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Psalm 25 - Your Prayer, Hope, Enemies, Peace of Mind


Here's Why Racism's Not "Just Comedy" - Franchesca Ramsey


Orchestrated Racial Madness - Occult Liberal Groups Keep Rattling the Racist Mindset

Go back to the early days when President Barack Obama took office.  Remember when we were so happy to finally see someone of color in leadership?  There was a calm that seemed to blanket the nation, but then gradually racial conflicts grew and appeared on the front of many newspapers and websites in various industries from law enforcement to sports entertainment. 

Na├»ve and gullible reporters, liberal groups, optimists, and others tried to convince the masses that racism was no longer an issue now that we had a black president and other blacks in leadership positions across America.  However, discerning blacks knew better.  They could see the envy, anger, and bitterness still in racist eyes while mouths faked grins and patted backs.  Racism hadn't gone anywhere!  The comment sections of many blogs, videos, and other places around the web revealed the truth during Obama's early days and still to date. 

No matter how many photos of attractive, black men with rich, white women big businesses choose to post, these images make little difference with people set in their ways especially with the Old School.  Commercials, movies, and print media showing off wealthy minorities is great public relations, but socially?  Hmm.  Like a pressure cooker, someone or group was going to blow sooner or later.  But before we all get cozy and comfortable in our daily routines after a tragedy, keep in mind, the steam isn't let out yet, it's just beginning.  Throw some spiritual discernment into the mix and Satan's blue print is all over these racial incidents.  He is letting the world know what he really thinks about praying black folks and those who support them.  There is a long history of spiritual warfare between enslaved blacks and their Pharaohs.  Chances are a prideful black man running our nation disturbed a bee hive once again, and now his people are going to be made an example of!

Trying to contain steam emanating from racists when one and/or a group is assisting with heating up the pot is going to be a challenge. Parading happy-go-lucky rich blacks and whites hugging, kissing, and doing other things around people with heavy hearts is foolish!  It wasn't that long ago when some things were once forbidden so why in the world would anyone think that bombarding people with "unity in the community" kind of media was just going to shoo racial discord away like a fly!  Ponder the issues related to social class, inflation, ever-increasing taxes, cost of higher education, unemployment, poor mental and physical healthcare in certain communities, and more and people will lose it!

Racial intolerance is still very much alive and well in America and the offspring has been well-trained to perpetuate hate, slow progress, and do other things to keep people emotionally and physically enslaved.  The focus shouldn't be on the skin color or the gun, but on the racial systematic brainwashing that is occurring all over this land to keep elevating The Beast. 

There were (and still are) subliminal references to old stereotypes that show up in media while our black president continues to work on assigned tasks by those more powerful than he.  Notice, even he can't get hung up on black issues.  We saw a barrage of tragic shootings with cops killing young black males and justice not being served in those cases.  Did you feel hopeless, disempowered, and a bit depressed after each verdict?

You recall the scandal that arose in Atlanta regarding educational testing.  Did you feel disappointed in those educators?  Angered that black folks just can't seem to get it right without throwing their own under the bus?

Then most recently a white man shooting and murdering parishioners and their leader.  How did you feel about this?  Were you angered, ready to do a little shooting yourself?  Don't be tempted, there are many empty jail cells waiting to be filled up-- can we say more money, more money for the Bible belt!  So while vengeful blacks are in jail, non-blacks will be comforting your partner and raising your children teaching them to avoid procreating with your kind despite being from your blood line!  Scientific research has revealed much about DNA privately that hasn't been publicly disclosed.  So for many who are advocates of population control, it is a benefit to slow the undesirables' procreation efforts.  

As I said before on other blog entries and I am going to say this again, these racial incidents being pushed in media, whether random and/or planned, are brainwashing blacks to do a number of things including self-destruct.  An ethnicity of people that is often hated around the world comprised of many with "daddy issues," self-esteem problems, violent mentalities, and other negative character traits.  A prideful people who turned their backs on their own God to chase riches and sleep with those who they knowingly are unequally yoked whether black or otherwise.  An ignorant ethnicity of folk who manipulates their own at work, takes advantage of their children, and lies to spouses.  A people who was once called to be free, but became enslaved again by rich men and women, because the masses didn't speak loud enough and refused to fight.  Fear reminded the rebellious people not to snitch and to "mind your own business" while God advised that He had not given a spirit of fear but of power and of a sound mind.  How sound is a mind when intoxicated from alcohol, calmed with cigarettes, and addicted to weed and other drugs both legal and illegal? 

