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The Former LA Clipper Owner Represents a World that Hasn't Died Yet...

I title this entry "former" because he will be just that alive or dead.

It didn't surprise me to hear Sterling's so-called shocking statements, because I grew up hearing from prejudice blacks and racist non-blacks talk about dealing with each other for business reasons only, but outside of that there was no business.  "Don't date them, don't bring them to our family event...don't ask them for nothing outside of business...don't marry them," I heard elders preach and white children of elders share.

White boys and girls were indoctrinated young on how to deal with black folks and so was black folks on what to say and do around white folks.  Even if you considered the non-blacks (this includes everyone else too besides being white) a friend, you didn't talk too much about yourself or your family, parents would warn.  This is how it was when I grew up in the 70s to present and in many circles it still is.  There are some relatives I personally know that won't let you enter their homes with your white girlfriend or boyfriend.

During that short period of time when I thought that people loved one another like Jesus loved the world during those private school years back in the 80s, my naive eyes were opened.  I heard my aunt rant about certain white people treating her unfairly during American Legion Auxiliary events.  Years later, I saw KKK (also knows as Aryan nation) people in Georgia attempt to give my dad some newsletter as he drove by, but upon closer inspection, they realized he was a fair skin black man and pulled back.  I recall those times during the 1990s attending cultural diversity events and writing news articles about stereotypes and racial discrimination in Charleston, Illinois and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania realizing that white people were great actors when it came to dealing with minorities.  I just couldn't understand why some blacks couldn't see through those fake smiles and back-handed jokes and comments.  But if these same closet racists drank alcohol, they could be your very best friend, so much in fact they were willing to sleep with you.

Those blacks that are so surprised by the former LA Clipper Owner's (yeah I said it again,) comments are the ones who believed that because they they have married white, obtained wealth from white hands, live in white neighborhoods, work with white people, and have friends who are white assumed that everything was alright.  But you got played by a spokesperson who represents the hidden elite.  I do believe this man was set up from the start the day he started dating a minority of all things--I say that facetiously.  Don't let racist comments create a smokescreen for you, someone or group wanted that sports team for many years now and their plan to get it, worked like a charm!  Plant a Judas and you get what you want. 

Haven't you noticed a pattern yet with naughty, rebellious whites who refuse the establishment?  They get caught during weak moments saying racist things.  Take a look at history.  When someone or group wants something from the snobs, braggarts, law-breaking, and manipulative individuals in the elitist club or attempt to get them to join, what do they do?  They set them up like they do a black rapper on a gun charge!

As for black celebrities going on record cursing, crying, or rebuking about that bad, white man, know this, someone somewhere is going to use at some point their statements, so they ought to watch getting all self-righteous.  You never know when one of those non-black wives or girlfriends might use a recording device to catch you! 

Black men and women of influence for far too long have talked about what was done during the Civil Rights Movement to promote change, well now here's your chance to make a difference--stop walking around thinking that a black president is all it takes to make things better for you and your family and stop running from black issues while hiding in circles with non-blacks! 

As you can clearly see, those who grew up during a time of Jim Crow laws, i.e.) blacks drinking from black water fountains and whites drinking from white water fountains, haven't died yet and neither has their mentalities either!  I might also add that to those who think that interracial dating somehow changes a black, white, red, yellow, or brown man or woman's point of view about you, your family, or friends, think again! 

Anger the racist enough, and I can almost promise you, true colors will show up and show out!  I wonder where is the recording when he damns his dirty, low-down, $%^&* (racist comment to go here) girlfriend for recording him in the first place.

Nicholl McGuire


The LA NAACP apparently didn't do a thorough background check on their honoree or wait a minute, I guess money overlooks ignorance.  Now what was the purpose of the NAACP again? 


White Pornography on the Black Mind

Have you ever considered the sheer number of sexy movies with unclothed white women and men that the African American community watches?  Is it any wonder why black men and women are open to experiencing sex with non-blacks--many have been programmed to?

