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Manhood Training with Lenon Honor Episode 16


Hidden History of Blacks


Black Boys, Black Girls: Pedophilia Rings

They will go to far away lands to get black children, they will "help" children locally by strategically placing themselves in child related jobs, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, ages and colors, they are pedophiles.  On the surface, they appear normal and friendly almost child-like in some ways.  You don't think too much about them except maybe the strange woman or man is a bit odd.  Talk to your child or others and find out what they really know about the guy or gal who is so good with children. 

"Does the teacher/coach make you feel weird, strange, uncomfortable...?" an inquisitive mother asks her child.  "Has this person said something to you that is inappropriate like (provides examples)?  Don't worry over getting him/her in trouble, no one should ever be made to do something he or she doesn't want to do." 

Start telling sons, daughters and grandchildren stories of how abused kids are threatened.  Give examples by reading a couple stories from a media source or show a couple of videos.  Tell them how sexual abusers will say things like, "I might go to jail, you wouldn't want that because I can help you become a star, buy you that toy you want...I love your mom, I wouldn't do anything to hurt her...but if you say something you will hurt her.  You will fail this grade...I will make things worse for you!  Who would believe are always in trouble, tell lies...!"

Babies can't explain, but their bodies will tell if they are being abused.  The markings on bodies, chronic illnesses, sadness in eyes, frequent crying, slowing down of reaching milestones, and a need to be close to you while refusing to stay with someone.  Take the baby to the doctor, they will be able to confirm your suspicions.

The manipulation is heavy with a child molester.  Some of you may have been taken advantage of by adults or abused in the past, so why look the other way or avoid discussions about sexual abuse?  Too many people are getting away with doing all things wicked to the African American populace.  They are hoping that you don't have a quality relationship with your partner, family, or anyone else they want.  The more you complain about what God has blessed you with, the more you empower satanic opposition to work against your family.  Be grateful for your family members, you never know what might happen in the future! 

You can see the evidence of evil when you turn on the news, listen to music, watch movies, and converse with those who have no moral compass.  Nonchalant, messed up black folks aren't mindful of what is happening around them especially when they are too high to do anything.  Workaholic black folks are too busy dropping children and grandchildren off to think about asking the kind of questions that won't cause them to be fearful about talking.  "Mom might be mad if I say this...she will think I am bad.  I might get beaten.  She is too busy to care.  She says she can't deal with any more stuff, so I won't say anything to upset her nerves.  Dad is always working...I can't say anything to him."  Meanwhile, someone somewhere whether they are black, white, yellow, or red is raping or plans to rape a child. 

Watch who's watching your loved ones.

Resources to learn more about pedophilia rings here:

PizzaGate – DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails – Obama, Clintons, Andrew Kline

Inside the mind of a Pedophile

Pedohiles Brain Differences

Missing children

Trafficking fears as Haiti children go missing

Search for Missing Children

Satanic sacrifices of children

Decapitated, dismembered children in Catholic mass grave site were ritually murdered?

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner and Author


What Happens when an Entertainer and Others Break Cult Oaths?

Modern day slavery on the highest levels not just with musicians but anyone who is a major influencer in mass media.  You want fame, fortune and power?


Guest Blog Posts Welcome for the New Year

If you have something informative, entertaining and relates to the audience here on this site, then we would like to hear from you.  This is mainly a crowd of thirty-something plus but we have our twenty-something less visitors as well.  African American culture, products, services, and other useful and appealing information is welcome.  Feel free to contact blog owner on this site ( and subscribe today!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ignorance isn't Bliss -- It Only Keeps You Ignorant

Sometimes I just wish I didn't know some dark things, but then I tell myself, "Would you rather be surprised and end up having to spend a lot of energy, time and money trying to fix a problem, deal with the aftermath...?  What is the sense of praying to God for advice/direction/his will and other things if you are unwilling to hear or do anything about the information in front of you?"

When we speak of wanting to know the truth, then why believe the hype?  The more mediums used to get knowledge to us, it seems the more people shut down.  "Just leave me be...I don't have time...That's too much to read...I ain't got no money."  Some African Americans don't want to know anything about how they are being impacted by media or anything else that is going to require their brains to critically think, their bodies to do something, or their spirits to turn back to God.  How do I know?  Because years back I use to be that way.  I didn't make time for any useful research online, because I was more concerned about the latest story on Yahoo.  I noticed that any dull stories (which were really the essential ones I needed to read) were being buried lower and lower on the website's front page over the years.

Too much of anything isn't good including online entertainment media and offline activities.  How much sitting on one's behind does he or she really need?  Like so many other ethnicities,  African Americans have their share of the blues and maybe that is why we tend to stay away from the negative news stories as much as we can.  Yet, sometimes we should take the time to know some things, if anything, for the sake of our children.

What is most important to you and to me?  Well lately when it comes to child-related issues whether locally or nationally I want to know: educational programs underway for math other than keeping common core around, pedophilia rings and kidnappings statewide and nationally, improvements on student loan and grant programs, as well as a myriad of other topics.  I just relocated not that long ago, so quite naturally I am curious about my community.  I also feel that it is significant to know about employment opportunities, health care availability, school district, programs for those terminated, layoffs and unemployment (like checking for patterns that might impact minorities being employed and remaining employed).

There is the information out there that might not be that important to you, but you still need to know like how to fix or re-purpose something rather than buying new or renting and learning about "minimalism." Which brings me to my next point, why aren't some of our people, who love to brag about their money, homes and cars, looking for knowledge that goes beyond what they see on TV if they are so concerned about the latest presidential pick?  Can I tell you the answers aren't found in mainstream media?

What bothers me is why formulate any opinion on current events when you aren't the least bit interested in performing research to learn more such as the long history that this country has with rigging the voting system and how the two parties are really one and the same...?  These aren't conspiracies folks no more than star athletes throwing games.  Ever wonder why some celebrities are paid so much and why others go off and start telling secrets?  Everything is spoon-fed to our nation to hide lie, cover-up, isolate, and eventually take a whistleblower off the face of this earth.  Unless you start thinking, questioning and eventually go rogue in your industry, family, and elsewhere and stop thinking like the herd--you will remain ignorant!  Take time to travel to where the questionable events are taking place, interview locals about what they know, find eye-opening information via alternative media, former workers, and find out who is connected to who when researching.  Sooner or later the truth will set you free.  I did something similar with questions I had related to law enforcement, health care, education, etc.  Learn how these people are trained and why they do what they do.

People with hidden agendas, whether elitists or not, appreciate those who choose to stay ignorant.  "That ain't got nothing to do with me...I don't care.  So what, let them do that, I can't do anything!  Why you bringing this to me, I'm good.  You know that's conspiracy besides n*ggas need to keep their mouths shut!"