Grown adults treated like children by master and told in so many words to, "Stay in a child's place." Black, immature Christians attending church services and still obtaining milk through leaders rather than asking a righteous God for mercy, wisdom and His will for one's life.  Elders who avoid teaching and prefer to listen to preaching!  These people I have described are under a curse.

So the wicked wins and continues to rattle the rogues in their groups with the racist mindsets while shaking the rage within a black group or individual to react rather than act.  What is your plan, oh enlightened one, what is your plan?

Nicholl McGuire


Knocking the Black Off, Bustin' Someone in the Head, or Cussin' Someone Out

Your people are ghetto!  Okay, maybe not your people, we won't claim them.  But you know who I am talking about, those folks in the family or the 'hood that are often talking about doing someone bodily or verbal harm because they don't like something. 

I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone talk about hurting his or her brother, sister or some other relative over something stupid in my lifetime.  It is crazy when I think about it!  Now some people take this sort of thing about threatening violence quite seriously and before long the police, child care services, and others are investigating the matter.

I don't know how or when all the "knocking the black off, bustin' someone in the head or cussin' someone out" madness started, but what I can say is that in the black community we have a lot of emotional people who don't mind killing one another's self-esteem, making people afraid or nervous, and wanting to go off.  Sad, but true.  Now throw some alcohol and drugs into the mix, maybe a few hungry bellies, and some broke, busted and disgusted people to the group and something will jump off.  For some black folks, they don't know what encouraging one another means.  They could care less about watching their tongues.  They don't think twice about building anyone up but themselves and their bank accounts.

So you pretty much know where you stand with someone who hurls insults your way talking about your skin and what they are going to do with it--their violent speech exposes what's really going on in their heart even if they say, "I didn't mean it, Baby.  You know I wouldn't really do it...but if you cross me...Come here talk to me, it's okay."  Sure. 

The conduct "your people" display as they threaten folks with violence sends a direct warning, "Keep away...He/she is no good for you.  Here comes trouble!"  You play with fire sooner or later the fire is going to burn you.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

Dad's Prayers: What a Difference They Make


They Want You to Be Nice, Be Sweet - Self-Important Black Family Members

Agree with them, be quiet on matters, do as you are told, and follow whatever plan they present in front of you, and the narcissistic black leader, parent, businessman, pastor, etc. is okay with you.  However, if you deviate from the script, expose lies, or do something else they feel is going against them, then there will be backlash.  No matter how criminal, wrong, evil, or crazy the event, statement, or misdeed, you are prohibited from being the snitch, truth-teller, deep throat, or whatever else some would call you for speaking truth.

Many of us black children grew up in homes where you were told, "What goes on in this house, stays in this house."  But if nothing is really going on, why bother to threaten a child?  If everything is all good in the 'hood so to speak, why be so harsh on the child?  "Let me hear that you told anyone, anything about me and I will hurt you, you hear?" says the demanding parent.

Being nice, sweet, and quiet is what you learned would win you favor with a few as you grew up and once you reached adulthood, things were different.  Some parents and others expected you to remain child-like--you know, "Stay in a child's place."  But as we all soon discover, we grown now and so we learn people doesn't matter if they are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc.  We realize that some loved ones just don't love us like they claim.  Some are nothing more than users and abusers, hustlers, pimps, players, and more.  They don't care about anyone but themselves!

If you should confront the narcissist and tell him or her how you really feel--no more suppressing your feelings, the individual will want to make an example out of you in front of others or behind closed doors.  Sohe or she will shout you down, threaten to hurt you, and do other things to instill worry and fear while bystanders will say to themselves, "I know not to get him/her angry...I don't want him/her treating me that way."  Then there are those black narcissists who will treat you so nicely in front of others, but when you get home, they treat you like a black sheep.  You are shunned, ignored, disrespected, and told in so many words, "I'm not speaking to you."

