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If You Have Nothing to Hide: You Might Choose to Vote But If You Do, Better Read This

You might have known for awhile your information is sold, made available to the public, and used to help politicians tailor a message you can digest in order to win your vote.  You might have no problem voting.  But for some, they need to know what they are doing or about to do before running to the polls to vote "black".  Don't say you wasn't warned and don't think that someone is trying to stop you from voting my brotha or sista, but the truth of the matter, when you are ignorant of the system, you are taken advantage of year after year and for some, the past will catch up to you sooner or later, besides the president will be re-elected again, he was a good puppet for the most part.  Do your research.

 Move over robo-calls, states sell email addresses for campaigns to reach voters | Fox News

Here's some information to get you started on why some object to all this, "Right to Vote" brainwashing.  It's your choice whether you do or don't.  What's the big deal?  That should be the question you ask yourself, when you get ready to lose your cool, because someone tells you, "I'm sitting out this election."  No one should feel pressured to do anything -- no one.  "But our ancestors paved the way for us to vote..."  Our ancestors did a lot of things and didn't know the real reasons why they did what they did--know your "real" history.  Know the movement, behind the movement.  Many of us have been mis-educated.  Following are links to help you learn more about election fraud, subliminal messaging, political parties, exposing government lies, etc.

Elections Fraud - two men who since shared their findings, dead

Murder Spies and Voting Lies 

Presidential Election Fraud

This Watchdog Group Lists Election Frauds

Politics is a Scam: Why I will Never Vote Again

Just because you're black, doesn't mean you have to vote this election or that one.  Your right to live, eat and breathe will still be here tomorrow!  Some people who spout off rhetoric about what one should do because of this and that usually feel like a Christian trying to convert a Muslim to his or her faith.  It is as if his or her mission is to "talk some sense" into you.  But the reality is children grow up to become adults who think for themselves--at least that is what they are supposed to do.

You might be the minority in your group who doesn't vote and because of that, you keep your mouth shut, well following are some people who opened up their mouths and said the things you only wish you could express.  Just so you know, not everyone listed is black, some of these links include white people too (and before some of you make an argument how "they" can do that because "they got this or that," know this, we ALL have rights and we ALL can exercise them anyway we choose without the racial programming that tells us, "You black, so you supposed to..."  This kind of thinking only sets us back.  Break free from the slave mentality and ignorant thinking and consider others thoughts besides your own, your relatives, and your high school teachers--Peace!.

Black person who doesn't vote 

George Carlin - Why I Don't Vote

PH'D Doesn't Vote

Professor Doesn't Vote

One who doesn't vote simply because he chooses not to

Black People - No One Should Tell You How To Vote, see following link:


Research Analyst on HubPages

 I just wanted to take a moment to give attention to a black hubber on Hub Pages that gives easy-to-read and good information on a variety of topics related to our people.  From our hair to career interests, when the Research Analyst has a question or interest, she puts her skills to work and brings to you some clear-cut answers. So do pay this blogger some respect at HubPages.

Research Analyst on HubPages

Did You Know About the Campaign for Free Higher Education?

If every woman, man and child got together and stopped financing things that should be free, I believe we would have a better mindset about you, us, and them!

Free Higher Education | Solidarity


Free Online Learning at

When they ask, "What are you doing on that computer?"  You say, "I'm learning something."

Free Online Learning at

Lies Some Believe, But I Don’t

When it comes to our people, you know the manipulative ignorant ones, they can really act deceptively in what they say and do to you, me and others.  I recall experiences with many of “our folks” where I simply was shocked, angered and confused as to why someone who claimed to be my “favorite” relative or my “girl” or “my homey”—yeah we said that back in the day, would do me wrong!  So I share some things that I have noticed over the years when it comes to some of our people making up stories.

One.  “I pay for my children to get through school.”

When someone, who has a child in school, is telling you how broke they are doing this and that, you have to wonder, “Doing what?” If they can manage to buy a new car, get new additions for the home, etc while their child is lacking, something is amiss.  You will surely find out the truth from the child.  Maybe some are helping because a child doesn’t qualify for any assistance, but that is rare—usually they can get some financial aid.  But when the child is telling you, “Auntie…Uncle… I don’t have any money for food and I am using my credit cards to pay for books and the financial aid office received my loans, but I still have a balance...” then you know this child’s parents ain’t paying for a thing!

Two.  “Me and my husband have a good relationship…I love my wife.”

Now this sounds nice, but the truth of the matter is oftentimes couples are having it rough.  Sometimes saying things out loud is nothing more than positive affirmation—I see this a lot on Facebook, but if you were to follow people home and live with them, you would see an entirely different story.  I might go along with the story-telling until someone starts trying to give me relationship advice.

Three.  “I don’t like none of them…they some nasty people!”

