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Shopping while Black


Focus on What is Ahead, Say Goodbye to the Past


The Nice Card "They" Know How to Use It

Something that the average ignorant black doesn't know how to play very well is The Nice Card.  While lips are poked out, attitudes are flaring, and one is still thinking about what this one and that one did to them, there are those who know how to play the game of nice.  Now if you have to ask what exactly is that?   Then you haven't used your Nice Card in awhile. 

Let me refresh your memory especially if you are all saved and sanctified now, the worldly game is played like this.  When you wanted something from someone you acted politely to get it--even though you know you didn't like that person.  When you wanted your enemy to draw near to you, you acted friendly--even though you knew that this person couldn't be trusted with a 10 foot pole.  When you just wanted to make someone's day in the hopes that good will come your way, you acted positively even though you couldn't care less about a Creator, karma, or anything else spiritual.  Now you remember?  Hey, for some of you reading this you just played the game not that long ago! 

Far too many black folks know how to play The Race Card, but when it comes to The Nice Card, not so much.  Whether spiritual or nonspiritual, rich or poor, smart or dumb, light or dark, some black folks get played by non-blacks because they see only what they want to see because the puppet master tells them what to see.  From a domineering non-black boss to a so-called best friend, manipulators know how to pull The Nice Card when it benefits them, not you.

I was thinking of this when I thought of someone who has been playing a game lately to win the upper hand in her personal endeavors while winning friends in the process.  She plays The Nice Card very well.  The woman whose white and a Christian, recently decided to start acting nicely rather than reacting to others rudely in subtle ways.  Her change of heart (or change of strategy) might have appeared genuine had she not revealed her hole card prior to playing The Nice Game, but she realized that she wasn't making any friends.  It is my assumption that she thinks that certain black folks don't know any better, so she continues on with her act while a few blacks, closest to her, don't realize what she is doing.  The game of nice, in her case, will soon take on a form of control if the unsuspecting aren't awaken.  All the nice deeds, acts, and other niceties will begin to reveal one's true intent. 

Past issues become a thing of the past for some ignorant blacks and non-blacks when one uses his or her Nice Card.  It won't be until the individual is tested in a high stressful situation that one's true colors will show up.  I think of a woman who once told me, "You will know what a white person truly feels about you when you make them angry enough--out will come the N word!"  So true, I have already experienced that one.  But if you haven't, stay tuned, it might come in a variety of words that sound real close to the "N" one.  If you're own people can call you one, you can only imagine what a racist will call you, but moving on with this subject of acting nice.

The Nice Card is often used by those who are in powerful positions, often in media, and have great wealth.  They know how to smile, invite others to events, meet and greet all sorts of people warmly, and overall appear to be nice.  We notice these people and say things like, "She is so nice...He is rather nice...I like them, they are nice to be around."   Most people are deceived by those who are good at covering up who they really are, but there is always one who pays more attention than the rest in the group and sees the actor or actress for who he or she really is.  We frown on the town-cryer and falsely accuse that person of being "a hater...jealous...why you picking on her, she is so nice!"
We will even go so far as to defend someone because we were "bought" by them, sexed by them, or they helped us with So and So.  But as I write, I think of the many wolves in sheep's clothing that deceived me just because I thought they were "nice."  People tried to tell me different and warned me about their dark side, but I would just keep right on dealing with them until I got burned.  The manipulator got what he or she wanted, information, money, service, etc. while I got nothing in return except debt, a headache, heartache or all three.

You may have encountered some people who try too hard to be nice.  You might have saw their phony expressions and over-the-top behavior from afar and wondered what is really going on with him or her.  If these people make you feel uncomfortable, despite they're acting nice, chances are they are indeed playing The Nice Card.  For some non-blacks and black folks alike, life is nothing more than a game, and love certainly has nothing to do with it.

Nicholl McGuire 

Support Dumb Things Help the Elite Dumb You Down

One of the biggest threats to any operation is an enlightened human being who sees things beyond the natural.  You may be one who sees things from a spiritual perspective and may not have many friends because of your hindsight.  You peak the games of those who attempt to play others like fools.  People who are the following:  controlling, liars, weak-minded, perverts, selfish, manipulative, fornicators, adulterers, substance abusers, money-lovers, and lazy types.  When you begin to question "the norm," a particular system, what someone has said, or one's reactions or lack thereof to an issue, someone or a group takes offense, it is then that they will try every controlling tactic in the book to keep you off the trail of truth--they will attempt to dumb you down!  Fools will debate, often say you are wrong, create a smoke screen, lie, ridicule, threaten, or talk negatively about you to others. 

For instance, insecure men and women in relationships are good for creating meaningless distractions to keep their busy mates out of their closets of secrets.  They know how to silence their mates by using their flaws against them and past indiscretions (especially when one is fearful that a dark past might soon come to light.)  "I don't want you to talking to her because blah, blah...I don't want him coming around, he makes me feel...why do you feel the need to go hang out with your friends...?" the worried mate says.  Now at first glance, one has good reason, particularly when a mate hasn't illustrated much trustworthy behavior or been supportive of the relationship, but what if the "I just love you and I want what is best for our marriage" type is systematically controlling every aspect of one's life through a multitude of dumb reasons?  While the "go along to get along" type just shrugs and allows the television and food to put him or her into a trance, the discerning one says, "What is really going on?  Why is it that my mate is trying so hard to control my every move?"

