as well as government workers are seeking bloodline connections for a variety of reasons besides catching people doing illegal activities.  The elders are dying off, what better way then for the younger generation to find out who their relatives are and how might they benefit from those connections? 

What were we thinking when we were told as children, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."  Who do you know?  Who knows you?  Who can assist you with propelling your idea/business?  Someone who knows someone is given a name and contact information of someone else higher on the pyramid structure.  That person is used to help further the master's mission/cause/career/business--all the while being reminded that there isn't that much room at the top of the pyramid for mere workers.

 It is my belief, there are different levels within the elitists' pyramid structure, besides the one widely displayed around the web, within the upper class.  New levels, new devils, so the saying goes.  The above average worker, on the college level, might flock to a fraternal group for assistance.  This person might believe that he or she can get ahead simply by association.  Sometimes this strategy works (for a time), but eventually fades to black.  It doesn't take much for someone to bad-mouth another with statements like, "He's hard to work with...I don't like her type...You know how those ghetto blacks are..." before long, whatever connection an individual, who was on the rise, had begins to take a slow ride in reverse.

Another strategy one uses to become like The Haves, while avoiding the Have-Nots, is to join a church and move up the ranks.  However, many don't do well going this route because they are too busy feeding the men and women in church leadership with their award-winning, money-making ideas while living hand to mouth at home.  This bill and that one needs to be paid, but the loyal member is being constantly brainwashed to give to the church leadership and their vision which usually doesn't have much to do with God's purpose, but more about man or woman's self interest.

The supposedly enlightened ones try many things to be and stay in African American elite circles, as well as others, but their efforts are in vain while radicals are dismissed or killed off.  Instead, those who don't belong to "The Club" or the brainwashed in "The Club,"  feed the pockets of those who came up with the African American history books of their families (not yours, mind you).  The workers support the programs that are implemented to help others while someone else takes more than what they have earned while sharing the wealth with select individuals.  Some of these crooked elitists lie, deceive and do other things to "hook up" favored brothas and sistas.  Some who have been exposed by the elite might boldly tell you, "I'm too busy to be bothered with nonsense...if it doesn't make me money or make me look good, I'm not interested."  They seek you out to help propel them, then forget about you once they made their millions.

So the majority of us sit back watching what society deems an "A-lister, a successful..., award-winning entertainer, famous artist, Fortune 500 CEO, millionaire athlete, or a best-selling author..." be rewarded for what?  What did they really do?  Who really helped them?  Who robbed who?  What is the real story of how they got there from here?

Before you watch another elite award show, television talk show, listen to another radio program or podcast, or read a book about a celebrity, ask yourself, "Why is this so important that I watch/read it?"  The answer might surprise you, because the truth is, there is no reason other than to blindly follow our masters while helping them fill their bank accounts--let me add and further brainwash you into doing yet another thing that adds no long-lasting benefit in your life.

Nicholl McGuire


Marriage, Career, Business, Family Vows, Ask God for Help

They Say They Can't Get Ahead - What has Black History Really Taught Us

No matter how difficult life may be, somehow some way our people survive!  Is this what black history has taught us?  Well, if one doesn't bother to learn more about one's own history, doesn't read anything encouraging about someone else's history, and prefers to spend more time worried about the next bill, next confrontation, and what the next celebrity is up to, how can he or she really get ahead?

What is getting ahead anyway?  Is it more money, more house, more cars, new job, new location, improved body, new mindset...all of the above?

Problems mount and many of our people drown for lack of knowledge.  They never bothered to look up their dilemma on the Internet, sit down with a professional, or do the necessary footwork to get their issues resolved.  They were easily distracted by everything but focusing on what really matters which is getting ahead! 