Usually if black folk call something or someone’s personality nasty, they are telling the truth, but every now and again, you have a hater that wants to bad-mouth people so that you don’t help them.  Instead, they want you to divert your attention to their needs so that you can reach down in your pocket to help them.  “Yeah your cousin ain’t no good…she don’t need any money, I do…don’t be helping them!” the manipulator yells.  “You know I have a birthday coming up.”

Four.  “I’m a clean person…”

People who say this have their reasons for saying it.  Maybe I say it, because I know how you are and I am just letting you know that when you show up in my home, you will have to take your shoes off and wash your hands, not in my kitchen sink, but in the bathroom with the soap I have provided—understand?!  But others say, “I’m a clean person,” especially when they cook, because they want you to feel comfortable eating their food, I agree, I say this too.  However, there is that group who talks about “how clean…how nice…” and how much they do this and that, but the reality is they are unclean.  Just sit back and watch how well and how much they wash their hands when handling food, look under their nails, walk by their ears, then bend down near them and sniff, then you tell me how clean they are!  If you should go to their home, take your finger over a few pieces of furniture like their kitchen or dining-room table, look at the carpet and view the walls then take a deep sniff, I rest my case.  

Five.  “I make a lot of money, I don’t want for anything.”

Some people are telling the truth, notice I said some, but many lie.  If one makes a lot of money, then you have to ask yourself, “Then what is he/she doing with it?”  There should be no excuse for bouncing checks, running up credit cards, passing on getting the car fixed, getting things shut off, and more “when you don’t want for anything.”  I say, either he/she is cheap and just loves hoarding money or he or she is wasteful and is just telling people about one’s net worth to hide his or her foolishness!

Six.  “I can help you…hook you up…I know someone.”

If I heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times!  The only one and I do mean the only one that ever gave me a sincere, worthy “hook up” (when I asked for one, mind you) in my life was my sister.  The rest of my people talked and talked some more and when I say sincere, I am not talking about some temporary, “pay me back” later mess or “I don’t want this anymore, so I am just giving it away.”

Real talk, many of my folks can’t even buy one of my books, without expecting a discount or a hook up, much less help me get connected with a top notch producer, business owner or someone in the publishing industry.  So when you hear someone say this to you, ask for contact information, receipts, licenses, and whatever else related to the “hook up.”  I’m telling you, it will keep you out of trouble with the law and other folks you might know.  Sometimes people do hook you up, alright, but then you have to question is it legal, what might be the fine print in the transaction—feel me?
Seven.  “There’s nothing wrong with that…I swear…I paid good money for it!”  

“You lyin’!  You got it on sale!  Why must we go there!” I think this when I hear about someone flashing their new purchases.  What’s worse is some people are given things and won’t even give credit where credit is due.  “You didn’t buy that!  Yes I did…” she says.  “Like h*ll, you did!” he responds.  Oh yea, that happy couple I mentioned earlier, well his wife got some explaining to do.

So the next time your people, my people and even us get tempted to lie about something, take that pause and tell yourself, “I ain’t going to lie God, not today, but you might have to give me an extra anointing tomorrow.”

Nicholl McGuire, author of When Mothers Cry and other books.

Why Are We So Mad?

From a partner to a politician, we can get angry so fast and so often about a little bit of nothing!  No wonder some accuse us of having an attitude and acting mad.  I was sitting back just people watching out my window.  The folks that were doing the most smiling were children.  Bouncing balls up and down the street, talking to one another, even dancing the children were having a good time.  But the adults?  They were just “minding their own business” toss up a hand for acknowledgment and keep walking.  Now I haven’t just watched black folks in my own neighborhood here in Georgia, but I have been around the United States at rest stops, workplaces, restaurants, airports, etc. and there is just a look that many black folks carry that says, “I’m not happy.”  

 I’m sure other cultures have the same look, but I’m not talking about them today.  Not that long ago, I could see the expression on the first lady’s face when President Obama announced he was running for another four years.  Look at the video and see the children’s faces too.  When we are irritated about something or don’t feel 100% confident, it shows on our faces.

So in the words of my grandmother and mother, “Fix your face!”

While you're here leave a comment about what lately has made you mad.
Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and other books, visit today and show your support!


Stubborn, Hard-Headed Black Children Grow Up to Be...

You have them in your circle stubborn, hard-headed black folk who don't listen!  You tell them things like: where to go to get some help about a situation, how to put something together, and why he or she might be having problems in his or her relationship, but they just nod their head and do what they want anyway.  You might have someone like this in your family or elsewhere and you are about ready to cut him or her off, but before you do, keep in mind, you didn't always listen either.

