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Masking an Agenda to Look Like a “Black” Issue

When we listen to black news, our black relatives, and black leaders at the workplace and church, we typically don't think too deeply about what they are telling us. Why? Because you might share common experiences like being unfairly treated by certain non-blacks. So the last thing you think about is that person on or off TV, in a magazine or standing before you is a mind controlled person who is just regurgitating what he or she believes is a “black” problem.

But when someone or a group tries to convince us that something is important to us when it really is not, they are going to say some “trigger” words related to what they think they know already about us. Whatever the words might be, the skilled leader, writer, teacher, etc. will carefully plant them in his or her speeches to get you up off your seat, out into the community, or simply keep you in bed thinking about nothing but getting your fleshly desires met. Now roll over and go back to sleep!

For instance, I tell you that a certain athlete is up to no good off the court and why people should stop buying his sneakers and paying for game tickets to see him. But you like the athlete so you don't want to look beyond his performance. In our conversation, we start throwing some names around of athletes we both know back when we were in college and how their reputations mattered both on and off the court. You and I both agree. But then you start talking about some negative experiences you had with them and also share some stories about what you heard. Through your personal experience, I take you back to my original point. By the end of the discussion, you are plenty angry about what you have learned about your star athlete. You say you will consider not buying your children his sneakers anymore or going to his games.

Now that example was simple. You have one person with a thought that may or may not have been generated by media influence. After talking for awhile you might question further what do I know that has made me think that way. When in a conversation similar to the example, a person should look beyond the scope of a celebrity's performance to see how might his or her actions or inactions might affect sons and daughters and others in the family unit since they might idolize this person.
Now think of the power play of persuasion used in the example on a grand scale.  A person convincing you to believe something that may or may not be true of someone or something. When most people don't like something or someone they usually don't keep their personal opinion to themselves. What most likely happens is the individual will persuade others to go along with what? The programming!  From television programming to “What my mama said” programming. Non-blacks do this all the time in media and will put select top-charting, block-buster movie performing blacks up to spreading their messages that are supposed to be about black people!  We have enough issues within our own family structure so why take on more orchestrated by the media!

Another black man or young boy is gunned down on a city street and this is popularized in our media  once again to do what?  Psychologically keep black folks in line, especially when police brutality is involved, reminding us to stay in our place or else. Of course, there are many random acts of violence that happen to all sorts of people, but to single out blacks so often in media, in my opinion, is due to the looming threat that if we set our minds to it, we will organize on a mass scale, this time without the need of a white man or woman acting like Jesus Christ to help us behind the scenes.
If one wants to keep a people mind controlled and oppressed, the enemy is going to use the group's own people to say things he or she may know about us already, but the evil one is going to magnify them in such a way that they benefit him. “Well, he got a point, our people always know we can't organize to save our lives...” Non-blacks hear what we say amongst each other and then they use what they have learned against us.  Sometimes we have to just stand up like we do with the word n*gger and say, “We might say that amongst each other, but you don't have a right to say what you want to say to us and think we are going to be okay with it.” Just because one has walked with a black, ate with a black, and may have even had sex with a black, doesn't mean he or she knows or is black. However, we have those in our community that divide us because they “think” they know. Their causes are more important then walking in peace and righteousness. They start believing that their own man-made/demonic agendas made up of selfishness, deceit, and witchcraft is going to really help the collective even though that is untrue, but they even persuade themselves on their own lies!  Those in powerful positions around the world attempt to convince us through everything they can think of to go along with that agenda masked in black!   From a black singer dancing seductively in black to a created script of chaos about black to get everyone fearful and upset about black.  Get it?  Blacks serving other blacks with an agenda that was never really about black! 
Talk show hosts, comedians and others that have sold out for more fame and money are used heavily to perpetuate myths, stereotypes and more while ultimately destroying what little critical thinking skills that the disenfranchised blacks have. Sure, he or she sounds like us, acts like us, but are not truly representing us!  And let's be honest, what really is “us”? You and I may have common interests and experiences, but there really is no “us” where we can sit down and agree on everything that we do and say--that doesn't even happen with bloodlines. Yet, it is in the best interest of those at the top of the food chain to treat us all the same. Because if they do that, eventually we are going to shop at the same places, eat the same foods, talk the same talk, walk the same walk (notice rappers and brothas from around the way), and act like whatever they want us to act like just so long as it is very close to the same this and the same that--it's cost effective, easier to manage people with similar behavior, interests, buying patterns, etc.  No originality creativity, no new perspective to help humanity, and no new way of doing things! 

When you least expect it, our so called “reputable, trustworthy” media (see what I say about this on my YouTube Channel: nmenterprise7) will take an issue that really has nothing to do with you or I, our families, neighborhood, business associations, church community and the like, then spin it so that it is about you! There we are ready to rip our mates, relatives and friends a new one over an issue that really doesn't have anything to do with your relationship, business, raising children, spirituality, etc.! 