Consider how television programming, print programming, parental programming, church programming, etc. moves one to watch subject matter that is really meant to be shared between couples privately.  These racy images appear before covetous eyes.  It wasn't good enough to watch non-blacks have the best of this thing or that thing before the black man or woman would slave to have the same, but what some don't say is how much they wish for a relationship and sex that looks like non-black couples.  Therefore, they watch porn, read the erotic books or how-to manuals, and do other things certain ethnicities do in the hopes that their relationships can be just as good, if not more, while ignoring the sheer number of non-blacks who divorce, contract sexual diseases, and have mental disturbances as a result of immoral acts.  The truth is anything that is abused or misused will break people down emotionally and physically.  So while George thinks that trying this new thing and that one he saw on a porno will help his love life, he just might be secretly wishing for his black Mary to be white and vice versa. 

Maybe your elders warned you about acting like the Jones' but then again maybe not.  The Jones was a fictious family that lived in the neighborhood and seem to have everything:  fancy car, house and pool, designer wardrobe, kids in private school, etc. while everyone else in the neighborhood had been living paycheck to paycheck.  The poor folks could barely keep their house, much less, maintain it.  Trying to live like the Jones family, doing what they do, simply keeps you unfulfilled, frustrated, and wishing for things that aren't necessarily meant for you due to any number of factors.  So if you wish to have a relationship and sex like the Jones', you might be one of those who feel miserable while hoping to run into the arms of someone non-black.

It may have been nothing more than a distraction, a marketing ploy, or something sinster, but when one finds these adult movies keeping families entertained (or shocked) with semi-nude or nude people performing seductive scenes/sexual acts on TV and elsewhere, you can't help but wonder how does it all impact one's mind especially when a particular ethnicity dominates the industry.

It would make sense why some would work hard to reign supreme, so to speak, when there are so many stereotypes of who has the bigger whatever and who can do magical things with a tongue.  There is a wish, for some, to have what mama and daddy warned them about.

Let us think with an open mind for a moment, removing prejudice thoughts and anger in the process, if a little black boy just so happens to come across nude (or partially nude) images of white women on TV and off for years, wouldn't the images imprint his mind?  Wouldn't he be curious about those that don't look like his mama?  He just might fantasize about one day "hooking up" or marrying what he has seen privately--depending on his personal preference.  Could it be that the repeated subsconscious programming/conditioning from childhood of white nudity would have such an impact on black men/women that they find themselves in the arms of white people later in life?  The same could be said if a white boy had been exposed to naked black women or an Asian, Italian etc.  Uncovered body parts (on any attractive woman) do stimulate sexual desire and if seen over and over again with certain skin colors might make the person want to experience something other than what he or she is use to seeing. 

How does white porn impact a black mind especially one who claims to be spiritual?  One might ponder that an ethnicity that considers itself supreme would market themselves as something to be desired ie.) beautiful, sexy, smart, fun, and kinky.  And one might reason, "Well, you know my God would only want me to be with the best."  So off the black man or woman goes in search of "the best" only to find out he or she is constantly taking a test on intelligence, trust, finances, love, etc.   Becoming increasingly frustrated with being tested by non-blacks, the black man or woman just might find his or her way back home (at least temporarily), but fantasy is hard to shake and the longing to be anywhere, but in familiar territory will make him or her want to run again especially if old, bad childhood memories should resurface.

Now what if a black man's personal dating preference was shaped due to what he didn't like about his own ethnicity, upbringing and the like?  What if those closest to him put off their personal views on him by saying, "black is ignorant, unclassy, rude, ugly, dirty, and ghetto?"  The poor, brainwashed boy turned man will assume that what he has viewed over the years with non-blacks is the way to go, "The white people treat me better...look at how they have sex...I wish I could be with someone who makes me feel good about me..."  Unfortunately, many black folks, like other ethnicities, have experienced much negativity within their own families.   

Porn is for some black men, their escape, a sexual training ground, and an opportunity to view one's fantasy until they can experience reality on a stripper pole or in their bedrooms.  A black man might permit his mind to enter a dark world void of spiritual light where only the sounds of love-making and visions of nudity plague the mind.  He is secretly jealous because his body doesn't look like the actor. He is bitter because he can't seem to attract any woman that looks like the ones in his movie collection.  He might falsely assume that "they" are better than him in the way that they love, have sex, etc.