Intelligent African American people find out what is meaningful to you and I and work hard to be sure they provide you with meaningless related topics, rather than the ones that could positively impact our lives.  Do you know there is a world of toys to educate the young people that Walmart wouldn't even bother to carry because they know you wouldn't buy them?  Did you know there are wealthy African American inventors that are alive today, but you don't know their names because they are rarely if ever mentioned in schools?  Did you know there are people in this world who died trying to get the truth to you about elitists blacks who work alongside racists to kill, steal, and destroy your families systematically?  Did you know that most media is created to influence the masses to do any number of things that meet governmental needs?  For example, need more military recruits make those video games and toys more accessible to those who live in economically depressed areas.  How about change your mind about what is good and what is evil by bombarding you with movies and books that are sin-friendly and break traditional spiritual views?  Now you are more likely to accept and be a part of some things that go against your morals. "Got you and your family", says the wolf in sheep's clothing!  Then what are you going to do, go back and tell everyone how, "It's's alright...I don't have any problem with those people, besides I am one..."  

So if you truly want to find out the latest information about what national or local government is up to and whether your local civic group is really a help or a hindrance to your community in mind, body and spirit, then do research!  What is really going on with a latest program and what is the long-term impact and has a similar program in another state or country been used and how did it affect those people later in life?  For instance, check out educational funding and new opportunities for the poor to attend school in your area.  Your local media will be sure to show yet another gang-related event, a "fun" human interest piece that you and others could care less about, or blow up a car chase, robbery or murder on every station in your area and repeat it over and over again to make you feel so down that you do nothing not even bother to clean your house.

The public's right to know is out the window and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. By the way I went to college for journalism and mass communications so that is why I am sensitive to media tomfoolery.  Nowadays, you don't have a right to know beyond the shooting that occurred in your community and how once again someone was let off.  You don't need to worry over where your tax dollars are going or not going, because it is assumed that your people don't bother to pay taxes anyway.  Why bother asking questions about what your country can do for you, since you don't plan on doing too much of anything for it?  They took a look at the welfare rolls.  You get the point.

Going back to the title of this blog entry, ignorance is bliss, but to who?  

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner and the Author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic 


They Need Not Place a Burning Cross on the Front Lawn Nowadays - - Their Secret Wishes for Bad Things to Happen to Us

They don't know what kind of "black" you are and at the end of the day they really could care less about those of us who want so bad to fit in where you really don't belong. 

We come in different shades and have many personalities too.  So they (being non-blacks) expect whatever they heard, saw or experienced about black people to prove their personal thoughts correct.  If the memories were positive non-blacks might give you a chance, but if not, past memories remind them to proceed with caution and expect the worse.  The cocky and rich nigg@s, argumentative black woman, angry black man, crazy ghetto addicts, black ghetto ho, grumpy, old black dude, over-the-top holy roller, and whatever else their history with African Americans tells them..."I hope this one isn't going to be a problem or else..."

The KKK mentality (white power superiority complex) is alive and well still (sigh), but you already knew that.  Those of you confident African Americans who got far too comfortable while Obama sat in office were blinded by kindness and temporal special favor coming from one or a few non-blacks in your social or work circles.  Yet, the reality that pride and prejudice is still around showed up in the form of police shootings, racial bias, and manufactured chaos in mainstream media organized by elitists. The agenda was to rock the boat to usher in the white man back in office and create civil unrest so that the "help, save us" mentality would show up again among the people desperate to make America great again, but for who?  You already know the answer to that question. 

For years on this blog, in between the entertaining YouTube videos, I warned you in bold commentary that exposed the media foolishness while warning you to remain calm about what you were seeing--the plan was to provoke us again and again to react and add to the chaos so that political agendas could go forward.  Even now, I still see the systematic brainwashing applied by influencers in media (no matter the ethnicity) to recondition your  African mind not to think beyond the natural.  You are not to think highly of yourself (which is not only a worldly problem but a spiritual one too), self-improve, empower others, gain wealth that exceeds others who expect all things wrong from you, etc. 

You are thought of by elitists as a cocky puppet who doesn't comply (whether standing up or down) and has to be publicly humiliated and controlled by the strings that were accepted by you whether you were in the know about the fine print to wear them or not.  Its unfortunate that some of our people just can't be humble about anything, often assume the worse even when there is no drama ongoing, and all-too-willing to go down fighting in wars without a clear objective--much of which is brought on by racists men and women who act like bullies rather than public servants.

Now the cross burnings of yesteryear and those probably still ongoing around the world need not be done since there are more than enough demonic entities conjured up by devil-worshipping elitists who simply wish for nothing good to happen.  But I won't be surprised if this starts back up again since so much from the past is being broadcasted once again in a variety of ways in movies, print, and more (hangings of black men, black face, racial stereotypes for jokes, the use of the N word by non-blacks, black R&B music pushed back and white singers pushed forward singing soulful sounds, and more).  Those of us who have been around for some time, saw the uprising of these mind-controlled tactics all before. 

Old school, bigoted whites aren't too happy with us moving in their neighborhoods.  Take notice, we shop at their stores, attend primarily white events and go to other places where they are, so some might cover up their negative thoughts with fake smiles and limp handshakes or in my case just stare or glare.  We arrive in their schools and bias teachers (that could have been fair to our children) lower letter grades on subjects that they will give their own a passing grade or chance to improve, nit-pick about details on homework and tests, look the other way when personal problems arise, or don't bother to change anything in the curriculum knowing full well a child is mentally-handicapped or has some kind of personality disorder. 

Date outside your race...experience put-downs, ignoring behavior and more by covert in-laws who are secretly unsupportive.  Have a faith?  Spend your fair share of time around mean-spirited non-black church leaders and staff that should know better not to be prideful or prejudice and you will come away with a spiritual battle from Satan making you feel like you are not worthy to come back.  How about online?  Our websites, blogs, or social pages are rarely, if ever, featured without much money invested, at times ignored, flagged, problematic and expensive to maintain, so a large number of us have to do things that don't look black in order to lure people in if we want to take our businesses to the next level--it's just not enough of us nationwide. 

Once we grow weary of all the worrying, wondering, or crying about someone or group mistreating us, we are told we are "too emotional, reading too much into things, stay in the box, in the square, in your lane...," we are muzzled, ridiculed, shamed, ostracized, and abandoned by not only non-blacks, but our own self-hating people for speaking up and demanding change.

No, non-blacks don't need to put a cross on front lawns around AmeriKKKa when there are far too many ways nowadays to wish/hope/think/plan/and execute wickedness.  Stay in prayer and launch spiritual warfare on those who falsely assume that we are an ignorant, impoverished, and powerless people.  I beg to differ.  But just in case the cross-burnings are next on the list, well don't fear, take the media attention and use it to promote your business, products, and services while turning what was meant for evil into something good.  Share your faith, gain popularity, and educate non-blacks and foreigners on the truth about U.S.

Nicholl McGuire 


Black Owned Business Resources - Buy Black Movement

The following are a few sites you might want to check out this holiday season.  They list many websites around the web owned by African Americans or sell African American related merchandise.  Please check them out and buy!  FYI  I get nothing for recommending these sites.

1) Buy Black Movement - think outside the box this holiday season.  You don't have to shop with the stores that everyone knows, do something different!