Consider this, if I were to fatten you up like a pig, decorate you up in the finest attire, buy you whatever whenever you ask me, and run errands like a delivery boy for you, you would be all-too-happy that I was doing these things for you that you would never suspect that I was up to something, that my feelings had changed for you, or that you were simply being prepared to be slaughtered one day after I used you until I couldn't use you anymore.  This, my friend, is what some loved ones, friends, acquaintances, bosses, and even government does to keep you from asking questions, investigating motive, solve certain problems, learn true intent, find mistakes, drive emotional responses, etc. before they rid you of their circles.

If you take a pause from the routine of your daily activities and get quiet in the spirit, you will be surprised at what you will find out as your heavenly Father leads.  But far too many don't realize the power of the supernatural and those "in the know" work hard to make sure that you never know.  It doesn't take much to get individuals and groups to support the elitists ongoing campaigns, programs, businesses, products, and more that successfully dumb down the populace.  Think of some of these celebs who serve no real purpose in our society other than to communicate immoral behavior, evil and mayhem.  Create a saggy wearing pants, heavy jewelry displaying, high school drop out, impoverished character to rap about a little bit of nothing and the masses are bobbing their heads and asking one another, "Did you get his latest CD--it's all dat?"  Before long we are talking about him to others helping to promote his cracker jack box career.  The elite sit back and pat each other on the back, "Job well done--they bought it once again!"  But maybe you aren't easily moved by the latest billboard top-charting artists, that's okay, because your reputable news media has a host of idols for you to choose from based on your social class, gender, political background, location, culture, race, creed, etc.  There is someone for everyone!

From demonic entertainers to television ministers with occult ties, these pawns are used often to keep you distracted from your quiet time, family time, prayer time, and anything that keeps you alive just a little while longer.  There are many racist leaders who simply feel that the African American populace is a waste of time and space and when you support dumb things, act dumb, talk dumb, walk dumb, dress dumb, and do any other dumb things, you prove them right!  So keep on getting that attitude, acting hood, and spending your last dollar to support dumb people, your local white power organization says, "Thank you."

"Select" educators, health care professionals, lawyers, and many other professionals are used like teacher's pets to help perpetuate whatever the playbook says for today.  What I mean by "select" are those whose parents and grandparents power, fame and money got certain people noticed to influence the rest of us--the educated who you might refer to as reputable.  What makes an individual or group reputable anyway?  A title, degree, money, paid followers, a strong marketing campaign?  While you and I sit back impressed by what someone else has, those who have, continue to take from those who have-not.  From relationships to ruling structures, we are all just pawns in the game until one awakens us with words of  real truth, not half-truths, or no truth at all disguised as so called "keeping it real" truth.

I challenge you to take some time and really look at the players all around you from relatives to your business affiliations.  Who is sincerely moving you to come up higher and who is slowly, but surely, breaking you down--hindering your life goals to suit one's own personal agenda?  Don't know who they might be, ask your Creator to open your eyes.  How long do you think you might stay fat and happy like a pig before he, she, or they will send you off to slaughter? 

When you promote, market, fund, campaign, build, and do other "intelligent" things to dumb down others about things like:  who you really are, what your personal agenda is, and how you really feel about yourself and others, you are no different than a devil using a pitchfork to torture his victims--poking and prodding while hoping that your victim will never turn on you. 

Maybe you are not guilty of doing the previously mentioned things, but you know a few too many people who manipulate others to keep them in the dark like persuading others to think or feel a certain way about one thing or another, it is time to call them out on their foolishness.  Even if mom, wife, friend, or foe gives you a hard time about what you say, at least you told the truth and they can't say, "Why didn't you tell me? or I never knew you felt that way."  Sure, you might have to go through a few fires, but one thing is for sure, they know you aren't any fool!

Nicholl McGuire


City Ghetto Black Folks

Some of you who read this title right away thought, "Yep, black folks...the kind that work my last nerve!"  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.  Blacks with hair nets, scarves, and do-rags on their heads not giving a care about what they look like.  The kind of black folks that wear clothes that are too small, cheap, and will attract lint after the first wash.  Walking fast or strolling through the city, black folks with little money and patience. 

Black folks talk about ghetto black folks negatively no matter the locale.  Some will talk about those loud-mouth type, while others will talk about those quiet, sneaky type, but whatever black category you fall into, you are marked by someone who just doesn't like you because you are "One of those blacks..."

The other day I noticed how my own children were reacting to a group of city black folks on a bus and at a barber shop with a strange expression--they were out of touch with city black folks who could care less about cursing in front of children.  So I looked at the people's faces to see what my children might have seen that made their faces turn up, and I will tell you that many African Americans sitting in those seats on the bus and elsewhere, had the most distressed and even angry looks on their faces.  I had been traveling with city black folks for awhile that I hadn't bothered to pay that close attention like I did in the past.  Yes, these "grown a**" folks, who don't mind referring to themselves as such, was just mad, at what, don't start me to lyin'!  Maybe angry that money is funny, kids are taking up space, and "I ain't ate nuttin' since this morning!" 

I couldn't say much to my children about our people other than what I already knew from my own personal observation which was that many city black folks was tired and had issues that had nothing to do with us, "So mind your own business and watch out for fools."

When the day was about done, my children had received a glimpse of a world that they really hadn't experienced and I don't know if they ever wanted to experience it again--city black folks.



Radio Host Blessing Listeners on Blog Talk Radio

Bobbie D is one of those announcers with an unforgettable radio voice. A resident of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a believer, and one who has a passion for caring and teaching children, this married African American woman has been on Blog Talk Radio sharing inspiring music with busy Internet surfers. Tune into her program and show your support!  Our very own Nicholl McGuire, the founder and contributor of this site, will be on Bobbie's show talking about her book, Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic on Wednesday, August 7 at 5 p.m.  listen on Gospel Excellence.

Listen to internet radio with Gospel ExcellenceBobbie D on BlogTalkRadio

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