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Popular and Not-So Popular Sites that Talk about African American Celebrities

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun! I decided that for the 101 blog entry let me refer you to seven websites and blogs that talk African American celebrities and all the drama that comes with it! In this list I mention some you may have heard about or visited from time to time and some you may have not. (These are not in any specific order of importance.)

1. Media Take Out has been receiving an increasing amount of exposure at non-black sites I have noticed. They are like the for African Americans. When you want to be entertained with ugly hair weaves, ashy elbows, or ghetto celebrity drama, this is the site!

2. Black Entertainment Television I could have put them first, but why? You already know about them and if you don't you better ask somebody! Besides, I'm not trying to be funny, but usually I already knew about the latest news days in advance before their email hits my inbox -- what's up with that?

3. Black Planet This site has been coming up over the years. I mention them because they have surprised me quite a few times in email with some information about a celebrity I didn't know.

4. This is 50 I was shocked at the amount of traffic for starters his site receives and all the uploads! Whew! You can visit his site now and then come back later and there are plenty of postings about all sorts of entertainers and 50 doesn't mind clowning a few! (LOL)

5. Bossip "Henny without any coke" so there is no question who is running this site! It's a black celebrity gossip site that boldly advertises alcohol.

6. Glam A nice, neat site dressed in pink that talks about a little bit of everything black. I like it!

7. Your Black Gossip Another good looking blog dressed in black that provides both opinion and news about African American celebrities.

So here's seven to quench your African American celebrity news appetite! Enjoy surfing!

Hair We Go Again! - the African-American Woman's Hair Raising Issue of Hair Vs. Health

The hair issue seems to be raising its ugly head again. With the recent release of the new Chris Rock film: "Good Hair" the conversation again turns towards the importance that black women place on their crowning glories. The amount of money that women, black women in particular, spend on their hair according to the film is staggering. We spend billions to have our hair "fried, dyed and laid to the side" as they used to say, and because of that, we are NOT going to mess it up. I know women who have claimed to develop awkward sleeping positions, like propping pillows up behind them, so that they could sleep sitting up. Or one young lady I know who claims to sleep with her head hanging off the bed so that she doesn't "smoosh" her do. I for one like a good night's sleep, so I'm not about to allow a style to get in the way of my dreamtime, so the most that I will do is to sleep on a pillow with a satin cover or pull it up at night with a satin scrunchie. Yes fashionistas, I did say scrunchie, and mind you, it's only for sleeping and doesn't go outside of the house.

In that same vein, a hairstyle has never kept me from the gym or my regular workouts. My personal stylist is very used to me saying to her, make it cute enough to last me a day, because it won't make it past the week-end. And many of my colleagues who see me with a straightened style know not to get used to it 'cause it won't look like this tomorrow.

I joke about that aspect, but it's true and very real. If you talk to most Fitness Professionals, especially those who have experience working with black women, the number one reason that they give for not working out is "they don't want to mess up their hair". To that I say, get over it! Maybe at one time that may have been a weak but valid excuse, but nowadays women have so much freedom to play with different styles. With the teaching schedule that I maintain, I work out regularly and still maintain a great appearance from head to toe. The trick is experimenting and finding hairstyles that work well with your lifestyle. You can braid it, get a weave or extensions, buy a ponytail, a wig, wear it natural as a fro, locks, twists. There are so many options, but just don't let the hair issue get in the way of your health. At the rate many of us are going we will be good looking corpses faster than you know it. Imagine the conversations at the funeral, "she was so young...but her hair was always fierce". Some how I just don't think that's how it will play out. At that final stage, who will care about your hair? Your fly and fierce hairstyles won't make a difference when you're not there to enjoy life with your loved ones, especially for reasons that are preventable! For those ladies who get it, I applaud you. I've seen some of these ladies get really creative. Before class they go into the locker room and carefully wrap their hair, and some have even rolled it up in curlers and covered it up with a scarf to keep it in style. When I see them after class or their workouts, they'll smile at me and say, "I love looking good, but I need to work it out and that's more important." What's even better about this whole scenario is that the guys at the gym who see this actually don't mind. Their response is, "I can't get mad at a woman who puts her health before beauty and a hairdo". Did you hear that ladies? They're more impressed that you're working it out. This summer I taught at a fitness event outdoors and it poured cats and dogs. I waited for the director of the event to tell me to stop the workout, but he said keep it going and so we did. Although we lost a few women to the elements, the majority stayed until the very end. And when the rain cleared I said, "Well, that eliminates excuse number one...the HAIR ISSUE. If you ladies can work it out in the rain, you have no more reasons to EVER use hair as a reason to forgo you workout again." They all laughed, but they knew it was true.

So why is this so much of an issue? According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), *80.5% of black women in the United Sates are considered overweight while 54.3% are clinically obese having a body mass index (BMI) higher than 30.

At these raised levels, that means that 80.5% of black women are at a higher risk for weight-related illnesses or chronic conditions that are exacerbated by higher weight levels such as Diabetes, Hyper-tension, Heart disease, Cancer and Stroke. Have the freedom to wear your hair in whatever fashion you choose, but please ladies, do not let it get in the way of your life! As the old saying goes "over my dead body..." if a change in habits does not occur today, that may be sooner than you think.

by Allegra Feamster

*Statistics source: CDC/National Center for Health Statistics; Health U.S., 2008, Table 75


Free Stuff: You Know What Some Will Do for Free

I have been at events where "our people" will take a stack, a group, or a bunch of something and act like there is nothing wrong with greed. They will laugh and comment, "you know girl I can use these..." While those around them will think or boldly say, "Well was you thinking about leaving me some?"

You can avoid being the one frowned upon or being the one irritated by that greedy woman or man standing in line with you. Simply perform a search on whatever it is that might peek your interest or visit as many freebie sites as you can. Although some sites will brag free, the truth is alot of the real good stuff is far from free. Anytime they ask you for your credit card information before you can type in your shipping address then they aren't giving anything away for free. Many people find out the hard way when that monthly bill comes in the mail, "What is this? I never order that?" Yes, you did when you gave up the credit card information without reading the fine print.

I enjoy trying new things especially when I don't have to pay for them. One day while checking out the website, a one stop shop of everything you need for daily living, love it!!! I found information for free trials and samples. If you are like me, you might want to try something new for free. Check out their website and search for free samples and trials or look for a link on their home page.

Next stop on the Internet is usually free information, software or downloads. Before you purchase anything search "free" then include the name of what you are looking for. Do the same when you visit classified ad sites you never know what you might find.

Stop by my blog to begin your search for "free"


Homosexual Agenda Alive & Well

I happened to hear dialogue from the television between two brothas and I glanced at the screen to see that the channel was on BET (a station that I avoid whenever I can.) However, what enticed me about the conversation was the pace, tone, and rhythm I heard in the men's voices. It was almost comical. They were talking in a so-called jive. Too funny! Anyway, I later learned the movie was an autobiography of Little Richard, a world renown musician also known as the "architect" in Rock 'n Roll. The time period the acting in was late 1950s.

Now what was so interesting about the timing of this moment is I just so happen to watch some of this movie after researching about the homosexual agenda in America. The writing was definitely on the wall in this movie and the timing at which it aired, I had to call these things into question. Considering that it isn't black history month, Christmas is nearing (a holy holiday,) and this man is obviously up in age -- why now?! Typical of the homosexual agenda to draw attention on one's self and definitely not on God. From the pink Little Richard wore to the flamboyant way he moved his hands, he was definitely letting the world know who he was back in the 50s and still to this day. They even showed a bit where Little Richard was trying to get his life back by going to church (I guess that makes everything alright) only to get on stage and lose his robe (ie. lose his religion.) May I digress for a moment, but it is so easy to lose one's religion when you are going to church for self and others and not for the one true God. Anyway...

Maybe there was no agenda as far back as the 1950s for homosexuals given the way the men reacted to Little Richard in the movie, but there is definitely an agenda nowadays. It is one that is attempting to get spiritual black people (or those who call themselves Christians) to conform to an atheist and/or agnostic society -- a modern day Sodom and Gommorah. We should have seen this coming, how many times will someone who doesn't believe in God listen to someone who does? The devil is getting tired of being offended by God's people so now its time to get his minions to work overtime to pay believers back especially during the holiday season when he knows that we will be out and about talking and displaying God stuff!

Liberal blacks, hypocritical blacks, spiritual blacks, Christian blacks, ignorant blacks, and blacks who serve grandmama's god are falling for this mess! We entertain ourselves with abused cross dressing actors who have a disturbing view of what being a believer in Christ really means. We bob our heads to music that subliminally enters our minds and tells us to "love Satan, follow Lucifer, there is no God."

