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You Think They Don't Know You...But They Do - Unemployed and Ignorant

He loses a job.  He looks for another.  He becomes disgruntled because he doesn't find what he wants.  He takes a long break, gets back into the fight, and looks again.  He is impatient, irritable, and mean.  He isn't happy with his life, his partner, or much else. 

The poor man starts drinking, sleeps with different women, and finds out he is expecting a baby.  He isn't happy about that either.  His anger festers while his treasured items are taken away from him (house, car, household goods...), because he doesn't have enough money to keep paying for them.  Eventually, he worries himself sick.  Lying on his back, deeply saddened, the defeated, once prideful and unbelieving, man calls on an unseen force, he calls, "God."  He cries out, "If you're listening, please help!"

Meanwhile, non-blacks see that broke, busted and disgusted black man and knows his story all too well.  They have little compassion, but they see a whole lot of opportunities to make money from all his troubles that he may or may not have caused. 

The black woman looks on and she too is heartbroken, frustrated, and often complaining about her haves and have-nots.  The family is in trouble and temptation is on every side closing on them like two elevator doors with no safety device. 

Non-blacks come up with yet another thing that they think we need to help us or straighten our stubborn @$$*$ up (government aid, programs, psychology, correctional facilities, police beating or shooting).  It isn't typically our fellow sisters and brothers who come to our rescue in great numbers or with any life-changing monies, programs, opportunities, etc.  They are too busy fighting too.  They are protecting what little they have and don't want you coming over and potentially messing them up either!  "I got enough issues my d@mn self!  Don't come over here with your drama.  You knew that trouble was coming, why didn't you do what you were supposed to do in the first place!  Ain't no sense in crying now!" says your family.

Non-blacks have spent decades studying the black family.  They know you better than you think.  Oftentimes pride within the black community aids in stupidity and ignorance.  That's right a small word like pride creates big trouble!  You think you know something and along comes someone or something that proves you know nothing!  There are many homeless people on the street, men and women in courts across our land, and others in jail for most of their lives due to PRIDE!  "Pride comes before a fall..." the Holy Bible says it!

What plan did the black man or woman come up with to go from unemployment to employment in record speed?  Well, if he or she doesn't have a doable action plan then he or she will most likely pay someone.  You just might get a limited education about your issue for free before you are persuaded into buying something that might help you, but maybe not depending on how stubborn you are.  One might also "beg" or network for an opportunity only to find that once again he or she is on a path of self-destruction again!  The prideful black man or woman never learns.

Why do we fall for the hype, the promise, or the hope that someone claims just because they appear nice or we did something for them?  You know you are aren't the non-black's favorite person especially if you are the outspoken type and at times brash with all your opinions/suggestions/concerns.  When will we learn the angry type of black is one of the most hated?  So why keep scowling, talking like you are the baddest you know what out here or acting as if you are so much better because you have money, assets or have some kind of leadership role somewhere?  Really!?  Then when it is all taken away, you talk as if you never lost anything--lol.

They know you black man/woman.  You can claim all you want, "They don't know me!" Yes they do.  You who dress so well with made up face, manicured nails and a beautiful wardrobe covering up the weaknesses within while accentuating your every curve, you are watched by anyone who wants to sleep with you and then on to the next one. 

Non-blacks have also read about you angry black man who claims justice for all, but yet you self-hate and run after all things that don't look like you, they got your number and your bank account. 

Let us not forget about the black entertainers here, there and everywhere.  Non-blacks know that when you are out of the limelight you are weak and miserable.  So you will come back, willing to do almost anything, for the fans who don't think much about you.  You are here for the moment and then you are gone replaced by someone more interesting.

We know how the story goes, our ancestors left behind many stories, you might be a well-fed, talented, and noble person, but you are still a slave...a black slave to those who observe you like you are some sort of zoo animal.  "How much do I need to come up with to get close enough to touch it?" the observant non-black says as he or she watches you in media bound by the mental and physical cages that you either volunteered to walk in, paid to get in or forced in.  That kind of bondage can't be shaken without a Savior, more money, and a functional support system. 