2) Support Black Owned - a free Black and African American owned business directory and blog filled with thousands of Black, Moorish, and African American owned businesses and members

3) Black Owned Businesses - check out black businesses near you!

Useful Business Resources

1) Top 10 Cities for Black Owned Businesses

2) If you haven't registered with directories, you should.  By listing your business, you get additional online exposure.  The following is an example:

3) Nation's Largest Black Businesses as of 2014 according to Black Enterprise

If you are a business owner, send over your press release, website link with description and image (optional) or social media page url to and we will include you on this site permanently.  Please be advised all requests are subject to review.  Offensive material will be rejected.  We welcome donations to help with our site's needs, so do consider giving, thanks.

Nicholl McGuire
African American Planet Blog Owner, Author, Speaker,
Virtual Assistant publishing online since 2007

Mind Control is Real, It's Being Used on All

You don't suspect that someone is attempting to control your mind.  You believe your thoughts are your own.  But you are sadly mistaken.  Many things we say and do have been influenced by others.  The next time you think of something, dare to ask yourself, "Where did I get that from?  Why do I do things this way rather than that way?  Who told me to behave this way?  Am I really being me?"

Here are some resources to get you started on an eye-opening journey to help you get your vision back.  Also, you will see what happens to many individuals of influence who muster up some courage to speak out and tell the masses the truth about a variety of things.  Don't view the material and fear like the elitists want you to, but be bold and courageous and spread the truth!  Avoid being manipulated and wake up others too!


"Lied to You"

Kanye West Breaking The Oath & Will Be Cloned Or Under MK Ultra Mind Control

Truth Revealed...


TOP 5 Illuminati MK-ULTRA Mind Control Moments In History

Christian Pretenders

False Preachers and Prophets Exposed

The Black Church...

Mind Control

MK-Ultra victims (Alter egos)

Illuminati Mind Control MONARCH Michael Jackson, Tiger woods CIA Psyops

Illuminati Mind Control - Actual Footage (WATCH THIS)

Media Propaganda, Brainwashing

Relocating? Territorial Spirits - The Unseen are Working Overtime

When Leadership Takes Advantage of the Flock


Actors and Music Artist Summons Demons For Fame Talent and Wealth

Hollywood A List Actors Demon Possession and Spirit Channeling


The Truth About Your Family, Start Digging

For years you were programmed to "stay out my don't need to know that...stop asking so many questions..." but now that you are older, sometimes it pays to know the truth about family members and friends.

Secrets are never revealed because family members are too worried, scared or confused to ask.
Men and women meet one another and end up being kissing cousins, because no one wants to talk about a relatives adulterous affair.
Kinfolk lie to one another so as to appear righteous, true and kind when in reality they have something to hide. and other websites like it open the doors to a world of people you didn't know were your family members and lead you on a path to exposing the kind of truth that shines the light on darkness.  However, what Ancestry will never be able to do is ask the kind of questions that can only be asked by a hurting human being seated face-to-face to with someone that looks a lot like him or her.

It is important to know your family roots because your research will help, not only yourself, but others discover more about you.  The life lessons learned can bring a wealth of knowledge to future generations and hopefully keep some kin out of trouble.

Discover just how easy it is to collect the kind of genealogy research that is evergreen, beneficial, and impactful to all who need to learn more about the so-called "family business' which is at times filled with lies, cover-ups and exaggerations.  Don't you want to know the truth or prefer to keep spreading the lies?  Check out: Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family History by Nicholl McGuire


Happy for You? Not!

You make the announcement about some good coming your way, but you detect an attitude from a loved one, a deep sigh from someone else, and a mumbled, "That's good." from others.  What is going on with these haters?  Is it really that they are hating or are they really concerned?  Sometimes our folks are a mixed bag.  They don't know what to say or not to say.  At times they think they are being supportive when they are really not.  Other times they are genuinely concerned, but simply don't know how to express it with love and kindness.

When you have a poor track record of making good decisions, quite naturally someone is going to speak up and caution you about the possibility of making yet another bad decision.  If you are a winner, oftentimes making great choices, of course the haters are not going to be excited about yet another win for you.  They are wrapped up in their own share of personal struggles and prefer misery to keep them company.

I'm the type that is sincerely happy for my people when they are doing well, yet behind closed doors cry when others are not.  I hope and pray for the best for all whether African American or not, but know that people don't always do their best for any number of reasons. 

I can clearly see that in many circles where African Americans are in leadership, running businesses, building networks, communicating across the 'Net, or organizing reunions that we need more people to encourage those who are boldly doing things that go beyond the norm and are doing quite well going above and beyond not only for self but for others too!  Many of our people are operating on fumes when working, parenting, building networks, establishing bonds with partners, and more due to the lack of positivity within and around them.  There are more haters than kind supporters!

So if you detect that someone isn't happy for you, don't keep that person close, find those who are doing what you are doing and appreciate them!  There are just too many people in the world, no matter the ethnicity, that truly desire a quality life and you might as well surround yourself with them rather than keep negative people around, whether kin or not.  Toxic people weigh you down like an anchor does with a ship.  Rather than use the anchor for positive means like keeping our people from drifiting out into unknown waters without a captain, the anchor is used to maintain control by jealous folks--not allowing the successful-minded to flourish!

Welcome the doable opportunity you have been afforded!  Ride the waves and have a great life!

Nicholl McGuire


Jamie Grace - Beautiful Day (Official Lyric Video)

Stand-Offish, Strange, Your People

Look let's be real for a moment, our people, who come in many shapes, sizes and colors can be a bit strange.  I think all of that ethnic mixing over generations and it has many of our minds twisted--lol. 
For example, I thought of a time when I believed that what and who I was looking at was African American until the person/people checked me with a breakdown of what they were, and yes, black was included but there was a whole lot more within than just black.

I know that we have experienced our share of issues with our people and I know that sometimes we are guilty of assuming the worse before even getting to know others, but the truth is that our personal experiences with one or more than a few bad apples can ruin personal and professional relationships. 

Our people assume too much.  They think because they see/hear/feel/taste something that reminds them of their past experiences that they must be right about So and So.  For instance, if a stranger looks like someone they know then they are looking for some behaviors that are just like that person in their mind.  Rather than give the person the benefit of the doubt or see the individual as a completely different person, they make inaccurate comparisons and base their thoughts about the person on how much they act like the people they once knew or still know.  Are you confused?  Okay let's break it down like this in the following scenario:

1.  Strange acting friend with a lot of "issues"
2.  Meets a new person
3.  Says that individual reminds them a lot of a woman they didn't like for any number of reasons.
4.  The unsuspecting person has no clue as to why the stranger is acting weird toward them.
5.  People in the social circle don't understand either. 

I don't know about you, but I don't like anyone creating any preconceived notions about me until they get to know me.  Even if they learn a lot about me, their personal opinions have no bearing, as one woman said to me about her critics, "I keep it pushing..." I would like to add, "I have no time for the foolishness or the fake ones."  Another observer, "Let the past be the past!"  Why do some act so bitter, angry and abusive to one another all because someone or a group in the past did them wrong?