When I look back on American black history that has been presented on this site and others, I see a multitude of good and bad, winners and losers, sane and insane individuals and groups that didn't always help others to achieve.  Some systematically followed their masters' many directives to help further oppress a people, that for many decades, has been mentally challenged, economically disadvantaged, and socially challenged.  And I must say, it hurts, because sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Many of our people are rebellious, prideful, and believe that they know how to do this and that while peddling a product that they think they know, befriending someone that they believe loves him or her, or worse trusting in a powerless god or gods while living an ungodly lifestyle.  "Rub this thing for luck, go to this place for peace, eat this thing and it should help..." our people advise one another on things they never bothered to research, do themselves, and don't know the facts about!  Some who know better call this sort of behavior, "Ignorant, foolish and stupid!" 

Getting ahead takes work, lots of work!  When suggestions are made to do more than what one is already doing, some of our people respond with deep sighs and eye-rolls.  Others play like they didn't hear or didn't know.  "Come again, you want me to do what?  How much more are you going to pay me?  I don't feel like doing that...Now what all do you want me to do, because I don't have the money or the time?  Oh, that's too much!  Girl, I don't know all those big words, I can't remember all 'dat!"  This is what some black folks who are trying to get ahead say!  Now does that sound like getting ahead kind of talk!?

Black history month reminds us of many blacks who not only did, could have and should have!  You don't hear those stories!  Not every black person who has gone before us got things right, contrary to all of the bragging that goes on during this time of the month many black folks got things all wrong, yet we can learn from them too!  For starters, think of the many entertainers who sold their souls to the devil!  They missed out on so much!  So what they are the first black to do this or that!  They could have helped so many including freeing brainwashed minds, but personal desperation during those moments of trying to get ahead has now caused them to walk dead!

Take a moment to look up those who failed within and out of your family and ask yourself, "Am I repeating the cycle?  What do I still need to do to get ahead?  What have I already done that has caused much distress for self and family?  How can I teach others to do what's morally right to get ahead?  What am I willing to give to motivate others?"

Nicholl McGuire



Know Your Family History: It is Empowering When You Learn About Your Own Roots

So focused on the deceased ancestors of everyone else's family history, one forgets he or she can be empowered mentally, physically and spiritually by knowing one's own family history!   For decades, black strangers have been put in front of our faces and we are told that this one and that one is someone we should know.  Strange names and even stranger philosophies, we spend hours reading about these strangers.  The information helpful, great conversation starters, but those black strangers are not my family.  Their history has not always been similar to my family history. 

Aunt Claudia McGuire (never married) to the right (deceased), my sister in yellow, Grandma Lizzie McAfee-McGuire (center, deceased), Great Aunt Lillian McGuire (never married, deceased) to the right and me (singing)
in red, white and blue dress.  Picture taken 1980 in Pittsburgh PA.
The past several years, I have spent some time interviewing new and old relatives about our family ties and I must say it has been eye-opening.  I have discovered that relatives weren't really born in places they claimed.  I learned that the adjective "black," used to describe many of us, is not the only ethnicity no matter what ignorance others have spread.  I also got to personally meet and talk with the black sheep of the family and figured out the truth as to why some were deemed unacceptable.  Oh yes, it has been fun finding out about my own family history.  Those elder relatives that thought they knew a thing or two about our own black history were proven wrong by historical facts.  They spreaded falsehoods never bothering to take some time to do some family research or getting someone more knowledgeable to do it for them over the years.

It can be beneficial personally and professionally to learn about the people you know, or think you know, more than it could ever be looking outside of your family in an effort to belong to someone or something.

As much as I like learning about black pioneers and their accomplishments, what brings me the most joy is knowing about the contributions my own people made to give myself and others life!  God bless you fam!

To your success in your own family research!

Nicholl McGuire 

Single, Divorced, Frustrated Mom....And Starting To RESENT My Children/ ...


Feeling Spiritually, Mentally or Physically Bound by Someone? Take Hold...

Poem - Don't Want to Think About It

Don't want to think
about what was
and what could be.
My heart is crying to be free.

Don't want to know what
my One really thinks about me,
cause I opened my eyes and now I see.

I have been down this path before
tired eyes and a body sore.