I was very angry at a relative and a friend on two separate occasions this year because the more they told me about what was troubling them, the more it seemed they would cut me off if I attempted to say something like, "Well, did you try..."  I had listened to their ramblings long pass my deadline to get on with my personal tasks of the day, like use the toilet and do my hair.  "Huh..."  I said.  "Now run that by me again, you did what?  He said...Well did you try..."  Back to the beginning of the conversation they go and I'm ready to get off the phone.  I'm thinking, "Why are you wasting my time?"

On another occasion, I was trying to explain why something just wasn't happening related to a personal issue and why "I felt this way and why I did..." regarding this person; instead of being apologetic and providing some solutions moving forward, my listener just looked at me.  No accountability for one's own deeds in the situation was taken mind you.  It was as if the person was saying, "Keep on talking and eventually you will hang yourself, so I can have something to say about you."  Meanwhile, I wasn't the focal point, my listener was at fault "...for not listening in the first place...doing your own thing...," but somehow the conversation was turned on me.

Hard-headed black children become hard-headed black adults who know everything and you can't tell them anything different!  They will not look at the glass half full, rather everything they view is half empty.  "I don't have any money and I can't look for a job right now 'cause...  My man is always cheatin', but I need him right now 'cause...and I don't think I could ever find anyone who would put up with...  I can't stand my baby's ma and I don't believe there is anyone I would ever marry..." on and on stubborn black folks with excuses keep talking and rarely do any walking!

When you make an attempt to advise a hard-headed individual, look out!  You just might be criticized and oh no, don't bring God, church, prayer, or anything spiritual into the conversation if one has been burned by a so-called Christian in the past because you just might get cussed out!  I recall when I was told about a relative who needed assistance and so I was given the phone to listen to his situation.  I proceeded to advise him, but when I brought God into it, he refused to listen and boldly told me, "Don't pray for me."  I thought to myself, "But you are in a situation where only Jesus can help you."  This brother seriously needed a miracle.  I got off the phone with him and haven't talked to him since because he has been locked up, been on drugs, and his women problems are mounting.  He is keeping away from the family, because he know he messed up.  Looking back, his issues since he was a child had been:  "not paying attention, doesn't stay focused, doesn't follow instructions..."  I rest my case.

One day I planned to meet a police officer and brought all four of my boys with me.  I explained to them why they needed to hear what this man had to say.  He told us that most people who are in jail today is because "they don't listen."  At some point in these inmates lives someone told them, "Don't do...Stop doing...Stay away from..." and they ignored the warnings.  My boys listened intently.  I honestly don't know what the future holds, but all I can do is drill in their heads, "Listen!  Do what I tell you to do and you won't go wrong!"

As much as I love our people, I have to admit that much of our issues are because we spend more time doing what we think is right without:  checking with professionals, reading the instruction booklets carefully (like those that come with products), watching the how-to videos BEFORE starting a task, talking with wise relatives and mentors about things like relationship challenges, and taking a class on things we know we don't have any clue on how to do.  We rather pretend, fake the funk, act like we know everything and then when we are shamed, we blame other people.  Now you know that's not right!  Don't be hard-headed! 

I believe someone reading this is having his or her share of relationship struggles, money hardships, and job issues, if you would just focus on problem-solving, like looking up the information that will help you through your situation, I guarantee you will come out ahead!  Pull yourself away from distractions like:  celebrity news, eating, drinking, partying, and doing other things so that you can get some things accomplished!  Then when you are on the right track and see some REAL results, then start talking with some folks who can help you, but until that time, keep your mouth shut; because chances are someone in your circle is tired of listening to your same old tired song and dance about your relationship, your money, your job, your children, etc.--there's your warning, reader.

Wednesday Founder

An African American author, blogger, and stay-at-home mom, Alicia Washington compiled a monster list of work at home opportunities on her website, check it out!  This website is easy to navigate, very helpful and keeps you coming back for more.  Washington also has another home based business site:

About Me

A Black American - Def Poetry Jam, Smokey Robinson - YouTube

A Black American - Def Poetry Jam - YouTube

TheUrbanCowBeau: Duane Cramer: Trailblazer, Photographer, Activist

Introducing you to someone you may not have heard of...

TheUrbanCowBeau: Duane Cramer: Trailblazer, Photographer, Activist

Wisdom for Hurting Sons and Daughters of Flawed Fathers - Part One of Two - YouTube

An old message to evoke a new way of looking at your past situations and how they play a part in your present life. Listen.

Wisdom for Hurting Sons and Daughters of Flawed Fathers - Part One of Two - YouTube


Children Will Remember...

Credit: Nicholl McGuire

I can't tell you how many people I have come across in my travels with a story about "how my dad didn't my mother didn't have..."  You can make up for all "you didn't get, couldn't do" and much more simply by making some time for your own children or someone else's--it makes a world of difference!  At least they can't falsely accuse you of things like, "Unc didn't care...Auntie never listened to dad was always mother didn't give a d*mn!"  Put your time in now!  This way if they do fall by the wayside, at least you did your part not just one or two times but as much as you could.