We have our share of people who brag about "keeping it real, (brutally) honest" and more and then we have those who fall in all sorts of categories from the manipulators to the pretenders.  I have met many black folks from all across the land with their share of good, bad and otherwise attributes.  Those who I have been impressed with, I gave them my time and ears, as for others, not so much or not at all.  Why put up with the weird behaviors, nasty attitudes, or other negative things that I rather stay far away from?

Stand-offish folks have been wounded beyond repair.  Did you catch that?  Weird folks will always be weird.  You can pray until your blue in the face and they will keep on acting strange, dysfunctional or whatever else that irritates you. 

Tell Mr. or Ms. Weird about what bothers you, attempt to help the person, show love and whatever else--and all the dysfunctional one will do is continue to respond back in a variety of hurtful ways.  (See Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate) 

I think one major weakness of our decent kinfolk is they keep crazy, weird, and altogether evil folks in close circles way too long!  Concerned about disconnecting from them, the do-good people manage to take the abuse of evil-doers over and over again from the church to the boardroom.

God shows us who is right and who is dead wrong.  Yet, some of our people will coddle/cry/give to what is seemingly a "nice" person in public who is really nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing.  (Check out Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men)

Some of our people even have their own family members in the dark about them.  Try telling an ineffective parent that his or her child is crazy and you better run for cover.  Attempt to expose that "no-good" whoever or whatever to a twisted loved one and before long that person isn't speaking to you.

Yes, "your people" is strange.  That's why I love them from a distance!

Nicholl McGuire

You Think They Don't Know You...But They Do - Unemployed and Ignorant

He loses a job.  He looks for another.  He becomes disgruntled because he doesn't find what he wants.  He takes a long break, gets back into the fight, and looks again.  He is impatient, irritable, and mean.  He isn't happy with his life, his partner, or much else. 

The poor man starts drinking, sleeps with different women, and finds out he is expecting a baby.  He isn't happy about that either.  His anger festers while his treasured items are taken away from him (house, car, household goods...), because he doesn't have enough money to keep paying for them.  Eventually, he worries himself sick.  Lying on his back, deeply saddened, the defeated, once prideful and unbelieving, man calls on an unseen force, he calls, "God."  He cries out, "If you're listening, please help!"

Meanwhile, non-blacks see that broke, busted and disgusted black man and knows his story all too well.  They have little compassion, but they see a whole lot of opportunities to make money from all his troubles that he may or may not have caused. 

The black woman looks on and she too is heartbroken, frustrated, and often complaining about her haves and have-nots.  The family is in trouble and temptation is on every side closing on them like two elevator doors with no safety device. 

Non-blacks come up with yet another thing that they think we need to help us or straighten our stubborn @$$*$ up (government aid, programs, psychology, correctional facilities, police beating or shooting).  It isn't typically our fellow sisters and brothers who come to our rescue in great numbers or with any life-changing monies, programs, opportunities, etc.  They are too busy fighting too.  They are protecting what little they have and don't want you coming over and potentially messing them up either!  "I got enough issues my d@mn self!  Don't come over here with your drama.  You knew that trouble was coming, why didn't you do what you were supposed to do in the first place!  Ain't no sense in crying now!" says your family.

Non-blacks have spent decades studying the black family.  They know you better than you think.  Oftentimes pride within the black community aids in stupidity and ignorance.  That's right a small word like pride creates big trouble!  You think you know something and along comes someone or something that proves you know nothing!  There are many homeless people on the street, men and women in courts across our land, and others in jail for most of their lives due to PRIDE!  "Pride comes before a fall..." the Holy Bible says it!

What plan did the black man or woman come up with to go from unemployment to employment in record speed?  Well, if he or she doesn't have a doable action plan then he or she will most likely pay someone.  You just might get a limited education about your issue for free before you are persuaded into buying something that might help you, but maybe not depending on how stubborn you are.  One might also "beg" or network for an opportunity only to find that once again he or she is on a path of self-destruction again!  The prideful black man or woman never learns.

Why do we fall for the hype, the promise, or the hope that someone claims just because they appear nice or we did something for them?  You know you are aren't the non-black's favorite person especially if you are the outspoken type and at times brash with all your opinions/suggestions/concerns.  When will we learn the angry type of black is one of the most hated?  So why keep scowling, talking like you are the baddest you know what out here or acting as if you are so much better because you have money, assets or have some kind of leadership role somewhere?  Really!?  Then when it is all taken away, you talk as if you never lost anything--lol.

They know you black man/woman.  You can claim all you want, "They don't know me!" Yes they do.  You who dress so well with made up face, manicured nails and a beautiful wardrobe covering up the weaknesses within while accentuating your every curve, you are watched by anyone who wants to sleep with you and then on to the next one. 

Non-blacks have also read about you angry black man who claims justice for all, but yet you self-hate and run after all things that don't look like you, they got your number and your bank account. 

Let us not forget about the black entertainers here, there and everywhere.  Non-blacks know that when you are out of the limelight you are weak and miserable.  So you will come back, willing to do almost anything, for the fans who don't think much about you.  You are here for the moment and then you are gone replaced by someone more interesting.

We know how the story goes, our ancestors left behind many stories, you might be a well-fed, talented, and noble person, but you are still a slave...a black slave to those who observe you like you are some sort of zoo animal.  "How much do I need to come up with to get close enough to touch it?" the observant non-black says as he or she watches you in media bound by the mental and physical cages that you either volunteered to walk in, paid to get in or forced in.  That kind of bondage can't be shaken without a Savior, more money, and a functional support system. 

Many non-blacks' businesses are thriving and where's yours and how is it doing...well, it's just a deferred dream now isn't it?

Go back to your personal plan with notepad and pen in hand.  List what you most want to do with your life and just do it!  What you don't know you research and research until you can fully comprehend it.  You surround yourself around positive, successful people.  You pursue goals/dreams and use your haters to motivate you toward your life's purpose. While you learn and grow, you also study them like they study you.

Nicholl McGuire


The Determination to Get You Emotional - They Win, You Lose

"African Americans are an emotional, sensitive, na├»ve, ignorant, and mentally troubled bunch..." yep that is what "they" say behind their grins, pats on the back and handshakes.  So they play on your emotions.  They shoot to kill, lie to you, exaggerate nationwide stats about your health, and tell you what you should and shouldn't do.  It isn't just the folks belonging to fraternal groups manipulating the masses but your own mind controlled people.  The haters just don't like your outspoken, conscious, soulful, truth-telling type!

I reminded readers awhile back on this blog not to believe the media hype.  I shared personal experiences, life lessons, spiritual audio, and more cautioning you that the haters were back at it again.  They were systematically coming up with yet another wave of shocking events to rile you up. 

Satanic influences have been working day and night to mentally, spiritually and physically enslave you just look at the entertainers for starters!  You are doing too well African American!  You are making your presence be known in so many industries even when there are so few of you in leadership roles.  You are making an impact wherever you go!  You still have the favor of your God and so the world is watching and they are jealous.

