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Daydreaming? Another reminder pay attention to your dreams.

You may have had that grandmother who was spiritual.  She would talk about the meaning of dreams, what God told her, and why you shouldn't be going here there and everywhere because she "had a feeling."  If you considered that relative in your life wise, consider this, there was a reason why he or she did or said what they did.  Like people talk, so do dreams, signs, visions, wonders, and more.  Maybe God is trying to tell you something.  Watch as well as pray.

Spiritual Uplift: Kurt Carr - God Blocked It

Listen to the words for those of you in battle!  Pray.  It doesn't have to turn out the way they say, it doesn't have to end because the paper say, it doesn't have to be this way because someone said...God blocked it!


Man Who Claims to Be a Tyler Perry Friend Shares Gay Tidbits About the Entertainer

Youtuber claims Tyler is buying his way into the heterosexual community and abandoning the gay cause--uh oh!  Then the whistle blower strangely gets his face and arm cut.

Listen on MediaTakeout.


The Bully Campaign - Changing Your Views about Same Sex Relationships

The bullied have now become the bullies in rainbow world.

Years back, when I wrote an article that exposed some shady activities in the bi-sexual community, some went ballistic!  People labeled me a homophobe because I exposed some deceptive things that bi-sexual males do to heterosexual women.  I learned much from watching and listening to a young man who was down-low and the friends who accused him of being that way even though he denied it.  Oh the guilty parties were all over my article and it stayed up on the Internet for years until the company was sold. I got paid for telling the truth and kept it moving!

At first I was angered when I saw the nasty comments back then on my work and thoughts on other social media sites.  People who knew better (homosexuals, transgenders, and the like) missed the point, but victims of down-low males supported my writing.  Being whatever you are (straight, gay--whatever) doesn't give you a license to play with people's emotions.  "Today I am straight, tomorrow I am bi..and let's see what I can come up with to deceive the masses to get what I want,"  the deceptive opportunist says. 

The reality is some people use their sexuality as a key to get into certain groups and promote specific agendas with objectives that sound something like this, "To persuade the masses to not only accept us, but love what we do too and possibly spread the love to a future generation who will hopefully act like us."  Sorry, some of these groups have gone too far! 

My stance has been and will always be, "Do what you want on your territory, but don't bring it to mine.  It's like visiting different churches, restaurants, clubs, etc. there is a dress code, rules, policies, and so on.  We work together, converse, and even celebrate a holiday or two, but that's it!  When anyone is visiting my home, you follow protocol or get kicked out.  You are welcome to visit, but you can't put your feet on my couch or take your dirty hands and open my refrigerator door without washing them."  But what has happened in our society of puppets and puppet masters, from church leaders and musicians to the local educators and business owners, someone off the street comes into your establishment and tells you, "Do this or else we badmouth you.  We drink from your milk carton, turn on your TV, and walk our dirty shoes on your clean rug and you better not say anything!  You won't get this contract or that one.  We won't let you stay here or there.  We will expose you about this...and we will tell your loved ones about that."  Before long, the most unlikely people (like mainstream television pastors) are saying, "Well, I don't have any problem with....and sure everyone is okay with...and well I know people who are gay and Jesus loves them..."  Get my point?  The way I see it, use the confrontation (the bullying) to generate more attention to your God, country, family and whatever else!  Don't be bullied by the one who is accusing you of being a bully when you know you aren't!  What does your God say?  Stick to whatever your faith states, why punk out!?  

You see, I was minding my own business until personal experience,  public relations campaigns, and more made same sex issues my business at times.  I recall the old 80s TV talk shows displaying all sorts of people with sexual fetishes.  Then in time the stories were re-packaged into lifestyle mayhem where beaten victims were poster children used to usher in freaky behaviors.  Being a soft-spoken feminine acting male who is being maliciously attacked is different from someone who enjoys dating those who are the same sex.  Then there were those who used media to come out the closet and then got mad when they weren't greeted with open arms.  So now the whole world has to pay because mommy and daddy rejected him or her--oh please, grow up! 

I am rejected everyday for one thing or another, let's see...years back I was attacked, because I no longer wanted to be played by a man who claimed he was walking with Christ.  Last week I received hate because I am a woman.  Last month, hate because I am a black woman--uh, hate because I am a divorced mother.  Oh yeah, much hate because I wrote many articles that exposed some dysfunctional mess in churches and elsewhere.  I could go on and on.  Sexual stuff bottom of the barrel for me, not the least of my worries and no one cares what I do with my body because it doesn't affect them. Enough already! 