Thought this one would be different,
using Saint Valentine,
me, indifferent.

You see, this person I know,
went through alot.
Tempted parent's to pick a gravesite plot.

Old friends took the time to pray,
planned for a wedding day.
Yet, things aren't okay.

Blinded by something called lust,
now on this trip called, "Must."
"I must do this and I must do that,"
but The One just sat.

Wasn't ready to wear a bright, gold ring,
no matter how loud the choir would sing.
There was no longer that tingling.

Not everyone is what they seem,
rarely do they appear like you dream.

Everyday relationships keep moving ahead,
hope that old feelings come back
after a roll in a bed.

No longer willing to fight,
when one sees everything in sight.
Wondering who, what and when,
fighting the temptation to sin.

Real people share real talk,
they start saying less,
then they're ready to walk.

When this day of love passes,
we will see about those critical masses,
will they still be in love on cue,
or will they be ready to sue?

Nicholl McGuire

Do You Really Know What it Means to Love?

I have seen my share of so-called "love" amongst our people and it has long been suffocated with  dollar bills and service, so much so that what appears to look like love, looks more like abuse.

I have to admit, where I saw love demonstrated best wasn't with my own people during my youthful years when I actually paid attention to adults--I had to move away to know better.  In time, I learned about various forms of love.  There was tough love, agape love, romantic love, true love, etc.  These unfamiliar folks I came in contact with weren't perfect, didn't always know when I was observing and taking note, but knew that there was something about me that was different; therefore, many didn't mind showing me some love.  Rather than fight me on differences, they received me.  It was then, that I welcomed my first lesson on love as a young adult:  one must be willing to receive another, with flaws and all, in order to honestly say that he or she loves that person.  When I came back home to my struggling small town that had many streets stained with the blood of youth, I shared what I learned, not with everyone, but those willing to embrace love.

Too often we have users and abusers in our family and in our extended circles that simply don't know what it means to love.  They know how to ask you to do things and sit back and wait for you to meet needs, but love?  These individuals may even claim, "I love you..." but do they really?  What happens when you drop the ball--don't meet expectations?  They fall out of love with you, but did they honestly ever love you? 

I have experienced most of my life, outside of family, lust not sincere love.  Some men who "lusted" me didn't think too much of me once I showed that not only am I a body, but mind and spirit too.  Their lust was evident in the way that they looked at me.  They noticed my walk, my talk, and looked for signs on what I could do to prosper their pockets, but love?  Not hardly!  When I spoke truth, they rejected me almost as quickly as they said, "I love you...need you...want you baby."  They knew rejection; therefore, they knew how to reject.

Love is a foreign word to those who haven't been shown love. They merely act but know not love.  Some refuse to improve themselves so that they can truly experience love and appreciate others.  They are forever saying, "I know..." something, but they are walking in truth--in love.  So they go from partner to partner, business to business never honestly loving anything.  They talk a good game, but they don't love the game.  Oftentimes, a prideful people is more concerned about how they look, what they eat and where they go then whether or not they sincerely love self or others.  They don't revel in quality times, far too busy looking at wrist watches and what someone looks like to enjoy an atmosphere while appreciating one's very existence for being in that environment where love emanates.
How much more enlightened would a man or woman be on matters of the heart if he or she knew love more than war?

Attempt to get your parent, partner, friend or someone else to start talking about love.  What is his or her take on it?  Notice the mannerisms as he or she speaks.  Listen to your loved one's definition.  Does what this person say match his or her actions or reactions to your thoughts on the subject matter?  If he or she digresses or talks over you, this is a good indication how shallow one's love is for you.  True love gives and takes.

Some will look to the biblical definition of love found in Corinthians 13, others will use their deeds and what others has done for them to define love, but the truth is love comes from deep within.  If you have yet to experience love, you might want to check your reaction to people first.  How do you respond to self, family and others when your body cries out for attention, when they come around you, or when you go to them?  What type of conversation or lack thereof are you bringing to that one you claim to love? 

