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Why Black Men Date White Women - The Real Answer

Black Women with Bad Attitudes and Why They End Up Alone

Pet or Friend? The Racist Hasn't Gone Anywhere

The ignorant, a non-black man or woman with a hidden anger/resentment toward African American women, men or both was taught by teachers with racist mentalities before him to seek out pets; rather than people.  If you go back in time, you will see how blacks were viewed as animals and not people.

"Of course, blacks are humans, have rights and live relatively decent lives," says the racist. "But remember, they aren't like us.  You saw the television shows, read the magazines even worked with those kind."  The racist warns, "They are sensitive people, many are angry so if you get one that makes you laugh and can help you with the bills, well I guess he/she is alright with me."

Blacks to the racists are pets.  They were "back in the day" and they still are!  The superiority complex hasn't gone anywhere!  But how can you tell the difference between a non-black with an issue with African Americans and one who doesn't (yet this person was raised or hung out with people who treated blacks unfairly)?  Take notice of how this person might treat everyone around his or her "pet," so to speak.

We all know how much non-blacks love their pets--sometimes more than people!  Some folks will let the pet kiss one in the mouth and eat from their dish.  The person will care for the pet, groom him, buy him his favorite treats, let him sleep in his or her bed, and arrange for travel with the pet.  As long as the "dog" (even some black men will refer to themselves as such) is loyal, doesn't stray too far away from home, bite his master, praises his owner/handler by coming when called upon, and being of some assistance, the pet is okay.  Now think of how this all plays a part in some of those industries we are told "...have the best can make good money" hmm or what about certain arranged interracial relationships and let's add even favorite church denominations.  The pet is still fetching and his master is still throwing some crap in the game!   

Now with this in mind,  check out how some black celebrities are displayed like some white mothers (not all of course!) doting over their black babies while using the children to draw media attention to one of their many projects.  It is considered a status thing in Hollywood to have a rainbow of children. This is also true when it comes to having a black man or woman with much money in one's inner circle.  He doesn't have to be a crowd favorite just so long as he or she is making someone or a group some money, taking care of the white man's daughter, and behaving himself, the entertainer will be seen in non-black elitist circles and welcomed.  But when the money runs out, then what?  When the black man or woman starts running his or her mouth, uh oh!

The elder racist and his offspring parade their pets around like they do their dogs, cats, and whatever other pet they show off!  Like pets, blacks have restrictions in certain circles, industries, organizations, and more--yes even to date--so don't be fooled!  If you don't look for the cardinal rules, you don't see them.  If you don't feel uncomfortable, you don't know they are there.  But to the black who is being used, abused, and displayed in front of non-black family, friends, associates and others, he doesn't realize he is someone's or a group's pet until he starts pushing back.  When he stops being cooperative, generous, going along with the status quo, and not properly executing the commands of the non-black, racist woman or man, he realizes, "I am nothing more than a show boat monkey!"

"You didn't articulate well, you sensitive black.  You didn't make us laugh.  You stopped doing for us.  You got all emotional and disrespected your master one too many times!  You didn't help with our project!"  The closet racist says. He is happy that once again his point has been proven.  "You can't work with those people!" while he claims he is not a racist because he said that (sigh).

So how does one move from being an obedient pet to simply a human being who has earned the title, "friend."  He or she stays true to his or herself!  Let me repeat, stay true to who you are!  There is no changing your personality to appease anyone--racist or not.  You don't play the game of acting one way with those who are non-blacks such as being honest, easygoing, and showing them love and respect, yet acting disrespectful and downright rude with people who look like you especially when they expose you on your foolishness!

Many people, regardless of skin tone, respect "the ghetto" of a man or woman whether they are black, white, red or yellow, because there is no act with them--they are real people with real feelings who speak truth even if it hurts!  Others will respect the affluent, so-called proper speaking,because despite not sounding like those who he or she grew up with, this person has adapted to his or her environment--the act is long gone.  One who once put on a show has now made "the act" his or her reality even if some of us don't agree with all the European decorating that goes along with it to hide one's black features, but I digress.

The prejudice man or woman, who has been brainwashed by parents who grew up when African Americans used black bathrooms and whites used white bathrooms is still alive and well--they haven't died yet neither did their beliefs.   The old man or woman is still training his or her team to find the black person with the butler or housekeeper mentality that "will make you laugh, come up with some good money-making ideas," who follows instructions whether ethical or not, and recruits others to make the leadership money and a lot of it!  You think blacks showing up on the silver screen in subservient roles is nothing more than happenstance!  Non-blacks know these type of blacks are practically extinct--it's time to recruit some new pets! 

The retired racist will tolerate the black entertainer, the black boyfriend/husband, even the black life insurance man, or any one else who is of African decent seated at his table and breaking bread with the family.  However, when he has had enough of staring at that "Negro, black, Afro American, or colored," he knows how to send the black woman or man on his way.  In his mind, he is weary of the "circus" act.  This is the reality folks, soif you are offended, then good--Obama is on his way out, so you better wake up especially if you are an African American in a fresh leadership position!  The key to staying in anyone's family, organization, company, or seated at his or her table is once again to be true to yourself even if it might cost you everything that you have!  There will be no leash placed on the pet--we are called to be FREE, mentally, physically and spiritually!

As mentioned before, former pets end up being friends because they win the respect of others.  They don't play head games for selfish gain ie.) like some black men and women who date whites in the hopes of gaining some material wealth do (and you all know who you are)! 

