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Using a Massive Platform to Promote a Certain Agenda - Celebrities

From men wearing dresses to singers glorifying the occult, celebrities can't be trusted.  No one with a massive platform who's often advertised on television, radio, Internet, and elsewhere is acting alone!  The beautiful actress or great comedian doesn't have his or her right to say and do whatever he or she wants no matter how wise, bizarre or helpful to a community.  The power elite have their plan and it's about making money.  When they want to introduce a certain style of dress, they go to the celebrity.  When they want to sway political opinion, they go to a celebrity.  Most bill-board chart-topping entertainers do more than just sing and dance.  They show up at meetings to influence a select few responsible for making or breaking us as a society, business, family, parent, or couple.  Don't believe this?  Doesn't matter.  There is enough evidence to suggest otherwise.

Look at the types of award-winning movies, music and more that don't do the following:  uplift communities, expose lies, or inspire one to do more with his or her life other than get a job.  The elitists don't want you or I at the top, because their simply isn't enough room.  They fear we just might go rogue and honestly help people, and besides if you don't come from the kind of background that makes you easily programmable then you don't stand a chance either.  You see, the more broken you are, the more likely you will follow instructions.  Conduct some research on mind control/brain washing and you will find that the weak-minded will go along with just about any program.  This would explain why some celebrities that come from the worst backgrounds are so readily available to say and do whatever their handlers tell them--no matter how controversial and demeaning.  These lost people are cold, dysfunctional, drug and alcohol abusers, and sexually confused.  The intelligent rich (noticed I didn't say dumb rich) take advantage of the borderline mind.  They understand how psychology works and they seek those who can be manipulated.  It's unfortunate but if you read between the lines of interviews with celebrities who exposed some of the things that go on behind the scenes, you will find that they are also high profile prostitutes for some of the top government officials around the world.  They aren't taking off clothes and gyrating just for poor fans!  Check out research on sexual programming as it relates to the entertainment industry.

When you and I are reading magazines, watching TV or surfing the Internet, there are direct as well as subliminal messages that influence us in small and large ways to the point that some  have made major life decisions because of years of watching certain celebrities.  We are given suggestions on:  how to live our lives, dress, walk, and talk by society's teacher pets.  There are staged appearances and speeches celebrities do to get us to buy things, because our buying history has been long documented.

We are told to teach our children this and talk to our partner this way and go here and get that by entertainers, all so that an individual or group can benefit from our response.   When we don't respond, the individual or group has to come up with ways to get us to react.   Some groups will go so far as to create certain tragic events to get us to do what they want when they want.  Most people are apathetic when it comes to getting involved with other people's ideas. Citizens aren't interested in doing too much in their daily living (since they work often,) but tending to their basic needs.  So in order to get these uninteresting people out of their sedentary lifestyles, their beloved entertainers are used like a pimp does his prostitutes to go out their and sell your body, your talk and your walk and bring me back that money!

Have you had a personal experience that made you want to do better in your life?  You most likely had a revelation after shutting down some of your gadgets.  But some of us don't stick to our bright ideas for self-improvement, because we keep allowing others to bombard us with their influence.  Keep watching celebrities on and offline and you won't ever get to that book you want to read or write, attend a family function, register for a class, take up a hobby, exercise, or do much else, because the celebrity is singing sweet melodies that lull you to sleep or make you have sex until it tires you.  Other celebrities distract you with so much preaching and teaching  about unimportant topics that you don't have much time for self-reflection.  They are paid to  encourage your procrastination when it comes to things that you want to do and discourage you from helping everyone, but them and "the agenda."

Have you noticed that you get more done and appreciate time spent with family when you click off all your devices?

There are many agendas that are being promoted out of the lips of celebrities that pretend to help the masses.  But what is really happening is men are looking and acting more feminine both in the secular and spiritual communities, women are acting more like males and selfish, children are more rebellious than ever before, and the needy of our society are being deceived into going along with any program that will give them more of their basic needs like food and clothing.

Hopefully one day we will see more and more people break free of their "anything goes programming" and take a stand on celebrity foolishness.

Nicholl McGuire  


Is Media Manipulation Making Us Racists?

If you keep showing a story about an unarmed black man being killed by white police officers, you are going to get people angry.  So much in fact, that they might start hating what they see to the point that they act out their hate.  Then what will that lead to?  More black men and women in jail, uneducated, and poor.  An angry, depressed mind won't get out the house and work because of all the television, Internet and radio programming.  In time, the individual won't get along with relatives and friends.  He or she also won't bother networking or doing other uplifting things.  Instead, all the media programming will do is keep the viewer upset to the point that he or she self-destructs while taking down a family and/or community in the process.  "I hate all this...the whites are at it again...we can't have nothing!  Let's protest!"  someone screams.  Meanwhile, you don't know the victim, his family or any real facts only the ones the media has presented to you.  "I don't need to know all that, I just want to let the establishment know they can't do our people like this!"  Did you ever think the establishment wanted you to behave in this way for their own selfish gain?  I could almost see a non-black working behind the scenes creating t-shirts, signs, and donating large amounts of money to a chaotic movement he created!!!  Notice, he created.  All he needed was an unfortunate story to make a fortune!  Even blacks are making money off the deaths of the victims and calling it, "Justice!"    