Those who are not enlightened to dysfunctional relationships with a self-absorbed black person don't know exactly how to deal with such an individual.  They get caught up in a web of "He's so nice...She's so smart...They would never hurt me."  But in time, these naive and gullible types learn the hard way.  Self-important folks look for someone to blame, accuse, feed off of, vent to, perform tasks, etc.  Little do they know that narcissistic black men and women have a serious personality disorder that isn't to be taken lightly.  Another description to add to the narcissistic black individual would be the ghetto snob.  That one who feels like he or she has to impress you with his or her clothes, house, and other items.  Did you ask how much he or she paid for something?  Do you care where she bought her clothes?  Does it matter whether he owns or rents?  These self-absorbed, ghetto snobs tell you how much they paid for something, how good their relationships are (even when they are not) and how well their children are doing in school and more.  If you should talk about what you are doing, they cut you off, are easily distracted, and look to turn the conversation back on themselves.  These ghetto snobs expect you to worship, praise and fear them.  If you don't, they figure out ways to put you down, kick you out of their circles, or do other things to exercise their authority over you.

If you find yourself put often in a position where you feel your head hurting, your stomach churning, and other signs that you are stressed around certain people, know that you are in the presence of someone who isn't much interested in making you feel good about yourself.  In time, you will find he or she will drain you of mental, physical and spiritual energy.

Nicholl McGuire author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and other books.

How to go No Contact from Your Narcissistic Parent Without Dishonoring Them


Celebrate Black Music this Month - Brian McKnight - The Only One For Me

Brian McKnight is one of those musicians who are timeless!  So many songs he has shared over the years that were intimate, moving, and made you think about your past relationships and current one.  Have you grown over the years in the love department?  For some of you, don't answer that, get your mind out of the gutter!  McKnight has inspiring music and breathes life into those loveless romances!  Enjoy this special pick--dedicated to those African American Planet Blogger readers who still love love and have a heart for R&B music!  Enjoy!

One R&B Song by Toni Braxton that Reminded You to Take Your Eyes Off Your Man's Ex

The temptation is there for some women to want to be angry at exes, disrespect them and contact them sharing details about current relationships.  The insecurity and jealousy shows up in new relationships.  One thing the new women need to remember, the exs had their guys already.  They most likely ended the relationships for good reason.  Many times womanizing men will try to work things out with exs, go back and have sex.  The connection is usually short-lived.  This was a great throwback song to shake some up to reality--be encouraged if your man is making you feel insecure.


Does My Being Black Have Something to Do With It?

Call it insecurity, curiousity, or just plain worry, but that strange feeling that creeps up on you after you had a good time with some non-blacks at work or elsewhere, can come up out of nowhere.

Let's say, you exchanged phone numbers with some folks of a different ethnicity and they promised to do lunch.  You are excited to have met some interesting people and could care less about their skin color, how they speak, where they are from, etc.  As time passes, the phone is silent.  The email is empty.  You never get the lunch date for one reason or another.  You see the same people on a different day and their mannerisms are a little less friendly.  What happened?

Being black usually doesn't have anything to do with why people say one thing and do another, people are just busy.  If you don't follow up with phone calls and emails, you rarely see new friends, and you are involved with many things yourself, then you just might be forgotten.  However, sometimes this tends to happen for some people because we must admit, the world still has some prejudice folks in it.

You might have been good company for the moment, but for someone with hang-ups about black people, culture, and maybe even a few in their family they don't like, they really don't want to be bothered.  But the only way you will truly be certain that someone is indeed "playing you" because you are black, you will have to spend some time contacting the individual and if there isn't any love coming back, then you know where you stand with him or her.  If you get to know the individual somewhat and you feel as if this person doesn't really "get you" or often feels uncomfortable or nervous, then he or she just might have some issues.  A person who really thinks there is a connection with another will call, write back or show some online love.  But you will need to have some common interests to start and maintain a friendship just like you would if you met a relative for the first time, a date, a co-worker, etc.

As much as we would like to forget about one's skin color, lifestyle, customs, and more, they are there.  You can't get around them.  Sooner or later something will be said or done that will cause you to think, "Does my being black have something to do with it?"

Nicholl McGuire  is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry on

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