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How To Properly End A Relationship

The History of Halloween Documentary - Celtic Holiday of Samhain


Still Bias, Unfriendly and Don't Like You - The Covert Racists

If you have lived on this planet for quite some time, you know when you are not accepted or liked, because some people can't get over what parental programming has told them about "blacks" or "those no-good Ns..." then to make matters worse, ill-informed, uneducated black folks will reinforce stereotypes. 

The racists and prejudice are still among us, those born in the 1940s and 1950s while the 1920s and 30 birth years are dying off leaving behind a legacy of their ignorance.  Listen to podcast here on racism by author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men, Nicholl McGuire, and other books.

Ghetto Blacks on Facebook

Yes, I'm going there.  The amount of foolishness on social networking sites like Facebook and elsewhere deserves nothing but a skip, not a like or comment, a share, nothing but a skip, a mute, or an unfriend and when the dislike button shows up, like on YouTube, it's all over!  Seriously, what is wrong with our people liking everything?

I have viewed the most unattractive photos get likes.  The stupidest things quoted get a "like."  And don't get me started when it comes to the sheer amount of offensive things that show up with well over a 100 plus likes.  Yet, these are parents, spouses, grandparents, etc. who would be ready to whip their own kids and grandkids if they were passing around such garbage.

It isn't any wonder why folks are late for work, don't get anything done, and have other unproductive stuff going on in their minds, bodies and spirits, they are too busy looking at ghetto folks doing ghetto things on Facebook. 

Raise your standards, check the foolishness and let's get back to our spiritual work bringing awareness to our lost relatives and friends to real truth in all its forms; therefore empowering them to want to grow and become a beacon of light to others.  Rather than enable the lost with dysfunctional thoughts, underserved likes, and spreading stupid images that ultimately got started by a non-black establishment that "..don't give a f$%& about you," so the song goes.  Interesting, a ghetto rapper telling his own people he don't care about them, and yet he is rich and the majority is poor. 

Something is wrong with all this, brainwashing at its finest to keep perpetuating low IQs and standards.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History and other books.  She speaks on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 about relationships, business, and more from a spiritual perspective.


Stop Pitying Toxic Men and Women, Accepting Their Foolishness

We make excuses, lie, cover up, and attack others when they speak convicting truth when are minds are set on defending esteemed abusers, users, and everyone else in between.  Real truth speaks to our weaknesses, makes us feel vulnerable and we find ourselves crying a lot with a strong desire to do some things differently in our lives. 

Let's face it, we pity our troubled, unstable kinfolk and others.  We fall for their tired excuses, help spread their dysfunction, and then when we are disrespected or wronged by our own kind, now we have "issues" with them.  The writing is usually on the wall early on, why don't we read it? 

Your people and mine don't want our pity.  Try telling a relative or family friend, "I feel sorry...That's too bad...What a pity!" and daggers will shoot out of cold eyes.  "So you think you are better than me?" a troubled loved one might respond.  Pity and empathy are two different things and many of our people don't do either well.  We are not to look down on someone, but what we could do is allow ourselves to feel compassion for another human being without being that negative person's pin cushion, punching bag, scapegoat, rag doll, errand boy, mistress, servant, benefactor, and more. 

Put yourself in someone else's shoes for a moment by picturing what it might be like being him or her--wounded, struggling, angry, jealous, etc.  With some understanding of others, personal and professional relationships just might flourish, new friends might be won, and peace might be restored in families, at work and other places simply because you validate but you don't tolerate.  There is no using and abusing you anymore no matter what the person's ethnicity.  I recall hearing a man tell another, "You know us blacks have to stick together."  Not necessarily.  There are plenty of blacks who have become quite successful without carrying the extra weight.  How long do you have to be your brothers keeper?  Aren't we supposed to be casting our burdens to the Lord?  If "they" become burdens emotionally and/or physically, learn how to say, "Goodbye."

In closing, if we aren't doing what's right when it comes to our personal and professional relationships, then chances are we are doing something wrong and we usually know when we find ourselves bound by negative people, places and things all over again. 

Pitying people who create their own dramas, stress, and other challenges while putting down those who are living their best lives now, wrong.  Inviting Misery to stay for awhile knowing full well he or she is mentally unstable, wrong.  Creating problems for others because one's plate is already full is just wrong! 

Some will justify misdeeds by telling others, "It is what it is, that's still your mama, grandma, daddy, husband, child..." Meanwhile, those who desire freedom and peace are trying to find stability in their own lives by allowing a cutting away.  Like a fig tree that is dying, if it isn't producing any fruit, it must be cut. 

Plenty of bad advisors basically co-sign on foolishness by encouraging relationships with toxic men and women that should have long expired.  Don't let it happen or continue to occur with you!  God bless. 

Nicholl McGuire the author of Say Goodbye to Dad, Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, and other books.


The Christian and Halloween: Does the two even belong in the same sentence?


An Excerpt from Tell Me Mother Your Sorry Chapter 10 - Video Dailymotion

African American Planet Blog Owner and Contributor, Nicholl McGuire, reads from one of her recent books, "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry."  Do you know someone who is being manipulated by his or her mother or mother-in-law?