We are a confused people especially when we attend churches saying our, "God bless you...I'm blessed...pray for me..." What is wrong with us? Why are the movers and shakers in our community so ignorant to the devices of the enemy? When you call one's attention to foolishness, you know what people say, "Huh...what? Get outta crazy...that's my man I love that song...that's my girl turn it up!...what he in a new movie I got to go check it out!" Then they go about the day like you ain't said a word!

There is a new order also known as a New World Order coming to a local government near you! Radio stations, newspapers, churches, colleges, public schools, businesses, civic groups even some of your old highschool friends are all a part of a new system that doesn't include God.

For decades, those at the top, have been planning and now many of their plans are being executed, thanks to a puppet that we all voted into office. He is easy on the eyes isn't he? He has smooth speech, doesn't he? He can wear those suits and stride a "fierce" walk, can't he? Like Oprah, he too believes, "there are all paths to God..." He is also working for some very powerful people as well. I saw a tabloid that accused him of being gay. Now why would they say that about our leader? Because he has been saying and doing some things from the time he took office that makes people question his belief system and sexual preference. Within the first 100 days of office he took care of the homosexuals and put a bill in place to protect them from abuse, but there was more to that bill then meets the eye particularly when he told anyone who was listening that the homosexual relationship would be recognized just like everyone else's.

We all are well aware of abuse of all kinds in our community and homosexuals are no exception, but just as those who choose to sleep with the same sex don't want someone coming into their bedroom with a Bible in hand, I don't want anyone coming into my bedroom telling me its okay to sleep with the same sex and that I should support their twisted ideologies. But that is exactly what they are doing when they glorify gay entertainers, writers, producers, etc. and give people who love the same sex certain privileges that they won't give others.

Just like the news media makes us become desensitised to murders by constantly bombarding us with them, so too are they working on us with the latest news in the gay community. Do you feel your beliefs are being tampered with after watching a commentator, talk show, or some other program on the subject of homosexuality? You feel "sorry" for the person who contracted AIDS from sleeping with his gay lover, don't you? You think it's okay your gay friend leads the choir and has partners in the church? It's alright to hang out in gay clubs, right? You go out of your way to befriend the gay guy or gay woman at work, don't you? You join in on coversation about gay subjects and suppress your views, correct? You are accepting of your gay relative's lifestyle and even invite them over for some conversation and chicken, don't you? Okay, well maybe not you, but someone you know does and if you ever attended a secular college, you know you were conditioned to be more open minded than the homosexual!

Do you find that liberal thinkers are telling you "to accept..." whatever moves and whatever is being said? You see, if you stand up for your beliefs, you will be deemed by others as being a homophobe. That's what I have been called. If you say, "I don't like that person because..." Then you are accused of being close-minded. That's why some of my old friends don't talk to me. You may say you don't care what people say, but the truth is that if money is involved, how many of us will sell out? I guess I will just stay broke. How many of us will use our talents to join with others to promote an agenda that the believer knows "ain't right!" We see evidence daily of those who have sold out.

Our favorite entertainers are promoting messages in every medium that are bigger then their ignorant minds can handle. Slavery still exists, its just more sophisticated nowadays. The auction block is now the stage, my friends. "How much you gonna pay to see your favorite singer, rapper, or actor do his or her thang?" so the conscious thinker asks. What will you do? Save that money and go see that play, movie, concert, or buy the DVD or CD. We all have been guilty, but when our eyes have been open to wrong doing, bad messages and the like, we are responsible for the knowledge that we receive.

We may have noticed in the entertainment industry that if an entertainer steps out of line and doesn't do as master wishes, instead of master beating him with a whip, he beats he or she over the head with fame and fortune so much that they look and act crazy! "You know your fans love this for the fans...I will give you more money if you...I will give you another house just do...I will buy you another car if you would..." You feel me? Out in the open or behind closed doors from the bottom to the top, someone is kneeling, sucking, laying, and pumping for something.

What will some do for a Klondike bar? Only God knows...only god knows.

Nicholl McGuire


Posting Photo Online Invites the Racist to Have Something to Say

As long as I was an unknown on some of the websites I visited, I could visit and no one would have anything to say. But once I created a profile and added a photo, I became a target for the occassional "n" word comment.

Since I am a writer I know that what comes with the responsibility is negative opinions from others especially when one feels offended. An ignorant racist isn't going to have an intelligent debate; instead, he is going to call you the most hurtful words he can think of.

I have had my share of rude comments not only from racists, but "pretend" Christians too better known as hypocrites. The kind that only want to hear the feel good messages, but I am to stay away from any subject matter that encourages them to change their way of thinking and/or actions. If I go there then I am questioned about my faith in God and whether I am acting Christian like.

Before I uploaded my photo, I was thought to be a sexist white male or someone other than black. (LOL) I guess many of my white readership on some sites are disappointed, right? Wrong. Instead, many keep an open mind and read my posts anyway even if they don't agree. Some of their comments remain respectful while others come real close to crossing the line.

Well enough said on that, time to think of something else that will upset someone enough to call me the "n" word.

Nicholl McGuire


Why Some Relatives & Friends Should Never Be Invited Anywhere
My intentions have always been good when I invite relatives and friends somewhere. But there is often one who no matter who is going, who will be there, they put up a fight about going. Then when they do go, you are sorry you asked them.
Read More


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Thanks for visiting.

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I'm Convinced Many Black Male Entertainers are Gay

It makes oh so much sense why many black male rappers and singers say and do the things that they do to black women -- they are gay! There I said it!

You see, when I see these men walking around showing their butt in jeans and pants that derived from actions men did in jail and I hear men call women every word they can think of without shame, yes there is definitely something wrong in their brains! Many of these artists especially those that have been in jail are indeed downlow or flat out gay men!

So what really happened in jail? That's right most won't tell, but I bet you if someone took the time to interview some of their cell mates they would tell you that some of your favorite artists are really not what they claim to be. Even better find some people from their old stomping ground and I'm sure they will have plenty to say -- that is if they are not paid off or threatened by the black male gay celebrity!

I was thinking about this topic the other day after I visited some sites on YouTube showing different black male celebrities posing in their underwear with other men, kissing each other, and doing other things that called everything I ever thought about them originally into question.

I was apalled at what I saw! Then when I came across a YouTube subscriber with a complete analysis of Michael Jackson's video Beat It, I knew for sure that what I suspected was no longer just thoughts dancing around my head, God was trying to tell me something!

You see, I have four sons and I can't allow them to be subjected by images and music that leak gay suggestions. The enemy has been at our community for a long time breaking down our families and one way he has been doing it is by illicit, freaky, downright nasty sex! And, simple, ignorant black folks don't think deeply; instead, they say, "It's just a's just a video...why you trippin'?" Might I add that's why some of our relatives are battling with all sorts of mental and physical issues because they have a "its just a..." mentality. Too lazy to dig deeper into what people are really saying or doing unless it has something to do with some money someone owes them -- our people have a long way to go!!!

Nicholl McGuire


Talking About People

Admit it, on a good day you love talking about people! Whether it is what they are wearing, saying or doing, you have an opinion. But what happens when you are around people and that's all they know how to do? You most likely find yourself going along just to get along. "Girl, did you see what she was wearing...look at him he needs to lose some weight...did you see her weave...she call herself a Christian?" You see, when you subject yourself to people like this on a regular basis, you can't help but act just like them!

Talking about people; instead of talking about ideas is common amongst many African Americans especially the old school type. They are more interested in what their neighbor looks like than what he or she is doing for the community. I thought about this when I noticed some videos about some of our popular singers and dancers. Lets face it, most of them are not Christian no matter how much they say they love God -- they love a god, its just not the one in the Bible. They do things on purpose to be talked about such as dress half-naked, shake their booty for the camera, use expletives, yell, and act like a fool and some ignorant blacks will accept this as nothing more than entertainment. What would happen if we turned our heads and gave the foolish no attention? What would happen if we would not write about certain entertainers, watch their programs, or buy their cds? What would happen?

What non-blacks looking on the outside in see are people who act stupid and therefore assume they are stupid. Think about the times when you were with some ignorant family members who drew attention to themselves by talking and laughing loudly. Remember how you felt? Do you recall what people said or did around you?

Advertisers, producers, marketers, promoters, and others in the media know that blacks react to music and gossip. They know that if they create a drama, blacks will watch. They know that if they put a beat to a commercial, blacks will stop what they are doing. They also know that many blacks are very much into their Bible; therefore, if they can create a distraction by using a booty-shaking, pretty woman (or man) to parade around in front of them they will be less likely to follow the priniciples of the Bible. Without the word, you will most likely fall for anything and you will most likely spend time talking about everything but the word.

So when you hear your brother or sister talking about people, what exactly are they saying underneath all the criticism? Do they love themselves? Are they jealous of others? Do they look at another's flaws to try to build themselves up? What kind of person are they really? Should you even be associating yourself with them? How do you feel after you have been in their presence?