When some bring the manufactured hype to you, you should say, "What happened to this one and that one's child is unfortunate, but that is not my child.  'It might could could have' is fear- mongering.  Matter of fact, when was the last time you spent time with your own child while you are getting so upset about someone else's?"  I'm sure you can phrase this statement better, but you get my point. 
The famous black athlete gets arrested, so what! Consider it a big payback for all that lying and cheating he was doing on and off the court finally catching up to him—they don't pay those "chosen" hand-sign waving players the big bucks for nothing! 

The award-winning African American journalist, singer, rapper, talk show host, or someone else we think we know goes down for this issue and that one, then what do some of us do? We act like the whole community is going down with him or her, “They don't let us have see the man is up to his tricks again...” so he is, then expose him on it.  Don't convince me to go along with "the program."  Tell the complainer, "I dare you to walk up to The Man and tell him about his ugly ways and then organize a protest."  I personally got on people's bad side for making a stand, and guess what?  I don't care.  I don't lose one night of sleep for speaking truth. 
But what do the sell-out entertainers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, government leaders, business men and women do to attain and keep their positions? Whatever their handlers tell them--some give up sex and sell-out their own children, others give up relationships, murder, abort babies, cause chaos, fix games--whatever! 
Ask yourself this, has any celebrity you pay your local cable company each month to watch on TV, between brain-washing commercials personally or professionally, helped you?  Think about that for a moment. 

Let's be real with ourselves and stop going along with mass media brainwashing! Tell yourself, “Not my issue,” particularly when you know the media wants you to toss those hoods up, raise those hands, buy this, vote for this one and support this cause, protest, and give to that. Most of the over-hyped messages directed toward blacks are typically coming from a cowardly, house slave entertainer who refuses to speak truth—real truth—not manufactured hype. However, we don't want to look away so much from current events that we become ineffective when it comes to spreading real truth among family and friends either! 

Be more concerned about what is affecting your life AND your brother and sister's as well—if you have a faith you know what I am talking about, I'm not encouraging anyone to cast their pearls to swine, no matter what color that swine is—black, brown, pink, or shady!  But what I am saying is be viligant when it comes to truth-telling and let your Creator guide you.

When a black face stands before masses, supposedly having something “important” to say, and this message is pretending to address a “black issue,” you have got to remember that there is more to the story. Pay attention, close attention, to what has taken place leading up to such an event such as:  the death of a celebrity, a tragic event, or a supposed feel-good story or victory decorated with black characters.  Why does media really want you to know this?  For example, if you saw a black couple all over the media winning a large amount of money.  You would know that the media is encouraging you to waste more money on lottery tickets not so everyone would be so happy for this couples' win.  With enough programming, you would fall for it and have most of your spending money gone by Friday trying to keep those numbers in--some of you know who you are! 
Notice what club a puppet for the media belongs to, because you should know by now, that many business people have club associations, you might be one who is connected with a group yourself. What might be the topic of the day coming from the top at your organization? Who is really at the top, have you looked beyond the group's propaganda to figure that one out? (Researcher Steve Coakley told many blacks about The Boule, did you do your research yet?  This elite group made up of the wealthiest blacks in America has been known for being the gatekeepers for the white secret society, Skull and Bones.) 

Think about this for those of you who belong to churches, why does your group and others tend to be active when it comes to the same political issues approximately the same time, despite having nothing in common, and supposedly separate from government? Think about the many patterns with churches across all denominations who will preach similar gospels supporting one political issue, gender group, news event, etc. Who is governing them? When you think about all these questions, you have to also think who is really benefiting from the national civic group's, mega-church's, fraternity's and women's club members' time and money ? How long does one stay with the group before he or she can branch out on his or her own and still be successful? You see, “The Agenda” behind the black issue matters to only a few. No matter what level you are in a community group, secrets stay at the top unless someone chooses to reveal something worthwhile which most often not.

Have you observed during a presidential campaign year after year the same issues keep coming up?  The powerful minority rarely organizes nor demands that new issues be put on the table that affect all people not just blacks  and the "real" majority's efforts usually get shot down by traitors who work within the group. Who really takes responsibility for old issues that have yet to be rectified--politically, spiritually, mentally, etc.?  Who?  No one knows.  All you have is a puppet politician, lawyer, doctor, teacher, civil rights leader and others who tell you another lie.  Yet, the same powerful individuals running our world will use the over-hyped topics year after year to sway the masses to abandon critical thinking skills and keep going along just to get along.

In closing, do keep your eyes wide open on any topic that is deemed a “black” issue. Never assume that a black entertainer with millions of dollars and a large platform “Got you...” or “feel you.” Maybe there are some remnants of emotion left over from “Back in the day...,” but seriously, those puppets have changed!  When these players disappoint their masters, they get on the Internet and elsewhere and start confessing in between jokes, comments and the like, "I sold out to the devil...they tried to kill me...the entertainment industry ain't nothing but..." and that's when their career dies, a loved one dies or they die. When the sell-out starts breaking programming, refusing to mask the agenda as a black issue, they have to pay a dear price because of it.  It is then, that they, my friends, become martyrs for our land. 
The truth will set masses free in time, so spill it!  God bless.

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