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Manhood Training with Lenon Honor Episode 16


Hidden History of Blacks


Black Boys, Black Girls: Pedophilia Rings

They will go to far away lands to get black children, they will "help" children locally by strategically placing themselves in child related jobs, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, ages and colors, they are pedophiles.  On the surface, they appear normal and friendly almost child-like in some ways.  You don't think too much about them except maybe the strange woman or man is a bit odd.  Talk to your child or others and find out what they really know about the guy or gal who is so good with children. 

"Does the teacher/coach make you feel weird, strange, uncomfortable...?" an inquisitive mother asks her child.  "Has this person said something to you that is inappropriate like (provides examples)?  Don't worry over getting him/her in trouble, no one should ever be made to do something he or she doesn't want to do." 

Start telling sons, daughters and grandchildren stories of how abused kids are threatened.  Give examples by reading a couple stories from a media source or show a couple of videos.  Tell them how sexual abusers will say things like, "I might go to jail, you wouldn't want that because I can help you become a star, buy you that toy you want...I love your mom, I wouldn't do anything to hurt her...but if you say something you will hurt her.  You will fail this grade...I will make things worse for you!  Who would believe are always in trouble, tell lies...!"

Babies can't explain, but their bodies will tell if they are being abused.  The markings on bodies, chronic illnesses, sadness in eyes, frequent crying, slowing down of reaching milestones, and a need to be close to you while refusing to stay with someone.  Take the baby to the doctor, they will be able to confirm your suspicions.

The manipulation is heavy with a child molester.  Some of you may have been taken advantage of by adults or abused in the past, so why look the other way or avoid discussions about sexual abuse?  Too many people are getting away with doing all things wicked to the African American populace.  They are hoping that you don't have a quality relationship with your partner, family, or anyone else they want.  The more you complain about what God has blessed you with, the more you empower satanic opposition to work against your family.  Be grateful for your family members, you never know what might happen in the future! 

You can see the evidence of evil when you turn on the news, listen to music, watch movies, and converse with those who have no moral compass.  Nonchalant, messed up black folks aren't mindful of what is happening around them especially when they are too high to do anything.  Workaholic black folks are too busy dropping children and grandchildren off to think about asking the kind of questions that won't cause them to be fearful about talking.  "Mom might be mad if I say this...she will think I am bad.  I might get beaten.  She is too busy to care.  She says she can't deal with any more stuff, so I won't say anything to upset her nerves.  Dad is always working...I can't say anything to him."  Meanwhile, someone somewhere whether they are black, white, yellow, or red is raping or plans to rape a child. 

Watch who's watching your loved ones.

Resources to learn more about pedophilia rings here:

PizzaGate – DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails – Obama, Clintons, Andrew Kline

Inside the mind of a Pedophile

Pedohiles Brain Differences

Missing children

Trafficking fears as Haiti children go missing

Search for Missing Children

Satanic sacrifices of children

Decapitated, dismembered children in Catholic mass grave site were ritually murdered?

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner and Author


What Happens when an Entertainer and Others Break Cult Oaths?

Modern day slavery on the highest levels not just with musicians but anyone who is a major influencer in mass media.  You want fame, fortune and power?


Guest Blog Posts Welcome for the New Year

If you have something informative, entertaining and relates to the audience here on this site, then we would like to hear from you.  This is mainly a crowd of thirty-something plus but we have our twenty-something less visitors as well.  African American culture, products, services, and other useful and appealing information is welcome.  Feel free to contact blog owner on this site ( and subscribe today!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ignorance isn't Bliss -- It Only Keeps You Ignorant

Sometimes I just wish I didn't know some dark things, but then I tell myself, "Would you rather be surprised and end up having to spend a lot of energy, time and money trying to fix a problem, deal with the aftermath...?  What is the sense of praying to God for advice/direction/his will and other things if you are unwilling to hear or do anything about the information in front of you?"

When we speak of wanting to know the truth, then why believe the hype?  The more mediums used to get knowledge to us, it seems the more people shut down.  "Just leave me be...I don't have time...That's too much to read...I ain't got no money."  Some African Americans don't want to know anything about how they are being impacted by media or anything else that is going to require their brains to critically think, their bodies to do something, or their spirits to turn back to God.  How do I know?  Because years back I use to be that way.  I didn't make time for any useful research online, because I was more concerned about the latest story on Yahoo.  I noticed that any dull stories (which were really the essential ones I needed to read) were being buried lower and lower on the website's front page over the years.

Too much of anything isn't good including online entertainment media and offline activities.  How much sitting on one's behind does he or she really need?  Like so many other ethnicities,  African Americans have their share of the blues and maybe that is why we tend to stay away from the negative news stories as much as we can.  Yet, sometimes we should take the time to know some things, if anything, for the sake of our children.

