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The Push to Change Your World - How You See Things, Who You Date, and If You Should Procreate

The media propaganda is out there!  Pushing you to change your mindset on a simplistic world where you thought it was going to be you dating someone that looked like you and you making something of yourself on your terms, and you walking on a righteous path, and you raising babies that will be blessings to humanity, and you...  But it really isn't about you!  It hasn't been for centuries.  Slaves preach, "What I'm going to do..."  But slaves rarely do what they say they are going to do, because along comes yet another distraction to keep a slave bound.  He or she is programmed to do for his or her master, the slave isn't paid to think independently--you know apart from his or her master.

You don't really learn just how much you have been influenced by others to change your little corner of the world until you have given yourself some real time to think.  You don't realize just how much has been taken from you, how much time and money you have wasted, and how loyal you have been to everywhere but yourself, until your distractions have been far removed!  No job, time to think.  No place to stay, time to think.  No children, time to think.  No partner, TIME TO THINK!  

A world where everything you thought was morally right, "it is what is" so to speak, begins to look wrong when you have been awaken to the truth about many things.  We live in an age where technological devices are far more powerful than the humans that created them!  They are modern day idols that go so far as to control when to procreate and when not to.  But in case you slip, as if making a family is a grievous error, you need not worry over being a major influence in your children's lives--that's what we have government funded teachers for (primarily white and female).  There isn't any push for blacks teaching blacks.  Mom and dad's role is left up to others.  This is the greatest push in recent decades above all else.  Push a black daddy out of his job, put a black momma in a job, and send the children off to daycare, grandma care, while no one cares!

Awhile back I told you that we have people in our communities that have programmed their offspring to believe that everything that isn't white, ain't alright.  From the couples disputing in the bedroom to groups arguing in the boardroom, many blacks (and others) will still permit anyone but black to mediate their fights.  Black people are still seen in come communities as untrustworthy, unreliable, angry, and ignorant.  It doesn't matter how many intelligent blacks are paraded before the ignorant black, white and others, their mindsets will remain the same.  However, when one knows that this sort of thing is going on, why would a black person not want to enlighten a few about our world and how we are viewed and why it is very necessary to stay positive, do what's right, and work hard to win people's trust?  Because they don't see themselves as needing to do anything, but collect a paycheck like the rest.  They don't believe they are responsible for changing the world's perception about anything even if they are being brainwashed to accept everything.

This distrust among our people (home or elsewhere) that starts with an argument about skin tone and ends with a fight about character attributes has been at times strategically planned long before it reached the dinner table.  We have grown accustomed to seeing the world the way our media presents it to us, rather than opening eyes real wide and looking at the world the way we truly see it daily.  Most often the world we see isn't as bad, good or otherwise as we see it in media.  But if I were to paint a picture to get a rise in you, I would control your mindset in such a way so that you could see the negative and only the negative in a way that only I would want you to.  Why?  Because my effort would be to please a master or two that is in control of my paycheck.  Although this is an invented scenario,  this is what happens when we aren't carefully examining our media or thinking deeply about those who permeate our ear drums.  Your world is changed when your mind becomes rearranged.  This rearranging  process has been around forever, but it doesn't stop one from standing up for what he or she believes is righteous and true even if it isn't popular belief.  Have the warriors been scared away by threats of jail, rape, blood shed, torture, and disease?  One's fate is not determined by the one with blood on hands, but by the one whose spirit cries out, "It is finished!"  What honest work are you called to do to push a world that is ever-changing in a direction that won't keep you up at night with worry? 

Consider the many commercials, Internet videos, radio ads, and anywhere else where some will continue to promote a "white is right" philosophy.  No matter how well you decorate a black man, urge a black woman to articulate this statement and that one while exercising her facial muscles in media propaganda, between the lines of text and standing around them is someone or something that is telling you who is really in control.  Although we may not know the "why," we know that the reality that we live in daily is typically not depicted fairly or accurately on the big screen.  But if a money hungry entity can convince you that you are alright, while in the background saying, "We know it's not true, but we need your cash!"  They are going to do it!  So what Reggie, Jim, Ricky and Joe in the neighborhood aren't really doctors, lawyers, and teachers, but they will be at least for two minutes in a commercial so that the powers that be can persuade you to buy their over-priced cars, live in unwelcoming neighborhoods, and date their so-called high class hookers, I mean, ladies.  The only color money-makers see is green!  But the ignorant non-blacks who often complain about this black person and that one on their screens don't know any better.

