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Naive Black Folks Thinking Everybody is their Friend

It seems all innocent.  You are told about a certain black movie depicting blacks in a negative light.  You finally get to watch the movie and it's all too funny, that is between you and those who look like you.  However, there will be those one or two non-blacks in your circle who feel they know you well enough to talk to you in that "black" tone or voice.  They say the slang and might even dance a jig.  At first, you might laugh and even play along until they overdo it!  Can I just say, why allow them to entertain you in the first place?  Besides, can you trust them?

I'm guilty as charged laughing with the pretenders.  Let me explain.  Back in the day, when I didn't know any better, I would laugh along with the non-blacks when they would move their lips in a certain way, emulate ghetto language while putting their hands on their hips and rolling their necks.  But in time, I noticed a pattern that started to develop.  Every time they got around me, they felt like they had to go into character.  I was reminded of this when I sat next to a non-black twenty-something year old at my old workplace last year.  Whenever I said anything to her, she felt she had to answer with a, " up?"  One day in my best white voice I answered her back.  She looked at me, then shut up.  She didn't have much to say to me after that.

Recently, I was reminded of a past invite to go out to dinner with a friend.  During dinner, it wasn't long before I detected he was one of those know-it-all non-blacks who thought he was in touch with the black populace because he ate some soul food, had that one black friend, supervised a few blacks, and watched black movies.  Mind you, we were dining in a group which really made him want to put on a good front.  I knew he was trying extra hard to "be down" being that he knew I was offended by one of his relatives making a racial epithet about a black who had visited his home.  So he started with how his ethnicity was like ours.  Then he went on about his personal experiences with blacks.  He even joked periodically with one of his few black workers.  I just listened.  I feed people like this out of a long-handled spoon, as my grandma once told me.  "Just smile, laugh along.  They ain't your friends.  As soon as you make them mad enough," she said.  "They will call you a n*gga!"  I had that experience online already.  But in person it had been years since I was called the "n" word, rather than call me that, non-blacks will act like one in an attempt to insult your intelligence.  Meanwhile, naive blacks just excuse the behavior as, "Oh he's just joking...I don't care.  I do it back."  Evidently, it must bother you sometimes, otherwise you wouldn't act like a fool right along with him, right?  I realized this in my own personal experience.  From the non-black who thinks she is better than you to the ignoramus, someone will always use stereotypes to put you in check or think they are being friendly, so they think.

Blacks that think they are "in" with certain groups don't like this kind of talk.  They accuse other blacks insulted by the stereotypical jokes of non-blacks as being "so sensitive." These na├»ve, ignorant black folks want to believe that all is "great, wonderful...she is such a good friend...I would give my right arm for him..." Funny, how blind they are when some non-blacks don't want to be bothered with them anymore. 

Oh yeah, black man and black woman, you both are good friends when you don't have to compete, eat, drink, work, or do anything else together on a regular basis with some pretenders.  They just "love" you!  But try dating their cousin, moving in with their family, or doing something else that requires more than enough time studying you, then what?  Some will embrace you, might even go so far as to forget you are black.  These are the type that sincerely do love blacks.  I have encountered a few.  Notice I said, a few.  These non-blacks went through hell with family and friends to love others outside their ethnicity.  They made sacrifices.  They cried, fought, and hurt someone about ridiculing blacks.  They didn't say one thing, then do another thing behind a black person's back--they truly showed love.  These people were "the real."  But pretenders?  They won't do much for you, unless they can monetarily benefit in some way.  Notice I said, get money from you, nothing else.  If they can't make money on you, you don't rank high on the friendship list.  You will know this, because you are the last person they will share their personal business with and you might be overlooked when it comes to those important events in their lives.

Blacks who defend the pretenders, I have to laugh at.  So deceived, because they got a few handouts from them.  The non-black may have also covered or lied for them about one thing or another.  "That's my buddy!  I just love her, she looks out for me."  Sure, but did you ever ask what did he or she stand to benefit from helping you out?  Hmmm.  You better not act like you want to bite the hand that feeds you even if he or she is in the wrong.  What might happen, you ask?  They will rat you out.  "He took that...I didn't give him that...while he worked for us, he was often leaving the job on personal business...He stole from us, he took office supplies home...I actually had to work long hours while he talked on the phone to his many women friends...She was always going out with some guy on the job...I tried to counsel her..."

