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That's What White People Do - What Does that Mean?

When something is done that is foreign to the mind of an African American male or female that has lived on this planet a lot longer than most of us, out comes the following statement, "That's what white people do."  A white person runs in the woods naked and plays with animals, expected.  A black person, not so much.  A white person jumps down from a tall mountain into the water below, expected.  A black person, not so much.  A white man gets jailed for doing strange things with a certain part of his anatomy, expected.  A black person, not so much.  These are simply examples of how some blacks view funny, yet strange white world.

Now I don't know where to find the list, secret society, or manual on what whites do that is so different than blacks and why black folks need to stay away from it, but if I find it, I will surely share it--I hope you know I am being funny.  But seriously, there are many differences between American blacks and non-blacks depending on where one is from, what influences he or she has grown up with, and most of all what is in one's DNA.  Black or not, we are going to misunderstand one another sooner or later.  So while blacks are saying, "That's what white people do..."  Whites are pointing out, "Well, that's what those blacks do."  And both statements are most likely followed with, "So you don't do it!"  That is if one is talking to a child.  But if you are an adult, you just know that might be an action you stay away from if you want to be approved in a predominately black or white club/church/family.

Dismissive statements like, "We are just people, different hues, but people!" are foolish!  Sure, we are people, but we have a lot going on with all of us.  Some people are just known for doing strange, out of the box things, while others are not.  Some people are just funny while others are not.  Some people just have a knack for making more money while others are not.  There are some facts about people that we simply can't escape from.  Now, when we add to the word "people" and start putting a color, gender, sex, religion, or some other description in front of the word, and add a bit more detail, then the one who is writing is considered ignorant and perpetuating stereotypes.  I'm not going to go that far and draft a list of what makes blacks and whites different from one another, but what I will say is that when I hear someone say, "That's what white people do..." nowadays, I can find black folks on YouTube and elsewhere doing the same stupid, backward sort of things and I just drop my head.

Some blacks are just not going to fit in any box no matter how hard you try to stuff them.  They are out there!  They are doing what white people do!  And they are loving it too.  They took what Martin Luther King said about freedom and jumped off the mountaintop!  But then there are some blacks, who just need to quit while they are ahead.  Some are just trying too hard to fit in, fakers!  They aren't being themselves, they are being somebody else! 

When one allows his or herself to be a blank, white canvas and walk into a predominately white atmosphere, you best believe there is going to be an artist or two that is going to want to paint on you.  "What shall we create?  What might we call you?"  From a relationship to a work environment, someone is going to want to handle the black guy or gal.  Before long, Tee-Tee Johnson (a fictional name) from around the way is Theresa Meadows (another fictional name), who is an affluent, aspiring, articulate...whatever doing whoever.  The artist has created his masterpiece. 

Here is yet another example for you to think about concerning that statement, "That's what white people do!"  Joey used to love chicken and waffles, but now that he is dating Ginger he is eating sushi.  His black grandma says, "Now boy, that's what white people do!"  Ginger gasps, she thinks, "Doesn't his grandmother see that I'm white?"  She could care less!  Ginger is lucky to even be in the same room with grandma.  You see, back in grandma's day, whites did their thing and blacks did theirs on the other side of town.  So grandma learned what white people did, because she worked for them.   

These days have we not seen such things take place with reality show characters over the years, changing their ways for that almighty dollar being waved around by white hands?  How about certain first ladies--hmm!?  Not-so outspoken, like back in the day, first lady appears to be more docile, conservative, mellow.  Oh yes, the rich, white world knows how to tame loud mouths when they want to and when they need to arouse her, look out!  "What the...? Who the?  Ya'll need to tell them who I am!"  These days that's what white people are trying to do on some of these reality shows (and even at your family get-togethers,) bring that black emotion, it boosts ratings, does it not?  Viewers need to stop giving the drama attention and just maybe producers would put some of the attitude from blacks and non-blacks to rest, but I digress.

