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Black Greek Organizations, Church Groups, & Civic Organizations: Pressuring Young Minds to Commit

Every year, nearing the end of summer, an increase of past movies glorifying Greek organizations bombard our television screens. Searches related to Greek sororities and fraternities rise. There is also recruitment efforts boosted for other groups as well from religious to governmental.

The strategies to permeate one's mind, "to just consider" are everywhere! Far too often, those who don't demonstrate critical thinking skills get sucked into groups they really didn't want to be involved, but either the organization's name recognition, promises, or pressures from others like "your parents and grandparents belonged; therefore, it's only right that you do the same" is why new recruits blindly follow others not realizing the long-term effects especially when one breaks an oath.

So what does an individual do when he or she is surrounded by happy smiles, good food, strong drink, and numerous promises of future opportunities?


Find out everything you can about the organization from the bottom to the top. There is the propaganda that the people at the bottom receive and the secrets that those at the top know. Wouldn't you want to be privy to what goes on at the top? Never trust a person or group at the bottom or the top with your life without doing thorough research.

Most likely, as a potential member, you already know the pros, because the representative(s) of the group has often reminded you of them from word of mouth to handouts. Now it's time for you to smile back at that recruiter with "I will think about it." But beware, recruits are trained to have a rebuttal for just about anything you say! Stand strong when responding to a recruit's pressure tactics. Whether they sell you on the group by offering something you desire or use fear or guilt to get you to commit, understand they are on a time limit. They know the more time they allow for you "to think about it" the more likely you will go snooping around and find out some information they don't want you to know about. Many recruiters don't like the Internet because the truth always exists amongst the lies and some groups try real hard to keep the Internet clean of any negativity surrounding them. So if you don't find anything, it doesn't mean it's "all good," go to the library. Research the group like preparing to write a term paper. Who does the group report to? There are always a circle of people at the top who run the organizations within their circle such as the Sigma Pi Phi also known as the Boule, a historically black elitist organization modeled after Skull and Bones. Sigma Pi Phi is head over the four black sororities and four black fraternities while a more powerful group known as the Illuminati runs the Boule and many other fraternal groups, businesses, banks, and other organizations worldwide.

The people at the top will tell those at the bottom what to say, how to say it, where to go, what to do, etc. to grow the organization. This may include "befriending" you and others to find out more about your culture, hobbies, psychological challenges, and more and what better way than to search your name and associations via the Internet. To obtain all of this information from unsuspecting people, recruiters will help those at the top create agendas geared to generate more power over the masses and more wealth for them now and in the future. Those annual membership fees and extra expenses charged by so many groups are greatly appreciated by the elite! Even a local church headed by a pastor with a large following is connected to a few occult affiliations (find out more about this by researching the organizations a pastor lists on his website and if they aren't listed ask the church secretary for a pamphlet, brochure, or media packet. Zealot church members will encourage your attendance in the hopes that you will keep giving to the elite's causes. They may even offer you things that seem too good to be true. Be wise and watch as well as pray for signs of deception. The minister and his or her assistance are formally trained to get members and many large churches get paid well doing it! Meanwhile, you can only hope that your own personal needs get met like food in your refrigerator, rent paid, and utility bills stay current —you know the simple pleasures of life while you are forking over your last money because someone pressures you "to give to God's work."

Find out the history of the group.

Who really created this award-winning organization? Once again, there is the story the people at the bottom are fed and the story that those at the top know. What are the organization's principles? How have they changed over the years? The originator usually had good intentions many years ago, but after decades of changing hands: ideas, values, and goals are often rearranged for good, evil or just grow stale.

While you are researching the history, you should look for contradictions, hypocrisy, cover-ups, and money trails. Do wonder why, for instance, an African American, Irish, Asian, Mexican, Italian or some other race would build an organization on say Greek philosophies, Satanism, Christianity (but not practice), Eastern mysticism and more? You should wonder what type of culture derived from say, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and Africa. Was witchcraft, homosexuality, drunkenness, sorcery, human sacrifices significant back then and still are all-too important now?

Ask yourself, why would Americans subscribe to foreign beliefs? What types of additional study would you be required to participate in if you joined the group? For instance, you should question why studying mystery religions, eccentric philosophers, sexually confused persons, or deranged lunatics really be helpful to your mind and future family? Note the negatives and positives. Compare what you have discovered with your own personal convictions. Understand that what you involve yourself with over a long period of time will affect those around you in the future especially if you plan on sharing the group's gospel to get relatives and friends involved. Immoral philosophies and brainwashing have been known to cause a breakdown in one's personal or professional relationships. There are many people who could care less about good, evil, demons, angels, and other things related to spiritual matters. There are others who rather walk solo than to pay allegiance to any group for a lifetime. Those at the top know this and that's why they can easily get members to join who may not care about spiritual things or loyalty, but they care a whole lot about money and connections.