One must know the difference between the pretender and "the real."

Nicholl McGuire


You Won't Read Much About Presidents, Politicians, Athletes & Black Leaders on This Site

Over the years, I have heard much rhetoric coming from presidents, politicians, and black leaders that I don't bother to spread their names and/or messages around if I can help myself. 

If you really want to learn more about black leaders, there is already an abundance of information out in cyberworld about them.  So in case you were wondering, this is why you don't see a long list of celebrity names, government leaders and the like on this blog. 

Like many people who saw our first black president get sworn in back in 2008, I was hyped up on "change" despite knowing full well he is a paid spokesperson for the powers that really be! 

I have long abandoned so-called black leaders in mainstream media that are supposed to represent the people.  To me, they are nothing more than false prophets created to keep us angry and upset about things that really have nothing to do with us, but everything to do about "them."  Poor people keep giving to the rich, meanwhile nothing truly gets done. 

I am not the one you will find jumping on the bandwagon these days to support anyone just because "you black like me..."  Just like we all come in many shades and sizes, so does our mentalities.  Let's just be honest,  those who are consumed by money no longer think that they are like the rest of us, black or for purposes of this blog I should say, African American.

It's unfortunate but some of us think that the only thing that we ought to care about is what a media organization deems as newsworthy for blacks.  They show us, better than they can tell us, that we should be interested in what people who have no power to do anything for us are:  saying, doing, viewing, shopping for, and listening to.  Why should I care anything about how a grown man lives who bounces a ball around?  Why is it so important to know what some politician thinks as opposed to what he has really done for my local community?  Why would I give my hard-earned money to finance an event led by so-called leaders and there is no business plan that shows me truly where my investment is going?  Banks require this, why don't we?

Subliminally we are to imitate the president--he is like the teacher's pet, teach your children to follow his lead, because rich white America is growing weary of your ghetto self!  Mainstream media also tells us in subliminal language to trust the politician, you know he means well, yeah right!  Then the most stupidest brainwashing of all, but many black folks still fall for it, support the athlete (and other entertainers), and march with the black leader.  It doesn't matter that these people have a long history of lying, cheating on partners, taking money from the poor, and living a lifestyle that is overall offensive.   Media says, "They will help you, if you help the powers that be."  The brainwashed recruiters sign up more puppets and then reports back to the puppet master with his findings.  That's the true essence of a bought and paid for black leader!  Check the history, you might be disappointed with what might find about yesteryear's sell-outs.  Watch how they position their hands in photographs--they are telling the powers that be something, see the people who look at them in the background--wonder what might be there connection, and check out symbols on clothes and things on and around them.

I guess those who come up with these emotionally hyped up events where people are crying, yelling, dancing, singing--otherwise known as shucking and jiving ie.) they got Obama to do it--think that we are still dumb Negro slaves.  The sad part is some of our people unfortunately still have that same mentality!

Nicholl McGuire

When you want to read something other than our people --lol, stop by Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and be inspired to come up higher!    


The California African American Museum

While living in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, California, I got the fortunate experience to walk-through the California African American Museum.  It was so nice to see the original attire of celebrity performers, beautiful artwork by African Americans, and tour a very clean and organized facility.  When you are in Los Angeles County, do check them out.  Learn more here.


Real Housewives of ATL Entertaining, But a Lie

There is nothing "real" about any reality show and the Real Housewives of ATL is no exception!  One thing we might all agree on when it comes to this show is that most of the women keep it "real" ghetto.  However, it seems that the wind is changing for the only white woman on the show, Kim.  The storyline is changing and she is starting to act like she has it more together than the sisters, how ironic?  So are these women true housewives?  This is where the lie comes in.