I recognize that white, red, yellow, black, and other folks have their way of doing things and I'm not going to be a fool and say, "Oh well, that's just people being people!  Because there is more to it, then "people being people," the truth of the matter is, we are more than just people!   We have minds, bodies and spirits!  Behind the skin hues, there are spirits at work, and some are not about feeding one's soul with all things good; rather, some are more interested in taking from one's soul and filling it up with all things bad!  That's why it is never a good thing to go anywhere and be someone's blank, white canvas!  And just in case you don't believe me, look at the entertainers who were good girls and guys turned bad!  Check out some of the people in your own family who were once tolerable to be around, but since they got with this one and that one, they are all messed up!  There are some spirits, like some tribes, that don't need to do anything more than just stay where they are! It's not prejudice, prideful or crazy, just leave them be!  What's crazy is trying to do something, without evaluating whether it is right, but because it's "white," so to speak, you do it!  If "white" people do something and blacks aren't doing it, some will want to color it up! Huh!? Yep.  Look at the sports world. 

Well, for some black and non-black rich folks, it's all about the dollar and if someone is willing to be the black guinea pig, even if it's wrong, they will take everyone to hell with them and deal with the consequences later.  I direct you to black entertainment media once again!

So when blacks folks ignorantly tell me that white folks do some strange things, I have to laugh, because there are many blacks and non-blacks that are just as strange, and they only keep getting stranger!

Nicholl McGuire

If the Slave Mentality Still Exists, then Where Did the Slave Master's Mentality Go?

Look around and you will see evidences of the slave mentality amongst the African American populace both on and off the Internet.  See the entertainers and listen to the words they say.  Have you ever read the lyrics of some of those so-called billboard top-charting artists?  Ignorance still abounds, my friends.  And so, if ignorance is still being perpetuated around the world, then where has the slave master gone?  He is still running the show, but using his mind, rather than whipping on a you know what's behind!

The slave master is in hiding--ruling from afar.  His pyramid is tall, his circle is deep, and you can't touch him or his family.  You aren't welcome at his dinner table unless there is something in it for him.  He is still a racist, a liar, a cheat, manipulative, and crazy!  His slave master mentality, inherited from his "great" relatives of yesteryear, has gone no where!  His DNA spreads like wildfire.  His wife and children keep his evil going, they do his bidding with smiles on their faces claiming, "Peace, peace!"  When in fact, it is "War, war!"  The slave master hasn't destroyed his plantation, he just moved it. 

Listen in on his conversation, whether he is in the form of a boss, husband, teacher, friend or foe, when he is amongst other slave masters.  Are you invited?    It doesn't matter that his wife/her husband is black and children are bi-racial, mulatto, intermixed...unless there has been a significant change in the bloodline, like ridding one's self of generational demonic influences from the past, the slave master mentality is still there.  And you wondered why some relatives were protective of the family bloodline by any means necessary.  Elders warned the youth in the family of what was to come and they didn't preach a Martin Luther King friendly kind of speech either.  They knew the slave master had an agenda and he didn't mind picking from the best of his litter to get his desires met. He dangled a carrot or two over decades and blacks and non-blacks took a bite.  But his agenda wasn't all-together good, so now enters the programming to make blacks butlers and slaves yet again-- have you noticed something off about some of the movies that have come out in recent years--a step back is it not?  "No more black empowerment, black pride, black president, black all-stars, black superheroes--no more," some of the white, rich and powerful say in so many words while many poor whites yell, "Agree!"  Have you looked at some of the comments on Youtube related to blacks?  So you know I'm not making anything up.  The racist rich say, "Yeah, let's get them married to their own kind (hence another movie), wearing a dress (disempowerment) or whatever it takes! Blacks are everywhere!"   

Ever wonder why some black people bend over backwards for non-blacks while they don't think much of their own people?  The slave mentality was perpetuated by an elder in his or her family that advised, "Do good with those white people and you get far in life," says a grandmother whose father was a slave.  "Blacks ain't got nothin'!  Ain't about nothin'! Move where dem white folks is and you will stay out of trouble!" says the son of a former slave.  Now if these advisements are easy to understand, and you know or knew of a few people like this in your own family, then think about this, if the slave mentality is still being pushed in your own family, then what do you think is going on in a non-black family whose family history had a few slave masters in it?

There is more to why some blacks and whites hate interracial relationships.  Why some blacks are disturbed about predominately white organizations and distrust those who "just love dem some white folks," while running from so-called white religion, because they see the slave master's mentality rise up when around people like this.  These people exude a controlling, oppressive, and possessive spirit!  Something doesn't look or smell right about some of them. 