We have survived many emotionally and physically draining times pulling the weak of us out of the fiery pits across our land.  We have reminded our folks (both young and old) to stand, be encouraged, do what is right, bind Satan, be there for your children, go to school...etc.  Many of us (over decades) have answered the call on our lives and have done well encouraging, rebuking, teaching and protesting.  However, many more are still lost, foolish, resentful, mentally ill, and more.  There is a fight even when there is no fight with the confused among us.  We see this from personal relationships to civil rights.  There is this defending/supporting the negative and dark spirits even when the one true God himself has administered warnings and curses upon the brethren.

You can't fight a good, meaningful fight without the warriors that have long existed before your arrival Black Man, Woman!  You might think you know much because you are educated, live well, own property, etc. but the war time we are in right now is spiritual and will always be--we don't wrestle with flesh even though the enemy wants to make it be about that!  When was the last time you prayed and asked for direction and courage to fight a relevant fight related to your higher calling rather than what "they" have claimed is your fight?

The orchestrated media battles that you see nowadays and in the past are scripted events to help a few at the top of the food chain called, Life!  You can create your own plan for you and yours without the need of "them."  What are you waiting for?  Stop grieving and watching the dead, and live your life!

The powers that be, elitists, racists, etc. have studied you and know what your trigger buttons are.  So while you are distracted by all things that have little to do with your personal success and the gifts you have that mankind can surely benefit from, the so-called genious of the land are manufacturing events to keep you mentally and physically oppress.

As for the future, your neighborhoods are being over taken by opportunists--people who strongly you are useless and don't deserve anything that you may have obtained fairly or not.  Property is being bought up and redeveloped slowly but surely across the states with an emphasis on prime real estate.  If your ghetto is standing in the way of progress, don't be surprised if it is bulldozed.  During those times of "ethnic cleansing" and redevelopment, some will wish "if only..." as they see their memories go up in dust.  God gave the Black man and woman ample opportunity to get things right in their communities and those who refused, was too lazy, broke, busted, bitter, didn't want to seek truth/God, will go up in the smoke that they smoke.  This is prophecy in case you don't know. 

Stop sleeping, creeping, lying, and acting stupid...change is coming and you and your emotions will eventually plea to non-blacks, "Stop" and they won't be listening no more than they do when yet another person is gun down for senseless reasons.

Remember your business dream? Get ready.  Remember your calling?  Time to get started.  Remember the family you left?  They need help.  Remember the promises you made?  Start keeping them.  Remember the struggle?  You're in it now!  Take control over your mind--erase the negative thinking, find positivity in everything, turn what was meant for evil into something good!




Are You Keeping it Too Real?

Tell your co-worker, mother, father, sister and brother to pipe down on all that "realness" and you just might get a negative reaction.  "What do you mean cut down...You telling me to act fake?  I'm just keeping it real!"   

There is such a thing as keeping it too real.  People lose marriages, finances, friendships, and more because of all their realness.  The harsh critic or foolish joker says something so bold that before long someone or a group is all-too-ready to fight.

When one is turned off with "the keeping it real type,"  they are letting you know that too much truth speaking can get you into some hot water one day.  "Keeping it real" has some limitations especially when it affects others' lives in a not so favorable way.

Take for instance the loud mouth who can't keep her trap closed long enough to hear others or the angry man who wants nothing more than to hurt people with his tongue.  Are people keeping it real or fighting with words?

You know you are keeping it too real when:

1.  People stop talking or coming around you.
2.  You lose financial support.
3.  You have a reputation for being a difficult person.
4.  You have no friends and those you claim are friends are never around when you need them.
5.  Your realness got you laid off or fired repeatedly.
6.  You lie or cover up the things you say after the fact, because you know keeping it too real has landed you in hot water with an individual or organization.

If you are a believer, allow God to lead you when the time is right to speak and take heed to what you should or shouldn't say.  With Him, you will see long-lasting change.

Nicholl McGuire


Inside Domestic Violence: Power and Control (full)

Why are black children failing at school?

Experiences in England.  Sometimes you have to step out of America to see that similar issues here affect others all around the world.

Now watch this video about African Americans and the rate of graduates from high school.

A 2011 report from The National Center for Education Statistics showed that only 66% of African American students graduated from high school. David Johns of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans addresses these gaps. Check out the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans on the web at


In Memory Of

The scene is common across America at many cookouts.  Music is blaring, people are talking while others are eating.  Children and pets are running around.  The sun is shining. 

Feel good now, enjoy those precious moments with loved ones, because happy times often turn into sorrowful times without notice soon after. 

We take a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us.  May their souls continue to rest in peace.


Thanks for Stopping By...Enjoy the Blog!

If this is your first time visiting, welcome.  For those who have been on this site for quite some time, I hope that you will check out some of the past postings that you missed.  On this site, the blog entries have dealt with controversial topics dealing with everything from racism to relationships.  Of course, the editorial pieces do not reflect the views of all African Americans, but what the postings do is challenge one to think beyond one's upbringing, personal experiences, and more.  If you are easily offended, don't scroll.  If you have issue with being black, why are you here?  If you love all your blackness through and through (or someone else's blackness--lol,) then by all means have a look!  Once you go black...well you know how the saying goes, enjoy!



Men Who Secretly Hate Women - Family, Workplace, Relationships

This my friends was an answer to prayer.  Sometimes you think you know why some do what they do.  What I have learned is when they can't get away with hating you, they move on to those who are clueless as to how deep the rabbit hole really is--this message has many thought-provoking meanings and layers upon layers of truth!  Ancestors hated one another on the plantation and even now many still carry that hate in their DNA.  How long, how long must we carry the burdens of our cursed forefathers' hate?

Break every yoke of bondage--get free of dysfunctional men who blatantly disrespect and are jealous of women.  Cut your losses early, stay away from the angry men and women.(


No Badge of Honor for the Callous Mother

She expects to be honored, but she doesn't respect others.  She assumes she will receive gifts from loved ones, yet she has stopped buying for others.  She believes herself to be a "good" woman even when she is bad.  Some mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and others are disillusioned, ill-equipped, and downright crazy to believe that children (young or old) want anything to do with them when they have done their share of dirt to create distance.

We can pray until we are blue in the face concerning some of these mothers who may have once had wonderful relationships with children, but no more.  We can judge, condemn or ridicule children all we want, but we weren't there when a mother used, abused, and did unspeakable acts to her offspring.

As much as we would all like to believe that every mother is deserving of some badge of achievement, our Father in heaven says, "Not so."  Holidays like mother's day and others get so many Christians into trouble because they look through the lens of their personal realities rather than being compassionate and understanding of others' plights.

Some children may not have had a difficult childhood with mother but over time things changed in their relationship with their mother especially once they had children of their own.  There are those sons and daughters who are actually better people because they broke dysfunctional programming from mothers and chose to do more with their lives.  Others may have been abused mentally, physically and spiritually by mothers and so they may try very hard to make up for lost times by pleasing moms or punish them depending on how traumatic the abuse.

