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This site was created by Nicholl McGuire, Inspirational Speaker and Author. Feel free to comment, share links and subscribe. If you have a business or would like to guest post feel free to contact. Check out topics on this blog and select what interests you. They are found at the bottom of this page. Peace and Love.


What U.S. Media Doesn't Broadcast About Africa

For some of you believers whose pastors dip out to Africa on mission work, you know what he sees? Pass this on to those people in your Facebook network and elsewhere!  I'm Going Back to Africa!!!

City in Nigeria

Successful African businessmen


►Snippet◄ The End of Men ~ How Women are Taking Control of Everything ❃B...

Symptoms of Controlling Wife


Poem: My World is Changing

I found love when I met my man--
knew he was the one worthy of my hand.
It sounds real good, at least in the beginning,
but then we had to think about all that sinning.

Thought I had it all figured it out,
but then I heard myself cry and shout.

Listened to what others said about me,
their tips were really not helpful to me.

Tried to control my inner thoughts
saw a woman with a little klout.

But plans backfired, and God was tired--
they couldn't use me for their foolish stuff.

You see every system isn't what it appears to be,
there are eyes that are watching you and me.

They think they know, saw me on a show
now they want to talk to So and So.

She might have potential, she might be the one,
but they forgot about The One with The Son.

I get my orders from the Holy Him and he tells me
what he thinks of them.

Nicholl McGuire

Poem: He is No god

Doesn't matter what God, whose God...
always has something to spout off!
Knows that his advice just doesn't suffice.
'Cause he's not living what he claims,
too busy chasing a tidbit of fame.
Got women here and there,
likes to swear,
dreads his hair,
and has long underarm hair.

Puts down people who he thinks doesn't represent
believes he is a messenger sent
to free people who are already free
but his limited view that's all he can see!

Got news for this foolish brother,
who likes to call older women his mother,
that he is just like all the rest,
half-steps when he can do his best!

Put down the smoke,
cause it's making you choke.
Burned up brain cells,
end up back in jails.

Recruiting people to lead
when all they do is follow
and smiles at white women who like to swallow.

There is no black cause with this man
especially when he loves women who tan.

No freedom, no peace,
he struggles to keep his lease.
Then looks for his fans to pay his bills,
always telling those who don't agree to, "Chill..."

The truth hurts and he definitely knows it--
likes to take all his money and blow it!

One day soon, his world will be crashing down,
a turned up face, wearing a frown.

Nicholl McGuire


Dark Girls Documentary

Snow and blow, brown paper bag test, etc... Personal opinion about "Dark Girls" Documentary

To watch some of the documentary, watch below.

Posted by Youtuber: Jazzietalks   (Much thanks to you for taking the time to share!)

See part 4-6 on Jazzietalks Youtube channel.


Nothing Glamorous About War - Don't Support Them

Think twice the next time you encourage a child or young man/woman to sign up for the military.  Do you or they really know what soldiers are fighting for or about?

Read between the lines of the Obama speech about Syria. Videos and blogs exposing recent Syria related events.

Syria - The Media War Oil prices dropping not increasing.


Television Programming: Are you being programmed?

Media Manipulation Radio Show hosted by Lenon Honor

Talking about 911 annual programming, Syria, and more.  See archives and be enlightened!

Media Manipulation Radio Show

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong: Black Folks Who Fault-Find

From borrowing money to expecting a relative to do something for nothing, some of our people just don't bother to put themselves in anyone's shoes.  They rather place blame, bad-mouth, and say foolish things about people who are trying to help them out.  Some will go so far as to create drama so that they can get an outcome that will best suit them even though they are wrong!

I thought of this topic for this blog entry after having a conversation about someone who has a past of lying to cover up some shady things.  He will then point the finger at others even though he knows he is in the wrong!  It makes no sense to me why one wouldn't take responsibility for his own downfall?

Sometimes our people just don't want to look at the facts, because they know to see the truth will make them feel worse.  So what some of our folks will do is turn the tables on the innocent, helpful, kind, and other well-meaning individuals.  They know they were supposed to pay a bill on time, so when the man comes expecting payment, somehow they create drama for him.  "I don't like the way he asked me for the money...I don't need him anyway...that's why nothing good is going to happen to him and his family..."  What!?  An angry woman or man who needed a product, money or service is now upset because the lender is in need of his or her own tool/money/service.  The borrower doesn't want to pay the lender.  So the lender is supposed to be alright with that?

Another issue I noticed about some of our people, who are just wrong but love to justify their misdeeds, is when they want to argue over the littlest of things and bring family members and friends into their drama!  Was it really necessary to curse someone out about something that you know you messed up, didn't have a receipt for, failed to read the fine print, made a verbal agreement on rather than get in writing, and so on?  Oh, but some of our big-mouth people are going to go off on the poor man or woman at the store, in the church, at the hospital, the amusement park--wherever!  "You know I don't like them folks...I don't care what I did, he didn't have to call the manager...That's why I can't stand them!  They racists!"  Say what!?

When you are wrong, you are just wrong, plain and simple!  Don't sugarcoat your mess!  Don't get mama and 'em involved by calling everyone up repeating your story the way you think it should sound.  You know your favorite Auntie, Cousin, and 'em is wrong!  But scared, needy family members and friends are going to show loyalty to that relative who they know is wrong.  They are going to claim that "all is good" even when it is not, because they know that So and So will hook them up.  But being loyal doesn't mean enabling folk to keep doing wrong.  Think about it for a moment, some of our people have gotten away with so much, including causing strife in the family for lies, "going off" episodes, and more, simply because weak-minded, ignorant folk permitted them to act like fools!  It's time for all of us to wake up, stand up, and not let some of our people keep us from moving up, because they want us to get involved in their stuff. 