Love is action!  If I am not talking to you about anything of substance every now and again, if I don't emotionally or physically respond to your needs whether you ask or not whether you like me that day or not, if I act as if I don't care about what you say or where you are going, then do I sincerely love you?

We live in a world that is easily irritated and impatient with one another.  Sometimes we keep track of wrongs committed against us and look to pay people back. Other times we don't think to help or encourage others.  With negativity going on within us from one day to the next, it isn't any wonder why it is a challenge to love a partner, friend or enemy.  If I don't love who I am or the I AM of wisdom, then how can I love you?

We must recognize love, experience it, embrace it when it comes.  Our people must learn to close up that motor mouth inside our heads that says, "Now what does he want now?  Why is she coming over here in my space?  What are these kids going to ask of me next?  That group knows I hate them, why do they want to be bothered with me?"  When we start shutting that mouth up within and around, who knows what your marriage might look like a year from now, what prosperity awaits, what friendship might open up doors, or what a heavenly God might do for you and you for Him.  But if we don't permit love to operate--to allow optimism to take over, to look on the bright side, to think higher than ourselves, and to respect and utilize wisdom, then watch life change, not for the better, but for the worse.

Do you really know what it means to love?

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself


A Game Can Tell You Alot About Your Child's Preferences

When I checked up on my child's gaming interests, I found something interesting about his selection in a player and was quite pleased.  Of course, we desire our children to get along well with other's in society and embrace varied viewpoints, etc. but we don't want them to always go with what the majority says, does, and chooses for them by default all the time.  Gaming can show you things about your child's hidden thoughts, desires, and plans for the future.  Find out how he really feels about his or herself and those around him.  You might be surprised.

Masters Of Invention Full Length


Wigs for African American Women

If you are in need of a new hairdo, there are plenty of sites online that sell African American wigs.  The following is a list of popular online fashion wig stores.

1.  Wig Warehouse

2.  Black Hair Spray

3.  Hair

4.  Ebony Line

5.  Best Wig Outlet

6.  Style Illusions


African American Natural Hair Style Vloggers

Medium length hair

Long hair

Short hair

Curly Fro

African American Online Bookstores

For those of you who love to read, there are some online stores that not only carry some of the latest titles in African American literature, but there are also African American sellers and these sites.  Enjoy!

Eso Won Books

Marcus Book Stores

See Me Online

Black Books Direct


RACISM IN THE USA, Stories from real people documentary

African American Scholarships

There are many sites that provide information on recent African American scholarships, how to apply, and more.  However, young African Americans don't always take advantage due to a number of reasons leaving relatives and self (sudent loans) having to pay some unnecessary expenses.  It would be wise to choose a school not only for it's quality programs, but the financial assistance it offers too.  What many students do is once they are accepted in a college and receive a scholarship, they stop looking, always check for the latest scholarship information.  You never know what more you or someone you might know could be eligible for if you are already attending college. 

Here are some places to start looking for African American scholarships in addition to helpful college related information.





5.  Little







Black History Lost, Stolen or Strayed Full

Why is it Difficult for Some to Show Some Love?

Mama, Daddy or both did a number on some of our people when it comes to showing some love.  There is this disconnect between couples, mother and son, father and daughter, and other relatives that can be mind-boggling when it comes to the black family.  On special occasions, some might offer up a hug, kiss, or maybe a little appreciation, but outside of holidays, showing love is dismal.

Why are some of our people so stingy when it comes to "I love you!" Why is it even hard for many to say, "Thank you...that was so nice...your thoughtfulness was appreciated."  A guarded people worried that if they show a little gratitude it is a sign of weakness. 