On the surface gossiping seems like its fun and harmless, but in the end it only leaves one bitter, jealous and further distant from the one true God.

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire
Freelance Writer, Published Author & Poet

Why Blacks are not as Wealthy as Whites?

In Capitalist America, owning a business is the main ingredient in the recipe for creating wealth. Although the number of self-employed Black Americans doubled from 1984 to 2003, the Black American self-employment rate is less than half the national average and still lags behind Latino, Asian and White Americans.

According to the Small Business Administration, only 4.5 percent of blacks own their own business, compared with 7 percent of Latinos and 11 percent of white and Asian Americans. Black-owned businesses generate dramatically lower annual sales than firms owned by white and Asian Americans, and they are more likely to fail.

For years, University of California Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) Economist Robert Fairlie, has analyzed data to understand these disparities and along with Alicia Robb of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, has uncovered the main factors that account for the lack of black owned businesses compared to other races:

• Insufficient amounts of startup capital

• Lack of self-employed work experience

• Lack of educational attainment

"Half of all Asian Americans in the labor market have a college education or higher," said Fairlie, emphasizing the importance of education.

"Business ownership is an alternative to unemployment and discrimination in the labor market, and political influence comes with success in small business," he said. "Historically in this country, we've seen rapid growth of business ownership among immigrants, including Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Italians, Greeks, and, most recently, Koreans."

Yet business ownership rates have been stagnant among Black Americans, said Fairlie, who presented his research during a conference titled "Race, Families, and Business Success: A Comparison of African American-, Asian- and White-Owned Businesses." His presentation was sponsored by the UCSC Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office as part of its diversity lecture series.

In his analysis, Black-owned businesses average annual sales of about $60,000, compared with $167,000 for Latino-owned businesses, $219,000 for white-owned businesses, and $245,000 for Asian-owned businesses.

Only 14 percent of black-owned businesses generated annual profits of $10,000 or more, compared with 30 percent of white-owned businesses. Business failure rates during the first four years are 27 percent for black-owned businesses compared with 22.5 percent for white-owned businesses.

Sufficient startup capital, prior work experience in a family-owned business, and education emerged as the biggest differences in the success and survival of black, white and Asian-owned businesses. Having sufficient start-up capital accounted for 43 percent, self-employed work experience - 11 percent, and educational level about 6 percent of the difference in business ownership success.

Businesses launched with $100,000 or more of startup capital were twice as likely to prosper, but only 1.7 percent of black-owned businesses start out with more than $100,000, compared with 4.9 percent of white-owned firms, said Fairlie. Furthermore, only 6.5 percent of black-owned businesses start a business with more than $25,000 in capital, compared with 11.1 percent of white-owned firms and 12 percent of business owned by Asian Americans.

Why the large differences in start-up capital? Not surprisingly: Wealth! The net worth of blacks and whites accounts for the disparity in startup capital, said Fairlie. Defined as total assets, including home equity, automobiles, and savings, net worth for average Black Americans is about $6,000; Latino net worth averages $7,000; and White and Asian Americans net worth is about $70,000.

"Wealth inequality leads to these low levels of capital, which is a huge factor in determining the outcome of a business," said Fairlie, adding that, "Economists tend to focus on wage and income inequality, but there really needs to be more attention paid to wealth inequality in this country."

The alternative source for start-up capital are Bank and Government (SBA) loans. Not surprisingly, Asian Americans have been the leaders in snagging SBA business loans. Over the past ten years, Asians obtained 12.2% of the $85 billion in loans guaranteed by the SBA, while Latinos received 5.6% and Blacks 2.8%.

The USA Today also reported earlier this year how self-employed Asian Americans assist each other in business with alternative financing:

"Many Asian immigrants finance start-ups through informal loan associations. How they work: Twelve established Asian U.S. business owners will contribute $1,000 each to a fund. That $12,000 is loaned to a new immigrant entrepreneur. Loans are often interest-free, and agreements are sealed with a handshake," says Greg Fairchild, a professor at the University of Virginia. "It's a new version of what people have negatively called the good old boys' network," he says."

These types of business associations are dated back to the early 20th century in the United States when Asians were the primary foreign immigrant group. Unfortunately, there are no direct equivalents in other minority communities. Harry Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, hopes one day there will be. Asians don't form loan pools "because they love each other," he says. "They see it as a necessity for business growth. We African-Americans have a natural dependency on waiting for the government to do something."

After reflecting on their discoveries, Fairlie and Robb point out several issues for government review, including improving bank lending laws to further protect Black Americans from financial discrimination, addressing wealth inequality, and developing internships that would help narrow the gap for the lack of work experience in family-owned businesses available to Black Americans.

Create Wealth, Enjoy Life!

Written by James Bird Guess

President & Founder The Black

James "Bird" Guess graduated college with dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a prominent financial executive. But after only working a year in "Corporate America", James grew bitter of the politics and bureaucracy associated and decided to venture out on his own to become a full-time entrepreneur.

With a repossession and other unpaid debts on his credit, James had a negative net worth. Starting with only $1,000 saved from college, he single-handedly built a quarter million dollar apparel business from the trunk of his car. Shortly thereafter, his business model would transition from retailer to wholesaler of apparel, which generated $750,000 dollars in revenue.

James could now take one step closer toward financial freedom. As an entrepreneur, he has bought and sold over $1.5 million of apparel. He now uses his financial acumen to help individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors create wealth in their lives! James is now the President & Founder of BlacBird Investments LLC. &, Create Wealth! & Enjoy Life!

The Illuminati

At the heart of practically every conspiracy theory which involves the New World Order, there is the shadowy group known only as the Illuminati. Today, there is no one group that claims this title, so it is assumed that everything they do is done in secret so it is impossible to know the identity of any of the members.

However, certain international think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission are often seen as branch organizations of the group. This article will cover a brief history of the group and a few of the plans they have in store for the world's population.

In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit Adam Weishaupt created the original Illuminati organization which consisted of major freethinkers of the Enlightenment era. The group had very close ties with another secret society, namely the Freemasons. During their time they were accused of planning to overthrow the government and some believe they were even involved with bringing about the French Revolution. Their organization was deeply at odds with the Catholic Church which condemned them wholeheartedly. Their short lived group was eventually banned in 1784 when Karl Theodor, the ruler of Bavaria, made all secret societies illegal.

There are many conspiracy theorists today which believe that the Illuminati survived, most likely by hiding itself in the Freemasons. Proponents of these theories believe that major world events are being caused or exploited by this group with the end goal of creating a New World Order. This plan entails a one world, government, currency, religion, and language in many cases. These ideals will be shared with the public as a good thing and a final solution to all the wars, famine, bigotry, and other problems in the world, but the true plan involves a small ruling elite with complete control over large number of serfs.

Some of the better known proponents of these conspiracy theories include radio host Alex Jones, author David Icke, and political activist Mark Dice. While each of these persons expresses belief in the New World Order and the secret societies that are out to bring it about, they all have fundamental differences when it comes to the details. Major world figures who these theorists claim to be in the Illuminati include Winston Churchill, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, among many others. Likewise, there are many different groups accused with being affiliated with the group besides the Freemasons including Skull and Bones, The Bohemian Society, and the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Written by Reece Woodstock

The Antichrist Identity is an international group of political researchers, analysts and media group with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level. Visit to learn more.

Illuminati - Fact Or Fiction?

The concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order is nothing new. The fact that believers claim these secret elites have been around since Ancient Babylon goes to show how long people have worried about secret societies and corrupt governments. However with the rise of the internet, increase of terrorism and economic meltdown, many people are doing away with traditional political ideologies in return for the idea that all Governments are corrupt and part of the same secret order .

The basic concept is that throughout the ages 13 or more secret families have held the reigns over society by controlling the banking system, media empires, word government, sciences and health industry, as well as hording ancient information and religions. It is claimed that these elites were the inventors of modern religion as a means to close their victims minds to other possibilities, to the hidden truth.

When somebody is offered such information it's a lot to digest and a hell of a lot to prove, but this mysterious idea has taken on a new life of its own ad re-established itself as a fact based political ideology against the current left/right regime. Instead of getting in to ancient orders, and occult undertones, today's activists focus on what they can prove. Leading the way in the "info war" are the likes of Austin radio host Alex Jones that is anti-corporate media, and all out anti-establishment.

It is a fact that all the major news channels are owned by corporate interests, it is fact that most president's have more "wall street" staff than true politicians, it is a fact that major currencies are printed and issued by private banks and not the governments, and it is fact that certain interests get profits from war. Dig a little deeper and the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world just happen to have interests in all these things and are interconnected in some fashion. Some find it humorous, but it is also a fact that 25 US Presidents are related to each other and can be traced back to various royal families and aristocracy.

