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Black is Beyond Skin Color - It is a State of Mind, Lifestyle...It is Who You Are!

No matter where you go, what you do, who you connect to, or how much you know, to be black in America is not only the color of one's skin, but it is indeed who you are.  There are those who will never let you be just a person, and if you were to be so ignorant and dismiss this and go along with the colorless ideology, then you will be blind-sided by those who want you to think you are just a man or woman in their eyes.

You are a mere woman or man as long as you do as your told, behave, and don't cause any trouble.  But the day, you hurt a non-black person's daughter, son, offend a parent, or disrespect a leader, the color blind eyes will now see color.  The non-black subconscious mind will remind him or her, "Oh yes, I forgot, he or she is a product of his or her environment.  I should have known better.  He or she can't help but be that way."  It is then that the non-black will either go into, "I will save him or her" or "I must stay away from that angry black man (black woman)."

Some of you who wanted so badly to live colorless have come to the revelation not that long ago when you saw the image of yet another black male lying in the street like roadkill.  Did you think, "What a shame a man was killed?"  or "Did you think another black male killed by a white police officer?"  When you add color to what you saw, it hits home.  You know black, grew up black, and you were taught by white most likely.  Something within rises up in you possibly anger, sadness, or a feeling like you were deceived depending on how you view white people, their lifestyle, etc.  For some, white people are your friends, they would never hurt you, they love you...but for others you know better because you have been hurt far too many times by white people.

Those with a hidden agenda capitalized off your pain through yet another violent attack.  They wanted you to feel, because many of you hadn't.  You became numb, insensitive, and accepted "it is what it is."  But it was in their best interest to get a rise in you because they want you to stay traumatized.  Too many black Americans look good on television.  They are wealthy, marrying white, talking white, acting white, swinging hair around like their see to be white is far beyond skin tone too.  They see some of you blacks behaving like them and they don't like it no more than a black woman watching a black man treating a white woman better than he ever did her.  The racist wealthy don't like you black folks.

There have been outspoken leaders crying out loud that our people are sick and unfortunately many are.  They have been brainwashed badly to the point that they can't see their own faults.  They rather run away from the truth through electronic devices, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.  Years of doing this and they never fully come back into their right minds; therefore, they walk around with the side effects of far too much weed-smoking, alcohol abusing, womanizing, child birthing, and more.  All have their own share of issues.  Some women go mad after childbirth.  Others lose it after a heartbreak.  Men fight with others over trivial matters due to a mind that just can't think like it use to.  It's all so very sad, but when it becomes a "black" issue, now we are talking about systematic racism, oppression, poverty, pride, rejection, and more.  Whether you call yourself, black or African American the issues are still there.  Elitist whites look on, wondering what will these troubled folks do, will they benefit our agenda or will they sabotage it?  They watch what their efforts have done.

So when you feel that urge to disassociate from the black within, "that street" side some like to describe it as, don't.  For what is on the inside, deep within, free of superficial programming, is what is real.  It boils down to survival of the fittest.  If you are comfortable with being an African American or black person and are willing to understand all that comes with being what you are, you will adapt.  You won't need to run anywhere to get people to validate you.  The temptation to self-hate just won't be there. 

The ghetto or "street" type, that so many educated African Americans try to run from, is going to fight for truth.  He or she is going to have your back even when you don't deserve it from the street to the boardroom.  However, this has got to change, sell-out blacks should be kicked out of black circles.  Unlike all-too-forgiving African Americans, non-blacks will disown, ridicule, and even kill off their weak links.  They don't support them especially when they have done a disservice to their people.

In closing, if there is anything you take away from this piece is this, be reminded that being an African American or black is beyond skin tone as much as some would like to trivialize this. You quickly realize this when you see how society still unfairly treats so many of us in AmeriKKKa.

Nicholl McGuire


Black preacher makes a shocking admittance

This Business of "We" Should Be "I" First - Prove Yourself!

"We need to..." this is the start of many sentences when seated amongst African Americans in meetings.  From building up wealth to bringing people to Christ, "We need to...We ought to...We got to...We should..."  But "We" aren't interested.  Some might be and even fewer will actually do something.  However, this business of "We" is something that will not take place for many selfish, prideful, and resentful people who rather talk about what "We got..." in their little circles than what "We" will do to help "We" being the majority.

I have noticed this sort of behavior with the financially deceptive so-called business men and women I have been around who have inflated their incomes and sold pipe dreams.  These people, who are barely making it, struggling to keep homes, cars, marriages together, etc. try hard to sell you on dreams, but aren't successful at making too much of anything really happen. 

These deceivers join or start a variety of businesses both on and offline in the hopes of making it big one day and attempt to persuade you to invest in them.  They sell you on false promises and encourage you to "...hope for the best..." while beckoning you to jump on board.  When you finally believe in them and jump on the bandwagon, the results are dismal.  Of course, when you start asking in-depth questions and want to keep tabs on efforts, they come up with excuses.  In time, you learn that the business strategies they are using are not well-thought out, outdated, or never existed.  Then you learn, they have no jaw-dropping figures that they have attained and that in some cases what they did get was illegal or unethical.  These braggarts are also not "connected" to the movers and shakers like they claim.

So I leave you with this, until we can get to "We," show yourself strong in the community of "I" first.  One should not be trying to recruit anyone into believing any hype until there are proven results that business efforts are indeed working!  Further, if business is truly doing well, then one should have no problem giving seed money to help others start their businesses.