In the black community, most mothers are generally esteemed.  However, what tends to happen is that many individuals who are close with their mothers will attempt to encourage those who are not to reconnect or stay connected with their mothers even when it is better that people separate. 

Without educating one's self on the sensitive issues involving families, the personal challenges and more that comes with staying in contact with toxic people, the well-meaning individual could actually aid in the problems between mother and children.

Not every mother is sane, functional, and healthy emotionally or physically to take on children and grandchildren and not every mother wants a relationship with all either. 

Nicholl McGuire author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, When Mothers Cry and other books.

Lack of Empathy - Relationship, Friends, Relatives Cold-Hearted, Unemoti...


Tis the Season - Not Every Mother is Nice, Sweet

You have only one mother.  You best honor her.  She is all you got.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my mother.  You heard it all, but you are not like the rest of them.  You know that Mother's Day means only one thing to you, "It's just another day."  In the African American community as well as others around the world it is expected to honor one's mother.  This can be done without a man-made holiday.  It simply means to respect your mother, but it doesn't mean you need to put up with those manipulative tactics that some do.  The following is a book excerpt from Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire.
"Reflecting back on childhood memories can be quite painful. No one really understands just how much it hurts to see a mother you love go to great measures to try to be everything to everyone, good, bad or otherwise. Sometimes she goes above and beyond for others, but for her children not so much. Of course, troubled mothers have their reasons for treating their children wrongly sometimes, “My kids are unappreciative…They don’t come around…They don’t like me” while never bothering to check her self as to why that is. There are no perfect people and some mothers and children fail to truly realize this about one another. From cooking to advising others, demanding mom may be a kind-hearted and seemingly sweet soul sometimes, but then there are those moments—the ones that leave children ashamed, spouses angry, and others secretly wishing never to be in her presence again.
Before judging those who feel this way, know that individuals, who have been repeatedly driven mad when it comes to their mothers’ issues, have their reasons why they choose to safeguard their hearts. It doesn’t make their emotions right or wrong, they just are. Until there is healing within and around them, it will be a difficult and long journey to love one’s toxic mother or mother figure now or ever. If a troubled Mom wasn’t pretending to like this person and that one, she had those she genuinely favored and oftentimes it wasn’t her own child. There was something odd, mysterious even scary about a Mom like that. Sitting back with a smirk on her face, she seemed to have taken great pleasure in someone else’s suffering, she may have said something like, “You reap what you sow. You should’ve listened to me…serves you right. Always listen to your mother. Mother knows best. God don’t like ugly. Don’t come crying to me!” Disappoint her enough times and she just might start bragging about others to you or comparing what they have to what you don’t have.
For some readers who are African Americans, you might have experienced “the attitude” or the “I know you didn’t” kind of stare from Mama. She warned you about acting like Ms. Nice Nasty a time or two and how “You are not too old to get your a** beat!” Ms. Nice Nasty was just another personality of a sassy mother who projected her woes onto her children. These women could be nice one minute and nasty the other. She accused others of her own bad behavior and then punished daughters and sons for it; rather than straightening her personal issues with self out, she felt she had to check others. It was Ms. Nasty’s attitude that some of you worked hard to avoid. If she asked or demanded you do something, you did it or else experience the consequences. Like a child, some of you are still fearful of Mama’s dark side coming out. It was her evil twin. Some of you may have called her, “The devil, a witch, evil, crazy…” Buy  your copy of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire



Sometimes looking at where your roots come from explains why you struggle with some things in America.  No matter how much influence another culture might have on you, there are traits within that can't be denied.  Notice the similarities.  For instance, disciplining children, cheating in relationships, many children from different women, education, gender differences, and more.


The Copycats

They see what we do.  Hear how we talk.  Watch what we wear.  They emulate us.  They are great actors and actresses.  They learned from the best of us.

You may work, play, or sleep with the copycats.  You may have detected that the way they behave with you, as compared to others, is just not genuine.  You might have convinced yourself you are welcome in many of their circles, unlike others that look like you, because you are self-controlled, highly educated, articulate, kind, presentable, respectable, and loving, but these qualities many copycats do not have and many more are not really interested in you, but what you can do for them.  Their cold-hearted parents and grandparents taught them well.

The copycats use psychology to study you.  They learn of your ways and sit back and watch for more things they can use to connect, connive and conquer you.  You see, many copycats are like those haters you don't like except these charming, jealous types know that it is easier to charm the bee with honey.  So they pretend to like you, be like you.  They talk of their past and exaggerate some stories a bit.  "You are from that am I.  You come from parents of divorce, so do I.  You have Indians and blacks in your family?  So do I.  I love R&B music.  Listen to this...I sound just like you." 

Do you really have that much in common?  Maybe with some, but what is the purpose for the connection?  The truth is copycats seek to gain something from you--whatever that might be.  From sex to money, the duplicators have married, cheated, lied, stole, abused and used the African American woman and man who is ignorant to their mind manipulations.

As much as some would like to think that higher education has made them equipped enough to protect themselves from deceptive people, the truth is the only thing that education did do was help you play in a competitive game, but it didn't teach you nearly enough to win the game.  If this was the case, you wouldn't see so many blacks running into the arms of everyone but their own kind.  You would see more wealthy people going back into communities educating, empowering, and doing other things to help the lost, confused, sick, and more.  The copycats have made sure that there is just not enough money to go around since they want what the black woman and man has anyway.  So they pull out those legal documents and get you to sign here and here and here.  Do you bother to read what you are signing?

Copycats can shake, rock, and roll like the black man and woman.  They can get an "attitude" like them too.  The imitators can also speak the dialect.  They can use and abuse folks like a street pimp, player, and hustler.  They can pretend to be like Jesus, Allah or someone else from a holy book and then use the text to manipulate you. 

The copycats obtain much wealth from the sassy, cursing, fighting, and mentally unstable black woman.  They will act just like her in an effort to persuade her to get their needs met.  Modern day slave owners' bank accounts grow off the backs of the ball players.  Grown men who are still very much child-like.  So they don't think beyond the scope of child's play.  Many of their fathers never bothered to play much ball with them when they were children, but the copycats are there to help.  Sports is not just entertainment, but a fountain of youth for many emotionally wounded men. 

The copycats will talk the talk and walk the walk with the black woman and man just to get favor from them and then turn back into their proper speaking, uncaring, prejudicial, and ugly selves when African Americans are no longer useful to their organization, program, club, etc.  Then the plan goes into effect to disempower them in any number of ways whether using their own kind to enable them to self-destruct with drugs or alcohol, lay-off, terminate, scandalize, or put them amongst non-blacks who are just as mentally and physically sick, if not worse, like them behind bars or in white rooms.

Beware of the copycats, they are among you in all colors, shapes, and sizes around the world.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and other books.


There is Nothing Else Like It - Black Issues

I am completely convinced that there will always be "black" issues.  The kind of problems that only black folks can relate to.  From being poor, broke and disgusted to those old sayings that follow us from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.  As much as we would like to move away from discussing "black" anything, the truth is, black people, black dialect, black drama, black music, black anything will always be here in America and throughout our world!  Past posts showed blacks overseas enjoying themselves without the cares that many United States blacks have.