If you have ever bothered to think why would this show be titled something that it is not?  You are off to a great start.  We can answer that question simply by looking at three facts.  Fact one: real housewives do watch the show.  The title is designed to call out a certain group of women to watch the program, so why not use the name in the title of the group you are trying to market to?  This is just a clever attempt to get real housewives to tune in.  Why do that?  Because chances are the viewer is married or living with a man who makes a significant income.  However, once a real housewife starts watching, she quickly realizes that the show isn't what it advertises.  Yet, the viewer reasons she will watch anyway, because she can relate to some of the characters.  Maybe some of the characters remind her of a sister, cousin or Aunt. Basically, she ignores the lie and continues to watch simply for a laugh, an emotional charge, or to pass time.  Now on to fact two:  black women love to spend money on material things.  If you don't believe that, check out past surveys that show the spending habits of black women on things like hair and beauty items.  Lastly, fact three:  there aren't many TV programs to choose from that relate to black women.  Sure, you may find a movie or a talk show on this channel and that one and maybe a reality show based on another entertainment category like sports or hip hop, but are there any shows that have moments like these on this show where black people have some deep issues they are dealing with such as: a troubled marriage, a death of a partner, or child support drama?

So why lie and title these women something they obviously are not?  If you have ever read or researched information that exposes hard-truths about the entertainment industry, then you already know the answer to that question.  The whole foundation is built on lies, greed, deceit-- you name it!  The truth is an ATL housewife is not at home taking care of the children like a real housewife from sun up to sun down.  The wealthy have people who care and manage the children.  An ATL housewife isn't walking around with a rag on her head on most days cleaning toilets, doing dishes, cooking, and whatever other household responsibilities.  Most of these women on the show may have done things like that back in the day, but not today!  In addition, many of these women aren't married; even worse, one of the women on the show doesn't qualify to be anything but a single, black woman with a business.  So she represents nothing more than hope, "I hope I get a man some day..." that's the other group that is being marketed to since many of them have married friends.  So how convenient she would market sex toys to single sistahs!

The truth is that this show was created to get the real housewife out of the house, away from her children, and in the workplace making money and paying taxes to the government like many workers in America!  What good is a mother, who wants to stay at home with her children, to a greedy society?  For decades there has always been a push by those who can't stay home with their children or have no desire to be at home, along with those women who have no children to tell the stay-at-home mother to go to work.  If she so much as slips up and says, "I am so tired of being at home," she is bombarded with a group of folks telling her, "Well get a job then!"

When the stay-at-home mother makes the decision to work, all local businesses know that there will be more money pumped in the economy which means more money for them!  So why not encourage her to get a job?  Local businesses know the black career mom will want to look her best like those ATL wannabe housewives.  Therefore, she will need to shop local stores for her constantly changing wardrobe.  Then there is the local stylist she will need to keep her ATL inspired weave, wig or track to stay fresh and in place.  You know sistahs love to get that head done!  The real housewife turned career woman will need to put those babies (who get on her last nerve) in daycare, right?  So the daycare will get paid too.  What about the car she will be driving?  Throw in the car note, the insurance, gas and upkeep!  Black women love their apartments and homes, don't they?  So now she will have the money from her job to buy whatever she "wants" (notice I didn't say need) to keep that home looking nice, so when relatives come over they will say. "Oh girl, your place is beautiful!"  See how the bills are starting to pile high--everybody is getting paid?!  When a woman works, she wants more and this so-called reality show with its false images of housewives is helping instill that belief!

So you see, it's costly to work and it's also costly to keep a lie going.  So each week there has to be some hyped up drama instigated by these women to keep you, real housewives, tuning in.  When you are so distracted with all the stylin' and profilin' between the screaming matches, you no longer see the truth!

You have to realize that there are entities behind shows like this with big pockets!  These entities report directly to our government.  They spend years observing what our people buy and then use their findings to bring you a show that isn't about building up the black community, but once again taking from the black community.  They already know how much black women spend on their hair, makeup, wardrobe, cars, houses, and more before a show like this goes on the air.  Therefore, they figure out a way to keep the black community spending; rather than saving by using a "fake" show like this.  Some elitists know that if blacks start saving their money, they will start creating businesses and when they do that, less money will be available for the powers that be and for those blacks who don't want competition from other blacks.

A few of these women on the show are educated and know better.  But what do they care?  Poor blacks will always be poor and ignorant to some of them, so why not market the latest wine to them since they like going to the bar (ie. Bar One) and whatever else we can get them to buy (ie. sex toys.)  Meanwhile, behind closed doors, marketing professionals are saying to those fake housewives, "You get paid, I get paid, we all get paid.  If they are stupid enough to fall for it, shame on them!"