What a righteous momma or daddy once told you is irrelevant nowadays in media, but it is up to you to make wise words relevant!  Much of what is in media is meaningless and unwise. No matter how stupid, if people put a dollar to it/he/she, it's relevant!  When you were instructed to use common sense by elders, society told you, "It's okay, live a little!" and so you did just that and as a result some of us wear scars on our hearts, minds, and bodies as a result.  A little brainwashing here and there goes along way.  There is the kind of persuasion that moves you to do what's right and the kind that moves you to do some things that breaks hearts, shatters minds, and eventually sends many brothers and sisters six feet deep on a path straight to hell!  Who was really in control all along?  The defiant brother or sister without a cause, but to pad his or her pockets or the corporate entity that they sold their soul to?

Black love is being manipulated, folks!  You are told who to date in so many ways!  Those that already had it in them to go white, "...because it's alright"--they were an easy sell this day in age.  They couldn't get along with black, because in their minds they believe their own people are wrong.  The shortage on available black men, so the media reports go, is what supposedly is causing black women to run to the arms of white men.  But is this really true?  There is more going on behind the scenes--a very mixed up world is where we are to date, and so the pot continues to be stirred more and more every day.

For decades, blacks were convinced that they were making their own decisions when it came to things like: attending college, joining the military, selecting a mate, raising a family, buying a home, a car, caring or not caring for elderly loved ones, helping one another, and so on.  However, the sad reality is that ignorant blacks with little finances were being used like pawns in a game and still are to date.  Government makes decisions for blacks! 

African Americans are manipulated into choosing a suitable mate (ie. look at the elite in the entertainment world, notice exotic looking women are often being promoted).  They wear wedding rings, while poor black women may not ever marry their children's father.  Money is used everywhere, but back at home.  Why?  Because government entities don't want a black powerful figure who has a love for his people to finance a movement--he is a threat!   Silly rich black men don't see the light except for what is white that is.  The rich men are snatched up, the poor men are overlooked. 

Blacks have been told when is baby-making in season and when it is not (for quite a long time it has been not) by so-called concerned doctors, family and friends.  Therefore, many babies have been aborted as a result.  They have been told when to pursue higher education and when to steer into other directions and focus on less paying jobs.  From top 10 lists broadcasted on the front of websites to suggestions made by high school guidance counselors, the career counseling scripts have long been prepared and you thought it was all your idea how your world would look! 

We have watched our elders buy homes and become slaves to them while living the so called American dream, yet having no money to help offspring live an equal, if not, better life.  These same baby boomers were convinced to buy this brand and that one in cars, fashion, and more while having very little left to save, invest or donate.  These days one must wise up and motivate his or herself to do what's right for him or her and family and not what society, government, and others brainwash him or her into doing or not doing (ie. reaching back in an effort to teach others how to be independent, strong, and ever ready to defend one's right to create his or her own dream and not some over hyped American dream that changes when the wizard says, "Today the color shall be green!"  Remember the movie, The Wiz -- think black elitism answering to a higher power structure that created everything from the yellow brick road to a ghetto the next time you watch that movie.

Is it time for you to see things the way you truly want to see them?  If not, you have your rights to see truth for what it is in all its forms and build your world the way you see fit when you are ready.  But I must ask, do you view your current existance and the world around you with the eyes of your ancestors, those of your parents, the media, or your own set?  Does your soul connect with the person or people around you or has someone pushed you in a direction that you really don't want to go in? 

Question yourself, examine your motives, make necessary changes, and you, my friend, will control your destiny (even your Heavenly Creator gave you free will, therefore use it!)

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself

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