In time, the "sell-out" who was adamant about not conforming is now a fast-talking representative who at some point will be approached to do something out of character, bizarre, or may even cost one his or her reputation or freedom. How awful it must feel for a new recruit to walk around knowing at any given moment photos, email, text messages or other evidence may pop up one day for all to see if this person should break an oath? If the potential recruit had only done his or her homework early on, this person wouldn't have ever registered, but now the fearful member feels obligated to the group.

Examine the logos, symbols, colors, and hand-signs.

There is more to what you see. What does each symbol stand for on the organization's crest? Most gullible members have no idea or what they know isn't the real truth. Remember there is the meaning you are given by the recruit and the one you will have to find for yourself when it comes to the group's historical background. Search other groups to find similar logos, symbols, hand-signs, and colors. You will be surprised how supposedly opposing groups are in fact interconnected. You will have to look closely, because some symbols are very creatively hidden. Chances are all of them report to the same people, which means only one thing, they all point to one main group who holds a certain belief system that you might not accept for you and your future family. Think realistically about the long-term impact your membership to the group will make on your life. Ask yourself, "Are there other ways I can get ahead without them?" How might the group affect my personal relationships in the future? Also, when viewing the group's literature such as event dates, pay attention to number patterns, nothing is coincidental when the same numbers, dates, and times keep showing up. What do the numbers, colors, hand-signs, and symbols mean?

Observe the group's activities.

In every organization there is a ring leader and then there are the rest of the people. How does the leader get along with everyone else? Are tasks evenly demonstrated or are a few individuals doing the most important tasks of the group on a regular basis while others are left in the dark until the last minute? Why? Does the group make decisions together or do leaders often meet separately without input from the rest?

Representatives of groups often boast about their affiliations and name drop. Don't be so easily impressed. There are sacrifices that people make in every organization to reach the top and it isn't all glamorous! Some of what they do is reprehensible behind closed doors! The kind of stuff what would make a mother cry. What type of connections does the group really have to the outside world? What are specific examples of how a group helped a member who was in trouble? What does one have to do to establish a network that would benefit his or her career goals? Why do they want you? They may have already done research on your background and found some things that could help them for good, evil or both.

Be sure any and everything you are expected to do is outlined and find out what the fine print says on those contracts. You can easily search for examples online especially on websites that allow visitors to upload confidential documents.

Talk to others about the group then ask questions.

Talking is simply casually mentioning your observations and feelings about the organization and its activities. You may say something like, "That was interesting. I liked the way you arranged the party. Someone has great organization skills! Wow, I could learn a thing or two." By doing this, you are building a connection with whomever it is that you want to obtain information.

Don't ask questions that reveal everything you know; rather pretends to be ignorant. When they answer follow up with, "I didn't know that. Interesting. How might I learn more?" Here are questions you might ask, "What was the founder(s) intent when he created this organization? What types of activities did the founder participate in over the years? " You are basically quizzing this person to see if they know more about the organization other than the script that they were given to study. So who is this recruiter and how can their group really benefit you? Here are a few questions to ask, "Are there any events that the group attends resulting in paying jobs for most members? What are some of the challenges you face as a member? Do you have to pay any out of pocket expenses to orchestrate group events?" Now when you ask these questions, observe the recruit's reactions. A disgruntled person will show his or her true colors in time. You have to be extra careful who you are talking to and never badmouth anyone, or reveal any of your findings! For example, you don't say, "I saw this video about the illuminati and your group is affiliated with them. Did you know that?" Right away, the person who you are talking to is going to shut down. They may even sound the alarm to others in the group about you. Remember, you don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing—a timeless adage from yesteryear that still works to this day. It is very easy to find out whether information is factual or not without drawing attention to it.

If the individual or group really wants your membership, they will look for clever ways to get around the truth such as: finding your weaknesses and using them against you in order for you to lean on them in the future, find errors in your belief system, talk to people you know, use bullies to get you to run to them for help, and do something nice for you to get you to join. Later, they will focus their attention elsewhere seeking yet another gullible new recruit.

Avoid going along just to get along.

So many people join churches, organizations, civic groups, companies, and more just so that they are not ridiculed or ousted from other affiliations. You have earned your stripes to be called, "adult" after being raised for so many years by relatives, teachers, etc. As a child, you didn't always go with the program set before you, so why at 20 plus will you allow yourself to be manipulated, forced, coerced, threatened, or even physically assaulted?

Find out the truth about certain traditions. For example, why do Greek college organizations really paddle? Why are there Greek organizations on college campuses? You will have to look back to Greek customs to answer this one. It is symbolic of a certain act—do your research.

In closing, be mindful of why you will be joining a certain group, how much time, money, and your life will be sacrificed. Also, when you see something that goes against your own personal convictions, walk out. If you don't have any morals that you can call your own, then create some!

Nicholl McGuire

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