Enough is enough!

Nicholl McGuire


Natural Hairstyles

Down here in the dirty south more and more African American women are forsaking the perm and going with natural hair-dos.  This video by Craig D. actually provides some of the many hairstyles that many sistahs rock in the southern part of the United States.


You Got Played by The Cheap, Selfish Hustler

From relationships to the church board room, the cheap, selfish hustler type is always looking for a way to financially increase, delegate responsibilities, and do whatever else to "save me some money and time." 

So who is this cheap, selfish hustler and why bother talking about him or her?  This frugal man or woman who cares much about meeting his or her needs on the backs of others is someone worth mentioning, because he or she is at work right now playing your daughter, cousin, or someone else you care about.  Sometimes we forget what we have been through or done back in the day that we forget about the wolves who are on the prowl.  So keep reading.

This cheap, selfish hustler was born out of lack.  Basic needs unmet, mental handicaps, physical disabilities, and other issues and no one seems to care.   Someone could be raising a son or daughter right now to be the next hustler.  Momma and daddy usually couldn't buy what he or she wanted when this person needed it, so he or she suffered.  The future hustler's requests for basic things were often rejected--we aren't talking about video games, TVS and mp4 players either! 

Parents were often controlling and the child was most likely often in competition with siblings because "Momma favored So and So."  This hurt child, later turned hustler, learned quickly how to get over on the gullible, take from the trusting, and hurt those who hurt him or her in subtle ways whether verbally or physically.  Often emotionally wounded, impovershied children with displaced anger grow up to be conninving, selfish, and frugal.  If you don't believe this, just look at some of the troubled children around you and ask them, "What is it that momma and daddy isn't doing for you?  How do they treat your siblings as compared to you?  What is it that hurts you deep inside?" 

There is a nagging feeling in the pit of a hustler's stomach or a pain in his or her head when he or she has to fork over time or money to help someone else other than self, because it just took too long to get what little they got--they had to jump through hoops to finally get it and now one is asking them to share?  You are asking too much.

Oh yes, the cheap, selfish hustler can be male or female, rich or poor, black or white, young or old, saintly or devilish.  He or she has more plans up his or her sleeves to get over while looking good in the eyes of others.  "How can I get a deal on that...I'm not paying that price.  Maybe I can get it for free," he or she thinks.  When no one is around to spy on this manipulator, he or she sits back and contemplates on his or her next move to "get out, get over, or get on" while looking honest and carrying no blame for the conflict.  The hustler doesn't want to have to do too much of anything but joke a little, tell a good story, and possibly offer something that isn't worth much. 

The professional hustler is looking for ways to impress the boss, the wife, the children, the mistress--whoever.  He knows how to use words to get what he wants, then eventually when he has used other things, most people around him or her are trapped in his web like a fly trying to get away from a spider.  Before they know it, they are ate up from all the game playing--trying to stay one step ahead--that is if they ever realize the hustler has been playing them in the first place.

The street hustler is looking for ways to get you to hand over whatever material possession you have and when you do, it's on to the next one.  "But what about what he said and what he is going to do for me?"  the gullible are left standing there with an empty bank account and gas tank, a fatherless child, a broken heart, a bitter spirit, and so forth.  Those who think they know better ignore the warnings from those who can hear a hustler a mile away.   

Most hustlers just want in on whatever you are bringing.  So what is it that you are giving away these days for a little bit of nothing?  Whether you have plans to marry, date, attend a party, get a job, meet with relatives and friends, join a civic group, share a service/product, etc. someone is going to ask, "Is it free?  What do I have to do to get it?  What is she giving me?  Who does he know?  What can I get?"  Know what you are bringing to the table, before the hustler tells you what to bring when you least expect it.  So many people "get caught off guard" in relationships, business partnerships, fraternal groups, civic associations even telemarketers by hustlers!  They get married when they aren't ready.  They go places they don't like.  They see people they would rather not.  They build businesses with others they despise.  They spend money they can't afford.  Why?  Because they got played--systematically played for days, months, or even years!  Now these "I should know better" type, are scrambling to pick up what is left of a broken heart, broken family, broken bank account, etc.

Cheap hustlers don't like to pay for anything, but they want everything while claiming to know everyone!  They hold out on paying for things and paying back people, because they hope you will say, "That's alright...don't worry about paying me.  It's all good, you family!  You good people--one of them Jesus type, right?  So that's what's you supposed to do, hook a brotha up!"  Meanwhile, hustlers will pay Uncle Charlie for whatever he is selling and give respect to Aunt Anne because "she knows some important people and well you know I have to pay her because you never know, I might need her one day."  The hustler reasons in his or her mind why he has to hustle you and why he can't get over on others.  Meanwhile, the naive go along just to get along. 

If you want one up on the hustler, let him know from the door, "How much are you paying me...What are you giving me?  Let me see the contract and I'll go over it with my attorney.  Where is your business license?  I think I will wait on the booty call. Why is there a rush to get married?"  When you start asking questions and telling him or her how your game is played, watch his or her sorry looking eyes.  Cheap hustlers don't usually plan to give out much of anything and don't often plan on you being one of the smart ones especially if you tend to act stupidly in various areas of your life.  You can count on a hustler giving you one or all of the following: a smile, a moment in bed, a promise, or a "thank you so much, you are a wonderful person..."  How much are you worth?

Nicholl McGuire   

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