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Homosexual Agenda Alive & Well

I happened to hear dialogue from the television between two brothas and I glanced at the screen to see that the channel was on BET (a station that I avoid whenever I can.) However, what enticed me about the conversation was the pace, tone, and rhythm I heard in the men's voices. It was almost comical. They were talking in a so-called jive. Too funny! Anyway, I later learned the movie was an autobiography of Little Richard, a world renown musician also known as the "architect" in Rock 'n Roll. The time period the acting in was late 1950s.

Now what was so interesting about the timing of this moment is I just so happen to watch some of this movie after researching about the homosexual agenda in America. The writing was definitely on the wall in this movie and the timing at which it aired, I had to call these things into question. Considering that it isn't black history month, Christmas is nearing (a holy holiday,) and this man is obviously up in age -- why now?! Typical of the homosexual agenda to draw attention on one's self and definitely not on God. From the pink Little Richard wore to the flamboyant way he moved his hands, he was definitely letting the world know who he was back in the 50s and still to this day. They even showed a bit where Little Richard was trying to get his life back by going to church (I guess that makes everything alright) only to get on stage and lose his robe (ie. lose his religion.) May I digress for a moment, but it is so easy to lose one's religion when you are going to church for self and others and not for the one true God. Anyway...

Maybe there was no agenda as far back as the 1950s for homosexuals given the way the men reacted to Little Richard in the movie, but there is definitely an agenda nowadays. It is one that is attempting to get spiritual black people (or those who call themselves Christians) to conform to an atheist and/or agnostic society -- a modern day Sodom and Gommorah. We should have seen this coming, how many times will someone who doesn't believe in God listen to someone who does? The devil is getting tired of being offended by God's people so now its time to get his minions to work overtime to pay believers back especially during the holiday season when he knows that we will be out and about talking and displaying God stuff!

Liberal blacks, hypocritical blacks, spiritual blacks, Christian blacks, ignorant blacks, and blacks who serve grandmama's god are falling for this mess! We entertain ourselves with abused cross dressing actors who have a disturbing view of what being a believer in Christ really means. We bob our heads to music that subliminally enters our minds and tells us to "love Satan, follow Lucifer, there is no God."

We are a confused people especially when we attend churches saying our, "God bless you...I'm blessed...pray for me..." What is wrong with us? Why are the movers and shakers in our community so ignorant to the devices of the enemy? When you call one's attention to foolishness, you know what people say, "Huh...what? Get outta crazy...that's my man I love that song...that's my girl turn it up!...what he in a new movie I got to go check it out!" Then they go about the day like you ain't said a word!

There is a new order also known as a New World Order coming to a local government near you! Radio stations, newspapers, churches, colleges, public schools, businesses, civic groups even some of your old highschool friends are all a part of a new system that doesn't include God.

For decades, those at the top, have been planning and now many of their plans are being executed, thanks to a puppet that we all voted into office. He is easy on the eyes isn't he? He has smooth speech, doesn't he? He can wear those suits and stride a "fierce" walk, can't he? Like Oprah, he too believes, "there are all paths to God..." He is also working for some very powerful people as well. I saw a tabloid that accused him of being gay. Now why would they say that about our leader? Because he has been saying and doing some things from the time he took office that makes people question his belief system and sexual preference. Within the first 100 days of office he took care of the homosexuals and put a bill in place to protect them from abuse, but there was more to that bill then meets the eye particularly when he told anyone who was listening that the homosexual relationship would be recognized just like everyone else's.

We all are well aware of abuse of all kinds in our community and homosexuals are no exception, but just as those who choose to sleep with the same sex don't want someone coming into their bedroom with a Bible in hand, I don't want anyone coming into my bedroom telling me its okay to sleep with the same sex and that I should support their twisted ideologies. But that is exactly what they are doing when they glorify gay entertainers, writers, producers, etc. and give people who love the same sex certain privileges that they won't give others.

Just like the news media makes us become desensitised to murders by constantly bombarding us with them, so too are they working on us with the latest news in the gay community. Do you feel your beliefs are being tampered with after watching a commentator, talk show, or some other program on the subject of homosexuality? You feel "sorry" for the person who contracted AIDS from sleeping with his gay lover, don't you? You think it's okay your gay friend leads the choir and has partners in the church? It's alright to hang out in gay clubs, right? You go out of your way to befriend the gay guy or gay woman at work, don't you? You join in on coversation about gay subjects and suppress your views, correct? You are accepting of your gay relative's lifestyle and even invite them over for some conversation and chicken, don't you? Okay, well maybe not you, but someone you know does and if you ever attended a secular college, you know you were conditioned to be more open minded than the homosexual!

Do you find that liberal thinkers are telling you "to accept..." whatever moves and whatever is being said? You see, if you stand up for your beliefs, you will be deemed by others as being a homophobe. That's what I have been called. If you say, "I don't like that person because..." Then you are accused of being close-minded. That's why some of my old friends don't talk to me. You may say you don't care what people say, but the truth is that if money is involved, how many of us will sell out? I guess I will just stay broke. How many of us will use our talents to join with others to promote an agenda that the believer knows "ain't right!" We see evidence daily of those who have sold out.

Our favorite entertainers are promoting messages in every medium that are bigger then their ignorant minds can handle. Slavery still exists, its just more sophisticated nowadays. The auction block is now the stage, my friends. "How much you gonna pay to see your favorite singer, rapper, or actor do his or her thang?" so the conscious thinker asks. What will you do? Save that money and go see that play, movie, concert, or buy the DVD or CD. We all have been guilty, but when our eyes have been open to wrong doing, bad messages and the like, we are responsible for the knowledge that we receive.

We may have noticed in the entertainment industry that if an entertainer steps out of line and doesn't do as master wishes, instead of master beating him with a whip, he beats he or she over the head with fame and fortune so much that they look and act crazy! "You know your fans love this for the fans...I will give you more money if you...I will give you another house just do...I will buy you another car if you would..." You feel me? Out in the open or behind closed doors from the bottom to the top, someone is kneeling, sucking, laying, and pumping for something.

What will some do for a Klondike bar? Only God knows...only god knows.

Nicholl McGuire

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