When we are hoodwinked, bamboozled and the like, by our own people, we start making up excuses, shooting the messenger, and taking on a defensive stance when it comes to truth, but rather than doing all that, you might as well face the truth!  Know that these ladies are owned by corporate entities like master owned their ancestors back in the day.  The difference is he had to beat the black woman to get her to submit, but these days if you wave the right amount of cash in front of her, she will say, "Now what might I do for you?"  Notice, how we see a white man buying shoes for Nee-Nee these days, hmm.  It doesn't matter their education, upbringing, or who they know or befriend, some of our people will do anything for a dollar!

Nicholl McGuire


A Black Woman + A Strong Personality = Angry Black Woman

I saw the front page of Yahoo about First Lady Michelle Obama speaking out about the angry black woman perception.  Don't you love it?  As if no other ethnicity gets angry?  Have these people watched any reality shows of non-blacks screaming, yelling, fighting, getting "attitudes" and the like with others?  Come on, now!  However, people don't have anything to talk about if one isn't doing something to make them talk--hmmm.  I'm thinking of all the black men who ran their mouths and added to the angry black woman perception.  These folks exploited off the ignorant and ghetto once again.  Put their business out in the street and now they got everyone talking.  Sister girl from around the way is not sister girl in the corporate office.  Two different kind of black women with two very different types of anger.

Take for instance, Shay (a character I made-up) is "tripping" because her man didn't pay child support and hasn't been around to see their baby since God knows when.  Rochelle, whose working in corporate America, is upset because she is tired of dating "jive turkeys" (that's an old 70s term-lol,) translated some low-down black men that she has to "keep putting in check" (translated telling off.)  So these two women aren't allowed to get angry?  Now if Shay and Rochelle was standing in line getting loud with the check-out clerk at the grocery store, well I can see how that is just downright embarrassing.  But should anyone paint the picture that all black women are angry?  That's what ignorant, ghetto whites do when they don't understand or like black women.  "See I told ya, she is an angry black woman!  All I tried to do was help her.  Why is she making a big deal that I touched her food with no gloves...why is she so angry that I cut her in line...why is she making a mountain out of a molehill because I gave her a dirty glass at the restaurant?"

Do you recall a more outspoken Michelle in the early days?  I do.  Obama and his staff had to quiet her mouth. Back then, Sister girl (before she was First Lady) was talking to folks candidly.  Then they quieted her. The First Lady's husband's PR team told her a few things that most likely went something like this, "If you don't want to cost your husband the presidency, keep your mouth shut!"  But these days, I don't think they care anymore and seem to be creating a bit of chaos to get First Lady to start running her mouth again so that they can blame the black woman later if her husband should lose the presidency.  However, if you have been watching the media carefully, you know that it is already in the plan to try to get Obama out irregardless.

Let's be honest we all have some strong personalities in our families.  Now the non-blacks want to describe it as "angry," so be it.  I think it's all an attempt to make us docile, you know go back to them, "Yes m'am, yes sir...Ms. and Mr." days.  I still see evidence of that down here in the south with the old blacks when a white person comes around, but I don't want to go there today, I might get angry--lol.

Look, if every time a sister raises her eyebrow or voice is going to be accused of being angry, then who cares?  Really?  I guess it's just one more thing for non-blacks to talk and joke about.  I can see it now a generation of young black women trying real hard not to get angry for fear that an uncomfortable non-black is going to accuse her of being an angry black woman. 

Thanks Tyler Perry for all your help in capitalizing off the angry black woman, not!  Thanks for making this all such a big deal mainstream media, not!  So what now?  I just see once again another agenda similar to the homosexual one.  It goes something like this, call people names to oppress them ie.) angry black woman!  This way they will be more careful about acting a certain way around you ie.) politically correct behavior.  Make them do what you want by offering alternatives to their offensive behavior ie.) recommend anger management.  This way you control them and not the other way around.  This is all so that you, who are really the offensive one, (ie. a rich black) no longer makes the rich and poor, uneducated non-black uncomfortable.   

Nicholl McGuire 


What About Daddy? The African American Father is Accused of Not Being Bothered with His Children

I was talking to an older relative not that long ago about what I noticed when observing black men with their children and I was disappointed with what I saw.  Some were in their children's lives, but not really doing much with them.  Others were not in their children's lives and acted as if they had no children.  So the listener told me, "Oh, you didn't know?  Black men don't play with their children.  Take up time?  They don't do that." 