Why would a black mother push her sons to date white women or a black father tell his black daughter to attend a predominately white university?  It isn't because they want them to have only the best, at least so they think, but it is because somewhere in their backgrounds of ignorance someone told them, as I have said in another blog entry, "That white is right."  The young man doesn't recognize the brainwashing put upon him by others.  The young lady doesn't realize that her choices have been influenced by her parents.  They go along with programming!  They make programming a part of them.  They look at what's around them and see everything that is "ugly, wrong" and overlook what is beautiful and right.  If master says, "Ugly!"  It doesn't matter it is what it is.

The slave recognizes his master, listens to his master, and does what is best for his master.  Somewhere in his DNA, he knows his master's voice.  If his master says, "Now slave, we must embrace all peoples, it's time." He says, "Okay, master I will love dem all."  If the master says, "Serve my god, he is going to meet your needs..." The slave will say, "Okay, I will not only serve him, but I will believe in whatever you say, because you are like God!"  Then later the gullible, unwise fool learns that what he thought was a righteous God was nothing more than a false god who was more interested in keeping him a slave.  We all have access to the Holy Bible, but there is also a Holy Ghost that can provide truth, so why do the so-called spiritual fail to recognize him too?  They rather worship the slave master and believe in all his promises while using hard-earned money to further his agenda.

Why are some covert racist, white people, who carry that slave master's spirit, so protective of a black person/mate/friend/worker in their circle?  Why are these same people so dependent on their black help?  Why would some threaten, hurt, or deal with blacks so harshly as compared to others who are non-black?  Why steal ideas/thoughts/writings/property from a black person?  Think about it, a slave master's mentality is about owning his property, protecting his property, training his property, keeping his property with him, and expecting his property to do, what?  Make money!  It doesn't matter if the black man is in a relationship with a non-black or working in corporate America with many non-blacks, if he doesn't produce in a way that a slave does (work from sun up to sun down) those with a slave master's mentality/a controlling spirit will sit him down to talk, before letting him go, bringing him back, letting him go, and all the while killing his spirit.  "You will will will do as I say...If it wasn't for me...I helped owe me!"  Oh, some of us blacks got a little of that slave master's spirit that has yet to go, especially if you are all mixed up!  You can think like a white slave master on one day and then think like a black slave the next.

In your study of black history, you may have been bombarded with the slave mentality studies to the point that you can see an unwise black a mile away, he or she is forever loving all things not black, but what about the slave master, can you see him or her?  Maybe not as good as you should.  We live in a world that wants all of us to love all people (nothing is wrong with that).  But, I'm not about to love people with my eyes shut, and you shouldn't either.

If you don't know by now, the extremely prosperous of our land are the slave masters--white as well as black and everyone in between.  It is in their bloodlines to keep slaves in their place whether in an intimate relationship, at the workplace, in the church, civic group, military, jail, local bar, wherever with whoever!  As long as you drink, eat, be merry, and obey, you are alright with your master.  But write a letter exposing truth, have an eye-opening conversation that points out his or her flaws, visit with the slave master who may not like your kind, organize a protest, separate/break up/divorce, or do anything else that tells your handler, "I quit, I'm not working for or with you anymore!" Then look out!

What did slave master's do back in the day?  They beat their slaves, maimed them, raped them, kicked them off the plantation, took their mates and children away, cursed them, used other slaves to break them down, made them ill, murdered them--you name it!  So when a person warns you about certain people, don't be so quick to call them, "Ignorant!" when you don't know about the tribe you are so in love with!  Even the God in the Holy Bible, warned his people repeatedly about those rebellious tribes who served other gods.

My friend, the slave master hasn't died, he just moved off the plantation and multiplied.

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and other books.

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Negative, Broke People will Recruit Negative, Broke People

I know so many blacks who hate it when their own people (aunts, cousins, nieces, daughters, sons, etc.) do well in life!  For years, they had secretly or openly wished evil on others and now they can't even smile right when something good happens to their own bloodline.  I realized just what was keeping the haters hatin' and not prayin' and that was they refused to think positively, they didn't want to change the way they thought about this one and that one!  Sad, but true.  They rather work hard to be negative and focus on what So and So has; rather than try to fulfill their own dreams.  It was far easier for some of these people to sit back and run their mouths, then get off the couch and lose weight that they had been saying they were going to lose, fix up their homes, change jobs, stay out of jail, stop lying and cheating, and a whole host of other things!