True friends honestly show love to others without hidden prejudice.  They genuinely care for others and aren't afraid to speak truth!  They make sacrifices of time and money for those in need.  Isn't that what true friendship is really about?  Don't be anyone's pet no matter how much they pay you!

Nicholl McGuire



This is an old story from 2011, but it is a reminder that there are many who are without a home this holiday season for reasons that only God knows.  Don't take for granted the people and the things you have now, you never know when they will be snatched from you!  When the writing is on the wall to save money, plan for the future, and just say "no," do it!  You never know what is right around the corner ready to cause so much stress and pain for you that you end up losing so much--including your mind! 


Celebrities are a Distraction from the Health News that Really Matters

Those simple pleasures in life like cake, a good piece of steak, or even a sip of wine might titillate one's senses in moderation, but too much of anything isn't good.  So while our people enjoy talking about celebrities, shootings, and what mama and 'em are doing for the holidays, there has been some important news in American media that has surfaced in recent years, then quietly put away or worse deleted on some sites.  The kind of information that will make you think twice about indulging in behavior that might prematurely end your life!  Why do so many rebellious, stubborn and prideful relatives and friends insist on doing things to their bodies that cause unnecessary grief for others?  Sure, it may be their sick bodies, but who is by their bedside, helping pay hospital bills, rearranging their personal and professional schedules, running errands, and doing other things all because one's unhealthy eating, bad habits, defiance of doctor's orders, and other things has gotten them in trouble once again?

Stop by these sites and be enlightened on some issues you may not have thought about and could be very well contributing to you or a loved one's health issues.  Let's stop making excuses and face the truth!  Look at the troubling issues within and around you.  Take your clothes off, look in the mirror.  Check your habits.  Compare yourself (or think of others) from back in the day with the one (or people) now--what do you see?  The more people get, the more people want and when trouble comes, they play dumb, look the other way, go on the attack, or use cute phrases like "it is what it is" to dismiss fact.

Beer Drinkers Face Cancer Risk (link no longer active, do your research)

Study: Newer Birth Control Pills May Double Blood Clot Risk

Marijuana Side Effects and cancer is one of them!  Also, check out the following link too (it isn't any wonder that some blacks and non-black folks who smoke weed for decades have mental issues:)
New Research Shows Direct Link Between Soda And Obesity (one soda a day will affect your weight!)
HIV Among Women (With all that booty shaking and cheating going on in the black community, some have forgotten that their are many women (men too) but women decorated like pretty presents carrying HIV or AIDS--don't let those good looks fool ya! Do a random search on some of your favorite celebrities and you will find many are carriers of a variety of STDs.  (link no longer active)
Heart-healthy diet: 8 steps to prevent heart disease (Grandma may have cooked better than most, but she wasn't thinking about heart health).
We can go on and on when it comes to sharing links about health news that really matters.  Just think of all the effort made to divert your attention from what should concern you, your health!  But when there are racist people speaking about population control behind closed doors around the world because they believe there are too many people on planet earth, do you really think they care about you or me?  They basically want to get rid of "The Undesirables"--those who take more than they give.  Ignorant people, unsuccessful, poor, broke, busted, disgusted, etc.  Don't allow them to win--live your life to the fullest by taking care of you and those around you!  Teach others to make wise decisions--to be productive members of society rather than acting selfishly and harming others by stealing, killing and destroying what little life we all have left.
Here are links about population control, take heed and think before you drink, buy or use certain products--read the labels!
The Population Control Agenda

Secret Billionaire Club Seeks Population Control  Be sure to look up every name with population control and you will see video and read dialogue about how they really feel about the world having too many people.  Here are a few videos that might one day come down.

NATION OF LIES: Population Control 

David Rockefeller's Speech for Population control

More on The Population Control Agenda


Survey Reveals Perfect Woman

When I came across this survey with the included image of a brunette and a blonde, I couldn't help but think of Beyonce.  The mass media has paraded her in front of cameras far more than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  She is a good distraction from the news that really matters (but I digress). 

I don't typically post information about celebrities, but I wanted to show you how close to the "perfect woman" they have made Beyonce, a fair skin black woman, appeal to white men's idea of a perfect woman (before the survey came out).  Beyonce's marketing team knew what they were doing from the start!  Funny, her name didn't come up in the survey even though she looks strikingly close to the image in the survey.  Below in the text box is what the non-black women considered the perfect woman which was a brunette and the non-black men who took the survey chose the blonde.  After decades of mass media programming, men still fall for the blondes.  Anyway, take a look:

So what message do you think surveys like these send to young girls and women in the African American community?  Same ole twisted programming to empower a certain group and divide others.


7 Simple Things to Do to Your Hair When It Isn't Looking So Wonderful

1.  Moisturize it and then fluff it if you have hair that is easy on the eyes.
2.  Brush in one direction and tie back.
3.  Comb it to the side and place a hat on it.
4.  Take bobby pins and gel to hold in place--that is if you have some curls or fly aways that don't behave.
5.  Chop it.  (This tip may only be used if you have been contemplating for a long time to get your hair cut.  Otherwise, ignore the haters if you know your hair looks good on a good day, okay!)
6.  Wash, condition and use your favorite hair care product to: twist, braid, brush, curl, set on rods, etc.
7.  When all else fails, stay home!  People in good moods don't want to be brought down low with someone in their circle who is often talking about their "bad" hair while attempting to touch yours--they are supposed to know better not to touch a black woman's hair!

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