I think of the people in Uganda who finally got to see the Kony 2012 video.  They said that Kony had been ran out of their country several years ago.  Really!?  So then why the video?  I'll answer my own question, so that the American government could have an excuse to take over that country who happens to have some oil!!!  Locals were not happy about the video and wanted to know why were white people talking about it and why weren't there recent interviews of the Ugandan people.  They also wanted to know why were the whites promoting merchandise with Kony's name as if they were making him famous.  If the people of Uganda kept seeing their former black dictator on the news while activists walked around town with his name on t-shirts, you think they wouldn't be mad?  Maybe just maybe the whites in the video were attempting to program the people of Uganda into thinking they needed a savior (even though their former dictator was long gone).  In this way, they can make the people let down their guard and trust the white man, hmmm.  You know that historically, white men and women have gone to African countries attempting to "save the world, give to the needy," etc.  But what was really going on behind the scenes with some of these groups?  A search for natural resources possibly, property investments, a little jungle fever, hmmm.

What is really going on in the American media when it comes to race relations?  Is there a program ongoing to get us upset at "the man" to a point that we go out into the streets and riot?  I mean let's think about this for a moment.  More and more white men are posing with black women in pictures, showing up in commercials and on television shows.  Is this intentional so as to upset the black man and woman?  "They takin' our women, because we took their women!" a black man might say.  "I can't stand all this interracial couple stuff!" a black woman might say.

You have to admit there are more blacks on TV then ever before.  Is there deliberate reverse racism tactics at work in certain industries to insight a race war?

There is an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me that some group is up to no good.  Think about this, just maybe non-blacks are tired of seeing black folks on their television screens so much.  I mean TV is personal.  You watch it in your living-room, bathroom and wherever else.  A racist black sees a show and says, "Yeah, black president, black athlete, black...Yeah we runnin' things!"  A racist white says, "Those d*mn n*&%%# are at it again!"   Then the racists log into the Internet, more of the same.  How many whites lost it when they saw just one more news story about Whitney Houston known as "the voice"?  It wasn't that long ago that whites complained about certain characters in a movie called, Hunger Games being brown despite the fact that trailers of this movie barely showed a black face!  Sure for decades blacks saw whites on TV and we didn't have any money to do anything about it.  Now that many blacks have money, they are able to do more including tell some non-blacks to kiss it where the sun don't shine and racist non-blacks are tired of seeing those cool, cocky blacks with everything--lol.  Then the blacks are tired of non-blacks getting away with murder.  Before long, there is a rise of anger on both sides.

Don't feed into the manipulation!  I repeat don't feed into the manipulation!!  Remind yourself not to take those media stories personal.  Let's put those emotions in check people and be less reactionary.  Some folks just won't know what to think.  

We will never know the facts about any story we see on TV or elsewhere.  In my opinion, it just seems like some group somewhere has long been irritated with black folks and is, slowly but surely, creating an upset in the community, by taking our issues trivializing them and then blowing up the less important factors around the news story ie.) hoodie business with the Trayvon case.

Take a look at the following article on media mind control and see if you can connect the dots:

Then check out the following article.  It seems to me that when a community stands up for justice when black men and boys are wrongly murdered, certain individuals and groups stand to make a lot of money, obtain some fame, and make existing groups more powerful, but later on down the line once the smoke clears, what are we left with?

Let's not be so quick to jump on every story that comes out.  Sit back, observe and see how individuals and groups behave before you start buying merchandise and organizing campaigns for justice.


African American Self- Hate Programming

In recent years, I have taken notice of certain African Americans who do things, whether they know it or not, that promote self-hate.  From the way they wear their hair to what they say about their fellow brother or sister, there is an anger on the inside for self that permeates in one's appearance, speech and mannerisms.

Now please understand, we all have our share of childhood experiences that make us bitter, angry, confused, resentful and more, but there comes a point in our lives where we have to realize, we are no longer that little girl or little boy who still needs to put up a front to protect ourselves from further harm from an enemy or enemies.

Black folks crying, yelling, screaming, and cursing each other as if in a contest to see who can hurt one another the worst, hating on self and hating one another!  If the woman isn't putting her finger all up in her man's face, the man is hurting his woman by cheating on her or calling her every name in the book.  Everyone is guilty of something.  Every one has their issues, but seriously folks, when will we all get pass some things?