An Excerpt from Tell Me Mother You're Sorry Chapter 10 - Video Dailymotion

White Vs Black Vs African Parents


The Blame Game - Black Men and Women Programmed to Turn on One Another

Arguing, eye-rolls, name-calling, and more goes on in a lot of black circles personally and professionally because some African Americans are simply tired of one another.  The black man says, "I can't talk to black women..."  The black woman says, "I can't find a good black man."  These are personal issues, but they don't pertain to everyone.  So please be advised not to put "all" or "most" in your speech when communicating with non-blacks about African American issues especially when the mainstream statistics don't apply to your community.

Many African American men and women are married, take care of families, pay bills, and get along with one another contrary to popular belief.  Of course, couples have challenges like any other ethnicity and at times have their share of money, parenting, and family blues, but that's life.  On the other hand, there are days where families are content and live comfortably.  Oftentimes, the ones who complain the loudest about what a black woman or man is or isn't doing from political associations to home life is deeply disturbed.  Stable mental health doesn't always apply to some of these people who have dived deep into everything that is wrong with the African American populace and forgot about or chose to ignore what is right.  They are often in denial, hide their pain, minimize their childhood experiences, and personal feelings when it comes to the ever-popular question of "Why are you acting like this--making broad generalizations about our people?  Acting like a fool in front of the masses who you know don't care for black folks?"  They digress, attack, or become highly emotional.  Some blacks have become experts in what is unrighteous, untrue, unstable, and unnecessary related to black people that they are no longer helping, but aiding the white empowerment agendas and others to systematically continue to keep black people around the world (not just in America) at their feet.  See my hub Black People Around the World.

Spiritual African Americans see the enemy at work.  Around this time of year, (Halloween, "fall" season) while many blacks are asleep literally and figuratively, those who are skilled in raising all sorts of hell are chanting in circles, making sacrifices, participating in occult sex, and doing any number of things to put demonic spirits to work.  (Familiarize yourself with the way the puppets communicate with their masters, here.) Not only do elitists work in boardrooms, but they also work in their unholy temples to declare spiritual warfare on the "bottom-feeders, ignorant, sheeple, ninjas..." and other code names that merely include and/or refer to blacks in those groups.  (Check out some researchers black and white that died for talking too much, view here.)

Many choose to debate issues we are already quite familiar with and most often do not directly impact us.  A gentleman I heard online talked about the black church being dead adding that black women aided in its destruction, another gets paid to talk badly about black women and others daily, and men I personally know, met and read about have spent much of their lives dating primarily white women.    Meanwhile, I have noticed more and more mainstream shows where black women talk badly about black men and who have shown interest in white men.  Who is financing all these mainstream media scripts, photographs, magazine spreads, and more?  Of course not Reggie down the street or Black ABC group?  The support is provided by non-blacks who could care less that black people steal, cheat, lie, bad-mouth, and kill one another spiritually, mentally and physically.  Positive, soulful music about love, respect and more (quality lyrics) are practically extinct.  It is all considered "good" entertainment when junk is heavily promoted in the media.

So if one continues to watch shows that depict blacks in a negative light, attend events that degrade black people, listen to meaningless music that lower the spirit, connect with male or female hating groups, and do other similar things, then it isn't any wonder that the black woman or man has nothing to bring to a relationship, but junk.

What one puts in his or her heart and mind on a daily basis and the kind of people, places and things that he or she surrounds his or herself with will affect one's life and children and grandchildren.  Choose wisely what permeates your eyes and ears, guard your heart, and recognize the mental, physical, social, and spiritual conditioning being used to keep you fighting your own people.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love Myself and other books.  You can listen to thought-provoking spiritual commentary here.   


Cheating is Abusive - So Don't Wonder Why You Crazy, He Crazy

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Cheating is Abusive: She told me for the umpteenth time about this man she once loved coming over to her home, plopping down in front of the television, eating,...


Did Someone Tell You How Special You Are Today?

People don't mind telling you what you did wrong, how you look, and other unflattering comments.  But today, let's ponder on the good.  Think about those positive things that make you who you are!  Special, unique, wonderful, beautiful, loyal, caring, intelligent, talented...that's a lot of good, isn't it?

You do nice things for people.  You exhibit love toward your family.  You have gone out of your way in your lifetime to help people, right?  What about those times you picked up the phone and offered advice, sent a thoughtful email, or liked something that someone shared with you?  You aren't all bad, so when people have their issues, don't let their dramas be yours!

Miserable people wait around for bad company, talk badly about others, invite people to sit at their tables then talk about them when they leave.  They hate themselves for decisions they have made (i.e. bad partners, wasted finances, hot tempers, nasty attitudes, etc.)  Being in the company of people like this holiday after holiday can wear on your nerves.  Talking to people like this daily, weekly even monthly can grieve your spirit.  For every step you take forward, their negative comments and drama will set you back. 

So receive those compliments you get without thinking, "Is he up to something...Why she say that?"  Maybe someone might be, but isn't it so nice to hear every now and again how special you are?  Love your beauty, smile at yourself in the mirror, speak positively to you, and treat yourself to a quality time that brings out the best (not the worst) in you!

Stay blessed and highly favored.


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