Hard-hearted people are like this, not those who are kind and sweet, of course.  These individuals, who may have been verbally or physically abused in their lives, don't always pay attention when they are slighting their mates and distancing themselves from loving relatives and friends.  Before long a week turns into a month into a year and you haven't heard from So and So.  However, those who know when they aren't doing much to show they care, think that somehow they are empowered by keeping all feelings to themselves.  Worried that one might hurt them yet again, they don't compliment and will reserve affection only for a sexual partner.  This is a mental sickness that needs a healer.  Although some might think that something is wrong with everyone else for showing some love, the truth of the matter is the one who is aloof is caught up in his or her world that doesn't allow hand-holding, a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, or even a high-five.

A relationship doesn't go anywhere with the uncompassionate, unaffectionate and unappreciative, it is like a dead end street, you drive up only to find there is no outlet so you have to turn around.  Too busy, too lazy, too cold, too distant, too whatever, some of our people make excuses, you don't get anywhere with those who don't know love, aren't interested in learning, and have what they consider more important things to do than say, "I love, like or adore you spouse/parent/child/friend."

I felt the need to remind some of our people reading this that relationship trouble is at your door, because you don't bother to show love.  Opportunity after opportunity comes and goes to be kind, where is the love?  Workplace challenges are ever-present with fellow co-workers, because there is no love for people.  Spirituality is practically non-existent in some readers' lives, because they choose not to believe in a loving God.  Children are here, there and everywhere, because they have yet to experience love from a caring, affectionate parent.  What harm would it cause if a few just gave a loved one a hug today?  What a challenge it might be to even show some kindness to an enemy?  Of course, not every black person has an issue with love.  We know this to be true with the long history of love songs.  However, many of our people have gone to their graves without love.  They never experienced what it truly feels like to receive and give real love.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual messages on YouTube


HIV/AIDS in black America - Documentary

Black History: 5 Personality Disorders Common in the 'Hood

You met the paranoid, delusional, attention-seeking, voices in my head, "I think I am better than you" type all wrapped up in one whether on the job, in the bed or at the last family reunion!  He frequently worries about his money.  She often thinks of herself and her needs while thinking she is more beautiful than most women (when you know that is far from the truth!)  You might have that one in the family who always wants someone to come see them and those others who like to say, "Something told me..." while sharing one crazy idea or bizarre behavior after the next that makes no sense!  Oh yes, black folks aren't immune to crazy behavior.  Just because they don't make the front page news for their personality disorders don't mean that many don't have them!

Trying to sell me on why I should carry on one's crazy ideology on "...why Black can't get, won't do, should do," and so on, I let some statements go in one ear and out the other with some of our people.  They even look crazy while they try to explain their thoughts.  Some folks have been smoking and sniffing stuff far too long!  "Say what?" I say.  "What kind of trip are you on?"  They get offended because they aren't making any sense--go figure!

We all might fall in one category or the other when it comes to personality disorders.  However, a prideful people rather ignore weakness rather than expose it.  "I ain't crazy!  You crazy!  What you talking about?  I don't even know what that word mean!  That's what dem white folks got!"  No, my friend, you are no better than them, you got issues too! 

Consider our dark history.  Decades and decades of poor people, places and things reminding you that you are black as if it is a bad thing.  You are bombarded with negative images depicting angry black men and women fighting with words or fists.  You see movies where blacks are lower than second class citizens.  Your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents didn't read books beyond what they were told to read by teachers/bosses/preacher--that's if they could read.  So they had no understanding of mental issues and if you had one or two personality disorders that showed up and showed out, your elders' idea of solving your problems went something like this:  whip your behind, send you on your way to be someone else's problem, and pray about it later.

There are 10 common personality disorders.  I won't get into all 10 in this blog entry.  Yet, of those 10, I will say that at least five are common in the black community based on my personal experience having been raised by black folks, lived with black folks, married (twice) into black families, and observed black folk in various cities (not just the one I grew up in which was Pittsburgh PA).