When you get past the more accepted "here and now" political debate of a corrupt New World Order, it takes you back to this ancient bloodline Illuminati dynasty and is extremely interesting, whether fact or fiction.

It is alleged that in Ancient Babylon the rulers at the time (who claimed they descended from Gods) sent offspring to all corners of the globe to set up the royal families and religious figures. These then controlled their given society under strict regimes and under false religion. Secret societies were then created to hide true information about the origins of man and the elites, and here citizens that would carry out the ruler's agenda were groomed and pushed in to positions of power, so any freedom fighter would never make it to the top of the power structure. They created the money system that enslaves humanity today, and have had there hands in both sides of every major war.

It's an astounding concept that has led rise to many movies, music albums, TV shows and video games. Whether fact or fiction, and interesting guide to New World Order Fiction, can be found on Alternative News website, But as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

By Andrew Cuningham

Freemasonry Secrets - Are Freemasons Part of a Sinister Cult?

Often when the topic of Freemasons comes up some people are under the impression that they are some type of religious cult. This perhaps has become a way of thinking because of the reputation they have of being a secret fraternity. Some would say they almost seem to have mysticism about them.

When confronted about their being a cult most of the Freemasons will take offense to this and feel they are being treated unjustly. So what is it that is leading some to believe that this organization is a cover-up for some evasive cult?

To begin with, they refer to the craft of masonry. Individuals are wary of the word craft. This word is used constantly to describe some types of works of art, so it would seem unfair to attach it as a label of being a cult because it is being used by an organization such as the Freemasons. It is being perceived by anti Freemasons as referring to witchcraft.

Then the next argument raised is why they perform rituals and what are they and for what purpose? The general response from those who are members give the explanation that these rituals are a way of telling a story. They are done to get a meaning across such as love and goodness overpowering evil for example. These rituals play a vital role in the Freemasonry and specific ones are only carried out by those that have attained specific degrees. Degrees in the Freemasonry are like promotion up the ranks.

Then there comes the concerns that they are a highly secretive organization. The Freemasons promote that their records are open to the public. They do however admit that their rituals are a secret meant only for the members.

So when you look at the words craft, rituals and secrecy all on their own accord they really are innocent sounding words and one would question as to why they would be linked to the thought of a cult. It's when you put all these words together as a whole entity that disturbs people because this link is often the foundation for many cults.

Another argument raised by pro Freemasons is the good they do in their community, but in many cases even, that seems somewhat secret. The ideals that they speak of and what they say their fraternity is based on would make them a quite noble organization if they are to be taken at their word.

Much of the anti Freemason arguments could quite easily be put to rest by removing some of the secrecy shrouding the Freemasonry. This could be done by way of opening up the ritual to a public audience. It would stand to reason that if these rituals were for the betterment of all humanity, then shouldn't the story they say it portrays be shared with all. If humanity were, the key issue one would think they would want to spread the word. Why should the high morals that the Freemasons stand on be restricted to their organization only.

Written by Simon L. Gray
Now, you can discover the ancient secrets of freemasonry

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Who Are the Freemasons and the Knights Templar? Secrets of Masons Exposed

The Freemasons will often boast of past historic members such as George Washington and Paul Revere just to name a few, that they were proud Freemasons. This boasting is as if because prominent men of society were members then the entire organization should be above question.

Some Freemasons will tell you in simplified terms that they are a group of closely-knit men that get together for fellowship both spiritually and intellectually. Now the real anti Freemasons view them in a much more devious light determined that they are out to take over the world.

It would seem that their beginnings are somewhat of a mystery in itself. Even the members themselves are often unclear as to the beginning, some will tell you different stories. Here are some of the explanations as to their roots that you may hear…

- they descended from the Druids of ancient times.
- they are affiliated with the Isis-Osiris cult that prevailed in ancient Egypt
- they were the Essenes, which was a group of Jewish Monks who bonded together around the 2nd century.
- then there are those that believe they go back as far as King Solomon’s temple built in Jerusalem 967BC. This is based on the Bible’s account of the temple being built by the stonemasons whose bond has carried on through the years to the now Freemasons.

This latter belief has a legend. It is said that an individual by the name of Hiram Abiff who had worked on King Solomon’s temple knew of the secret of the temple but refused to tell others. When he refused to disclose this secret, three other co-workers murdered him. It is said that King Solomon ordered his men to find Hiram’s body so the secret of the temple would be brought back. They were unable to find the body so the King established a new Masonic secret. It is believed that this secret was “Mahabone” meaning the Grand Lodge door opened. Now this is the password that those members of the third degree Masonry must use to gain entrance to the Lodge.

There have been factors to show that the Freemason have some type of connection with another group called the Knights Templar. Their history purports they armed themselves in 1118 Ad to protect Christians than were leaving Jaffa enroute to Jerusalem. As legend as it this Knights Templar discovered the most precious treasure ever know to humanity amongst the ruins of King Solomon’s temple. The Knights were now one very rich entity. King Philip IV of France in 1307 have all the Knights Templar arrested so he could take their treasure. Or so rumor has it.

No one knows for sure what happened to the Knights after this but some said they went into hiding and continued their meetings in secret. Eventually they came out of hiding with a new name reportedly to be the Freemasons. There is some speculation that this group had a hand in instigating the French Revolution as a means of revenge for what the French King did to them. This is a most intriguing story but there are other Masons who will paint a much more subtle picture concerning the rough masons of the 1700’s.

As the story goes, there were two types of mason the rough masons who did average work on ordinary stone, then the free masons who did intricate works of art on the softer stone. The Freemasons wanted to keep themselves segregated as an elite group from the rough masons so they devised a code amongst themselves using code words, handshakes and other secret forms of addressing one another.

The Freemasons have not always been a membership of all men. Actually, there were women members back in the 1700’s but they were tossed out because the men feared the women would take their attention. In addition, they didn’t think the women could keep their secrets.

Written by Simon Gray
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Spotting Black Celebrity Masons & Illuminati Connections

Do you ever question why some of the same people tend to keep getting parts in movies, keep making the New York Times bestseller lists, etc. its more than just talent!

Do you ever wonder why some of the most vocal independent thinker types in Hollywood end up being called "crazy" or worse dead ie. Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and "crazy" Dave Chapelle?

Do you ever notice symbolism and dark metaphors in movies that seem confusing or have nothing to do with the movie's plot such as the popular eye on top of the pyramid that we see on the back of the dollar bill?

Pay attention to our president's handshakes and hugs there is more to it.

Look at the way certain televangelists and local preachers will move their hands during interviews or greet their brothers or sisters on stage. Many of them do not believe everything they preach especially when money is involved.

Start looking closely at those hand signs rappers and singers throw up in front of cameras in videos and when accepting awards.

Notice patterns in everything! For example, music videos many tend to have fancy cars, alcohol, innuendos to (weed) smoking, half naked, dancing women, etc. what do you think the creators behind the madness want you to think, do?

Consider cutting off television programs and movies that make you feel weird, insecure, strange or violent. When you are nodding your head to a beat or thinking how great a vocalist's voice is (gospel, r&b, hip-hop, rock, pop) think about what it is doing to your subconscious mind and the children you know. As Michael Jackson said in one of his songs, "They don't really care about us." He started running his mouth a bit much in his latter days and some didn't like it.

Conduct your own search on You Tube: Illuminati, Black celebrity masons, Boule, Skull and Bones and you will find that even so-called followers of Jesus are also apart of this mess! You will be very, very surprise at what you will find! Prayer warriors, be discerning, open your eyes! What is in darkness will come to light. Saints remember to double up on worship, praise, and pleading the blood of Jesus Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 those are days that Satan's worshippers will be praying extra hard for some bad things to happen to believers.



African American Entrepreneurs Why Some of Us Won't Do Business With Us

Over the past 15 years I have given both my money and service on and off to both african american men and women entrepreneurs and the results are in...I understand why a black woman I once knew said, "I'm sorry but I don't do business with our people." When she told me this, I had to catch myself from acting ghetto, "What?! You are a black person you know the struggle. Why would you even put your mouth to say that! Its because of people like you know you wouldn't even be walking down the street with a white man if it wasn't for black people demanding equality! That's what's wrong with our people we don't support one another!" That was then, but this is now, I understand my sister why you said what you did.