I saw a rise in hits to a couple of my web pages because I stood my ground on the down-low issue.  I wasn't going to allow others to get tricked into going along with someone's lifestyle that was being promoted as "okay and alright" despite dishonest practices.  I thought, "Wow, I keep it honest about the foolishness of down-low activities and I get more attention than ever before to my pages."  So I kept talking and writing until I got tired of the subject matter not because someone or a group drove me out--lol.  But what I wasn't expecting after being vocal about my personal views about same sex behaviors and the like was that so many other groups, who wasn't even homosexual or bi, would have something to say.  When I think back, someone/group pushed others to talk about what I wrote AFTER they put their spin on things to incite conflict with me.  Remember that song, "The freaks come out at night..."  Before long the same people who was riding on the bully campaign toward so-called homophobe celebs turned into bullies verbally attacking me, a mere heterosexual black female with no elite connections and proud of it!  Where is the heterosexual pride parade, I'm on board! 

The bullies didn't want me to say anything about anything even though people in their communities thought they could come out and play me--I think not!  The same sex issue first came on my doorstep, up close and personal, back in the 1990's I didn't look for it or even think about it until it showed up in the form of a man trying to act like he was a heterosexual and a couple of females who tested me.  One I got fired from her job (she put her hands on the wrong one!)  The other hugged me once and thought she had a girlfriend, I had to put her in her place--needless to say she got kicked out my circle.  As for the man, I moved on with my life and made sure he could see I was riding with a "real" man at the time.  That in-the-closet bi-sexual should have been more careful when he chose to date me. He picked a heterosexual journalist at the time (Who knows, maybe he thought he could use me one day for some free publicity)?  But what he didn't know, was that I was a "rogue" writer with a faith (still am)--an out-of-the-box thinker indwelled with the Holy Spirit.  That make-up wearing man messed up and all those individuals who came after him over the years crying, "Wolf" whenever I said, "I don't agree with..." made themselves a personal enemy of the one true God.  Like many, I'm just an ambassador for Christ, a messenger who pays homage to a Creator and hears his voice at times. 

There is a game being played with some of these outspoken heterosexual people (especially high profile athletes, musicians, actors, radio talk show hosts, pastors, and more) who claim to be all about gay rights.  The bullies have long been swindling heterosexuals out of their money, fame and power.  From setting up weak-minded church leaders to attend their events to viciously spreading rumors, gossip and lies to get people to jump on the bandwagon--and you know many blacks folks with that slave mentality go along just to get along! 

Let us recall those days when we couldn't care less about what a person does behind closed doors.  Wasn't there so much freedom in that kind of thinking?  "He is what now?  I don't care.  That's between him and his boyfriend," I heard as a child.  No one encouraged one's behavior, but as children, we were discouraged from it because adults were smart enough to know there would be a backlash from society for choosing wrongly--it was difficult enough being black.  

Know your rights!  Last I checked, I and anyone else who has a belief in anything has every right to say what they want whether you agree, disagree, or want to plead the fifth.    But I see that far too many people are being manipulated, brainwashed, or even bullied into picking a side, a side that doesn't have anything to do with you until it shows up on your doorstep saying, "Hi, I know what you heard and yeah it's true I'm........"  You fill in the blank. 

Since my opinion pieces of the past, I have had quite a few relatives "come out" as well as those who acted like they were ready to spill the beans.  There was even a child who at four years old say, "When I grow up I am going to marry a man."  When I told the child's father, he was all over that one.  See how the media influences children?  There wasn't even a spark of anything girly about that boy.  

I admit, I am cool with all my wild relatives, but once again, they know my stance and they know the pros and cons of their choices--I didn't shove the Bible down their throats--but I did speak truth.  I didn't sell-out so I could get more page views and books sold.  I didn't waver from personal beliefs.  And most of all, I didn't get bullied into accepting a lifestyle or being quiet on it despite insults and threats on my life--as you can see I am still standing. Long after I take my final breath, others will stand too.  Thanks for reading!

Nicholl McGuire


He knew something was wrong when a white girl ran into his arms

Now if you think for one minute that racial programming doesn't take an effect on many blacks, listen and watch how a hero reacts at the end of this video.  I am happy and I am also sad about what society does to our people.  Yes, a black man or woman is capable of saving hurting white people too!  This story is an answer to a prayer, God is real folks!  Enjoy the interview.

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