Nicholl McGuire 


How to Meditate the Word of God

The Bible instructs us to meditate on God's words day and night.  Watch the example.


Demonic Opposition

What happened
soulful, real
love light?

Prayed with all one's might.
Spiritual, unique
a mystic.

Coveted by others,
beautiful women,
handsome brothers.

What went wrong?
The joy drained from song.

Messengers of a Creator
gave people hope.
Ancestors hung from a rope.

A people didn't realize their power,
no reverence for a holy rain shower.
Today, walking in the last hour.

Rebels, liars,
into foolishness,
traded happiness,
lost contentment.

Angry at what use-to-be,
can't see,
no time to teach,
don't want to preach.

Walking dead,
respect to a dark god
for monies gained.

What is up with the show?
Pretend to care,
but glare.

Always got a plan,
but don't take any stand.

Fearful of what others will do,
if stray out the box
and threaten to sue.

Brainwashed to attack those in light,
always looking to fight.

Watch everything in sight,
wondering, "What's on tonight?"

Enslaved by a modern day slave master,
who wants his slaves to work faster.

Turning brother against sister
to raise an IQ
mixed races of more than a few.

Lost soul in a dark hole,
played with spirits of ole'.

Don't know what to do,
when they come for you.

Demonic opposition,
believe the lie.

Nicholl McGuire


August Wilson Museum in Pittsburgh Bought by Dollar Bank

Bought for just under $2,000, the August Wilson Museum is now owned by Dollar Bank.  Read more here:

How Colorism Plays a Part in Your Relationship

When you decided to date someone, did you choose this person not only because you liked their personality, but also because you were attracted to a certain skin hue?  Did you grow up hearing things about how a particular color or type is prettier than the other?  Do you tend to act differently toward one skin hue or another, because of some issues you have on the inside or some unresolved feelings from the past?

Sometimes a moment of self-evaluation will open a Pandora's box of why we make the decisions we make when it comes to selecting mates for future relationships.  Men or women who have yet to mature when it comes to having quality relationships and friendships with others will unfortunately make decisions based on petty reasons to be with someone.  Whether it is the way one's eye color looks, skin tone, hair texture, or something similar, the man or woman who very much wants a mate will consider things like this more important than having an honest, loving, and committed partnership.

Have you ever heard someone say something like, "I got with her because I really liked the color of her eyes?  I had babies with him, because I wanted them to be light-skin."  If you have, how did this make you feel?  This sort of talk wrecks havoc on relationships.  It speaks to just how ignorant and immature a person still is when it comes to getting to know someone.  Some will tolerate domestic abuse just to remain with a fine-looking man or woman because they just love the way they look.  Others will sacrifice much just to say they are friends with someone who has a favored skin tone! 

Black isn't just "black" as much as some would like to simplify things by focusing on the color of one's skin.  People come with their share of experiences when they enter a new relationship.  One's personal black experience living in America just might not be yours or mine.  Your preference in music, style, and other things may not be the same as someone who might have the same hair texture as yours.  Those who have a variety of cultures, backgrounds, customs, etc. don't communicate the same as "black" whatever that might mean to you.  Blacks who have a limited view on one another and are not open to accepting the depth that comes with being, all mixed up, will have trouble getting along with that person they like to say, "He black like me...She blaaack!"  Yes, but are you able to identify with that individual's blackness?

Not that long ago, there was a man in the news who was a criminal.  His mug shot was posted everywhere.  He was a nice-looking, light skin, green-eyed African American male.  The women who commented were so impressed with his looks that they couldn't care less what crime he did.  As much as we would like to just look the other way, the reaction of so many African American women and men about how attractive this law-breaker looked speaks to how wild our people still are about what looks attractive to them.

Parents, grandparents and other elders have brainwashed some sons and daughters into thinking that they will get the best of this if they look this way and that, and if they marry this skin tone and that one.  Unfortunately, these mind-controlled folks learn the hard way that a relationship requires more than what meets the eye.  Those that marry based on skin tone (among other things) will soon find out just how shallow their reasons for being with someone truly is.  Sometimes you find that things like:  desperation, control, envy, and more show up in the relationship because the person who finds skin hue highly important feels like he or she must compete with other on-lookers.  In time, the dark skin man who sought after the light skin woman discovers that he should have been looking beyond her color and body-build and the same holds true for the dark skin woman as well when it comes to a light-skin man.  

It doesn't hurt to play in your own lane or stick to your own kind--so to speak, there is nothing wrong with that as much as some would like to make us think otherwise, because of their own freaky agendas.  Sometimes relationships do well because they are free of the complications that come with having to deal with light skin and dark skin hang-ups within and beyond.  There are also the insecurities, jealousy, and resentment that some couples bring into the relationship because they are not content with who they are personally and professionally.

Families aren't always supportive of someone who is light or dark skin joining them and can make matters worse especially if the one with the different skin hue acts in unflattering ways.  From eye-rolls to deep sighs, family members can be rude especially when a relative brings someone around the family that "don't look black..." it can all be so very draining.  In time, the prejudicial ways of not only relatives, but a partner as well, can make one desire to break up especially when eyes are wandering elsewhere seeking a new skin hue to wet one's appetite.

If you are dealing with your share of issues that include things related to skin tone, don't worry there are many like yourself living in a society that still tends to favor certain skin hues over others.  However, when black people stop getting excited about this skin color and that one while avoiding the temptation to teach children what is supposedly prettier, it is then when we can truly feel comfortable in our own skin.

Nicholl McGuire


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