The porn addict will allow his flesh to override his spirit therefore becoming entrapped in mind and body--no good to anyone, not even himself.  For some men, even the act of sex just doesn't work or feel right.  How can a black man build a masterful world when it is governed by what the world calls, "white supremacy" even in white porn.  He thinks that he has won something by capturing what is paraded in front of him and will quite possibly marry his sexual fantasy only to be dominated later by her while wishing to be in control when he is not.  He needs his escape, so he asks himself, "Now where is my porn stash?"  While his lover asks, "Now where is the cash?"     

The idea of watching someone non-black nude is exciting for the boy-man and so he sees nothing wrong with what he does.  He will defend his actions, reason that porn (in general) is okay, encourage his partner(s) to join, and do whatever his flesh orders him to do while feeling empty inside--never satisfied.

I caution parents about letting their children view television and movies meant for adults and I talk to my own about what they see and hear, but it is inevitable that at some point one's child is going to see someone nude that isn't his or her skin color.  The images might stick with him or her for a lifetime.  Depending on what they see those nude bodies doing and how long the child sees it, just might impact his or her future decisions when it comes to relationships.  

Nicholl McGuire

Note: Read more about how pornography affects erections, intimacy with a partner, and in young people sexual development.  How Porn Is Ruining Sex Lives via @msnliving


Lighter or Darker Supremacy and Preconceived Notions

Assuming that one is superior because of skin tone is ridiculous!  Yet, so many of our people still walk this planet thinking privately many thoughts about one's supreme personality, upbringing, views, and more being beter than those who are the opposite or near opposite skin color.  "Oh, she must think she is better, because she is lightskin...He thinks he is better than everyone else because white people know what he is!  Why do all of them act like..."  What's with the hidden conversation inside one's head of what you believe someone who looks different than you might be thinking?

From mama's propaganda (some of which derived from slave ancestry) on what it might mean to be light and right to daddy's experience of what "real blacks" have had to face, there is a child who becomes an adult with skin tone issues assuming the worst about his or her ethnicity.  When the color issues get to be too much to try to solve, he or she says, "To hell with our people...I'm on to the white, yellow, red, or brown man/woman!"

These preconceived notions of what to expect when dealing with someone because "Someone told me about those people..." is debilitating thinking.  It causes the mind to assume things that are unreal, exaggerate, lie, or cover up thoughts about people because of skin tone.  A black person who thinks this way is no different than a racist white man or woman.  No wonder some of our people just can't get along--they can't see past color, texture of hair, eye color, etc.! 

You can educate yourself about black history as much as you want, but if you don't take the time to uproot the issue within you, how can you say to someone else, "Know thyself?"  We all are guilty of justifying foolish thinking, like going back to slavery scenes to excuse supermacy thinking within our own families.  The truth is no matter if a person is white, light skin, or dark skin, personal skin tone issues are problems void of solutions that don't help the collective!

A young girl swings her long, wavy hair around while ignoring those who are darker than her, because a relative told her that she is "pretty, better than those people."  A brown, young man is told, "Stick to your own kind and don't be getting any girlfriend when you are older that is too light or too dark, because you want your children to look like you."  How can one tell another human being who to love while thinking for one minute it won't backfire on him or her sooner or later?  Don't wonder why the family is all mixed up?

Erase the mind for just a moment of what "they say" and begin to think about who you are, beyond what you look like.  Did someone or something cause you to be "the problem" in other people's lives, rather than the solution?  Are you helping prejudice non-blacks hate you by the things you say to them and others?  Are you really about unity in the community or helping only those who look like your specific skin tone (lighter, darker)?

Nicholl McGuire 


Stubborn as a Mule (Full Length Film)

The Paranoid Black Person

"What was that?  Who was that?  I'm not going, they might be shootin'...," the paranoid black person says.  So afraid that someone "...will do, going to do, might do..." that the man or woman doesn't do!  She isn't going to step out of her comfort zone and go to a predominately non-black event.  He refuses to go anywhere that he has heard about black folks acting up even if it is a rumor or no drama has jumped off in years.  "Don't expect to find me there, you know how our people can be!"

What is it about being so worried or nervous about something, someone or some group that keeps many blacks from progressing?  This paranoia personality disorder is readily accepted because momma or daddy acted that way and so did many others.  When the paranoia kicks in, don't expect to see Aunt Mary, Uncle Tommy or any other relative on the plane traveling anywhere, seated at the cookout if it's at a location that they feel is "ghetto," or taking a chance on going somewhere with "...dem white folks."