Many non-blacks' businesses are thriving and where's yours and how is it doing...well, it's just a deferred dream now isn't it?

Go back to your personal plan with notepad and pen in hand.  List what you most want to do with your life and just do it!  What you don't know you research and research until you can fully comprehend it.  You surround yourself around positive, successful people.  You pursue goals/dreams and use your haters to motivate you toward your life's purpose. While you learn and grow, you also study them like they study you.

Nicholl McGuire


The Determination to Get You Emotional - They Win, You Lose

"African Americans are an emotional, sensitive, na├»ve, ignorant, and mentally troubled bunch..." yep that is what "they" say behind their grins, pats on the back and handshakes.  So they play on your emotions.  They shoot to kill, lie to you, exaggerate nationwide stats about your health, and tell you what you should and shouldn't do.  It isn't just the folks belonging to fraternal groups manipulating the masses but your own mind controlled people.  The haters just don't like your outspoken, conscious, soulful, truth-telling type!

I reminded readers awhile back on this blog not to believe the media hype.  I shared personal experiences, life lessons, spiritual audio, and more cautioning you that the haters were back at it again.  They were systematically coming up with yet another wave of shocking events to rile you up. 

Satanic influences have been working day and night to mentally, spiritually and physically enslave you just look at the entertainers for starters!  You are doing too well African American!  You are making your presence be known in so many industries even when there are so few of you in leadership roles.  You are making an impact wherever you go!  You still have the favor of your God and so the world is watching and they are jealous.

We have survived many emotionally and physically draining times pulling the weak of us out of the fiery pits across our land.  We have reminded our folks (both young and old) to stand, be encouraged, do what is right, bind Satan, be there for your children, go to school...etc.  Many of us (over decades) have answered the call on our lives and have done well encouraging, rebuking, teaching and protesting.  However, many more are still lost, foolish, resentful, mentally ill, and more.  There is a fight even when there is no fight with the confused among us.  We see this from personal relationships to civil rights.  There is this defending/supporting the negative and dark spirits even when the one true God himself has administered warnings and curses upon the brethren.

You can't fight a good, meaningful fight without the warriors that have long existed before your arrival Black Man, Woman!  You might think you know much because you are educated, live well, own property, etc. but the war time we are in right now is spiritual and will always be--we don't wrestle with flesh even though the enemy wants to make it be about that!  When was the last time you prayed and asked for direction and courage to fight a relevant fight related to your higher calling rather than what "they" have claimed is your fight?

The orchestrated media battles that you see nowadays and in the past are scripted events to help a few at the top of the food chain called, Life!  You can create your own plan for you and yours without the need of "them."  What are you waiting for?  Stop grieving and watching the dead, and live your life!

The powers that be, elitists, racists, etc. have studied you and know what your trigger buttons are.  So while you are distracted by all things that have little to do with your personal success and the gifts you have that mankind can surely benefit from, the so-called genious of the land are manufacturing events to keep you mentally and physically oppress.

As for the future, your neighborhoods are being over taken by opportunists--people who strongly you are useless and don't deserve anything that you may have obtained fairly or not.  Property is being bought up and redeveloped slowly but surely across the states with an emphasis on prime real estate.  If your ghetto is standing in the way of progress, don't be surprised if it is bulldozed.  During those times of "ethnic cleansing" and redevelopment, some will wish "if only..." as they see their memories go up in dust.  God gave the Black man and woman ample opportunity to get things right in their communities and those who refused, was too lazy, broke, busted, bitter, didn't want to seek truth/God, will go up in the smoke that they smoke.  This is prophecy in case you don't know. 

Stop sleeping, creeping, lying, and acting stupid...change is coming and you and your emotions will eventually plea to non-blacks, "Stop" and they won't be listening no more than they do when yet another person is gun down for senseless reasons.

Remember your business dream? Get ready.  Remember your calling?  Time to get started.  Remember the family you left?  They need help.  Remember the promises you made?  Start keeping them.  Remember the struggle?  You're in it now!  Take control over your mind--erase the negative thinking, find positivity in everything, turn what was meant for evil into something good!



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