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Lottery Foolishness

Looking in the eyes of veteran lottery players over the years, I saw the same sparkle in each of their eyes--something that said, "One day I am going to hit the big one."  I couldn't help but think that these old players, 70 plus years, still singing the same ole song.  So that's when I made a mental note to start reading about the history of the United States lottery.  I also checked out other lotteries internationally.  Of course, they are all scams run by none other than people who are very much into numerology, the occult, black magic, and other things that would make some readers go, "What?"

Some of you may have heard of dream books, now I'm not talking about those books that tell you the definition of something that has occurred in your dream.  I'm talking about those old number books that would tell you a three digit number based on something that you dreamnt.  For instance, to dream of dead usually meant 769 would soon hit.  Sometimes the books may include a dream meaning supposedly to help you in life.

Now some old folks swear by these books because they believed they helped them win while others just call them "jinky."  Jinky is just another word for the unlucky in some black circles. You might be called jinky if your three or four digit numbers you gave an old person didn't hit either.  "Keep your jinky numbers, they didn't hit the last time!" 

I started thinking about these number books while researching lotteries and I found that at one time there was a pattern.  Old folks knew when certain cash three numbers were going to hit.  But these days, many players "can't get a good read on them" one player told me.  Now with the use of computers, watching for trends are more difficult.  However, since finding out that lottery owners are very much into numerology and using all sorts of media tools to communicate messages between one another, one must know what the current trends are in your state when lottery playing and how to convey the number messages in order to determine what might come out in the next drawing.

Of course, there are many books that provide systems to increaase odds, but many lottery players will agree that they just don't work.  Sometimes you win, but most often you lose.

Right before your eyes there are many signs, symbols and colors that convey messages between the elitists.  The lottery is no exception. The rich laugh at the poor folks who keep contributing to their games.  Every now and then, someone  may win a jackpot for a substantial amount without a system (and I'm not talking about those $80 hits either,) but not many.  Sometimes elitists will allow certain numbers to hit after popular days of number playing, for instance after Christmas (here in Georgia) 222s hit.  They could afford to do that considering how much people played the lottery the day before. 

If you don't play everyday, you don't increase your odds--that's a fact.  Old people and the unemployed have time on their hands to play, so they will play.  Now, if you don't watch for lottery trends or patterns, before you play, you don't increase your odds either.  There are those older people who will not only pray about winning the lottery, but they work out a system to select certain numbers.  They also play with bookies too (which is illegal.)  Also, if you don't use a lottery system, you don't increase your odds.  There are books out there that show you various ways to pick numbers. 

Unfortunately, the lottery games that start off being a simple form of entertainment, become downright evil because people do so many things that lead them away from God and His word in an attempt to win.  The devil just loves that!   There are those players who consider themselves lucky and pray to lucky gods, use magic, speak with psychics and do other things to increase their odds.  Then there are those who happen to be at the right place at the right time, but this doesn't mean that the one true God was a part of their winning.  Look at how many people do ungodly things, yet still consider themselves to be blessed, there is something wrong with that picture. 

Then there are those who sell their souls for a win like a rapper selling his soul to the devil for fame.  Then they wonder why they never have enough money to do anything of significance with their lives.  They tap into certain energies and get a desired result for a time, yet still cry broke. 

So is playing the lottery really worth the time and money?  You be the judge.  We can believe everyday that the sun will rise and just because we believe it doesn't mean that everyday it will be sunny.  Meanwhile, your time was wasted believing in something you have no control over. 

For centuries, our people have been brainwashed into taking our hard-earned dollars and putting them into a gaming system that is specifically designed to make it difficult for you to win.  Even when one does win big, the veteran lottery player rarely gets back his investment.  The winners smiling on TV and telling their stories on the radio don't represent the majority.

One veteran player of the lotto told me that he use to keep bags and bags of his lottery tickets for many, many years.  Then one day he looked at those bags and thought, "Had I done this with all my money over the years, I probably would have enough to give to my children and grandchildren by now."  His sparkle to win had turned into regret.