I must admit I was angered by what I saw and what the relative said.  Is this true?  Most black men don't have time for their children.  Is this something that non-blacks know and capitalize off of it?  Are those in powerful positions constantly at work to ensure that the black man doesn't have time for his children?

This wasn't one of those blame it on "The Man" moments for me, so I threw that thought out of my head.  It was evident upon closer inspection of my own personal experiences and others, that many, definitely not all, black men were not the kind that was going to get off the couch and play with the kids.  "I don't do that," one father told me.  He felt like bringing home the money was good enough.  So was this really an issue of laziness?

What is so difficult for a man, any man, to stop watching TV and go take the kids somewhere or get a ball, toy or game and just sit down and play with them or better yet teach them something school-related?  Now some men would say, "Well I take up time with my child.  We play video games.  We go places."  That's good for your household, but seriously that isn't enough.  But there are many men who rarely (if ever) do even that much!  Ask the single African American mothers who are raising little black boys and girls by themselves, Where is daddy and if he is around, what exactly is he doing to contribute to the lives of his children mentally, physically and spiritually?

Oh, we know where some daddies are, don't we?  Sometimes he is in the bed of his other woman or women.  Sometimes he is too busy making money to give a "you-know-what."  Other times he is at the bar, the club or just out in the street.  There are those times when he is working the field selling whatever to whoever or he is at the plant, the site or corporate office just doing his thing.  Meanwhile, his children are driving mama crazy with all their requests!  "Mama would you play with me?  Mama could you take me to the mall?  Mama when is daddy coming to get me?" 

When Mama drops the ball when trying to fulfill all her children's demands, she is considered "a bad mom."  I ask again, "Where is daddy?"  We all should be asking this question.

Daddy may be right there in the home, but this doesn't mean that daddy is doing anything with those kids, but maybe disciplining them.  "Take bed!  Sit your...down!  If you come over here one more time..."  He is watching the game, his movie, listening to his music, talking on his cell phone, or out in the garage working on his car.  He has no time for kids and he isn't ashamed to tell you.  "I work all d*mn day!  I ain't got time for these children!  They better go somewhere and sit down and play!"  Daddy was raised by old school parents, "Children were made to be seen, but not heard."
So is daddy's lack of taking up time with the children really an issue of acting selfish?

There is something wrong when we have so many black males acting feminine.  The absentee father or overly macho dad plays a part in the effeminization of the black male.  Don't blame mama when Johnny is switching his tail and throwing up his hands!  There is also something wrong when we have daughters trying to act like sons.  His daughter is dressing like a boy, talking like boys and wishing she was a boy, uh oh!  So many fathers of these children blaming "their mama."  But what about you, brotha?  What are you doing or not doing?  That's your sissy son and Tomboy daughter you talk negatively about and then you want to blame their mama?! 

Fathers, are you really sitting down with your children on a regular basis teaching them life lessons or are you leaving it up to the schools and the local civic groups (which I might add are primarily run by non-blacks?) 

When I talked about this issue of some, once again not all, black men not spending time or playing with their children with men and women over the years, there were excuses.  Some said, "He's in jail, can't do anything when he's in jail.  He don't have any education.  He don't make much money.  He is busy doing other things.  He works all day.  He's tired."  The men that were in some of these women's lives got the pass on not taking time with the children, because he was a good provider.  "Hey, he brings home the money!  I'm not complaining," a mother of two told me once.  However, the men who weren't in the family's lives, didn't get a break.  "He was a no good $^%#!  Ignorant son of #$%^&!"  and whatever other name they could come up with.

I personally believe it is up to each father to seriously take a look at how much time he is spending doing other things on and away from the homefront as compared to how involved he is in his children's lives.  Children grow up fast!  They only ask parents to be a part of their world's for a time and then one day they aren't asking anymore.  They start not caring whether mom or dad shows up to their events.  Their progress in school starts to take a slow decline.  Before long, they start acting sneaky, lying and doing other things to get the attention from someone or some group since dad couldn't care less because his job, TV shows, his women, his friends or whatever else are more important. 