Those disorders I commonly see manifest themselves, or dare I say it, intentionally programmed in others, are labeled as follows:  Paranoid, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Dependent, and Schizotypal.  Now here is a breakdown of the five mental issues based on simple dictionary definitions taken from

1. Paranoid: baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

2. Histrionic:  deliberately affected or self-consciously emotional; overly dramatic, in behavior or speech.
3.  Narcissistic:  tending to derive erotic gratification from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes.
4.  Dependent:  relying on someone or something else for aid, support, etc.
5.  Schizotypal:  pertaining to actual or potential borderline schizophrenia, a condition characterized by cold aloof feelings, eccentric behavior, hallucinations, illusions, and delusions.
Now for some reading this, you may not illustrate any of these behaviors on a frequent basis, but if someone or something comes along in your life to trigger any one of these issues, you just might demonstrate such behavior for a time.  I know, because it happened to me after coming out of a relationship with an abusive man who was driving me to the point of no return.  Thank God for a praying grandma!
When we ponder on the definition of each, we must think how might we be affected by these personality types that are dominating the entertainment industry since so many black folks just love their celebrities.  Now if one with a mental illness is permitted to be a role model/mentor, if you will, for the masses, what is the likelihood that this person will infect the populace?  From wicked lyrics to crazy behavior, the attractive entertainer is going to lure those who are most impressionable (ie. our youth) into their sick, demented mindset.  No one bothers to scream, "She needs to go...she is crazy for spreading her legs wide all over the place...He is a fool with all his shocking comments and weird movements..."  Instead, our people embrace the sick, coddle the sick, and will even depend upon the sick to keep getting them sick!
Let's bring these personality disorders home for a moment.  Think of times when you dated individuals that you knew were "out to lunch" didn't seem right.  You distanced yourself eventually, did you not?  Yet, you will permit the stranger on the radio, in your mp3 player, or elsewhere to lull you to sleep or hype you up.  He sings of his sickness, she yells about the crazy things she does, and it's okay to keep these people talking in your ear which is very close to your brain.  Hmm.
Relatives and friends won't admit, nor do some even know that they are indeed mentally challenged.  From not being able to keep a job or a partner, the writing is on the wall, but the parent, brother, sister, or anyone else doesn't bother to think.  Those that do know that something isn't quite right, prefer to ignore the issues and just gossip about the individual, "Why can't she get it together?  What is so wrong about doing what's right?  I just don't get him..."   How is one with a mental illness able to do anything right without some degree of help?
The more education some of our people get, the more foolish they become!  They lack common sense.  They are unavailable mentally and physically to those who honestly need help.  They don't bother to question or research family history.  Why is it that there is a long line of liars, cheats, and hyper-sexual people in the family?  Could it be that there is a chemical imbalance somewhere?  What about that grandparent or great grand who doesn't trust anyone coming to her home and staying awhile.  She often forgets and doesn't like the things she once did.  She thinks someone is talking to her when they really aren't.  Could it be that grandma has a mental illness other than dementia?  What about a young person, who at one time, seemed to have it altogether in his or her life until a tragic situation came along and caused his or her world to fall apart?  Now the healthy person is now a party animal and a drug addict.  Is anyone asking any questions, talking without yelling and offering assistance?
Don't sleep on the issues!  We have a long history of folks who came before us sick in mind, body and spirit--not everyone was smart, nice, successful, God-fearing, etc.  Those of us that still have some wits, common sense, and wisdom about us should be sounding the alarm on our sick relatives who claim "nothing is wrong, I'm alright"; rather than believing them and looking away when crazy shows up and shows out!  We should make ourselves available when it is in our power to do so.  Is it money that one needs to check in a facility?  What about a ride to the place where there is help?  Does the individual need a prayer partner or team?  Whatever the case, see the truth for what it is!  We have conceited, loud mouth, attention-getters, and wild folks in the hood for deeper reasons than we know.
Nicholl McGuire also maintains Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and other blogs.

Dependent Personality Disorder

 Psychotherapy with African Americans


Black History: Muhammad Ali on Parkinson Show 1971 [HQ] [Best Sound]

Interesting, Ali has the disease Parkinson.  He spoke out about many things on this show named after host "Parkinson" that aired in Britain.