What is most important to you and to me?  Well lately when it comes to child-related issues whether locally or nationally I want to know: educational programs underway for math other than keeping common core around, pedophilia rings and kidnappings statewide and nationally, improvements on student loan and grant programs, as well as a myriad of other topics.  I just relocated not that long ago, so quite naturally I am curious about my community.  I also feel that it is significant to know about employment opportunities, health care availability, school district, programs for those terminated, layoffs and unemployment (like checking for patterns that might impact minorities being employed and remaining employed).

There is the information out there that might not be that important to you, but you still need to know like how to fix or re-purpose something rather than buying new or renting and learning about "minimalism." Which brings me to my next point, why aren't some of our people, who love to brag about their money, homes and cars, looking for knowledge that goes beyond what they see on TV if they are so concerned about the latest presidential pick?  Can I tell you the answers aren't found in mainstream media?

What bothers me is why formulate any opinion on current events when you aren't the least bit interested in performing research to learn more such as the long history that this country has with rigging the voting system and how the two parties are really one and the same...?  These aren't conspiracies folks no more than star athletes throwing games.  Ever wonder why some celebrities are paid so much and why others go off and start telling secrets?  Everything is spoon-fed to our nation to hide lie, cover-up, isolate, and eventually take a whistleblower off the face of this earth.  Unless you start thinking, questioning and eventually go rogue in your industry, family, and elsewhere and stop thinking like the herd--you will remain ignorant!  Take time to travel to where the questionable events are taking place, interview locals about what they know, find eye-opening information via alternative media, former workers, and find out who is connected to who when researching.  Sooner or later the truth will set you free.  I did something similar with questions I had related to law enforcement, health care, education, etc.  Learn how these people are trained and why they do what they do.

People with hidden agendas, whether elitists or not, appreciate those who choose to stay ignorant.  "That ain't got nothing to do with me...I don't care.  So what, let them do that, I can't do anything!  Why you bringing this to me, I'm good.  You know that's conspiracy besides n*ggas need to keep their mouths shut!"

Intelligent African American people find out what is meaningful to you and I and work hard to be sure they provide you with meaningless related topics, rather than the ones that could positively impact our lives.  Do you know there is a world of toys to educate the young people that Walmart wouldn't even bother to carry because they know you wouldn't buy them?  Did you know there are wealthy African American inventors that are alive today, but you don't know their names because they are rarely if ever mentioned in schools?  Did you know there are people in this world who died trying to get the truth to you about elitists blacks who work alongside racists to kill, steal, and destroy your families systematically?  Did you know that most media is created to influence the masses to do any number of things that meet governmental needs?  For example, need more military recruits make those video games and toys more accessible to those who live in economically depressed areas.  How about change your mind about what is good and what is evil by bombarding you with movies and books that are sin-friendly and break traditional spiritual views?  Now you are more likely to accept and be a part of some things that go against your morals. "Got you and your family", says the wolf in sheep's clothing!  Then what are you going to do, go back and tell everyone how, "It's's alright...I don't have any problem with those people, besides I am one..."  

So if you truly want to find out the latest information about what national or local government is up to and whether your local civic group is really a help or a hindrance to your community in mind, body and spirit, then do research!  What is really going on with a latest program and what is the long-term impact and has a similar program in another state or country been used and how did it affect those people later in life?  For instance, check out educational funding and new opportunities for the poor to attend school in your area.  Your local media will be sure to show yet another gang-related event, a "fun" human interest piece that you and others could care less about, or blow up a car chase, robbery or murder on every station in your area and repeat it over and over again to make you feel so down that you do nothing not even bother to clean your house.

The public's right to know is out the window and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. By the way I went to college for journalism and mass communications so that is why I am sensitive to media tomfoolery.  Nowadays, you don't have a right to know beyond the shooting that occurred in your community and how once again someone was let off.  You don't need to worry over where your tax dollars are going or not going, because it is assumed that your people don't bother to pay taxes anyway.  Why bother asking questions about what your country can do for you, since you don't plan on doing too much of anything for it?  They took a look at the welfare rolls.  You get the point.

Going back to the title of this blog entry, ignorance is bliss, but to who?  

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner and the Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic 


They Need Not Place a Burning Cross on the Front Lawn Nowadays - - Their Secret Wishes for Bad Things to Happen to Us

They don't know what kind of "black" you are and at the end of the day they really could care less about those of us who want so bad to fit in where you really don't belong. 

We come in different shades and have many personalities too.  So they (being non-blacks) expect whatever they heard, saw or experienced about black people to prove their personal thoughts correct.  If the memories were positive non-blacks might give you a chance, but if not, past memories remind them to proceed with caution and expect the worse.  The cocky and rich nigg@s, argumentative black woman, angry black man, crazy ghetto addicts, black ghetto ho, grumpy, old black dude, over-the-top holy roller, and whatever else their history with African Americans tells them..."I hope this one isn't going to be a problem or else..."