Disappointment after disappointment, some NOT All of our people just don't have it together. I wanted to believe in these black entrepreneurs I dealt with in the past, honestly that's why I went to them in the first place. But there is always some fine print somewhere when dealing with some of these black entrepreneurs that lasks professionalism. Here's one example, "I can't pay any of my employees until next month." It was bad enough we were already getting paid once a month. Another black entrepreneur I worked for, "You m*therf*ckers better get it together or I am going to get rid of all of you," this was said to two men who the boss made his friends rather than his co-workers and he wondered why they slacked off. A childhood friend connection, "I'm sorry I forgot to send you what you asked for oh by the way don't do this...oh and don't do that..." If I would have known all the don't dos and the absentmindness before I spent far too much money, I would have never bought the product from this person in the first place! But when I dealt with the white business people they spelled everything out in advance and their prices were actually more affordable. A person who I didn't personally know makes an announcement one day on a social networking site, "I am planning a reunion event and I need everyone to send money," Uh, who are you? Do I know you? Who, what, when, where, why...that's what I was thinking when I dealt with this organizer. Then when I asked her questions she jumped out of her professional suit and became the angry black woman, "I am going to do this event and you are just jealous and blah, blah, blah!" Jealousy has nothing to do with asking you who you are, where is my money going and do I get a receipt! Here's one more situation involving an old mentor of mine, "I have been waiting for hours for you, when are you going to get my project done...I can't look bad, I am a professional." The sad part to this example I was the guilty one some years ago because I learned from the best laid back, "I don't care, take all day to do anything" type of black folks. Luckily, I matured and got mentors who dare I say it wasn't black and learned under them for a number of years only to come back to our people to get what I described previously. Needless to say, if I detect my brother or sister doesn't have their "stuff" together, I am taking my business elsewhere.


Pittsburgh African American Home Owners Bring out the Best in their Landscaping

Consider sending your neighbors a message by what you plant in your yard next season! In the book, Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street, you will see the stunning floral landscaping of two African American gardeners in a suburban neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With the city’s torrential rains and bad snow storms who would have thought flowers could survive much less be so gorgeous! Nick and Erlene McGuire have worked in their yard for over 30 years planting a variety of flowers and vegetables. When asked why do they spend so much time in their yard (from sun up sometimes to sun down,) they both respond, “Because we love being out in the yard. It is good for us.”

I have made personal contributions to their book in the form of poetry. I decided to make the wonderful flowers that they spend so much time nurturing talk. If beauty like the flowers in this book could speak, "What would they say?" I often asked myself while putting Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street together for them. The results are in this book. I use inspirational words to paint a picture of what we look like to them. I provide wisdom as if God commanded the flowers to speak. I use the flowers to remind you of your purpose in life.

Please order Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street which is in my hometown Pittsburgh at Be prepared to be inspired to plant beauty wherever you may go whether it is through landscaping work like the McGuires, writing like me, singing, dancing, acting, organizing, or even spinning – help yourself and help someone else just smile!

This book is created with quality materials, a treasure that is designed to last a lifetime definitely a product you would be proud to collect: Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street


An Angry Black Woman is a Depressed Black Woman

All this talk in black women's circles about "I am a strong woman...I don't get depressed..." Can I just tell a few of these so-called "strong women" to "Be quiet!" I have to keep myself from laughing at what some women call strength behind an attitude and an angry eyebrow raise. How does that make a black woman strong? Wow, she can tell someone off before he or she can bat an eye?! No wonder statistics are through the roof for black women in just about every health category from cancer to obesity, sisters are leading the way! I don't see any strength in some of my sisters' circles, what I see is ignorance and downright foolishness!

I decided to conduct some research on depression because I was thinking of a statement a cousin made about some of the women in my own family being "a little off." He wasn't lying, there are some that aren't wrapped too tight especially when they go off on people for the littlest of things. They have to negatively comment on everything that is being said or happening around them while following up with, "I will beat her a**. She is lucky, because if that would have been me...Oh no he didn't, I will come over there and..." Do what? Let's be real for a moment, big mouth will most likely run her mouth and if she acts like she wants to hurt someone then she might as well get ready to go to jail especially if she lives in a community that don't like her kind anyway.

I am seeing more and more women in my own family and in others die before their partners because of all their stress. They don't know how to put a cap on it or fix it. For instance, if a man hurts them emotionally or physically, these "sister girls" are taking their anger out on others never bothering to get any professional help; instead they are either holding it in or listening to Pookie and 'em. Money problems, health issues, workplace drama are all put on the backburner and complained about until they get into so much trouble that someone escorts them outdoors. "It's obvious Ms. Johnson you are not willing to listen to me and make changes, there is nothing more we can do. Goodbye."

It's unfortunate but the writing was on the wall prior to the deaths of those women in my family. Early signs of stress and depression started their mental and physical collapse. It turns out that they weren't "every woman" like Chaka Khan bragged about in her song after all.

You may have the same drama happening with the women in your own family and if so, feel free to conduct some research on any health concern affecting you or they like I did, here are two places to start:

Menopause and Perimenopause


Written by Nicholl McGuire
Author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate
and When Mothers Cry


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

You may have heard a story about domestic violence, been a victim yourself or just don't understand why women stay, whatever your reason for being interested in Domestic Violence Awareness, you are at least making an attempt to educate yourself and possibly help someone else and that's all anyone who once was a victim and those who are now deceased would want, but for those people who want to do more, the following are tips to help you get started.

First, conduct research about domestic violence. You should be able to answer some of the why, how, when, what, and who questions related to the subject. Also, read about others' plights. Even though many of the stories have similar patterns, there is always something new in each that may stimulate thoughts of " I never knew that."

Second, be sure that you are sincerely empathetic and not judgmental about those who have been in violent relationships. You will know if you have resolved your own issues about women who stay, by how you react when listening to their stories. If you find that you are pushing down negative feelings and trying hard to refrain from making harsh comments, then it would be best that you don't attend any events or visit places where people are sharing their traumatic ordeals until you can get a command over your own feelings. The last thing that any victim or survivor wants is another person telling them "how stupid" he or she is for staying.

Third, conduct research in your community of existing events about domestic violence awareness. Are there any groups hosting a vigil for the deceased? What about workshops and seminars? Are there any advertisements, public service announcements, fliers, or some other literature readily available and widely seen in your neighborhood to call attention to the problem.

Fourth, find out from local police how they respond to domestic violence calls and what you should do if you hear or witness someone being abused.

Fifth, create a list of ways you may be able to let people know about domestic violence. You may want to distribute information and trinkets with a hotline number and/or create a fund-raiser and give the proceeds to a local women's shelter. Take out ad space in your local newspaper. If you are affiliated with a church, find out how leadership handles domestic violence cases and offer to speak about the issue. You can also work with schools and local colleges to appear as a guest speaker.

Sixth, pen your experience in a form of a book or record your story on audio. Let people know how you overcame your own situation. Then offer your book or audio to individuals or organizations who might be interested in your subject matter. A local theater may be interested in performing your life story in play form.

Lastly, be a good listener. Know what to say and how to say it when someone shares details of their life. Be ready to provide advice. You can obtain information from any women's shelter or simply type in "domestic violence" along with your state's name in your search engine window. A list of organizations are already established with free information to help you.

Nicholl McGuire, Author
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Watch the video about Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate


African Americans Have Taste in Movies -- Believe it or not!

So I am in the shower the other day, you know sometimes that is where your best thoughts come to your mind. Sometimes I am thinking so fast I will still have soap on my body, fighting with the shower curtains, and standing naked with a pen in my hand at the sink trying to write a thought. (Yes, I know what you are thinking I use to bring a pen and paper into the bathroom with me, well that's when I had large counter space, now I have to memorize my thoughts while showering, but I digress.) Anyway, I was thinking that it's time for me to step out of the black cinema for a time and check out other movies. For a long time prior to getting my hands on black film, I was often watching films without any person of color being in them (not even an interracial character.) Then it suddenly dawned on me that day in the shower I have been watching black cinema for years and eventually faded out everyone else. Well, neither extreme is good and so I was thinking in the shower that day, I need to be more balanced. So when I start back to watching television again I will. Too busy with other things in life right now. But the following writer, in this blog entry, has made plenty of time for some great movies whether black, white or otherwise, take a look at her list:

The Top 50 Inspirational Movies
By Wadzanai Nenzou

This is my list of the movies that inspire me the most. I am a movieholic and hope you guys find inspiration from this list. Enjoy the show

1. PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS- A rages to riches story about a man who goes for his dreams and wont let his circumstances get in the way

2. Remember The Titans- In the 1970S a black and white high school are closed down and blacks and whites are mixed together. Through all the racial tension a black coach is chosen to head the newly segregated football team

3. FOREST GUMP- The story of a man with a low IQ who rose above his challenges, and proved that determination, courage, and love are more important than intellectual ability

4. THE COLOR PURPLE-Its based on the life and trials and tribulations of an African American woman in the early 1900's

5. RUDY: A big football fan who always had the dream to play for the Notre Dame football team. He is told he is too small for the game but he perseveres

6. ALI-Based on the true story of great boxing champion Muhammad Ali

7. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL-It's the story of a funny and carefree Jewish man who uses his comic talent to protect his son from the realities of Nazi occupation

8. BRAVEHEART-Story of William Wallace a peasant who unites the 13th Century Scottish in their battle to overthrow the English rule

