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Be Open to More Knowledge...

Brothas and sistas are running around sharing what they learned from documentaries online and offline about things like: the satanic music industry, scandals of past black leaders, and what they think they heard about this news issue and that one.  Yet, the learning doesn't stop.  Some are still on the elementary level of what they "think" they know and have yet to bother to do more research; instead they go on someone else's opinion or assumption without checking the facts and using common sense.

There is more work to do besides telling someone, "Did you know that XYZ entertainer sold out?  Did you know that many popular church leaders are connected to secret societies?"  So what, big deal, if you are still following them.  Who cares to make a difference in their lives, if they see you wearing certain designer labels that you know full well the history.  Why should anyone bother to listen to you when just the other day you downloaded yet another satanic music artist?

I sat one day to listen to a brotha who had no idea what I knew and what I did online, he acted like a preacher with all his "Did you know..." statements.  When I attempted to share what he didn't know, he just kept right on talking attempting to manipulate the knowledge that I brought to the table with his ignorance. 

I hate to say it, but some of our people will catch on to a thought here, an idea there, and a fact somewhere in between and then the mind shuts down, there is no more room for knowledge.  They ultimately retard their learning.  Daily responsibilties suffocate new learning, time for research, meditation, etc.  They run with the same ignorant circles only to fall back into their old lifestyles.  Further, pride gets in the way and before long, the ignorant isn't really doing much else, but running their mouths.

Nicholl McGuire



Former Witch speaks of his powers to do evil using AstroProjection, Spel...

Mind Control, Media Manipulation, Cyclical Programming ~ Lenon Honor

A By-Product of an Enslaved Genealogy: The Black Psychopath

If you have ever spent any time learning about the effects of slavery in one's African American family history, then you most likely have already put the pieces together when it comes to the many personality disorders that tend to show up in a family line as a result.  One such disorder that has been prevalent in the black community is the psychopath.

The psychopath can be born or created in the African American culture whether he is rapping on stage or working in a leadership position.  The psychopath tends to be aggressive, lacks empathy, and antisocial (despite his or her good-natured performance in front of others), according to various media reports.  The individual might be dressed over-the-top even in atmospheres that don't require such attire or appear modestly dressed.  These people can be fun, polite, and charming.  They know how to change their personalities to fit in with others while acting the totally opposite behind closed doors.  Black men and women, who have dated or been married to psychopaths, have complained about their acting very differently in public usually friendly, but privately acting strangely, mean-spirited, prideful, etc.  Grandma might have described her son as, "...crazy...the strange one in the bunch...he's touched."

In my opinion, based on observations, personal experiences, readings, and prayer time, the psychopath is yet another by-product from the enslaved mindsets of previous generations.  We must not forget that "the abused" passed on the good, bad and ugly thoughts and behaviors to generations of people coming behind them; therefore creating carbon copies of themselves that lack understanding on who or what they are.  For example, if daddy, a slave to the white man/boss/partner, picked up on his master's psychopathic nature, his children or other young blacks watched and eventually acted in similar ways.  If mom noticed the father of her children acting in aggressive ways toward her and those around her coupled with uncaring/heartless mannerisms while he said things like:  "I can't stand our people...Dogs are more loyal than black folks...,"she may have picked up on her husband's ugly ways.  The two together most likely didn't have a good relationship unless one started acting like the other in an effort to appease his or her partner.  The wounded, without proper healing, will abuse others i.e.) the psychopath!

Just like the white slave owners used their black slaves/products for personal gain while not caring much for them as human beings, black psychopaths do the same with their own people as well as other individuals.  They don't connect with anyone on an emotional, spiritual or physical level, they use them while pretending to like and care for them! 

It has been said by some researchers that in order to eradicate the negative affects of slavery syndrome, it is best to pair an African American with another ethnicity--preferably one that comes from a family line with a higher IQ, more opportunity, better upbringing, etc.  Therefore, the society with which we live will become better over time due to intermixing with someone considered more priviledged, rather than sticking with one's own kind who might come from a generational like of dumb and dysfunctional folks.

In recent years, this heavy promotion of interracial dating isn't based on fluff reasons like:  peace, love and Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech; instead it is systematic.  Media already knows what your dating preference could be, but prefers to wash one's brain of an old way of thinking (i.e. sticking with your own kind) while re-conditioning your mind to accept interracial romance in so-called the best interest of humanity.  If there are too many personality disorders showing up in a certain ethnicity wrecking havoc, mix it up!  Re-programming happens during periods when individuals are back to thinking in ways that the elitist society doesn't agree while doing things that they vehemently oppose.  So how do they know what you and any of your dysfunctional relatives think or do?  They utilize blogs, surveys, existing interracial couples' opinions, social networking sites like Facebook with your family connections, etc.  Therefore, if you so happen to be a wealthy, smart black who has been thinking in terms of "black" love as a result of seeing so many images of a black president and his black wife, media will come in and get you to start thinking about the non-black's opinion on who you should date coupled with images of elitist interracial couples even if you don't like them.  Remember, the subconscious mind is programmable and so is your spending habits!