Nicholl McGuire 

To conduct your own research about the lottery, start with YouTube and similar video sites.  Google lottery scams.  View past lottery results and look for trends when adding and multiplying numbers.  Find out if there have been any complaints recently in your state.  Search for authors who expose national and international lotteries.


How Are You Living?

I can't see how anyone can say that they are their own person when they keep referring back to what momma and 'em did back in the day while keeping up the same act!?  Somebody tell me where is the individual in individuality?

It seems to me that, as a group, we often look at one another as one in the same.  Ever notice when you walk by someone who is the same color as you, there is a need from you or the person to say something?  There is also some other similarities as blacks we share that non-blacks would question, "Why do you do that?" 

It's unfortunate but some of our people want to keep us in that "back in the day" mindset.  In their worlds, there is no room to be an individual.  They question things like, "Why you wear your hair kinky rather than straight?" when you decide you want to do something different.  They wonder why you choose to listen to various types of music rather than R&B and Hip Hop daily?  They laugh when you start talking about traveling or taking up a hobby.  "You acting one of them n*ggas who like what them white folks like, huh?"  Some of our people have to comment about any and everything that doesn't fit the mold, but why?  Blame it on ignorance, a herdish or sheep mentality, fear, a history of drugs, alcohol, media brainwashing, or mental illness.

I recall the day that I told my relatives I wasn't celebrating any of the holidays anymore.  I gave my explanation which was quite simple, "I rather be at home in peace.  I could use my money for other things.  What's the big deal anyway?  I see ya'll other times--don't need to be in the same room with everybody."  I knew that some of them were more interested in what I could do for them and I was tired of it!  It wasn't like it was back in the day anyway when people were younger, funnier, and had more going on with their lives.  Later in life, I had prayed and fasted about all those so-called family traditions.  God set me free from the traditions and plenty other things too back in 1997. 

Now fast forward and I am re-awakening to all this programming that has been taking place in my life for decades in a variety of areas in my life from TV shows to religion.  I have wondered why a black person on the east coast can identify with the struggle of a black person on the west coast despite growing up in different environments.  I quickly came to to the conclusion that if both are spending hours listening to the same hyped-up musicians, actors and others in the entertainment field while hanging around the same type of people who imitate the artists, then most likely both people from the east and west coast are going to act similar, especially if they had become fans of the entertainers at a very young age.  The entertainment industry keeps black people bound in everything from credit card debt (trying to keep up with the Jones') to out of wedlock children.

What keeps us all from being our own individuals, I believe, first starts with the demands placed on us by our parents to act like them.  "You know momma did that...Well daddy like to listen to that...grandma was always watching..."  Then we are presented with a different model of who we are supposed to be in school and then on to higher education, a trade or some other training that forces us to reinvent our wheels to fit the non-blacks' way of thinking and acting.  In all of this, where is the individuality?

Most of us never fully realize who we are or what our purpose in life is, because we are still feeding ourselves the foolishness from television PROGRAMMING as well as from music and other forms of media.  However, when some of us break the mold, we are shunned by the majority.  We are falsely accused of being any and everything, but black.  We are treated differently, because we are not like the rest.

You can easily confuse the minds of many of our "in the box thinking" people when you turn left while they assumed you were going right.  They thought they understood you black woman, black man; but, you shook their game!  They incorrectly assumed that, "You were one of us."  You see, as long as you do for our people, especially those who are broke, busted and disgusted, then "you are the are are my boy!"  But when you start dancing to a different drum, they don't like you too much.  Now if you can balance your people and your own individuality, then you are considered "a bad mutha..."  But seriously, how long does that last?  How long can you keep smiling one way with this group and then another way with this one and so on while still keeping yourself happy?

We see alot of the fake persona on the TV screen and when someone wants us to buy something from them.  These people are just going along with the PROGRAM.  But do you or I have to?  Aren't we free to live in this world to be our own individual with our own belief system?  Do we have to do everything that the majority tells us?  Can't we figure out right from wrong without someone telling us?  Do we seriously need only faces that look, act and sound like us to complete us?  Ask yourself, "How am I living?  Then ask yourself this, "Am I really living or am I just doing what years of programming has conditioned me to be?