It seems simple, right?  Just start thinking positive and your life will surely change.  It is that simple! However, the more a person holds on to the same broke, negative people around him or her just because they are familiar, have titles, did one or two favors from way back in the day, they permit these people to keep feeding them a toxic diet of negativity!  It isn't any wonder that people remain where they live, do what they do, and never fully enjoy life.  "Well, I like my life, I don't bother nobody.  I think its crazy to be going off with some white folks somewhere...what kind of mess are you getting into now?  You going to keep messing around doing all of what you are doing and they going to get you..."  Oh yes, that is what negativity sounds like and then some wonder why are our people getting hooked up with everyone, but their own race?  I will tell you because there is a breed of people within the black community that isn't limited by skin color, ignorance, gender, an impoverished mentality, old wise tales, stereotypes, and twisted ideologies designed to keep them oppressed.  Intelligent people seek truth outside a box of skin tones, regular church attendance, over-priced education, and immature, unwise relatives.  There are smart blacks that can be trusted and you don't have to take the white man's word for it!

For instance, think of those individuals who left the hood and left everyone behind in the dust and went on and became successes in life and I'm not just talking about fame, power, and money either.  I am talking about individuals who live in contentment and their exterior proves it!  Mind, body and spirit reflects success--the kind you can't put a price tag on or check online to see if they have a bunch of "likes."  

Why didn't the most successful in your family come back to your holiday celebrations, funerals, or visit grandma in the hood?  Because they remembered the last time--they recalled the negative vibe.  The successful didn't want to come back to a majority of unwilling, negative people who refuse to work/pray/build/grow or do anything else for self or others!  You know the type, "I don't speak to him...I don't deal with her...he did me wrong he didn't come to my son's game...I needed some money and bruh gave me an empty card, he should have helped me, all I did for him...I don't understand why people don't come and see me!" 

Successful people have learned that where they are being physically, mentally and spiritually fed the most, they can see the fruits of their service and money, these people are going to stay, they don't come back to lack!  An ex doesn't come back to cursing and cheating when she is doing well in her personal life.  A daughter doesn't bother with parents who often badmouth.  A son will forget his mother exists if she keeps berating him.  An employee isn't going back to a place he doesn't feel he is appreciated.  So why would you expect someone to come back just because of one thing or another--the kind of things that don't help people come up higher!  Having the same name, a title, or even a brotherhood or sisterhood association doesn't make anyone special in the eyes of a person who is focused on getting ahead-- so what?  How long does someone have to wait to get some help when he or she has a family in need? Energy sappers know how to take and take until they kill their loved ones.  How much time and money does one has to invest in a loveless relationship, weak business, or tired friendship before one day throwing up his or her hands and saying, "I give up!  You just aren't going to change, are you?  You are bringing me down with all your negative talk!"

No amount of guilt-tripping, story-telling, hoping, wishing, praying, or anything else is going to call the successful back when they are at the top of their games!  If anything, content people who care about you are going to try to get you in on their success--that is if you show any interest or they notice that you are one of those people who is making some effort to change your mindset--grow independently from the family's views.  However, the minute a focused person hears, "I can't...I don't know...I don't think...what about..." statements come out of your mouth, they leave you alone.  They stop calling, texting, emailing, or visiting broke folks--I kid you not!

Every person that I have met this past summer in various circles where they were either starting a project, joining others to complete a project, or were currently marketing existing projects, they had no time for broke, negative people and it didn't matter what civic group they belonged to, who they knew, and if they were family, "No time."  I had one tell me, "Don't even give my phone number out to relatives--I don't deal with them!"  Unless someone was genuinely interested in assisting these hardworkers out in some way, they had no time to take anyone by the hand and show them anything!  Either you observed what you could over their shoulders, caught them when they weren't on fire with their own projects, or sat with them at a related business event, "...they couldn't talk, had to go, got things to do, but love you!"