Nicholl McGuire


Fast Girl

Now let me take you back today.  Do you remember fast girl?  Now I'm not talking about a girl from your childhood who could run real fast.  You know "that one" who would come running over to tell you about some nasty thing she did or what she claimed someone else did with so and so!  You either stood there and laughed or you said, "Ooo I'm tellin'!"  Oh fast girl, she was something else, wasn't she?  She could mix and flip cuss words, call body parts unusual names, and leave you thinking abut what she said for days, weeks even the rest of your life!  She taught hand games with nasty words in them, she sang nasty songs, and she did nasty things with her fingers to get a laugh.

Running around with her tight pants, polished nails, and her hair all done before she was 13, fast girl was always in trouble with her mama!  She was always described as, "Cute" and many boys liked her.  Some boys wanted to be with her so much that they touched her everywhere!  She didn't care.  She would just laugh and run.  But some of those boys caught up with fast girl and they weren't always so nice.  Fast girl always had a hater.  Oftentimes when fast girl fought, it was usually about a boy.  Fast girl eventually grew up to be mean, fast girl.  She wasn't laughing anymore, now was she?  Body started declining due to all the babies she had or didn't have.  She may have reached out to the Lord to help her or maybe she reached out to other things like more men, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or all of the above!

Speed up to the present day and fast girl represents our modern day entertainers.  Fast girls are all over TV, aren't they?  They're copycats and then they're real fast girls.  The kind that will give it up for a little bit of anything like those in our communities back in the day.

Fast girl hasn't died, she just multiplied!  She is parading around men and women exposing thighs, breasts-- you name it.  Sex sells she is told.  Fast girl is still thinking she is cute whether she is or isn't.  These girls whether on or off TV entice your man or someone else's man by putting their 'you know what' all up in his view.  You use to laugh along with fast girl back in the day.  Maybe some of you are considered to still be fast by those around you.  But fast girl isn't any fun when she is tempting your man.  Her butt-naked self thinks she is a god to all men and boys and the dumb ones fall for her tacky, nasty self every time, now don't they?

Some of us seriously need to take the time to talk to our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins and play cousins about fast girl.  Matter of fact, if your sons and daughters are grown, you might want to remind them especially if they claim to be Christian.  It's not cute or right to be sitting anywhere only to look to the right or left and find one advertising that big ole butt sitting on her chest or those tight pants trying to keep that behind in place.  How can one sit in church and praise the Lord in peace when stuff is wiggling all around them like Jello? 

Anyway, fast girl has been taking over the black community for many, many years now.  She is leading men down a path of destruction with all her smooth talk, hidden agendas, and meetings in the boardroom about how she can get men to want more of her brand.  She is also tempting women too!  Just like fast girl back in the day, she didn't mind hugging and sometimes kissing on her girlfriends.  She wasn't ashamed about looking at and/or touching her friend's body.  Who knows, she probably tried to turn her out!  Fast girl is turning out many young women with her fast messages, fast wardrobe, and fast car.  She targets the single, lonely woman who just can't get a man or the young impressionable girl.  She teaches her how to act like a ho and take that man for whatever he has.

So how did fast girl end up being so fast?  If you recall, her daddy didn't care about her (that's if she even knew who her daddy was.)  Her mama was most likely fast back in her heyday.  Fast girl also wasn't too smart and sometimes she just wasn't wrapped too tight in that brain.  She had issues!  Fast girl may have been hurting on the inside because some nasty, dirty old man or woman bothered her.  What was she going to do with all that ugliness that was in her?  Release it.  Find ways to let it all go.  Unfortunately, she released in ways that the devil praised her for while the majority of society ridiculed her.

However, these days, fast girl is being worshiped, accepted, emulated, and treated like a queen!  She isn't ashamed of her gospel.  She keeps spreading her lies of acceptance.  She continues to justify her life's decisions.  She doesn't find any faults within her.  She points the finger back at those who point it at her.  Fast girl is considered sweet, sexy, nice, and someone you should be blessed to have in your circle.

Why is fast girl so popular nowadays?  Because lustful men and women gave her an important position in society.  They planned her design and it started with unveiling her on every television set in America.  Think of the popular movie back in the day called, "Pretty Woman."  I was only 16 back when that came out.  Back then, all the critics kept describing Julia Roberts as beautiful-lol.  They made that movie into a Cinderella type of love story and many of us bought into it hook, line and sinker!  That movie used to be one of my favorites until I knew better.  Now some creative elitists took that movie and put modern day Pretty Woman in our entertainment industry on steroids.  They made her into a god-like being!  They play on the minds of fans and make them believe she has power!  So many, to this day, worship the statue of Virgin Mary; therefore, why wouldn't there be a prostitute for an idol?  Good and evil balance themselves out, so one might think.  The idol creators are looking for a good release of all that is dark with them too just like fast girl and it comes shining through with all their idol worship!  Just take a look around.