Nicholl McGuire  


On Exploiting the Ignorant

"So you think because you went to school, you can treat me any kind of way, huh?"  I have heard variations of this quote coming from those who are envious because they didn't attend college and also from those who were seriously being taken advantage of by someone who was more educated than they.  "It's a shame how they do us," says an elderly person about a white owned establishment.  But some educated blacks are guilty of lying, stealing, and hurting the disadvantaged in their own communities and surrounding areas and not feeling one ounce of guilt about their actions either.  They are what some call psychopaths, but I digress.

Do you see what I see on TV?  Ignorant blacks being exploited to act like fools.  Now those behind the scenes financing these so-called reality show projects wouldn't ever be caught on TV acting belligerent.  But why should they care?   They know that some of our people just love the idea of fame and money by any means necessary.

Now our people, those that don't have the education, you would think that some of that church attendance and Oprah watching over the years would have taught them a thing or two about conducting oneself proper or shall we say, respectful, "I may not have the education that you have, but I do know how to act," an uneducated woman told me once.  But from the looks of things on TV and even on the local street corner, many aren't practicing what has been preached for centuries.  Many blacks still have a long way to go even in soon-to-be 2012!

So what does the educated black, who can't reach to the heights his or her degree or connections was supposed to help elevate him or her do nowadays?  He or she comes up with an "educated" way to take advantage of those who don't know better.  If you don't like to read the kind of things to enlighten you mentally, it doesn't matter if you went to college or not, someone somewhere is going to find a way to get you to hand over your hard-earned cash for a little bit of nothing.  This is why the ignorant is so easily deceived they don't like to read anything that will help them exercise their critical thinking skills.

"Come to this meeting...join our group...visit our temple...sign up for this business your own boss!"  If you don't read, you most likely will get caught up and left out to dry by businesses, civic groups, non-profits and the like.  When the lights are turned off on you, the recruiter is on to someone else.  How much did they take you for in dues, tithes, offerings, commissions, referrals, or wages--hmmm?  The sales pitch is always the same, "It takes money to make money.  God isn't going to give you unless you give him.  I can help you, if you help me."  These statements are so true, but behind them is a long list of twisted philosophies to get you to do one thing and that is to stop asking questions and just do as I say.  Isn't that just what the ignorant do?  "Okay baby, I trust I don't need to read it, I trust you."  

While you are asleep tonight, someone is up late at night creating a plan to get you to sign on their promissory note.  "Let's see, how we can get Ms. Emma and Mr. Tony to invest in my project...What sort of things are brothas in the hood into now...what might sistahs want for Christmas...What are the struggles that are currently facing the poor?"  That's what they do while you are asleep.  Brainstorm, make a list, brainstorm, and then act on the plan.  They find ways to make a dollar out of 85 cents.

So we sit back on our comfy furniture clicking the remote control being bombarded with all sorts of ridiculous advertising.  Marketing groups take the time to survey groups of blacks to see what they like, where they like to shop, and what they like to buy for their children, nieces, nephews and more.  That's how they figure out what advertising to stick in between those award shows, Tyler Perry comedies, and other sitcoms.  They know your favorite colors that will attract you to their packaging.  They listen or read your messages online.  They check those cards you like to get scanned to save you money at the local grocery and drug stores.  They know you, as I mentioned in other blog entries, better than you know yourself!

It's sad but if you give the ignorant a message they will chant it sometimes for the right price, but usually for free.  "Vote or die!"  I'm sure you can think of many chants over the years.  It's unfortunate, but people don't realize that when they go out and try to force someone to get them to join their bandwagon, they are disturbing one's right to choose.  Most of the time, the ignorant doesn't bother to research the messenger or the message ie.) Christmas holiday, Satan I mean Santa.