Of course, mean-spirited people would complain, "Oh, so you can't call me back...I don't understand why our people is always...I mean why can't they reach back and help...Just going to forget about us...!"  Yes, that is what I heard the haters say about the star players seated outside of their circles.  And I will tell you that when you shake those negative voices and stop holding yourself back from moving to a different state, getting a better job, building a business, learning new things, visiting new places, trying new foods, marrying someone you truly love, having a baby, or whatever else you want to do, people will just look at you while trying real hard to find fault with you.  Even the talented children caught some of the evil-speaking, staring or the silent treatment too, because So and So's child wasn't a part of this or that, did one take up time with their children so that they can do well?  Haters even blocked their own children from being a part of quality programs and experiences, because they couldn't stand the fact that someone they didn't like was involved, they didn't have the money, they didn't want to shuttle their children around...they had things to do!  Haters who refused to do nothing more than act below average and recruit their innocent children to act the same.

The same people who might have told you, "I know you are going to be someone in this world!  I believe in you!" are also the same people who broke you down and even attempted to recruit you to be as broke and negative as them!

If you have been struggling for days, weeks, months, even years trying to make something happen in your life, don't worry anymore!  Get yourself around people who can help you, fill your mind up with, "I can do, I will do...I will be the head and not the tail!  And I don't need my own people to validate me either!"

Until a man, woman or child makes up in his or her mind to stop thinking negatively and focusing his or her attention on "What might happen, what could be, what if, what they think," he or she will be left behind by those people who move far away and say, "It's my time to shine!"  Is it really?  "Yes, it is!"

Nicholl McGuire

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Media Encouraging More Interracial Couples Dating/Marrying

The old school mentality of blacks and whites just being friends, and nothing more is dying off. One in 12 couples are interracial. With the help of a media push, you will see more and more of the mixing of races whether you encourage or discourage it. This is the future of America--more shades of brown than ever before. In other countries, interracial dating is nothing to cry or shout about, but why this country? Racism still exists.


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Slow Down Before Ending Black Love

With so many people getting married and then later divorcing across the color lines, it isn't any wonder that the children grow up not having healthy relationships.  But all too often, some African American sons and daughters are realizing later in life just how dysfunctional their households were during childhood and why they can't ssem to get along with their own ethnicity of people.  From repeated emotional and physical abuses to absentee parents, a single man or woman is bringing a whole lot of baggage into his relationship when he or she doesn't spend enough alone time to sort out his or her life and heal from painful experiences.

A young black man reasons in his mind, "I can't get along with black women...they are all the same!" So off he goes trying one ethnicity after the next (like slipping on pairs of sneakers) in the hopes that he can find someone outside of his skin color, culture and neighborhood that can complete him.  In time, he learns how to adapt to his surroundings and will even alter his voice, attire, and other things just to get along with his non-black partner and her family.  Self-hatred runs wild with some of our people; therefore, we can't wonder why some black couples can't get along.  Black parents still encouraging sons and daughters to choose white, live where there is white, shop where there is white, and do what's right for white, are helping perpetuate racism!  So they can't keep blaming "The Man" for anything when you are programming children to think that there is nothing better than white being alright--what!?  With this kind of programming, if a man or woman always wanted to pick from a different tree, no amount of sweet-talking, loving, or buying for them, black woman and black man, is going to make either one of them stay in the marital relationship. 

Black love can be especially difficult when everyone around the couple are at war with one another or has a long history of love interests gone wrong.  The so-called foundation for some of these couples is built on nothing more than dry land full of tumbleweeds.  Love's rain showers hasn't been seen in months!

The black woman too emotional, the black man too critical is a common look for many.  This isn't to say that non-blacks don't have that problem, but for purposes of this blog, this writer is not talking about them.  The black woman desires her man be more pro-active in their relationship; rather than being interested in this lady (or man) and that one outside of the relationship.  The man makes excuses.  While his woman is trying to heal from past abuses.  This is just a reflection of what the state of black love looks like for many as you read this.  If some, who call themselves children of God, would take a moment with Him, they could truly see what many of our black sisters and brothers relationships really look like behind closed doors!

Black couples will not get along with one another as long as there are two individuals living separate lives, unwilling to share too much of anything, distrust one another, and are overall disappointed in their life's decisions.  For instance, a wife persuades her husband to do something that he really doesn't want to do, then years later, he suddenly realizes that he has been living his life in the way his wife wanted him to.  A husband demands that his wife stop doing something that is beneficial to the community, for one reason or another.  Rather than support her, her husband is often very critical.  In time, the wife resents her husband for not being there for her.  Once again, don't wonder why you will see more of us in the future going off the deep end due to unresolved relationship issues whether married or not?  Sure, how one starts a relationship is a good indication of how the future might look, but what is really happening between two people who supposedly love one another?  There is no honest communication--people are avoiding the issues that make them feel uncomfortable.  Couples don't know how to be loving, but they have years of experience knowing how to fight one another--am I right?