Nicholl McGuire


Smart Black Folks: You Know Them, You're Probably One

Most of us recognize a smart, wise black person a mile away!  It may be the way they walk, talk, or just react to certain situations.  Now I'm not talking about just any intelligent black person, but a certain one, that no matter the title, you just know, "Now this one, he's smart!  Yeah, I could listen to her!" 

Now smart, wise, I mean truly smart, wise people, aren't popular. I am referring to people that are both book smart and spiritually wise.  They are usually the ones who aren't making television appearances, aren't particularly affiliated with any group, rarely if ever, market any of their products (if they have any,) and you most likely won't find them posing on the front of magazines trying to make their name a brand-- oh no!  These people reserve their wisdom for a select few.  Like the Holy Bible warns, they don't cast their pearls to swine!

I truly enjoy the company of intelligent, wise people, but if they are solely book smart, well those type, not so much.  They can be a bit dry, boring and really don't seem to be interested in conversing or listening to others.  They maybe playing with fingers, looking around, staring through you, and randomly commenting on things that don't always connect the dots.  "Well yes, I hear what you are saying, but I would like to express my concern about blah, blah, blah, blah...I see you like onyx, now do you?  I couldn't help but notice your ring..."  Huh? You think.  Many of the "out-there, brainy" types disassociate themselves from being black and seem to criticize and/or insult you because you are black and dare I say it, in their eyes, "One of the ignorant."  

Now smart, wise black folk come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  However, like everyone else, they are flawed people.  Some will admit a wrong, but others gradually lose their "smart" points with me when they are so busy putting their brains to use that they fail to use common sense!  Some of you reading this, know what I am talking about, you probably got one or two in your inner circle.

Now these people may look smart, act smart, but when talking to these folks, they fail to incorporate wisdom in their conversations, because simply put, their egos get in the way!  At first, they appear open to listen to you.  They may respond as if interested or let you do all the talking until they think they have let you hang yourself.  Then that's when they will listen less, do alot of interrupting in the conversation (or cutting you off,) finger-pointing and criticizing so as to appear all-knowing.  I say, save that phoenix god mentality for someone stupid, because this sister isn't buying it!

Before long, the once smart, wise black person becomes a smart (you fill in the blank,) realizes you know more about a certain subject matter, they go off in a different direction, hoping that you will go there with them and never return to your original thought. 

Worse, some intelligent black folk get slick, that's right I said "get slick," and try to steal your wise thought and make it their own by saying, "Well what I was implying...what I meant to misunderstood me..."   Yeah sure.  The next thing you know, they are repeating your idea and/or opinion right back to you just in a slightly different way.  They may even throw in a few big words to sound well, shall we say, "Proper..." think of the voice of that character Madea when you read this, "Propuuurr."

It's all funny to me as I write.  I think of the head games that even those we consider wise will play when debating.  Don't ever underestimate that smart, wise old woman or that high IQ seated before you.  They might look a little strange, may not have as much materially as you, but they do know a thing or two.  Some of us, as someone once told me when I was a teenager, are just too smart for our own good.

Nicholl McGuire


Don't Be Fooled with False Messages of Love & Peace

Every organization with a hidden agenda will claim that their objective is about love and peace for all humanity, but you have to question how true are their actions.  Sure, they will start off with what appears to be innocent looking photos of people smiling and having a good time doing typical things.

These deceptive organizers will invite the curious to meetings with tables decorated with beautifully arranged desserts.  They will even go so far as to present "survivors, victims" and others before audiences at these meetings to reaffirm their so-called love and peace messages.  This is all so that you will go along with their agendas.  You may have attended a meeting like this recently.  Tears flowed from your eyes and before you know it you were writing a check or reaching in your wallet for a few dollars to "help, research" or "support the cause."