9. ERIN BROKONVICH- About an unemployed single mother who becomes a legal assistant and almost on her own brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city's water supply

10. THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION- Two men in prison bond over a number of years, they find eventual redemption through acts of decency

11. REDEMPTION: The Stan Tookie Williams Story- About the founder of the street gang the crepes and how in prison he found redemption. On death row he is able to find redemption

12. THE HURRICANE- The story of a talented boxer who is wrongly convicted of murder and his fight for his innocence

13. Billy Elliot- A young boy decides to become a ballet dancer and he gets some resistance from his family. He faces many trials as well triumphs as he perseveres to change his family's narrow minded set ways, inner conflict, and standing on his own feet

14. A BEAUTIFUL MIND-A bio of the rise of John Forbes Nash Jr., a math genius able to solve problems that baffled the greatest of minds. And how he was able to overcame years of suffering from schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize in 1994

15. GANDHI-True story about Mohandas Gandhi a prominent Indian leader

16. Chariots Of Fire-About athletes who compete in the Summer Olympics about their perseverance and triumph.

17. PHILADELPHIA- Is a movie dealing with HIV/AIDS and homosexuality and it highlights the homophobic and stigma of the two

18. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES- Its a recollection movie where an older lady recalls the story of two women their trials and tribulations and lifelong friendship

19. RAIN MAN- About a selfish man who finds out his father left his millions of dollars to an older brother he didn't even know existed

20. THE NOTEBOOK- A beautiful love story which lasts decades

21. TITANIC- Is a movie set on the ill fated Titanic ship and its about a love story that develops on the ship

22. SEA BISCUIT- True story of the undersized Depression-era racehorse whose victories lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their nation

23. RAY-True life story of Ray Charles and his amazing story of overcoming the impossible

24. PAY IT FORWARD- About the miraculous story of how a young boy changes the lives of many people through the simple act of good deeds

25. THE BUCKET LIST- About two old timers who decide to do all the things they have always wanted to do before they die of their terminal illnesses

26. MILK- About the life of Harvey Milk the first openly gay man elected to public office in America in the 70s. It is about his impact on the gay rights movement. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

27. Coach Carter- A basketball coach at a high school works hard to change the bad attitudes of his students.
28. RADIO- About a shy mentally challenged man who inspires a community

29. FREEDOM WRITERS- About a teacher who teachers rough inner city kids who fights to make a difference in the students lives and set them on a better path

30. NORMA REA- About a mill worker in a southern textile company who stands up for the better working conditions of her workers and herself.

31. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK- Based on the life of Anne Frank who hides from the NAZI during the invasion
32. GLORY : The story of the first company of black soldiers in the American civil war

33. LIFE SUPPORT- the story of a mother with AIDS who overcomes crack addiction becomes an AIDS activist in her community

34. BABE- A pig which is raised by sheep dogs learns how to herd sheep

35. WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT- The amazing life story of the great entertainer Tina Turner and the amazing obstacles that she overcame

36. HOTEL RWANDA- The true life story of a man who sheltered thousands of Rwandans during the Rwandan genocide from danger and death

37. G1 JANE- Is about the first woman in allowed in the navy seals and huge obstacles in her way

38. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD- Based in racially torn 1939 Alabama and its about the hearing of a black man accused of raping a white woman

39. GLORY ROAD- Is based on the true story of the first all black basketball line-up for the 1966 NCAA national basketball championship title

40. SARAFINA- About the Soweto youth riots against apartheid in South Africa

41. AMISTAD- Is about an 1839 mutiny of slaves on a slave ship

42. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE- The story of a slum kid who grows up and plays the Indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire

43. AMERICAN HISTORY X- A reformed Neo-Nazi comes out of prison and tries to stop his younger brother going the same path he did

44. THE PIANIST- A pianist tries to survive the Nazi invasion

45. SCHINDLERS LIST- Based on the true story of the business man Oscar Schindler who saves thousands of Jews from the Nazi machine during world war 2

46. BOYS DON'T CRY- A story about the courage to be who you truly are in the midst of horrible opposition

47. CHOCOLAT- About a mother and daughter who move into a conservative narrow minded French town in 1960 and shake things up

48. MALCOLM X- The true life story of Malcolm X an influential black human rights activist

49. OLIVER TWIST- Based on Charles Dickens movie about a young orphan boy and the troubles he finds as he tries to survive in a harsh world

50. THE JESSE OWENS STORY- The true story about Jesse Owens the African American athlete who proved Hitler wrong about the Aryan physical superiority
I love these movies. If you have not seen some of them check them out you have nothing to lose. To your life!

Wadzanai Nenzou Is An Internet Marketer Who Has Worked In The Finance Industry For A Number Of Years. She Is Addicted To The Topic Of Inspiration And Personal Development. For More Inspiration Go To Her Inspirational Quotes Website


Stress Management - High Blood Pressure and the African American Woman

I am an African-American woman who was born and raised in the south. My family, like many other southern families, idea of having a good meal is eating smothered pork chops, home made mashed potatoes with gravy, collard greens with ham hock and jiffy cornbread with butter on top. In the south, we love to eat the hog and all of its parts. Southerners are known for eating chitlings, pork ribs, chopped barbecue, ham sandwiches, pork sausage, and bacon.

Everything Good To You Is Not Good For You
My mother cooked and fed her children pork because her parents cooked and fed their family pork. My mother died from too much stress on her heart, as did her mother. They both had high blood pressure and they both died young. I am forty years of age and I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Do you see the pattern? Is this a pattern in your family as well?

Eat Healthy
The way that you can manage the stress that is being placed on your heart is by preventing it before it happens. When you eat fried foods and pork products you run the risk of clogging up the walls of your arteries. If your arteries are clogged with build up from grease then you are putting stress on your heart because your heart has to pump extra hard to get the blood to your vital organs. Managing stress starts with your diet by limiting the amount of pork, salt and fried foods that you intake and increasing the amount of fruits,vegetables, whole grains and fiber that you eat. Before you change your diet, you should consult with your doctor. There are also many books out there about healthy eating as it relates to African-American women.

You can also reduce the amount of stress you place on your heart by exercising. Your heart is a muscle that is connected to valves which are connected to your arteries. When your heart is pumping blood it moves the valves and when you are inactive there is not enough blood flowing to keep your valves working properly. Walking for about 30 minutes a day is a great exercise for strengthening your heart and keeping your blood flowing properly. You should consult with your doctor before you start a new exercise regime.

Statics show that African American women have a high risk of being diagnosed with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a disease that can be passed on from family to family but you can also have high blood pressure because of controllable variables such as being over weight, inactivity and having poor eating habits. High blood pressure is a silent killer and can lead to strokes and heart attacks. If you have not done so already, get you blood pressure checked and work on controlling the amount of stress that you place on your heart.

Antionette Tate enjoys helping people to discover their inner peace and joy. She invites you to visit her blog "Inner Peace and Joy: Tips to Help You Maintain Inner Peace and Joy Daily" or email

The Best African American Dating Sites Are Not Very Hard to Find

Nowadays, there are a lot of African American dating sites available for African American single men and women all over the world that it's becoming a whole lot easier and convenient for the entire community. In fact, one of the most popular sites that is constantly growing in number with regards to its memberships is Cupid Online Dating's African American dating service. It has become so popular and well-liked by the African American community that it has experienced much active participation from its members. It is not only easy to use, but safe, fun, and secure that you can instantly find your match in just a click of a button.
But before signing up for a particular membership, here are some important reminders to take note of before joining a particular dating website:

The first thing you should take note of is how the website is done. Check if it is really organized, well-designed, and monitored actively by the administrators. If the website you've landed on has too many pornographic ads for example, it's best you leave that site and look for better ones online.

Next, check if the website requires you to pay for a membership. Though some websites do this for funding and maintenance, you have to consider the price of the membership and the payment method as well.

See if the personal profiles are personally done by real people and not by posers who only want to expand their dating service with numerous personal ads and profiles. See if the profiles contain unreadable characters or the info doesn't make sense. 

African American Girl Doll - The Sweetness of Addy Walker

If you date yourself back less than 25 years ago, the idea of having an African American Barbie or any other ethnic style doll was unheard of. Every doll had long, flowing blonde hair and blue eyes and little girls of a different ethnic race was just made to accept that fact. Luckily, times have changed and there is a doll for every race, color and creeds, making a little girl's dream come true. Enter Addy Walker, the adorable African American Girl doll from The Pleasant Company. This company has a different doll from all different time periods and all different places from the United States. Addy Walker is just as cute as can be, but her looks are not the only thing great about this doll. Her story is one of bravery and courage in the times of slavery and bigotry, making it a lesson for all to learn.