It is challenging enough being black and not welcome, even today, in some groups, workplaces, and neighborhoods, but when you can't sit down and converse with your man or woman about the ills of the day, it's sad.  He is fearful that his woman is going to go off like she did the last time when he brought up XYZ.  She is worried that he is going to threaten her like he did last year when she said ABC.

Somehow some way we all have got to shake off past offenses, look beyond our hurt feelings, and do what's right in the best interest of our relationships, because if we don't, the alternatives aren't much better ie.) black women and white men, white women and black men, Asian and black, Mexican and black, etc.  It really doesn't matter the skin hue they all have issues, but what does matter is the culture and what is being taught in one's family in regard to what exactly does it mean to be a black woman or man in America and then it gets more complex when you are a spiritual black man or woman.  The answer to this question is more than what you look like (even though some racists would like to keep you in that frame of mind.)  Personally, for me I answered this question based on what the world around me thought of me for years until I managed to get comfortable in my own skin by appreciating blacks who came before me and broke glass ceilings.   However, it is a non-issue for some because they are far removed from all things black, so when one is treated differently than those who aren't black, then the ignorant will ask, "Who am I really?"  He or she doesn't know and when one doesn't know anything about self, he has no cause to stand on!  There is no custom, tradition, language--nothing!   No matter what ethnicity you connect to through sex, marriage or both, all people have something wrong with them, some more than others!  So why not stick it out with the one who knows you--really knows you, black skin and all!   

If you were to envision a real future with that hot looking mama or fine looking man it would consist of more drama, inner conflict, family objections, false assumptions, health issues, just another myriad of things that once again you would have to deal with in a new relationship (sigh).  So if the black man isn't whipping on you, and your not dead yet from your woman's hurtful words, why not work together to make your relationship work; rather than going elsewhere?

There are all sorts of programs out there to help us with relationship challenges.  There are books, videos, and music that encourage us to stay together.  There simply is no excuse why we can't make it when help is out there, but you have to be willing to come up out of your shell, put away everybody's ignorant opinion of "What I would do if I were you..." and just do the d*mn thang!  But keep in mind, there are all sorts of programs in place to keep us at war with one another too.  Watch out for people who are all-too-eager to help you break it off with your man or woman especially if he or she is non-black. 

So with that said, if you were one of my readers who was thinking about breaking it off with your man or woman, be sure that you have done everything you could in your current relationship, before focusing all your attention on a new face at your job, church, civic group, or somewhere else.  You never know if the next apple you bite is the one that will kill you.

Nicholl McGuire


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It's All Black or Nothing at All

I have met some of the most interesting people in my life who were dedicated to all things black!  From the black cars to the black groups, everything, except their workplace of course, was decorated in black!  Now I love me some black too, my black "peoples," black lifestyle, black conversation...but I also have enough sense to know that our world isn't visually all black!  In order to survive, I have to get along with people who don't look, talk, or act like me.  Now that's common sense, right?  But for some, it's all black or nothing at all.  Some folks will disrupt peace, love and hair grease (so to speak) just to ensure that whatever they are grappling with on the inside is made manifest on the outside--misery indeed loves company!  A bamboozled, hood-winked black on a mission to educate black folks on all things black for all the wrong reasons can be a threat to the black establishment, not a help.

Yesterday, in a previous blog entry, I posted a former Christian minister who exposes how whites had went into parts of Africa and took stories from these lands and placed them in the Holy Bible as well as other interesting information.  I thought that some wouldfind his research entertaining, but also thought-provoking because many blacks believe in these types of teaching wholeheartedly. 