The paranoid black is caught up in a mentality, passed down from elders, who feared the white slave master, the white boss, the white lynch mob, and everything else in between.  They feared being free to use their minds and build their lives without little, if any, assistance, and worried that someone or something would be taken from them.  So some of our people hoard, hide, lie, steal, and of course work real hard to keep what little they got.  He or she doesn't trust, love, or believe in too much of anyone or anything.  "Where's my money?  Did you take my money?" grandma cries out.  "It's right there..." a grandchild responds.  Not long afterward, grandma is off hiding her money just in case her grandchild is tempted.

The relief for the paranoid black is to recognize when the worry is coming on and not to feed into it.  Those who observe paranoia in others should expose it while making the person feel at ease.  "I don't want your money, I have my own, but I can help you look for yours," one might tell his or her worried grandparent.  Rather than, arguing and acting like a fool, offer to help the paranoid and if they don't want your assistance, move on.  Constant worry will only further enslave an already twisted mindset and when some are too far gone, there is nothing anyone can do about it except love these people from a distance.

Nicholl McGuire 


Keeping it Real on the Job - Not! When Black Folks Just Don't Know When to Shut Up

Warning this blog entry will bother some readers, but the truth hurts.

So he thought that he could express his honest opinion, because he had the following:  years of work experience, a large network who sings his praises, and the mannerisms of those who don't look like him down to a science, yet he learned the hard way.  The articulate, well-dressed, yet stubborn black man didn't know what was ahead until WHAM!, just like that, a powerful individual changed his life in a blink of an eye with a stroke of a pen.  "We regret to inform you, but your services with XYZ company are discontinued...."

What the black professional didn't know is that all of his boasting, insensitive remarks at work and elsewhere, complaints from others (that just so happened to reach the ears of his boss,) and his leader's deep-rooted personal resentment would be enough to end their agreement.

One large eye on the back of many dollar bills governs what many black men and women covet the most--money.  "I need my money...I got to get my money...when my money is right..." some arrogant, angry, happy, and crazy, successful blacks will say.  They will show out when it comes to messing with their money.  Their emotional outbursts will usually come after those professional speaking mouths had been talking too much followed by some ghetto slip ups while their eyes were rolling and fingers were pointing.  The boss responds to the negativity with threats to take funds away, "Now you care about your didn't think too much about that when you were telling everyone where to go...and how you don't need...and what you will not put up with..."

Spiritual men and women who brag about what their gods or God is doing are usually tested more than most, because they teach/preach/brag about their "haves" and why "everyone else needs..." as if no one around them is qualified to speak wisdom, but they. 

The warnings are all around motor mouth black folk!  Just Joking Jenny is going to lose her job because of her big mouth.  Prideful Paul is going to be fired because he is unprofessional with his boss.  Flirty Frank is going to be hit with a lawsuit one day, because he just can't keep his sexy comments and hands to himself and so the list goes on. All of these types and more think that "Keeping it real at work, at home, and everywhere else is okay," but it's not!

How many African American women and men lost their job, not because of the color of their skin (as some would like for you to believe), but because of a negative attitude?  Many bosses aren't even thinking about skin tone when the ax is first being dropped.  How about Lazy Lisa sleeping on the job or Always Tardy Tom who often misses important meetings?  What does skin color have to do with unproductive employees?  Now if we compare them with others who are different skin tones doing the same negative things and they get to keep their jobs, then we have a racial issue that needs to be addressed!   

How many more blacks will lose their job, because they just can't control their tongue despite repeated warnings?  Yelling at one's boss/supervisor on the job, unacceptable!  Sexy talk with the secretary on the job, unacceptable!  Acting like a fool, talking loudly, slapping folks on the back and hitting the table over something said in a quiet workplace, unacceptable!  But some of the educated, as well as the ignorant, just don't get it until something is taken from them.  Others never learn!  Decades of firings, layoffs, suspensions, and reprimands and they are still so called, "Keeping it real." (sigh)

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube



Schizophrenia: Stolen minds, Stolen lives

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