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A Word from African American Planet Blog Owner

Greetings everyone!  Thank you so much for taking the time out to stop by this site.  This year we are continuing to bring you thought-provoking work by African Americans around the web with an opinion, observation, story, or thought about something they are passionate about. 

We hope that you will be inspired and come away from this eye-opening blog with something new and different to talk about as well as take a moment to self-reflect.  Thanks again for your support and do share with your Facebook network, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media pages you might be affiliated.  Thanks again!-- Nicholl McGuire 


Celebrity Worship - a commentary with CashatHand on Daily Motion

Interested in checking out an individual who speaks truth about societal and personal issues on Daily Motion.  CashatHand speaks from his perspective and observation.  An African American male enlightening listeners.  Enjoy.  Click CashatHand and listen to his thoughts on celebrity worship.


Black in Japan (full documentary)

Thoughtful Perspectives on Spreaker - podcast site

When you feel like talking about something, but you don't want to be on a site like YouTube, you can do it discreetly on a site like Spreaker and other audio sites. 

When I am not on this blog maintaining it and writing, I speak to audiences on other sites about things from personal experience, observation, research and interviews from business to spirituality.  I have a background in journalism and communications (print media primarily with some broadcasting experience).  I am also a native of Pittsburgh, PA, a wife and mother.

Feel free to join me on Spreaker and be inspired!  Life is too short to spend time online like a sailor without a compass, fulfill your calling.  Stop by Spreaker today and learn more about who am I.

Nicholl McGuire, Inspirational Speaker and Author


Guy Brings His White Girl To Barbershop In Harlem And Gets Hated On By B...

Black Woman

As always it is sad to see the negative depictions of black women in media and the negative attitude that many have whether overt or covert toward us.  Gay men mad at her, black successful men turned off by her, ghetto black men blame her, and crazy black men use and abuse her...a decent black woman doesn't have a fighting chance unless she goes about this world content and alone. 

I see "the attitude" that some display assuming that we will "go there."  I watch how non-black people attempt to figure out what kind of black woman are we such as: the ghetto, wild, ignorant, intelligent, substance addicted, poor, etc.

It doesn't help matters to already feel at times misunderstood then along comes a partner crying his share of the blues claiming we don't understand or trust him.  As we all know, trust is to be earned and when a man isn't treating his woman right, how can she trust him?  If a man isn't communicating much to her, how can she understand him?

I often wonder what does the future hold for my own children, four black boys, already at times treated unfairly in predominately white schools from time to time.  I think of how they are fond of other female ethnicities (non-black) due to their environment.  When they are exposed to their "own kind," they don't even like them much.  So I ask them, "Why?"  They respond with things like: "They are always in trouble...bad...ratchet!"  One son talked of a black girl bending down and brushing her butt on his hand resting on the corner of his desk and attempting to do other things to get his attention.  Another talked of a young, black girl looking unattractive and was loud.  My other two sons shared how the black boys and girls they knew were often doing something wrong and proceeded to mimic their ignorant dialects.  One of my sons, moved his body in the way that a sassy girl does as he shared his experience talking to her.  He laughed and so did I.  But deep inside, I was disappointed and I knew he was telling the truth, because I went to school with that type, fatherless daughters.

I listened to my sons, really listened, and they talked like their was no connection, no commonalities with the black folks, yet they are black.  The truth is, the wild type of black folk, there really isn't a connection as well as some other "types."  I watch other children, and I notice the adults, some too blind to see what they are creating.  I don't advocate foolishness, but education.  There is nothing cute or nice about a sassy mouth female who can curse like a sailor and stick out her big behind wearing form fitted stuff while tossing fake, multi-color hair around.  I didn't like the persona when I was young enough to carry it out and still don't support it.

I do not think too much about why a black man doesn't want to be bothered with a black woman whether educated or not like others these days, because many of the issues he has with her, she has with him.  He isn't sassy mouth or wearing fake hair, but he has an "attitude" too.  He is mad about someone or something while looking for external influences to soothe him whether they come in black, white, brown, yellow, red, or other. 

If the black woman is sick and the black man is sick then I can't imagine how either can help one another.  Therefore, the black woman is off on her own again after yet another break up with what she calls, a "no good, good for nothing..." black man.  Yet, she still doesn't want to see the truth for what it is, the work begins with her like it does for the black man.  Until they can both take the blinders of pride off their eyes wide shut and rambling lips, dysfunction will continue to loom. 

Anyone relatively normal, black or not, who has involved themselves with a dysfunctional African American, female or not, who thinks everyone else is to blame but him/her, knows all too well what I'm talking about.

For the men who are abused by crazy women in general (no matter the ethnicity) or are in relationships with the insecure, jealous and violent type, read free samples of my book, She's Crazy, I am speaking from observation, experience, and provide practical advice for the battered men who still love their wild women.  Be blessed!

Nicholl McGuire African American Planet Blog Owner


Color Bias Programming in Religion

Too busy focused on the color of skin and Caucasian depictions of white Jesus along with the systematic abuse of slave masters using the word of God to oppress, many African Americans faith has been attacked.  As a result movements have long been stifled, and unfortunately people have been led away from the God that delivered their ancestors.  Despite them having little or no education, the slave had enough sense to respect his or her Maker and master, but behind closed doors one knew the truth and envisioned his or herself FREE! 