The KKK mentality (white power superiority complex) is alive and well still (sigh), but you already knew that.  Those of you confident African Americans who got far too comfortable while Obama sat in office were blinded by kindness and temporal special favor coming from one or a few non-blacks in your social or work circles.  Yet, the reality that pride and prejudice is still around showed up in the form of police shootings, racial bias, and manufactured chaos in mainstream media organized by elitists. The agenda was to rock the boat to usher in the white man back in office and create civil unrest so that the "help, save us" mentality would show up again among the people desperate to make America great again, but for who?  You already know the answer to that question. 

For years on this blog, in between the entertaining YouTube videos, I warned you in bold commentary that exposed the media foolishness while warning you to remain calm about what you were seeing--the plan was to provoke us again and again to react and add to the chaos so that political agendas could go forward.  Even now, I still see the systematic brainwashing applied by influencers in media (no matter the ethnicity) to recondition your  African mind not to think beyond the natural.  You are not to think highly of yourself (which is not only a worldly problem but a spiritual one too), self-improve, empower others, gain wealth that exceeds others who expect all things wrong from you, etc. 

You are thought of by elitists as a cocky puppet who doesn't comply (whether standing up or down) and has to be publicly humiliated and controlled by the strings that were accepted by you whether you were in the know about the fine print to wear them or not.  Its unfortunate that some of our people just can't be humble about anything, often assume the worse even when there is no drama ongoing, and all-too-willing to go down fighting in wars without a clear objective--much of which is brought on by racists men and women who act like bullies rather than public servants.

Now the cross burnings of yesteryear and those probably still ongoing around the world need not be done since there are more than enough demonic entities conjured up by devil-worshipping elitists who simply wish for nothing good to happen.  But I won't be surprised if this starts back up again since so much from the past is being broadcasted once again in a variety of ways in movies, print, and more (hangings of black men, black face, racial stereotypes for jokes, the use of the N word by non-blacks, black R&B music pushed back and white singers pushed forward singing soulful sounds, and more).  Those of us who have been around for some time, saw the uprising of these mind-controlled tactics all before. 

Old school, bigoted whites aren't too happy with us moving in their neighborhoods.  Take notice, we shop at their stores, attend primarily white events and go to other places where they are, so some might cover up their negative thoughts with fake smiles and limp handshakes or in my case just stare or glare.  We arrive in their schools and bias teachers (that could have been fair to our children) lower letter grades on subjects that they will give their own a passing grade or chance to improve, nit-pick about details on homework and tests, look the other way when personal problems arise, or don't bother to change anything in the curriculum knowing full well a child is mentally-handicapped or has some kind of personality disorder. 

Date outside your race...experience put-downs, ignoring behavior and more by covert in-laws who are secretly unsupportive.  Have a faith?  Spend your fair share of time around mean-spirited non-black church leaders and staff that should know better not to be prideful or prejudice and you will come away with a spiritual battle from Satan making you feel like you are not worthy to come back.  How about online?  Our websites, blogs, or social pages are rarely, if ever, featured without much money invested, at times ignored, flagged, problematic and expensive to maintain, so a large number of us have to do things that don't look black in order to lure people in if we want to take our businesses to the next level--it's just not enough of us nationwide. 

Once we grow weary of all the worrying, wondering, or crying about someone or group mistreating us, we are told we are "too emotional, reading too much into things, stay in the box, in the square, in your lane...," we are muzzled, ridiculed, shamed, ostracized, and abandoned by not only non-blacks, but our own self-hating people for speaking up and demanding change.

No, non-blacks don't need to put a cross on front lawns around AmeriKKKa when there are far too many ways nowadays to wish/hope/think/plan/and execute wickedness.  Stay in prayer and launch spiritual warfare on those who falsely assume that we are an ignorant, impoverished, and powerless people.  I beg to differ.  But just in case the cross-burnings are next on the list, well don't fear, take the media attention and use it to promote your business, products, and services while turning what was meant for evil into something good.  Share your faith, gain popularity, and educate non-blacks and foreigners on the truth about U.S.

Nicholl McGuire 


Black Owned Business Resources - Buy Black Movement

The following are a few sites you might want to check out this holiday season.  They list many websites around the web owned by African Americans or sell African American related merchandise.  Please check them out and buy!  FYI  I get nothing for recommending these sites.

1) Buy Black Movement - think outside the box this holiday season.  You don't have to shop with the stores that everyone knows, do something different!

2) Support Black Owned - a free Black and African American owned business directory and blog filled with thousands of Black, Moorish, and African American owned businesses and members

3) Black Owned Businesses - check out black businesses near you!

Useful Business Resources

1) Top 10 Cities for Black Owned Businesses

2) If you haven't registered with directories, you should.  By listing your business, you get additional online exposure.  The following is an example:

3) Nation's Largest Black Businesses as of 2014 according to Black Enterprise

If you are a business owner, send over your press release, website link with description and image (optional) or social media page url to and we will include you on this site permanently.  Please be advised all requests are subject to review.  Offensive material will be rejected.  We welcome donations to help with our site's needs, so do consider giving, thanks.

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