But issues, you can run, but you can't hide!  You can bleach skin, lighten hair, change eye colors, wear high heels, whatever you can to fit into groups, categories, compartments and more where some non-blacks would still say (either to your face or behind your back) you don't belong here.  The "issues" will be there, not because of personality, social status, last name, or anything else, you're just black!  End of discussion.  It is a harsh reality.  Some people just don't want to believe it.  They cry behind closed doors, complain to there one black friend they manage to keep from the old neighborhood, scribble their frustration out in artwork, scream about it in song or sleep with it behind closed doors with someone non-black--"Why doesn't the world just accept me?"

We not only live in one of the most coveted lands in the world with wealthy, brilliant, attractive, enlightening and respectable men and women of all shades, sizes, hair textures and the like, but we also live in a shallow, petty, illogical, poor, and ignorant-thinking society with some rude, ugly folks as well!  A planet of good and evil and also still plenty black and white with grays staring off in the distance looking like, "Which way did he go, George?"  Just as dumb as the next person about black people related stuff.

Some of your people and mine (including those beloved, flighty entertainers) have been running away from all things ghetto that they have lost sight of struggles--those that aren't so in your face like racial prejudice tends to be.  These blind folks fail to ask, "Why does ghetto still dominate in television ratings?  Why do despicable people grace magazine covers?  Why does dumbed down music still win awards?  Why aren't leaders from local government to international corporations not held accountable when they screw up?"  The secret clubs win, the masses lose.

Many so-called rich, intelligent or "genius" blacks/African Americans have overlooked the foolishness that they aid!  They turn a blind eye to the stupidity that they endorse.  They "don't know anything" when abuse is experienced by others to gain modern day benefits, but they think they are just getting their 40 acres and a mule, no harm, no foul. The wealthy ignorant pretend as if broken, cheap, and downright disturbing things that they buy are "good" and "worth somethin'"yet they are blind to the facts!  While some of the poor folks support lies and "obey" brainwashing with inexpensive one-eye pyramid t-shirts and similar propaganda, the rich behind the rich only keep getting richer.

The more you bring truth to light the more twisted our ignorant relatives and friends are and the more you are deemed a trouble-maker--I'm a witness!  The either too smart for their own good or the uneducated mix up important things, lack understanding, don't bother doing research, tell half-truths, and call everything "conspiracy" like they have been programmed to do!  Facts are not conspiracy just facts.  If you know something occurred somewhere and you were an eye witness to events, it's not conspiracy my friend, it's facts!

Black issues.  Sometimes black issues aren't black at all.  They are manufactured to look like black issues.  Take for instance drugs, alcohol, and other similar things.  They don't become major problems until someone does something to cause upset for others and if that person just so happens to be black, now it is a black issue that is affecting non-blacks (not necessarily fellow black people).  However, the truth is, who brought the stuff into the community anyway?  Who promotes the products on just about every billboard in the community?  Who is giving black rappers the pass to rap about the harmful substances and showcase them?  Who is advertising alcoholics and drug addicts on reality shows?  There is the black puppet and then the handler behind the puppet, but you knew that already.  So let's take it a step further, who are you really supporting?

The significant issues have a non-black face and affect not just black people, but all!  If more and more blacks would wake up, the perpatuation of ignorance would stop being broadcasted here, there and everywhere--it would gradually die down because it is no longer profitable.  The crazy, wild one in the family could go back in the back room instead of spread his or her poison on the television screen, radio and elsewhere.  But as long as the poor, uneducated, ignorant, mentally unstable, and others are lulled back to sleep with attractive "touched" people, singing, dancing, and making them laugh, why bother to think?

Nicholl McGuire shares thoughts about the spiritual condition of all people on YouTube channel NM Enterprise 7.



Every Holiday is an Opportunity for Some to Manipulate, Control - Watch Your Back and Wallet

You may attend a holiday event for all the right reasons. You may even have good intentions if you are the one making plans for celebrations like Easter, graduation parties, baby and wedding showers, Mother's and Father's Day and more.  However, best wishes don't keep manipulators (users and abusers) away, if anything, holiday gatherings are the perfect time to spread drama rather than joy.

After attending many events over the years, Nicholl McGuire, author of books like Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, she noticed a pattern of dysfunction that kept people irritated at different social events.  She recorded her observations, advice, and other tips in Should I Go to the Party?

"What I noticed was a lot of excuse-making and dismissive reactions to the toxic relatives and friends attending events by enablers,"  Nicholl said.  "By reacting or not reacting to the blatant disrespect, elders were teaching the younger ones, 'It's okay' to behave in the way you see."  So in time, what happens, according to the wife and mother of four, is the young people grow up to act just like their mean-spirited relatives seeking any and every opportunity to hurt another for selfish gain.

In the family room all are present: Shady Aunt Shelly, Robbing Cousin Robert, Perverted Unc Pete, Crazy Chic (someone's girlfriend), Disrespectful, damned children, Goofy Granny, Manipulating Momma, and Demonic Daddy all-too-ready to fight.  Now what is the likelihood that everyone is going to be respectful for how many hours in the same space?

Abuse is a common occurrence in the black community based on countless studies.  From spiritual to sexual abuse.  Some of our people don't see anything wrong with constant teasing, name-calling, shaming and more of others.  Others don't find domestic abuse as nothing more than someone getting out of line with their partner and "Oh well, he/she probably deserved it!"  Many blacks still don't bother to read, visit counselors for mental assistance especially after the death of a loved one, or take proper medicines, exercise and eat healthy to quell excitable temperaments, erratic mood swings and more.  So before long one finds his or herself the victim of an irrational person's curses or fists.  The unsuspecting witness might be used as a punching bag for all that is wrong within a troubled black woman or man.  Apologies don't help and speeches about, "Well you know he's crazy...You know she has always been a bit off" do nothing more than pour more oil on an inferno of rage.

"It is up to our people to figure out how we are going to live emotionally and physically healthy lives without being the kind of people who others find it difficult to get along with," advises Nicholl.  "If we can do this, then maybe some holiday gatherings won't be so intense for some.  Besides, why does the event planner feel the need to invite all, including the trouble-makers, unless he or she innately enjoys family drama?  I would think strongly about accepting another party invite from someone who knows the family is deeply troubled yet continues to put such events together anyway.  Rather than party, folks should be in a doctor's office."

The more we expose the dysfunction that is ongoing with many of our people, who can't distinguish between what is healthy and what is unhealthy living, hopefully the better the future will be for those coming along.  Using and abusing people is simply unacceptable.

Check out Nicholl's book Should I Go to the Party?  and to your success with future family events.


90's R&B Bedroom Groove (Slow Jams Mix )

Slow jams while you surf!  Enjoy the memories!  Subscribe to our blog today.