Panther (1995) Full Length Movie

The Christian: a Target for the Liar and Cheat

Some Christians have spent so much time in church that they have lost their street smarts.  Over the years, I have seen many believers, who think their works will reserve them a seat in heaven, get played!

Many African Americans have long been spiritual.  They know without a doubt that there is a Creator in the universe that has showed up in their lives and have done great things.  We see evidence of this with a black history that is comprised with stories explained and unexplained.  However, with so much God talk and walk, some believers are easily charmed to walk on the dark side through lures like money, fame and power.  In time, their faith is no more.  They are walking dead with no spirituality to keep them strong.  Rather, they look to drugs, alcohol, sex, and other things to sustain them for a time.  A clouded mind will welcome the devil into one's being and before long, the individual is looking for a glimmer of light for selfish gain.  A man meets a woman and lies about loving God, country and family.  A cheating husband seeks out yet another lover to make him feel good.  These manipulators find their way into the minds, hearts, and beds of weak-minded, ill-equipped Christians.  

We see some of these believers be tricked by the enemy (or enemies), people like:  the damsel in distress, Old Pops who thinks that he's made of gold wearing designer suits to impress, the mother of the church who believes she is more saintly than others, young people who think that they are immune to the devil's vices, and so on.  A smiling devil of a man or woman handshaking, patting people on the back, kissing, and flattering gullible individuals.

The liar isn't always that ugly, scary looking guy in the corner or that unattractive woman seated in the backrow.  The cheat and story-teller can be beatuiful, well-educated, charming, and sweet on those with a faith who just want to treat others like they want to be treated.  For the wolf and the vampire knows the lifestyle that the Christian is supposed to live, so they will use what they know to get what they want.

Many Christians, especially those who are ignorant, have been played by evil men and women over the years and presently, because they didn't do the following:

1.  Take the time to pray first, then wait for an answer to prayer.

2.  Pray with others for spiritual discernment/enlightening.

3.  Thoroughly investigate individuals and businesses before connecting.

4.  Go beyond taking one's word for anything no matter what they look like, who they know, or how well they speak.

5. Taking the person in question before others, so that they can learn more about the stranger.

6.  Guarding one's heart, spiritual gifts, etc.

7.  Protecting one's assets.

Women are often taken by calculating men who are looking for someone to take care of them.  These manipulators compare relationships to games and so they play participants like pawns.  They aren't interested in anything related to uplifting the mind or spirit when it comes to romance just body, at least for a time, until they see their next target.

Manipulators lie about who they know, where they go, what they can do, and how they feel about things.  They know how to pretend to like Christians, despite having the least bit interest in God, his people, the Bible, church etc.  They can be bad actors full of excuses as to why they can't be somewhere, do something, or meet needs.

With so much preaching of money and material wealth, what has been arising for some time now is an anxious people awaiting a God to "bless" them with things.  Those looking on the outside in want in on the Christian's blessings.  The liar and cheat seek out widows, wealthy believers, troubled spouses, needy groups, and others who are nice, easy to persuade, and befriend for the pure intent to take and take and take some more.

Nicholl McGuire


ENCORE: Controlling Women, Wives, Female Bosses, Mothers - Spiritual Viewpoint

Avoid the Slave Hype this Black History Month

There is much to be learned from the past, but we don't stay there despite some non-blacks taking great pleasure to hold up a racist sign or two (a film, a poster, a group's ideology, etc.)  to remind us of what was and their hope of what they want to return.

Slave movies, slave books, slave propaganda, slave...slave...using the black man and woman's history to keep a populace under control.  "Obey your master...Listen to those who know more than you...Work that field...Clean that house...or else," the literature implies. 