Jealous, Possessive, Critical Church Leaders: Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, and Prophets - YouTube

Jealous, Possessive, Critical Church Leaders: Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, and Prophets - YouTube


Fools for Love - Single, Engaged, Married Women Dating, Relationships

She's on the phone once again crying about her man, her kids and why no one wants to help her.  He sits down with his mama and she tries to give her son some advice, but all he wants to do is blame his woman.  What these two people with issues have in common is everyone is at fault, but them.

Not that long ago, I recorded an audio that was cutting to certain listeners because they knew they were fools for love, silly and were still making poor life decisions which they didn't want to address.  Abusive pasts, still bitter about parents, and upset that their lives were most likely reduced to TV and Internet entertainment outside of work, there are those people who come across some of my work and hate the truth that is in it.  Loveless relationships, annoying children, a lack of finances, you name it, I have my share of visitors that come to my sites.  But the ones who run from truth, don't like truth, want to argue with truth, they are the most popular.  My straightforward messages with convicting biblical truths get a dislike, soft messages that don't connect the bible to daily living and simply tell a story and a few lessons, get the pass-- no wonder people don't spiritually grow outside the church, because they don't want to face personal demons. 

"It's all your fault..." the son says to his mother.  "My fault?" She responds.  "Yeah, if you didn't yell at me for so many years and tried to be nicer to my dad and did more for me maybe I wouldn't have so many issues with women!"  You see the problems in this example, now son wants to blame mom for everything wrong in his personal relationships.  Well, daughters who grow up to be adult women start feeling and saying similar things to their parents.  "My dad wasn't there for me...I wish I could have had him around," the sad woman complains.  Be it right or wrong what our people did or din't do for us, we all have a lot of growing up, forgiving and trusting in our Creator to do.  But our responsibility to others, assuming that we are wise adults, comes when we have arrived at certain truths in our lives after much experience making foolish decisions.  We  are to teach others how to avoid making the same mistakes.

So here is my attempt to raise a mirror to those young women's faces out here on the Internet through the following Holy Spirit inspired video. It's like a hairstylist giving her client a mirror to check her hair after it is done, "What do you think?" she asks.  "Well I don't know...could you fix that...and then could you do this..." the client replies and the stylist sighs.  Unfortunately, in God's kingdom there is no caring about what anyone thinks.  Learn what you can from this audio and make your own necessary adjustments to your life. 


Things Have Changed Over the Years in Black Hair...

Nowadays fake hair is in abundance!  Lots of long manes and tresses.  The magazines that are shown, I once owned back in the 90s and can I tell you, they were my hair bibles!  From decorating my real hair up to stand about five inches off my head to curly fros, whatever I was in the mood for, I wore it! 
Whenever I wanted to try something different back in the day, I got the magazines photographed.  

I kind of miss the looks back then because they just made sense!  What I mean is the looks fit one's face.  But these days far too often I see hair that doesn't belong on an African American woman's head.  The color, texture and style just isn't right!  It's like a white woman wearing an Afro, huh, what--doesn't look right.
These days, it seems the long mane is nothing more than a distraction from wide noses, thick lips, and dark eyes brought on by a certain elitist European influence, but I digress.  Once this long mane distraction is removed, you have a woman, simply put, a woman who has a face that can be spiritually read.  Those of you who know anything about spiritual gifts know what I am talking about.  But when one has something to hide, out comes the alter ego who needs some fake hair to match a certain persona, personality and to cover up imperfections, that she caused mind you, underneath.  I would know because all that hairstyle changing back in the day damaged my hair and caused me to wear wigs for awhile.  

Celebrities can get away with different characters and looks  because that is part of their jobs--they deceive the public into believing that they are who they say they are for that day.  But real people know that in the real world, your alter Shaquita, Tonya or Tammy, is still you--no excuses; and if she steps out of line, wig and all is forgotten about and you are told about yourself.

  No one cares how much "you look like..." (except superficial, immature observers who are obsessed with celebs)  all real people want to know is who you really are and how might you benefit them.  Sistahs, if you needed someone to tell you, "Try a different style and lose the long brownish mane with the part down the middle and the tresses," here's one.

Factchecking the first presidential debate - The Washington Post

Do your own research, people lie, misconstrue truth, leave out details, etc. even our own people. 

Factchecking the first presidential debate - The Washington Post


Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic - Nicholl McGuire talking about book - YouTube

African American author of nonfiction books and blogger for this site and others, Nicholl McGuire, shares information about her latest book on YouTube, see here: 

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic - Nicholl McGuire talking about book - YouTube

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Dating Advice, Relationship Problems?
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