If the modern day slave (employee) would redirect his or her mindset on the things that uplift, encourage, rebuke, and more in wise books and elsewhere rather than on the abuses, just maybe he or she just might connect with the almighty God for his or herself without all the fruitless distractions. 

Life is too short to look the other way, pray not one day, but today! -- Nicholl McGuire

Dear Black Women: Marry Up Not Down


Blinded by Sex

A foolish man or woman caught in a web of mistakes yet again, chose to ease the pain with sexy music, sexy photos, sexy clothes and sex in bed.  The escape was temporal.  Back to reality, with a dulled vision and still a lack of knowledge and understanding, the fool is now too weak to fight.  Another battle lost. -- Nicholl McGuire


Elitist Blacks Have Held Black Folks Back More than They Know

The brown cardboard box was set up long ago and inside it were numerous talented blacks that were told to behave in ways that would not give white men and women anything to talk about.  In American history, the majority of blacks had a limit on what jobs they could take (and in some communities that is still true to this day).

Blacks were warned by elders not to take on any positions that would shame their educated kinfolk and to make their ignorant relatives proud.  Many of us were instructed by grandparents that all that "shuckin and jivin" was prohibited.  "Sit down somewhere, cut out all that dancin', pick up a book," I recall my grandmother commanding me.

I was told many times that rich white folks and successful blacks like Oprah knew best.  They were in the industries that most of us could only dream of getting into, because we didn't have "connections." I heard often, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

So here I was told over and over during childhood to "stay in the lines" as I colored in coloring books.  I was scolded for acting "simple" and I was threatened about getting my you know what beat if I acted like I was going to do anything to cause a white person to look down at my family or black folks in general.  "You know what to do, when we go into this store, you better not act like..."  The stereotypical names of blacks were endless borrowed from racist whites with a black dialect twist on them.  I won't even bother to repeat them here.  Some of you remember the drill especially if you were born in the 1950s and 60s or had parents born during that time.  You probably even showed your behind a few too many times in public and Mama or Daddy had something for you in the store or at home and it wasn't good.

As I read more and more about black history particularly when it comes to the entertainment industry, I understand why professional black actors, actresses, musicians, and others were adamant about the way blacks were and still are portrayed on TV and elsewhere.  Many elders are strict to this day about any thing that looks a little bit like "coonery."  But I have to admit that all the rules, regulations, warnings and more, keep plenty of blacks in a box while everyone else get opportunities without all the stress that comes with accepting certain roles.  Professionals can be like strict parents who never let children go out of the house and then when the time comes for them to spread their wings, the rebellious go buckwild!  If one is so concerned about white folks, well breaking news, they are still going to talk about your black self and if you don't look attractive, they really are going to talk--what else is new? People around the world will have their share of racist comments on and off the Internet whether you are doing something stereotypical or not.

I realize that there is a certain degree of control that needs to be demonstrated within various social groups so that people don't get out of hand in any industry (not just entertainment), but does it have to be to the point that elitist African Americans (notice I didn't say blacks) have to take care of their own by any means necessary?  Could it be that the crabs in the barrel mentality has long been encouraged within a group who is supposed to be the watch dogs for others?  Maybe some elders are a tad-bit jealous of younger members knowing their time is expiring; therefore, they nitpick about any and everything causing divisiveness among the groups?  Are elitist elder and younger African Americans starting to turn on one another and rebel in more ways than one?  Is something breaking within the constructs of secret wealthy organizations run by paranoid African Americans so worried that every move out of the box thinkers come up with might cause the race to lose decades of progress?  This has long been an issue between the favored and not-so favored just breaking into industries all across our nation.

I personally believe that all the fear is clearly unnecessary nowadays.  People are going to work with those who are open, honest and true to almost any craft they can add to or conjure up just so long as it makes money.  The public isn't the least bit concerned about how one or many individuals portray blacks just so long as it is done in a way that makes sense for them and handled with care.  However, some would have you believe that the sky is falling over everything you say or do related to black.

The public sees tomfoolery everyday on the bus, driving in cars, seated in parks, walking down the street in packs, and even within our own families--so what is new?  The deaf, dumb, blind, foolish, prostitute, pimp, hustler, maid, driver and ghetto don't represent me or anyone else I know they are in categories all by themselves.

So for those who like to worry much about image; instead of doing that I have an idea, how about you put more effort into giving a wider no-name audience of talent and skill a break?  The truth of the matter is we are tired of seeing elitists keeping all the opportunities within their families as if we don't know that many of you are somehow related to one another!

Nicholl McGuire is the self-published author of many nonfiction books, an inspirational speaker, a wife and mother of four sons who lives in California.  She manages many blogs and other sites around the web.  Her dream was once to sing, dance, and act but her father told her, "That is not an attainable goal...There's enough blacks singing, dancing and acting.  Do something else."

Self-Hate - Low Self-Esteem, Bitter, Angry Men, Women

Unhealthy Reliance on People - Codependents are Addicted to So-Called Helping Others

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Blood sugar symptoms and mood swings - Your Food is Giving You an Attitude

A Spiritual Perspective on When Government wants to Play Your Daddy

In recent years, many victims have been turned into sacrificial lambs in our communities.  Sometimes this happens to humble a prideful people.  But whatever the reason behind years of senseless violence, there is always an establishment who wants to play a father to you or those you love especially when you are in trouble.  Listen up!  Who's Your Daddy?

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