There are so many scams to shake the money tree it isn't even funny!  From payday loans to renting furniture long-term, the man behind the plan knows that many black folk is living paycheck to paycheck so he is going to find a way to keep us in bondage.  Can we say lottery?  How many tickets does one have to buy to finally hit the big one where you never have to work another day for any man or woman for the rest of your life?  What better way then to use one of the educated or enlightened in the community to sell his rip-offs to his own people?  But why doesn't he go elsewhere to sell his cheap stuff?  Oh he does, but he knows he can make more money with those that he knows and then he can get them to tell their friends and so on.

Now not all blacks, of course with a little or a whole lot of education is in the business of exploiting the ignorant.  Some educated blacks actually try to uplift the crazy, dumb, blind, poor and whatever else.  But these same educated blacks can get a little bit disgruntled with the ignorant too.  "Our people is just lazy...they so stupid...oh they get on my nerves!" they say while at home nursing a headache after a long day of work.  There is always a temptation to throw the towel in and take a fool for any and everything or just let him or her suffer.

Mama didn't raise no fool, so the old adage goes.  But if your eyes aren't open to the hustle of foolishness, then you are no better than a fool no matter your education or color!  Expose stupidity wherever you are and point out the rip-off.  If you are an educated black, help your ignorant relatives, friends and even a stranger by pointing out the flaws in the contracts, the high percentage rates, the penalties and the like.  Will some listen?  Maybe.  But of course, some of our people won't and that's their own dumb fault!  At least you tried to help a brotha or a sistah not get hustled!  You will be one of the educated or enlightened blacks that can go to bed at night knowing you didn't try to hustle or allow the ignorant to be hustled and for that alone you will be blessed.

Nicholl McGuire


Poem: Educated Black Step Back!

Went to school
broke a rule,
learned to imitate his white brother
now he knows how to play N.Y. undercover.

While observing his people,
thinks up a plan to keep them sheeple.
Hoping they will react,
so that he can make an impact.
Educated black, please step back!

Robbing folks blind,
while kissing his white brother's behin'
says he's helping his people
stands below the church steeple.

Ignorant people have been lied to for so long,
stopped knowing the difference between right and wrong.
Leaders keep selling their people the same, sad song.

"Unite, uplift, represent, repent!"
Claims they are the messengers God sent.
But wise people know better,
they too read God's love letter.

From the church to the board room,
meetings that ultimately bring doom.
Itchy ears wish for progress,
while groups work to oppress.

Stand on the shoulders of the old,
flash hand signs for gold.
The ignorant, the poor
seem to always fall for the lure.

Created a new walk,
learned a different talk.
There goes that educated black,
please step back!

Thought you could be the very best
'cause you passed test after test.
But what you didn't realize,
that the system is made up of one big lie--
using you until you die.

Claim you already know about the show,
but keep watching things you don't know.
Claim you are ahead of the pact,
educated black, please step back!

When you discover the truth,
you want to play detective sleuth.
So you go back to read,
try to plant a new seed.
But how can you,
when one keeps thinking like them,
when the enlightened lamp grows dim?

Believe what you want today,
forget about the past keep telling folks to pray.
Even God don't like you jumping in and out of the word,
then flushing it all down like one big turd!

Educated black keeps recruiting for this and that--
Trying to maintain his powerless seating,
always want somebody to go to some meeting.
Still trying to earn the love, money and power,
believing in a god who will be dead in the final hour.

Determined to be one of them whose down,
playing another life underground.
Ignoring all constructive advice,
has a blueprint for a new vice.
Testing crazy stuff on your people,
so that they will remain crying sheeple.

Educated black, please step back!
Been nothing more than a tack.
They've been using you to decorate their walls,
then raping you in bathroom stalls.

You don't really know how to compete,
keep sacrificing blood to maintain your seat.
Twisting words all the time to win,
selling out your favorite kin.

They don't teach you love in the school,
Train you to abide by a rule.
Don't complain or get upset,
your future has already been set.

Educated black, please step back,
knowledge of your roots you do lack.
Educate black, please step back,
too busy running, always acting funny.
Educated black, please step back,
because I know you, and you know me
I use to be a victim on your family tree.

Nicholl McGuire

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