Addy Walker's story begins as she escapes the peril of slavery with her mother and they begin the long journey of searching for her father and brother who have been sold to another slave master. To make matters even more frightening, Addy and her mother are forced to leave her baby sister behind because the risk of getting caught because of her cries are too big to take. Never fear, even though there are definite lessons to be learned from any story in the American Girl collection, all have a happy ending and Addy is reunited with her family. This gorgeous doll comes with a large variety of true-to-period clothing as well as furniture pieces that are very realistic.

There are two ways that you can purchase these dolls. There are three different American Girl stores located in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. These stores should not be missed. It is every little girl's fantasy with dolls, doll clothes, furniture, a show and a café, complete with a booster seat and place setting designed for your special American Girl Doll friend. You can also order your doll through the American Girl Doll catalog as well as online. If you are not near an American Girl Doll store, give your daughter or that special little girl in your life a catalog and a pen, and have her circle some of the things that really capture her eye. This will give you great ideas for birthdays, Christmas or any other upcoming special celebration. When your little girl opens the beautifully wrapped package of her sweet African American Girl doll, you will be introducing your daughter to a doll with a story which will give her a sense of self confidence and bravery that she may not even know she had.
By Matt Murren


Ever Wonder About African American Celebrity Children?

You see them in the news usually without their children, a thought may cross your mind where is her son, his daughter -- we are talking about African American celebrity children to be more exact. How are celebrities really impacting their children since they are often away from them?
I performed a little research and here is a site I found. Enjoy...

According to the website, Black Celebrity Kids also known as BCK was founded in November 2007. has a blog feel to it when you visit the site. They describe themselves as a "one stop portal" that provides information and pictures on black celebrity kids, babies and their parents.


No Black Models Allowed - The Intimidating Beauty of African-American Women

After reading the latest headlines of fashion designers choosing not to utilize Women of Color in their fashion shows and on their runways, it is a bit paradoxical for me. You see....on the one hand, when the African-American Actresses walk the red carpet in these same designs, I've never once read that a fashion designer had a problem with a Woman of Color at that particular time. And why would they?

These designers are receiving all sorts of free advertising and press coverage. The designers and all whom are representatives of these designers, receive funds from these African-American actresses without even thinking about it. But oh I forget, money is green isn't it? And the color of the person's hand whose purchasing these designer clothing isn't an issue. Now on the other hand, these same designers are using spray tans to make the white models appear darker, they're using lip tricks and plumpers to make their lips larger, and they are using hair extensions for the "textured look." it me or are these designers attempting to create an illusion of a Black Woman on their runways? I mean...."What The Hell People!" The bronzed skin, nice full lips, and hair extensions are beautiful character traits and features of Women of Color. When it's time to walk the runway, all sorts of thought is put into the justification of why Black Models aren't being utilized. So the question is: "Can The Fashion Industry Really Continue To Thrive and Survive If African-American Spending Power Came To A Complete Halt? Note to designers: Why not place a tag in your clothing so that African-Americans can steer clear of your particular designs that states the following: "This Collection Is Not Designed For African-Americans. I Do Not Utilize Black Models In My Fashion Shows Because They Are Just Too Darn Beautiful To Look Ridiculous!"

Moving forward...The spending power of African-Americans in this country alone has topped between $631 billion and $688 billion according to Black And according to a new study conducted by - the buying power of African-Americans is expected to reach at least $1.1 trillion by the year 2012. So...whose really keeping these fashion designers in business? In any other industry, racist behavior is not tolerated at all. It does happen, but there are repercussions and consequences to such behavior. So why is racism so dominant and accepted in the fashion industry?

There aren't any justifications for this; it has just gone on for so long - people think that it is a prerequisite to becoming a Model. It is a negative, demeaning, and ignorant belief of those who live with fear that something is going to be taken from them. What other reason could there be that allows Black Models to be subjected to blatant rudeness and negativity, all at the mercy of individuals whom possess simple minds. And a simple-minded person clearly isn't qualified to place judgement. "When a Black Model walks the runway she undoubtedly commands attention, she dominates the runway, and she compliments the designs which then brings them to life." Black Women are blessed with natural curvaceousness which is a bit intimidating in some environments. And yes...negative remarks are made about an African-American Woman's attractive figure, but the last time I checked...butt and hip implants from non-black women was at an all time high!

Fashion designers..."When you exclude a race of people from your fashion shows because of your ignorance of what you think and view as beautiful...and indeed you have that right as they are your designs...don't expect Women of Color to purchase your clothing. When you don't employ Women of Color to walk your a have just loudly shouted to them as well as to the world...that "Black Women Aren't Beautiful Enough." This type of behavior results in feelings of inadequacy and inferiority among the few Black Models that are in existence; which also spills over into their personal lives resulting in low self-esteem and shattered confidence. No one in this world -including fashion designers- is qualified to cast judgment.

The fashion industry wants to make this particular statement true: "If She's White Put Her In The Spotlight...If She's Black Put Her In The Back." Black Women purchase the high-fashion magazines whose editors have been reported as saying "Black Faces On The Cover of Magazines Just Doesn't Sell!" Black Women attend the fashion shows and also wear the designer's clothing where Black Models are non-existent on the runway. Black Women all over the world easily carries the latest Louis Vuitton Bags, the latest Prada Bags, the latest Gucci Bags; and can buy whatever they desire. After reading a particular internet news report, Prada did not employ at least one Black Model in its show this year. Black Women spends thousands of dollars on the same designers clothing whom never utilize Black Models. Now we know! Action must be taken to exclude the Black Dollars from ending up in the fashion designers pockets who do not utilize Black Models on their runways. Action must also be taken to put a halt to the spending power of Black Women who purchase the fashion magazines where editors claim Black Faces doesn't sell. I buy all of the high fashion magazines each month depending on whose on the cover - didn't matter whether it was a black model or a white model. I am a cultural fan of all races as my family is diverse, mixed raced, and very colorful people; however, since this new information has surfaced my purchasing of said magazines are no more. I refuse to spend money on magazines without any Black Models on the covers, photographers who don't shoot Black Models, and to see the advertisements of the fashion designer's clothing whom did not employ Black Models on their runways. This isn't a racist decision, but rather one of common sense. If the magazines exclude Women of Color (of which I am) on their covers, as well as informative write-ups and articles relating to Women of Color; who would I identify with?

The truth is this: "Black Women are very exotic, sensual, beautiful and sexy; which results in feelings of intimidation from those who are responsible for a Black Model's success in the industry. The fashion industry thrives on purposely smashing Black Models self-esteem and confidence as a way of feeling powerful, which is really a feeling of ignorant false self-confidence. Note to Fashion Designers: "Stop and think for a second. While you are so busy keeping your runways white, be clear about your objectives and preferences; and stop spray tanning your non-black models brown, adding texture to their hair with hair extensions, and plumping up their lips. All this non-sense can be avoided if you utilize those who are already gorgeous and brown!"

Dr. Monica Burns-Capers, Ph.D Is An Expert Author, Freelance Writer, Consultant, College Professor of Organizational Management, and President-CEO of Monica Mi'Chelle Communications: A Professional Writing and Self-Development Firm.

African Americans, Unemployment, And the US Economy

I had initially planned to write about my recent accomplishments with a landscaping project in our backyard however I ran across an article featured in the AFRO newspaper that caught my attention. I couldn't help but bring attention to the June Labor statistic regarding African Americans. Alan King, Staff Writer for the AFRO mentions in his article "African Americans lead in unemployment-June Labor Stats Show Little Change In Unemployment." The overall unemployment statistical picture showed the number of unemployed persons in the U.S. at 14 .7 million. " African Americans led the list at 14.7 percent, Hispanics followed at 12.2 and Caucasians at 8.7. Believe me, statistics and scarcity has away of bringing you to your knees.

They say you have to tread lightly when reading and deciphering statistics because they can paint a skewed picture. However, the present economic photograph has many flaws. America in all its grandeur and color is faced with dramatic present and future uncertainty. I am proud to shed light upon a culture and economic class (African Americans) who leads the number of workers unemployed here in the U.S. African Americans have wavered the storm in past histories and will do so again. However, they like all other Americans will have to implement ways in which to improvise. Quite frankly, creating a niche for yourself has much to do about your longevity in the economic marketplace whether it's getting a new job or starting your own business enterprise.

Just recently, I experienced firsthand how difficult it was to get a job. I applied for numerous jobs in which I know I was over qualified and jobs with less pay. I received pleasant, polite, and politically correct responses "stating how rigorous it was to find the most qualified applicant.". I failed to take a look at all the different reasons why I wasn't hired. I think you do have to consider the overall unemployment picture while building on your personal and professional skill set!

So, let us all consider how we will make the necessary changes to stay afloat. What belt tightening will you have to implement. Consider tackling two birds with one stone i.e. finding gardening space to grow your own vegetable garden giving back to the environment while improving your overall physical health. As an African American, I can give testimony to the synergistic energy behind storytelling which I have recently found beneficial. I must share with you that initially my objective were to bring attention to the misery and uncertainty in the African American community whom have been affected by job loss and unemployment way before the recession of 2007.