Every system is made up of an internal and external circle.  Others are created with a pyramid model.  Those leaders at the top know the full plan if the business or group is using a pyramid system.  Those who are considered the most important figures may use a circle model where they represent the inner core.  Now when it comes to the rest of us (that is if we didn't create the organization) we will either fall in the middle or down at the bottom of the pyramid or somewhere outside of the circle.  You never know all that is going on at the top unless you are the top! 

So what do these shapes have to do with the messages that we are given by society?  Plenty.  In order to push an agenda, one must come up with a business plan.  He or she must know how to get their messages across.  Therefore, the founder, creator or leader needs a successful business model to follow, complete with investors, managers, assistants, supporters and other workers toward "the cause" whether that "cause" be morally right or wrong. 

Daily you are being subjected to someone else's agenda based on their associations.  However, some of us "know-it all" black folks think our ideas are solely ours when we have been nothing more than victims of manipulative teachings designed to further make us ignorant of "the cause."  Some of us "mind my own business" black folks get subjected to the brainwashing then pass those false teachings down to our children and spread the gossip to relatives.  Then there are those "conscious" black folks that do more harm than good by not properly investigating all matters of concern; therefore, perpetuating the same twisted, immoral ideologies of non-black folks while calling it "education."    

For example, if those elitists at the top of a pyramid shape are homosexual, single and have lots of money, they will want to change the majority's opinion about them, about their families and finances in order to further their cause(s.)  They will also want to increase in power, fame, income and even receive a self-esteem boost considering they most likely have been talked about by the majority for their peculiar behaviors.  Someone in their group's meeting may suggest ways to get the public to go along with the group's point of view.  For instance, the homosexual says, "Let's compare the gay struggle with the blacks civil rights movement...let's talk about bullying going on in schools and compare that to the bullying we have received...let's tell the Christian church how they ought to love us since they are always talking about Christ loving all people...let's talk to people about world peace and then use our struggle like that of a soldier on the battlefield fighting an enemy as examples." 

You see, while you are minding your own business, someone is looking for ways to change your mind.  You can see evidence of this brainwashing at work by the sheer number of straight people talking about gay issues--go figure!?   Not only that, they will go so far as to debate about two men and two women having sex behind closed doors and why you should go along!?  If you don't, you are to fear being called a "homophobe" or something else.  These are the days where if you consider yourself to be a believer in a higher power, you better have a backbone even if it means career suicide, being ousted from the organization's circle or worse death! 

We live in a manipulative world filled with signs and symbols that communicate just about every agenda on this planet and if you aren't too careful, you will be spreading a message you may or may not necessarily agree with just to look like you fit in.  Our people have a long history of being strong-minded and opinionated, but in past years, there has been much weakness shown with many of us, starting with the church!  Christians look away when wrongs are committed, "I don't want to say anything because..." some say.  They don't want to say anything about anything out of fear of losing something or receiving a negative backlash from someone or a group they care about.  What happened to the biblical scripture, "For God hath not given the spirit of fear...?"

The manipulator will come with many messages supposedly compromised of love and peace, when in fact, he is really inciting war!  To see his ways in a more personal way, consider a man who wants to end a relationship with a woman.  He may have, at one time, tried to keep the peace in the relationship while constructing a plan of breakup behind the scenes.  The deceptive man may have said nice things to encourage his woman to stay, that is until he was ready to make that major move.  With her nose wide open, the manipulator decides to start a conflict and blame her for all the wrong in the relationship.  Meanwhile, his woman is wondering what happened to all those kind statements about how much he loved her?  Just like the manipulator in this example charming the woman, but later crushing the relationship, there are those that are telling you how much they appreciate your support, but meanwhile they work behind the scenes to further oppress you!

If you aren't watching out for those hidden signs of pending wars both in the media and those on the home-front, you just might be swept away by all the hype of love and peace messages.  "You know I love you baby...I will give you something for helping me...Ride or die all the way...You know we will look out for you...I got your back!"  Sure, they do. 

Those in power want you to embrace their demonic religions, accept homosexuals and put away your own thoughts about their ways, forgive crooked ministers and continue to give your hard-earned money, encourage evil, have sex with the fool, invest in a bad business, shop in stores that cheat, love idols ie.) entertainers, and vote for lying politicians.  It is unfortunate, but we do it in some form or another, we do it and at some point when we fully realize the truth, we must stop it!

Make 2012 your year to seek truth in all its forms.

Nicholl McGuire

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