Many blacks are guilty of keeping the ugliness of a slave mentality alive, thanks to brainwashing Public Relation teams, handlers, bosses, etc.--modern day slave masters.  These mentally sick blacks are chosen to be poster children of whatever twisted agenda non-blacks desire to promote.  These African American elites talk of what they love while never taking a stand on what they truly hate.  They share why they won't go here or there based on what someone else has told them to say.  Behind closed doors, like a slave, they tell others how they really feel about breaking bread with "those people" and why they would prefer not to be around this one and that one.   All the while loving their masters and all their ways and things more than his or her black self and family.  There excuse for wearing two faces always comes back to food, shelter, and money--sounds like a slave to me.

I can't tell you how many times I have witnessed blacks smile widely in the presence of white people and then show a half-hearted smile with their own families.  The black husband is all grins when the white woman compliments him.  The black wife is laughing loudly with her white girlfriends, yet eye rolls when her man or children come around.  What is going on?  Reminds me of some of those movies when blacks wore those teethe grins and bowed their heads as the white men and women would walk by.  Don't you think those non-blacks who grew up or heard about the so-called good ole' days enjoy getting ideas from those movies on how yet again to keep the ignorant under their feet?  It reminds them of their control over some of those lazy, dysfunctional blacks who prefer getting high and obtaining easy money; rather than walking alert and working hard for honest pay. 

I think of many who are in the entertainment industry nowadays that don't have a clue they are modern day slaves promoting thoughts that keep people enslaved.  Meanwhile, these fools are created to look like idols with a designer suit, some jewels and a fresh hairstyle.  Ignorant blacks eat up everything these artists say while being programmed daily not to think on an intellectual level, but rather in a way that keeps them from seeing and experiencing real truth.  The truth about education, law, government, finance, and more.  Are blacks asking any questions these days and solving problems or are they acting like many of their ancestors just getting along, because they are too fearful to rock the boat?

The slave hype will keep people bound especially those who consider themselves "a brand."  It will remind you that if you stray out of bounds, what happened to those before you will happen to you in one way or another.  Lovers of money and self will listen to master/handler so as not to lose their riches.  Idol worshippers will follow their idols.  The glitz, glamor and gold are sufficient programming tools to keep the slave covetous.  He or she becomes so enamored with all that he or she sees that the mind won't bother to think about anything else except "how to get that money" come hell or high water even if it means selling one's own family out! 

I have watched the expressions on faces, especially black males, who lust the women on television screens and on the streets and speak highly of those who have many things.  These average or below average men can't produce any heartwarming speeches to encourage brothas and sistas to go beyond a slave mentality.  They don't bother to present any ideas that they are willing to pursue wholeheartedly.  And what's worse, they have no clue on sharing anything thought-provoking about their days.  They have been reduced down to a mere worker who knows master's business and nothing else.  Take their jobs away and what is left?  We see evidence of this with the many lay-offs around our nation.  Many can't function without looking for yet another master to save them and their families. 

I say to avoid the slave hype, because it negatively affects the conscious as well as the unconscious mind.  Film is powerful especially when shocking scenes are shown to little ones.  It appears that the racist elite very much want to put the black community back into service positions (ie. movies like: The Butler and The Help and other films where once again stories of slavery are told.)  If the frequent reprogramming works, then there will be more blacks in the future pursuing service roles once again rather than leadership roles.  Obama's mere presence in the White House motivated many blacks to do more with their lives which made many non-blacks feel nervous and threatened about their positions.  Who wants to be a slave all their lives?  Oh, there was change alright.  Maybe a little too much change.

Slavery reminds you that if it wasn't for those who came before you, you would have nothing, yet refers back to those whites, who if they didn't let certain things happen you and your ancestors would have nothing.  Ultimately, an elitist, racist white owner/creator/leader markets his "savior role" whether subtly or quite boldly in media. "You are to appreciate what America has done for you and walk proudly that you and your family are not being hung nowadays," he reminds the his black initiates.  However, if we were to look at the slave hype in a different way; rather than the way others present American History to us, we would find that despite all obstacles they faced, many remained strong and created lives of their own period.  Now compare that with your current life?  If a slave was to come back from the dead, would they see evidence of their former life still very much in existence when they look at yours or those around you?

Nicholl McGuire   

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