Some of these non-blacks didn't know what they got themselves into when they connected with some of these black psychopaths.  You can see the disappointment on some of their partners and friends' faces when standing or sitting near or next to them.   The psychopath only tends to show a tad bit of care when it comes to personal or business relationships if the following is happening: one's finances are being terminated, his "feel good" supply is being threatened whether that be children/drugs/women/travel etc. or a person or material item he/she idolizes is no more.  The grief is temporary and then on to the next one.  Witnesses might comment, "Wow, he got over her quickly...Did she ever love him?  Does he even care that his boss fired him?" 

Ultimately, the smart elitists want a smarter society and one's personal choice is no longer one's personal choice when it comes to personal and professional partnerships for those with big purse strings--one's preference is always being manipulated before the masses!  But ignorant men and women are too blind to see and usually do whatever their idols do even if the evidence of their modern day enslavement is apparent! 

If one had a choice of connecting with a partner that has more of everything particularly financial connections, he or she will most likely date/marry/ that non-black person (even if he or she doesn't love or like the person much); rather than choose one's own ethnicity.  Some fear connecting with someone who might have a similar or lower IQ, grew up in a chaotic environment, and been raised by dysfunctional parents.  This is just another way of escaping one's mental enslavement brought on by generational brainwashing.  It would make sense for the black psychopath to recognize his or her weaknesses and undo wrong programming; rather than repeat the cycle.

Nicholl McGuire



Black Sitcoms Exposed

Stop Pretending to Like Us: What Prejudice People Might Want to Do

There have been  many times in my life where I observed non-blacks pretend to like the black girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or children despite their true feelings.  Just imagine someone telling you, "You have to accept this person into the family, because I love them.  I don't care about your personal feelings about will do this or else I won't come around you or bring my children around you either!"

With so many people dating and marrying interracially, there will come a point when one just might be tested.  You might like one ethnic mix, but not another.  You might be open to certain people, but not others.  You may cry alot about what you are seeing around you.  But whatever your personal feelings, at the end of the day, you are in control of your life and who you choose to let in or out of it.

I think the disappointments of discovering someone, who isn't like you, coming into the family could be better dealt with if all parties would just do the following things rather than pretend to like someone or a group you know you could care less about.

1.  Accept people on your schedule, not theirs.

The media seems to be bullying us into thinking a certain way despite personal convictions, experiences, and the like.  If you don't want to do something or like something, no matter what name they call you or what consequence they create because you have your reasons, it is always better stand up for something rather than fall for anything.  Just consider how much sacrifice you might have to make as a result of holding on to personal viewpoints whether good, bad or otherwise.

2.  Tell your daughter/son how you really feel even if they threaten not to come around you.

A loved one made a point when they made a choice to be with a certain ethnicity, gender, etc.  Now you can make a choice on how you feel about it.  Once again, weigh the pros and cons in everything and everyone that is brought before you.  This way there is no acting like you like something or someone that you know you don't.

3.  Enjoy your life even if you have personal prejudices.

Some people, who desire to get the results they want from others, use guilt to do it.  They also use tactics out of books to persuade, manipulate, control, and send other messages to change viewpoints.  If you are unwilling to put aside certain prejudices, then at least be open about them, rather than pretend to like certain people.  Sooner or later the truth will come out in a dispute, eye roll, deep sigh, ignored request, or in other ways and it is then that you will be called out for your bad act. 

4.  Share details of your feelings with your Creator and ask him to help you.

If you know that your reasons for pretending to like someone is rooted in deep resentment, emotional scars, and other similar things, then take as much time as you need to get some healing.  Read books, attend group meetings, and do things that will help you understand more about the people, places, culture, and more around you.

5.  Remember to avoid the temptation to control, manipulate, bad-mouth, or do other things to make someone do what you want just because you don't like who or what they are doing.

So you might not be one for pretending and tend to dispense the truth like one drinking a strong liquor with no chaser, if this describes you, know that starting wars is not going to do nothing more then cause friction.  Ignoring people because you heard something bad or think the worst about them won't help either.  It is always best to choose the most respectful, righteous, and polite way of doing things in any circumstance.

Nicholl McGuire 

Male Point of View: Older Black Men Dating Younger Black Women

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