Unemployment is debilitating , individually painful, and has a way of tearing down all families and communities both locally and globally. It's a natural component of the U.S. economic system and will never completely go away. Do not for a moment conjure in your mind that I'm downing America . Our country (America) continues to possess abundancy, human potential , and opportunities unlike many of our global partners. Now's the time to secure more knowledge, seek your passion, and set realistic goals!

I hope this article will personally help each of us to take action reflecting on our strengths and innate gifts as we meet the growing economic uncertainty facing our nation.

Curt Canada MSW provides Personal Development Coaching and Advisement at Finding Your Zenith in Washington D.C. He holds a Masters in Social Work from The University of Iowa and a Masters in Teacher Education from the American University. Postgraduate Certification from The Institute for Motivational Living and The Institute for Life Coach Training.

Light Skin and Dark Skin Sistas Have Issues

I feel my sisters with a different hue than mine when they say they don’t like the media favoring women that look like Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks and others who look like them. I can hear someone saying, “What do you mean you can feel me with your light skin &$#@!" Let me be clear about my point, what I mean by my statement is on my side of the issue I have some opinions too about this issue of light and dark skin so yes I can feel a sista because when the lights go out -- we all are black, okay?! Here's my issue, now that some have took "a chill pill" (remember that old 90s phrase LOL!) Anyway, I am tired of some darker skin brothas trying to date lighter skin sistas primarily because of what we look like (as if there is some benefit to being with us.) I guess some brothas are interested in pretty babies like some darker skin women targeting that light skin pretty eyed black boy (I remember alot of that back in high school) they want the kind of babies (if the genes are strong enough) that have a lighter skin tone, hair texture, eye color, etc. (I suspect that some family members did that on purpose, but I am not naming no names and I am not stating who told me either!)

The truth is I am no better than my darker skin sistas, the media may depict my skin tone and others lighter than mine as better, but the truth is I bleed red just like everyone else! I find it insulting when a darker hue will comment in conversation about that “high yella...light skinned…red bone” woman, man, or child and think that what they are saying is somehow okay. Well it’s not and if I were to refer to my mother and other relatives who are darker shades than I in that way they would be insulted and guaranteed they would accuse me of being conceited or thinking I was better.

The issue of dark and light skin is only fueled even more when we allow our own people and non-black people to make a difference in us. Stop sitting there acting like you don’t hear the negative light skin and dark skin comments. Politely tell the person how you feel and why it does more harm than good to speak that way. Stand up for yourself and love the skin you are in!

Commentary by Nicholl McGuire


Why are Black People Nervous About Socializing with One Another in Predominately White Environments?

Someone answer this question intelligently please! Why are some blacks afraid to converse with one another when working in predominately white environments?

I have noticed blacks act fearful of talking with one another if it is more than a simple greeting or a "I'm going to lunch..." I didn't really give this any thought until someone told me that she didn't want to let her white boss know that she communicates with her fellow black co-worker. When I asked why, she said that she didn't want him to know because he might think something was up. What? You mean we are still living in slavery even at work! I thought we were like George Jefferson "moving on up"! So conversations between fellow black co-workers are to be kept on the down low for fear that master might beat us, right? In modern times that would be translated to a firing. I can hear it now white people with nothing better to do gathering around a table meeting about those blacks talking too long by the watercooler need to be terminated. LOL!!! Tell me it isn't so Joe!

I know where this mentality comes from old ignorant black folks. Someone told some of these young blacks to not speak to one another in front of the white man or you would be giving him a reason not to like you. Don't make "masta" I mean him (or her)feel threatened or suspect that you are up to no good scheming with your black co-worker. I don't know about you, but I will talk to whomever I want. Period. Now if some of you black folks work in an environment that you fear talking to a fellow black might cost you your job then so be it. But that is sad!

Honestly, we must question why we treat one another the way we do and where it comes from. Just because grandma and grandad had that kind of life doesn't mean that we have to keep it going. Say something to a brotha or sista the next time you pass him or her, you will feel good that you did!

Written by Nicholl McGuire


Shake Off Your Ugliness Toward Non-black People

Oprah got it right even though blacks criticized her for not representing them early on in her career. Obama got it right even though blacks weren't initially sold on him and even went so far as to call him an Uncle Tom. Even Michael Jackson got it right when he reached across color lines with his music. So why haven't many of the average black people walking down the street got it right? Why do some smile in the non-black's face then go home and call him or her everything but his or her name? Racist black people got it wrong!

I sat back and listened to some family members rant and rave about non-black people and how "they always doing this...they always doing that..." Of course they name called, mocked, criticized, etc. But when it came down to the almighty dollar, they had their hand out. They knew how to "shuck and jive" to get it. Sometimes I wonder if some blacks can even see through their prejudices. Blacks can be prejudice and if they are in power, many can be racists.  Passing over certain ethnicities for other ones, it isn't equal employment opportunity at some establishments.  I see the eye rolls, the attitudes, and other negativity when a non-black walks into a room of black people. It's reverse racism at work!

We need non-blacks just as much as we need one another. Some of us know from personal experience that oftentimes our own people won't support us, but other races will! I can't tell you how many times I reached out to my own race only to be ignored or told, "I don't have the money." At least I know that when I ask for support from other people irregardless of their race, they will show some love! That is why I say Oprah and Obama got it right. We can criticize them all we want, but the reality is that they know how to work all races of people. They know how to genuinely smile not fake it. They know how to find the balance between keeping it real and keeping it REAL! I notice that ignorant blacks who haven't ever gone outside of their small, run-down communities don't understand the thought of embracing a non-black. They don't know the power of befriending someone who doesn't look like me or you. They just don't get it and because they don't get it they will hate on their sister or brother! "Look at her trying to act white...Look at him walking with that white woman." What the critic doesn't know is that the white, red, yellow, or brown man or woman is putting butter on that man or woman's bread, but what about you or me what are we doing? That's right...nothing, but running our mouths!

Let's go beyond black and shake hands with a network of people that will help us get somewhere in life! With God's leading, all things are possible to them that love him! Be blessed...

Written by Nicholl McGuire

Hair Loss in African American Women - Hair Growth Tips For Black Women to Prevent Baldness!

Hair loss in African American women is quite a common problem. There are various reasons for this issue. One of the causes is the poor diet and wrong food. The others include some illness, medication, emotional stress, thyroid disease, etc. Women often search for measures to get rid of this problem.

Here are some ways to prevent hair loss in African American women:
· Use Natural Oils: Try some natural herbs and oils. It promotes the hair growth for black women. You may use the coconut oil or the oils that contain Vitamin E to massage into the scalp every day.

· Proper Diet: You must include the healthy fatty acids (Omega 3 & omega 6) in your diet. You must also start drinking the protein shakes and increase your daily water intake as well. Take as much green vegetables as possible. They would help you get the vitamin B.

· Certain Useful Tips: Do not put on wigs, baseball caps and weaves daily and let the scalp breathe. You may use glue for the hair weaves. Use the wide toothed comb in case you have curly hair.

· Hair Care: Avoid the hair styling techniques which pull them tight. Twisting and pulling may lead to hair loss. Use the products that are non greasy. You must also avoid the chemical products, as they damage the roots of your hair. In stead, you should use natural & organic products. The best choice in this regard would be Smart.

· Good Lifestyle: Try to make some changes in your lifestyle. Do not take too much stress as it is one of the main reasons for baldness.

· Consult Dermatologist: Consult your dermatologist in order to get the right idea about the cause of your baldness.

By Martha Wilson

African American Scholarships - Scholarships For Minorities!

Are you a high school junior, senior, in college, or considering going to graduate school? Did you know that if you are an African American, then there are many different scholarship that you can apply for? The best part about African American scholarships is that since they are a minority scholarship there is less competition for the actual money. Here are some ways you can go about finding the scholarships you might qualify for.

First, you can start by talking to the universities and colleges you are considering attending. They usually have a list of scholarships that they offer and that are offered from alumni, organizations, and companies that they are associated with. This is a great place to start as they often have some leads for scholarships that would have been very difficult to find anywhere else.

Second, you can also try to find African American scholarships by looking up different organizations that protect the rights of African Americans or are specifically for African Americans. These are all over the place and they range from large to small. Most of these organizations will either have some sort of scholarship fund that you can apply for or they can point you in the right direction to finding these types of African American scholarships.

Last, you can also search for scholarships right online. This is usually free to do and the best part is most of the searches will list the different qualifications and they will help you apply to get the scholarship. This is a great way to cut your college tuition down or even pay for it in full. Make sure you apply for each and every scholarship you can find and when you search online go through all the ones you might qualify for.

By Professor John David

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