Mad about one's hair and how it turned out at the beauty salon, a sister is shaking her fake hair all over the place trying to get the stylist to do what she wants, when she wants.  Is it the stylist's fault that the sister is trying to make that face in the mirror look like a white woman's features by wearing hair that she obviously wasn't born with?  "Oh no, she didn't go there..."  I could hear someone say.  Yeah, I went there!  We don't like our hair.  I'm guilty as charged, use to wear wigs to cover up my "kitchen" just so that I didn't have to hear grandma and ma talk about my head.  That's right, it all started with those who came before us, pressuring us to, "Do something with that head..."  Not realizing that our hair could be treated with the right hair products that might have caused us to appreciate our curls, (if we were willing to spend the money) instead of curse our curls!  But you know what your mama, grandma, auntie and whoever else did, buy that perm, Jeri Curl or whatever else.  Then as you got older, you observed what the celebrities were doing and you did what the TV, magazines and your friends told you to do.

Then you started paying attention to employment, houses, material wealth and more.  You looked around your community and saw what others labeled, "successful" were doing and you said, "I want that too!"  When some of you couldn't get it, you talked badly, not about yourself, but other people.  Started hating on those around you!?  Perpetuating more of your self-hate all over the place.  People looking at you like, "What is your problem?"  You know what it is.  You resent yourself for not being all that you wanted to be.  You hate yourself for not living the life of a celebrity.  Reality check:  there is not enough room or enough money to make everyone a superstar.  You were most likely told years ago, "Don't believe everything you see."

Some of us did something different from our hair to our education, we walked paths that wasn't typical of our programming.  "Black folks don't do folks don't say that..." the critics would say.  Before long, some of us started hating what we had become!  All twisted up spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Far too many voices in our heads telling us, "How wrong..." we were.  Some people lonely, because they can't be with someone that looks like them or refuse to be with someone that doesn't look like them.  Then there are those, who don't believe they are good enough for anyone.

For some reading this, you hate yourself when you look in the mirror and wish your perfectly normal African American hair, eyes, nose, mouth, butt and whatever else was something other than what your Creator gave you.  You hate yourself when someone posts something on Facebook that you always wanted to do, but you blew the opportunity and now you get an attitude with the person for no apparent reason.  You hate yourself when you think of how many times you couldn't keep a man or woman, because you were always looking for the next brightest, lightest, darkest, widest, or sweetest person.  You hate yourself every time you make a mistake, fail, lose it, or can't be that person you designed in your mind.  When this happens, you direct your pain toward those around you.  They don't know what to make of you.  Your silent on some days.  Talkative on others.  Insecure when around people living that dream you always wanted.  Self-hate is eating you up inside!  Doctor visits increase.  People come and go out of your life.  Living your golden years in the future in peace, seems questionable.

Self-hate programming starts with one negative emotion that leads to another and another.  The match that sets it all off is jealousy!  Jealous emotions turned self-hatred spread like wild fire!  Everyone starts to take notice that your eyes are lighter, your hair is straighter, you talk different, you live in a community that has few, if any that look like you, and when someone starts with that "black talk" you hate that person just because.  Certain people, places and things you stay away from because they trigger wild emotions inside of you that cause you to remember just how much you hate yourself!

Self-hatred talk is the enemy of all enemies!  You talk negatively on the inside about yourself.  You degrade yourself and attract people just like you!  Before long, you get around men and women who join in on the fun.  They talk about the way you look, what you wear, how you talk and so on.  They help you self-hate!  They make you feel like you are the worst person who ever walked this earth sometimes.  "Why are you so...You should be more like...You need to stop looking like that...Why you talk that..." your negative talking friends provide no peace.  You become depressed, irritable, moody, and have health issues.  So what do people do?  They self-medicate.  Sometimes people suppress the self-hate with a temporary remedy whether legal or illegal.

I once wondered why so many of our people smoke weed and take other drugs.  I came to this conclusion, that many of our people are so mentally beaten down by so many things that they can't cope in their right mind.  They need something that will give them a false sense of peace.

Non-blacks help with the self-hate programming by reminding us year after year about slavery.  They put weak African American icons up on TV and in other mediums to give us a false sense of hope.  It's like buying an old police dog to work a beat that is meant for a younger dog.  The previous owner knows he ain't worth nothing, but if he makes him look good, someone will buy him.  Like the old dog, these old-school entertainers have their issues of self-hate from old-school programming, but they are put out there for the world to see what we might deem as successful--that is until they stick around for awhile then the truth is revealed.

It's obvious that some very influential non-blacks (and blacks--dare I say it) have no love for curly hair, wide nose, big eyed, black folks!  They convince blacks to get this fixed, changed, and rearranged.  "You would look better if you...You could come across better if you...You ought to consider speaking like this...Maybe you could go far if you..."  Then what do we do?  We say, "You got a point!"  What if we all said, "Forget that, I love me just the way I am.  If you want me to work for you, you will have to accept me this way."  If the celebrities weren't so worried over their careers, money and fame, who knows what kind of impact they could make on those bound with self-hate philosophies.  But they rather keep the self-hate programming going on, because they are just as brainwashed as the ones who pay top dollar for them.

Nicholl McGuire

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