Now, I'm a Christian bible-reader and I suspected some funny business a long time ago with the Holy Scriptures (that's why I asked the Holy Ghost to guide me through the Bible) after much prayer and fasting, but the tomfoolery in some of the text and missing parts, didn't keep me from a relationship with a personal Creator.  I got that experience without need of man, woman or child--praise God!  But I was surprised, that a man with 30 years in the ministry couldn't rise above the white Jesus photographs, the questionable biblical history, and anything else the white man did (like use the bible to brainwash blacks during slavery).  When it came to the Holy text, this former Christian was to allow the Holy Ghost to guide him, but rather he let a group of men at a meeting show him their own way.  He now denounces his faith and does it with his over-the-top preacher sounding voice!

I thought this man was a good case study of how the sick get sicker when it comes to religion in general.  I don't consider myself religious, but spiritual that's why I talk this.

Think of the following for a moment.  A sick man, who was in need of something, finds a faith and sells out for it.  Then along comes a group of men, who look like him, and tells the poor man, "That's wrong, try this..." then he sells out for the new religion.  Yet, what happens?  Gradually, the man realizes that whatever illness he had before he met the men, it has only worsened since his new faith--new levels, new devils.  Now he is in search of yet more teachings, people, and places to heal him.  But the healing never comes.  So he looks for temporary satisfaction in sharing his enlightened knowledge with those who he considers inferior to him.

Surrounding one's self with all things black brings nothing more than a temporary diversion from one's mental illness--a hatred of whatever didn't work, wasn't right, or didn't look like whoever. Instead of empowering blacks with the kind of knowledge that will better them economically, spiritually, physically--notice many speakers are overweight--the enemy distracts spirtually empowered men with the kinds of things that disempower them like what the white man is and isn't doing for starters. 

The day an African American sits down from an outdated black cause, a challenging black partner, and a tired black bar or church, what does he or she have left?  A black hole for a heart and it is then that this person looks to have it filled up with just about anything that looks and feels like its for him--its all black or nothing at all for some or all white or nothing at all depending on how deep the self-hatred goes.

If you are in search of something to heal you from past pains, free you of present day burdens, or show you The Way to your future--whatever that might mean to you, I would have to challenge you to go see a doctor--not the human kind, but one who is a master at healing the sick, casting demons out, bringing peace to a chaotic situation...the one true Master, Great Teacher, Most High, The Holy One!  His name isn't white Jesus either, matter of fact, the truth be told, one must go to the Creator for his or her self and ask him to reveal the name of your personal Savior, what do some call Him? Who do you say I AM?  Have you been introduced to I AM and we aren't talking about Satan's counterfeit "i am" either.

Nicholl McGuire


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Think Before You Speak about How Light/Dark/Fat Someone Is

When we see people of different ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and shades walking hand-in-hand, some of us cringe depending on what we have been told or experienced in the past.  Others think nothing about those differences, "It is what it is," someone once told me.  But it isn't like that with all people.  Some individuals hate the sight of a light-skin woman with a dark-skin black male, a black male with a white woman, a handsome fit-looking black man with an unattractive black woman or another ethnicity, or even a short dark-skin black woman with a tall light-skin male with unique looking eyes.  Where does all the angry, mean-spirited, and resentful feelings come from toward our own people dating anyone other than what some of us think is right?

Take a moment and think about the years of programming from our parents, television, friends, and other messages we received about people who date outside of their ethnicity, different religions, mixed shades, etc.  Sometimes the programming was good--it opened our eyes up to people that didn't look or act like us when family encouraged us to go ahead and date someone we liked.  But then some of that programming was bad, keeping us ignorant when it comes to learning and growing with people who don't look like us, "Why you like her?  She is so light/black/ugly!  Ya'll goin' have some funny-looking kids!"

The next time you see an African American walking with someone who doesn't look or act like them, before you think negative or "Why is he with her?" consider this, one day you might have to care for and teach someone that looks like one of those people.  That young person will one day grow to be a man or woman remembering what you and I said about "those people." 

How would we want society to react to our daughter/son/cousin/ who happened to be light, dark, plump, tall, or short?  Speak up when family negatively comment, especially during these holiday seasons, when they think they are being funny picking on folks talking about " dark, light, fat...someone is" then be prepared to walk out the door--you and your family.  Enough is enough!  Our people can be so very rude and ignorant and it shouldn't be accepted as "...that's just how they are..."  Don't put up with it!  If more relatives would reject foolish behavior, Unc, cousins and 'em would stop coming to family events running their mouths.  Just something to think about.

Nicholl McGuire

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