#2 90's R&B Bedroom Groove Slow Jams Mix by DJ Amuur
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1.Gerald LeVert & Keith Sweat - Just One of Them Thangs
2.H-Town - Lick U Up
3.R Kelly - It Seems Like Your Ready
4.Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love
5.Jodeci - Stay
6.Dru Hill - Tell Me
7.Eric Benet - Let's Stay Together
8.Chante Moore & Keith Washington - I Love You
9.D'Angelo - Send It On
10.Maxwell - Welcome
11. Mint Condition - U Send Me Swingin'
12.Jesse Powell - You
13.Jon B - Do (Whatcha Say Boo)
14.Chantay Savage - Pillow Talk
15.Asante - Why
16.Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
17.Kenny Lattimore - For You
18.Jill Scott - Show Me
19.Yours Truly ft.Dionna - Gonna Miss The One
20.After 7 - Honey (Oh How I Need You)
21.Guy - Piece of My Love
22.Keith Sweat - There You Go (Tellin' Me No Again)
23.Jaheim - Ghetto Love


A Look Back...Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!

Black Lawyer Exposes How Corrupt The American Justice System Is

Please be advised video contains strong profanity.  Her points include: prosecutors control the outcome, orchestrated presentations (ex-parte proceedings, secrecy).


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Do you have a passion to write, record, or share insightful products, services, or information related to the African American community?  If so, we would like to hear from you. 

For years, we have featured the unsung, furious, happy, loving, spiritual, and others who move audiences around the web with their knowledge about African American related challenges, discoveries, and more. 

If you or someone you know wouldn't mind being featured on this blog, let us know.  Send all correspondence such as:  links, videos, press releases and more to 

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African-Americans for Balanced Health (877) 491 AABH (2224)


It's All In the Family: The Wish that Relatives Would See the Light - Not ...

It's All In the Family: The Wish that Relatives Would See the Light - Not ...: People who are mentally ill don't know that they are.  If they detect something is not quite right with themselves, they work hard to c...


Next - Wifey and Let's Get Married - Jagged Edge

MARRIAGE IS STILL A GOOD IDEA.  Don't fall for the foolish music being played nowadays. Listen to the positive sounds of the past that celebrate black love!


Empowered Knowing One's Civil Rights, Worthiness with God Leading the Way

Looking back on black history we can recognize the progress that many African Americans as well as Caucasians made to help our people obtain fair treatment.  Many strategies over the years when it came to various industries have had focal points that centered on being treated fairly and welcomed in many atmospheres that were once forbidden.  But I think that in the past, and even to date, some groups and individuals have tunnel vision, such as wanting to get what others have, that they ignore the fact that they now have the right to obtain and defend their own.  Whether it is a business, a neighborhood, organization, etc.  The right is still there to do what you want without broadcasting to the world your intentions.

Iron wears out in time, people (more specifically white people) get tired of being forced, bullied, or pressured to do something that others can do for themselves.  If  "they" taught you, gave you, clothed you, and did any number of things for you, "they" don't want you coming to their establishments kicking their doors down wanting to be let in when you can go get your own.  Now if the tools aren't there, then I am all for protesting for change.  But what if the same folks who murmur and complain about what they don't have are also the same ones creating the illusion of "have not" when they "have?"  Hence the Own Network's Have and Have-nots.  You know our people are good for saying, "I don't have" when they really do, but they make others think something else while they keep theirs and take yours.  Let's be honest people and take your heads out of the sand or away from entertainers (your modern day idols that the one true God warns about) for a moment!  

I am not telling you that you are inadequate, unequal, or stupid by pushing you to go elsewhere and stop zeroing in on all that is white and not right, but what I am saying is, look from afar for a moment.  Put yourself in their shoes, "You can't tear up what I have built!  There are consequences, don't you know that?"  It doesn't matter the skin tone, the rules, or other things that go on within one's group, "It's mine," they say.  "And you can't have it!" bottom line.  Now an Uncle Tom type would just tell the people to settle down and incite fear in his people.  I'm not Uncle Tom, but I am what God says I am.  The truth is manufactured chaos happens all the time in media and what wasn't important to you, becomes important to a select few.  So while you are looking over here, a group is doing something over there.  I say expose the agendas and do what is right in your own heart and build up your own family, community, or nation.  All the frivolous distractions online and offline, keeps those striving for a better way of life off track from what the heavenly Father is saying. Satan is not only a master of disguises, but agendas too!  He double-crosses, promises gold, says what he will do, and claims he loves, but he really lies.  He confuses, shames, ridicules, threatens, destroys reputations, and then kills.  "Notice your strongest and most empowered leaders who once moved masses are slowly but surely dying and there are no replacements in view unless they are heavily trained by white, evil men and women."  Should I add, "Thus saith the Lord."  Well I just did.  

Our land is filled with soul-selling people in all sorts of industries who end up in their graves prematurely or their children do for a pot of gold wishes at the end of rainbows--that by the way was re-introduced by same sex loving people and not the one true God.  Did you observe the many agendas dance before your eyes during the half-time show?  Colors, symbols, movements, music, etc. all meant many things.  More unveiling was done and the Pharaohs of the land continue to enslave the masses mentally and physically.  One says of his or her work, "It doesn't hurt, I still get paid."  while another says, "I hurt all over. The work is hard."  What will people not do for silver and gold?  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  And some say, the Holy Bible is irrelevant for this time, you better think again!

I personally believe that over the years, these mainstream media movements' objectives/purposes got twisted and made everything about, "What can you do for me?" Rather than asking, "What are we going to do with the tools we have been given?  How might we utilize what we know to produce quality materials and services that benefit all and not just some?"  

It sounds nice when we talk about loving one another and embracing people of every shade, social class, sexuality, etc.  But upon closer inspection, the elitists are still going to carefully select who will be for them and who will be against us from the local drug dealer to the people in government.  "Who is mentally stable, economically beneficial, and educated enough to help us with our agendas?" they question.  So they seek and find via the Internet and elsewhere.  We, the people, put enough out in cyber world for them to shop us like they do a new pair of slacks.

Just like you and I have a right to go here and there--thanks to integration laws, we also have the right to stay home too.  Just like we have the right to vote--thanks to the voting rights acts, we also have the right not to.  Just like we have the right to talk to whoever we want, "they" too have the right not to hear us and vice versa.

There is a fine line between being accepting or not and then there is just being a greedy, selfish, difficult bully.  I caution some people with hidden agendas don't set us back once again biting the hands of those who have fed you and us.  Continue to fly in stealth mode and reach out to one person at a time; instead of all at once.  The widow, student, homemaker, senior citizen, person of faith, poor and disabled are more powerful than you know.  There are better ways of dealing with issues without trying to manipulate the lower class to support the rich class or use scare tactics on the majority in an attempt to get a minority group some favor.  

If folks turned their hearts to the one true God, they would hear truth rather than believe the lies presented to you by those wayward in the faith irregardless of whether they are matriarchs, patriarchs, celebrities, or favorite loved ones.  

Time always reveals truth.  Turn off media for awhile and you might get some knowledge and wisdom that will empower you to do much wherever God has moved you--starting with training up children and grandchildren and being a good spouse.

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